What on earth is up with short term apartment rentals?

What on earth is up with short term apartment rentals?


I don't know where you're looking, but I can still see fully-furnished 1bdr at a good price. Sure, prices increased drastically and there is less choice, but areas like Silicon Oasis, JVC, Sport City, Motor City and others still have supply at a very reasonable price. But if you only want Marina, JBR, the Palm and other fancy locations, then yeah landlords there are capitalizing on the increase in demand, and it's their right to be fair. That's the market.


Not just expo, it's the tourist season cause the weather is getting better.


So damn true and regretting my lazy ass for not moving during the pandemic... as my current contract is about to end, and I'm unable to find a new place to move in since everything is becoming difficult to afford now.


If you can get a higher price for your property, why would you charge less ? It's business, not charity.


Nothing to do with the Expo, it's literally the beginning of tourist season and most people in hospitality knew this was coming. Prices always jump around now, maybe a slight Expo bump but the economy and hospitality are sort of booming right now. I have a number of friends from the UK planning trips out here in November now that there's no Amber list for example.




2020 is not representative of any year, lol. 2019 Q4 was certainly expensive, the seasonality isn't new.


This was expected, and shouldn't come as a surprise. This is part of the high hopes the city had/have when there is any big event in town. Rental car firms, hotels, hotel apartments, holiday homes etc. are all floating high because of this, and have relied on this. In your case, it's likely not the tourists that are staying in monthly rentals, but delegates and expo workers that are using them. These people won't stay in hotels as they probably need them for many months in a go. I have an apartment in JVC, and it's booked for the entire duration (till June in fact) by one of the participating countries' delegate and they did tell me that they rotate volunteers working at the pavillion every few weeks. Same story with car rentals. Yes, there usually is a spike in rates during tourist season, but this year is not like previous winters. They are all charging high.


Only one major rental company is still offering summer rates; (but only to walkins and not on their website) Its the sister firm of the "Texas independence siege" You are welcome


Thank you, which branch did you get it from?


next to Times square


Stayed in a studio in JBR during October @ 7500. For September they wanted 15000. Yeah don’t think so. Took a plane home instead for a month or two, saved me a ton. Will return once things calm down.


Has anyone actually traveled internationally for expo 2020? I only hear about residents going


All the 1000s of foreigers that work at expo for their countries' Pavillion and event crews etc. I know a lot of people just from my country that moved here for 6 months to work at expo. So they took all the short term rentals.


Yeah but anyone whose just here from abroad to look around? Or work in travel and came over for it?


I know tons of people are coming to UAE to spend their weekends and vacations and even considering to settle here.


Tourist/Winter season. Volumes of people come to UAE during winter because tourist attractions will open. All just about supply and demand.


go for bunk beds, price is still affordable in prenium areas.


20k per month,,, duh (suitable for those who are here for expo time period or for more then 3 months) better get 1bhk in 30-35k yearly contract (near moe area).. they just want advance cheques .. no upfront, only security and ejari charges are paid upfront and whenever you want to move out just give notice 3 months before,,, done..


Go to ajman, 1bhk for 2500 per month, 1studio for 1800 these includes electricty