At first I was thinking he could stand up and scare away the Elk but then realized he was being cautious of a charge and gore…


He could have stood up at anytime and said 'booga-booga' and that elk would have shit its pants and fucked off out of there. It's not like a moose that would just get a stiffer boner.


Yeah man just let out a guttural death metal scream and they’ll fuck off right quick


*We have some shocking news this evening from nearby Pahomsa State Park. A local area man named Kurt Angus was gored to death by an aggressive young bull elk, as mr angus screeched a poor rendition of various songs by the band cannibal corpse. The band has agreed to provide testimony, in support of the elk.*


Grew up in Estes Park, Colorado and never really had any issues with the elk even though they greatly outnumbered the townspeople. Accidentally hit a couple while golfing but they always shrugged it off… I feel like a punch to the snout would’ve spooked him but the onlookers are definitely dumbasses.




Bears don't have antlers to gore you with


I think thats what they were saying tho, works for bears not elk


Just penises.


True, bears are much safer


You do that for basically all animals.


The downvotes are for the complete lack of any husbandry/animal knowledge. Making yourself larger and louder is a startle for many animals.


People are downvoting you because you said "that's bears" which is bullshit. If you said "that's black bears" initially you'd have been ok. Grizzlies & Polars in particular will fuck you up if you act all big.


Or small


True. They'll just fuck you up, especially Polars.


If you could make yourself 30 feet tall it might be effective


30 feet is the length of 1.99 1997 Subaru Legacy Outbacks


You're being downvoted because you are wrong


Does anybody find that music like this is incredibly unnecessary for videos like this?


It's one of those shitty 3-minute-for-ads facebook videos.


Thankfully I watched it while muted


The rolling text pointing out the fucking obvious, annoys me even more.


"he knows the elk could seriously hurt him" these captions are utter cancer


You should see tiktok


He was right to stay calm and watch out for the antlers, vs doing something stupid and increasing the aggression. But yeah people in the cars are fucking useless.


In hinsight, maybe he should have kept down in a manner which couldn't be interpreted as elk body-language for a desire to compare skull thickness, but I would probably have been ignorant enough to get upp and back off slowly, which apparently is a bad idea.


Maybe lie down? idk honestly


The problem is if the elk decides to still try and gore him, he’s now fully vulnerable. This is why you should carry a gun if you expect to encounter big game or predators in the wild. Animals usually go out of their way to avoid humans, so it’s pretty fucking concerning when they don’t.


You don't need a gun, a flair or horn is enough


I'd recommend at least animal mace. Pretty good deterrent. Unless it's windy


Bear spray puts out a good cone, like a fire extinguisher


Right, but there are things worse than elk in the woods. Bears, wolves, cougars and other animals that if they decided could totally fuckup your life. Idk what effect an air horn would have on these animals and it’s still a gamble. In the words of Dr Jinx, Mother Nature don’t play


I once saw a video of a boy scaring off a pack of wolves that was clearly considering attacking by putting heavy metal on speakers, and another of a bear retreating in haste after setting off a car alarm. I could imagine a horn working to the same effect, though I wouldn't know if those cases are outliers or not.


You don’t even need heavy metal these days: a few bars of Skrillex makes all the wildlife retreat


I used to think that when I was younger, but the reality is that nature does not shelter you from brutality of the wilderness. Animals fuck each other up on a regular basis in horrific ways and that’s not including predation. Yes animals can be friendly and some might let you pet them if they’re accustomed to people (something I think is wrong and only hurts us and them). All animals (including humans) main instinct is to survive, and if that animal feels threatened fight or flight kicks in. If you fire a flare I’m sure most of the time that will be enough and flight will take over. However is it worth the risk of fight taking over and you getting gored through your chest? I’m personally not willing to take that risk.


I'd rather kill than be killed, but even a round in the dirt is going to be loud as hell and might be enough to scare it off.


If you act like a pray you'll be a pray. Using a horn, flare or other human made things will scare them off. Remember they are just instinct brained animals. You are the smart one so use your brain


Everything and anything is prey to a hungry predator, thank god smarter humans invented guns so I don't have to resort to a biting contest with a cougar.


Flare* lmao. And no, bring a gun.


Yes you literally *need* a gun in the wild, unless you're Tarzan.


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No, if you’re going out into the wilderness, especially areas where large animals are known to roam, you should bring at least a decent caliber pistol.


But guns are bad mmkay


Unless you are going to school?


You say that like society doesn't have a major hand in birthing these monsters or something


What good would a gun have done him? It's remarkable what passes for a helpful comment. Just because you *can* kill something and it's not illegal doesn't mean you should lean on the side of doing it whenever you're given any sort of excuse to do so. Learn to respect life.


Well when the elk reciprocates respecting his life then maybe I’ll revisit that thought. The reality is, animals cannot be reasoned with and they don’t have ethics or ideals they live by. I personally do not think it’s worth risking being gored because of respecting life. Out in the wilderness it is about survival, sometimes it is you or the deer.


That's actually exactly my point. The elk *doesn't* understand ethics and *cannot* be reasoned with. We *know* this prior to the engagement. We have a heightened sense of understanding of the situation and the engagement as compared to any other animal on this planet. Putting yourself in a situation where you then have no choice but to pull out your gun and end an animal who *doesn't* understand why they just felt a surge of pain and can't breathe anymore is the mistake. 1. I know we can kill them 2. I know they don't understand 3. I know they can't be reasoned with That's the entire reason behind why I'm saying what I'm saying. We have a higher standard of responsibility as compared to an elk. I don't expect the elk to respect life, but I do expect a human to. The notion of thinking that "oh well the elk wasn't gonna spare him so he's in the right to fuckin shoot it between the eyes" is naive and misguided.


What’s naive is going out into the woods and assuming that there is always a way to avoid a life threatening situation. I do not kill every animal I see when I go out just in case. I do not kill every animal I think could threaten my life. But I will absolutely defend my life if need to.


So the animal's life is more important than yours?


Am I ultimately anything more than an animal? How do you compare importance of life? Is Einstein's life more important than a mentally challenged kid's life? Is a deer's life more important than a spider's life? What metric do we use to gauge importance? If it's just based on a self centralized view of the universe where one thinks of oneself as inherently more important than all others, well I find that not a very compelling argument.


He asked a simple question and you avoided by using some 1st semester philosophy. So we need to respect life, but importance of life is abstraction? Isn’t respecting life an abstraction? At least a human construct? So why should adhere to one construct so closely and ignore another? Look at it from the perspective of the trolley problem. You have a trolley approaching a deer tied up on the tracks. You can pull a lever which switches to a track with a innocent human being tide up on the tracks. Do you switch it? Visa-versa do you switch it? Now I suppose you could be obstinate and say you wouldn’t do anything either way. However I hope you realize the absurdity of it. Part of what makes our species so successful is because of how humans have a strong desire to cooperate with others (at least the same “tribe members”). That’s why an average person will save a human life over animal life without hesitation.


Not having his head repeatedly head butted? That’s pretty fucking good and not “any sort of excuse”. Get out of here with your “learn to respect life” bullshit, avoid killing but do whenever needed and this could’ve turned ugly in a split second and frankly it’s a miracle it didn’t.


I wasnt even sure he wanted help at the start, he was snapping pictures, looked fairly calm and it wasnt really doing much besides pushing him slightly. If he had motioned behind his back to a car or yelled they likely would have honked and drove up. May have thought they would fuck up his job/opportunity for pictures, some wildlife photographers go to some crazy and dangerous lengths for pictures (or they could have just been recording like dicks, who knows). It gets more aggressive towards the end and apparently it was put down because people had constantly fed it and it was becoming aggressive.


He was right to stay calm and was being smart, *after* he had been an idiot for getting out of his car near elk in season. One of the first rules with elk is not to get near them if they’re in season or if they’re migrating. The males especially get aggressive and it’s common for them to attack people. Once the photographer was in trouble he did the right thing, but he was an utter fool for getting in that position in the first place. People are, unfortunately, generally not smart around animals. I’ve had to literally drag people with their cell phone cameras away from bears, stopped people from teasing aggressive male macaques, prevented people from picking up and playing with venomous snakes, etc.


Don't you ever wish natural selection would take its course?


It's trying to but then people intervene and drag the idiots with cell phones away from bears.


You think he could have taken the elk if he grabbed it by the horns and twisted like how cowboys bring down those cows with their hands?


Not a chance. That animal's neck is thicker than both of that mans legs put together. They use their necks to create leverage when attacking predators otlr other males (during rutting season) with their horns. They are strong as fuck. Also that animal outweighs him by a large margin.


He shouldn’t have been out there like that to begin with. They ended up having to kill this elk. I can’t find the source right now, but was in the comments last time I saw this posted.


What would the people in the cars do? I wouldn't get out and take on a deer for someone who put themselves in a situation. I'd call for help, sure, but I'm not getting out to fight wildlife with sharp horns.


Probably drive up to the deer, honking the horn or something to scare it off.


Yeah, that was the exact thing that got him out in the end. I was watching the burgundy car the whole time, wondering why they didn't drive up to help.


Drive right up to it. Actually come to a stop and then bump it if you have to. Don't ram into it or run it over, just see if you can push it away a bit.


I'd fuck my truck up to save a fellow human. Just drive up and make your vehicle the new scary thing for the elk, maybe it'll fight it, maybe it'll run off. Either way it's not as squishy as a photographer.


You're seriously dumb.


Any of those cars could have pulled up and the thing likely would have just left... "Hey dood, ill scare him away if you pay for any dents to my car." This wins the "most appropriate sub" award.


I mean I literally helped wrangle a cow into its field earlier today in my (ironically) wrangler when I saw the farmer chasing it on the side of the road. Dents be damned- these animals probably want nothing to do with our cars.


Oh yeah common misconception bud, these young elk are all about car culture. What’s worse, many resort to stealing cars to race them. Got to watch out if you ever get on their bad side though! They will bring their aunts and cousins and grandpas and fuck you up. For them, family is everything.


After the encounter the photographer said: ***why the fuck didn't anyone of you help me?!***


After the encounter the photographer said: **Catch me on the front page of** r/donthelpjustfilm




*Thats totally how things went down!* *Finally, a sane train of thought in this thread!*


I totally dig starting to use italics for sarcasm


Yeah honestly, the common way is annoying. This should be come a thing. *thanks!*


I think the photographer may not know what “rutting” means… or he does, and he used it correctly, and that makes this even a little more terrifying.


Thoughts: * Dude epically continues to take photos when he sees the opportunities between attacks * The guy in the car in the background is totally useless. Drive up close, honk your horn, scare it off * Who exactly is filming this? Why aren't they doing anything to help? * I'd love to see the photos this guy got from that angle.


Tbf, it looked like the man did it on purpose. He was taking pictures and didn't sign at them to do something. He looked very calm. The cars around probably just didn't want to interrupt his photography and make the guy mad.


To me it seems the photographer is not scared at all. He still keeps one hand busy with the camera instead of using it to defend from the antlers. There are other ppl with cars in line of sight but he does not make any gesture to ask for help. When the elk backs up he takes pictures and checks the screen. Definitely a different story from what the subtitles are telling.


Because he knows deer are skittish as hell and will fuck off out of there the instant something surprising happens, like him standing up.


I never said he had to stand up. He is not sending any distress signal to the people in cars that are looking at him from a distance. And that are not approaching him on purpose not to scare the elk.


So after all that, a fucking car horn is what saved the day?? What about the bitch in the suv back there? I’d have been pissed


That dumb bitch in the car could have pulled up 15 feet and mitigated the danger


Yeah but can’t get any dents on that luxury gmc


Yeah, but if she moved up and that low percent chance that the buck freaks out and impales the guy and kills him the blood is on her hands. You would still be in the comments calling her a dumb bitch.


Tbf, it looked like the man did it on purpose. He was taking pictures and didn't sign at them to do something. He looked very calm. The cars around probably just didn't want to interrupt his photography and make the guy mad.


The guy put himself in that position. He’s the dummy. Now he knows next time to bring some mace or predator urine.


Yeah, like the person driving could've honked sooner or pulled up, but 1) they couldn't have really known if that would help or piss it off, and 2) the guy was snapping shots between headbutts for the first minute of the video or so. They probably assumed they'd ruin his shot until they saw it get a little more aggro and it looks like they started to pull forward around the same time I would've assumed the dude was in danger/needed my intervention


No need. He had the magic hat.


So what? God forbid you ever do something risky and no one who can easily help you does so because "you put yourself in that position."


why r yall excusing his stupid ass behavior lmfao? he was the dumbass playing with the elk not her


He’s taking photographs between headbutts. If he was as terrified as he claimed to be he could have waived to the car for aid. It’s wildlife, have some self awareness.


Or just don’t do it.


I don't think lowering your head is the correct thing to do here. That's how other elk/deer males try to show dominance. The deer was confused and likely thought it was being challenged lol


My thinking too


watching it again, it looks a lot like what bucks will do when they play fight.. I bet the buck is "asking to play" as bucks do to friendly other bucks.. and sees the guy put his head down and is just totally confused about the situation.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3oHOLL-3Ig


Maybe I’m an idiot, but would pulling up and/or honking from the SUV in the background not have easily ended this?


Probably would have


He keeps giving the elk headbutt signals.


...wouldn't putting his head down like that be inviting the headbutts? I just know you're not supposed to do that with goats


That's what they said in the video, but you can understand he was trying not to take an antler in the face.


Can’t help someone that wants to be in that situation. He did it for the photos apparently


He’s clearly on the road. He’s exactly where he’s permitted to be to take photos, we have no idea the circumstances that could have led to the elk getting so dangerously close.


He is, but you’re not supposed to get out of your car in situations like that. Elk are well known for being aggressive and attacking people. You stay *in* your car. At the very most you might get out, leave the door open, and keep the car between you and the animals. That’s safe too, but even that is not recommended. One of the stupidest examples of this sort of behavior I saw (and I’ve seen a lot of it’s I work in wildlife conservation) was in Tanzania when we came upon a group of tourists milling about outside their car in a herd of elephants. We don’t know why their driver let them do that, but he was reported to his company and the park and was put on 6 month leave without pay the next day and his company fined.


> He’s exactly where he’s permitted to be /s Yeah that matters because elk follow human rules and it should’ve just stopped assaulting that man because he was in a safe space.


What do you mean hes taking pictures and a deer want to fight him how is it his fault


He’s approaching wild animals. What part of why that’s dangerous are you not understanding? These aren’t pets. Stay away from them!


You generally don't approach animals to take pictures. You do know that cameras have a zoom function to get q close up shot without actually getting close to the subject, right?


the elk approached him you obnoxious, self-righteous shit-for-brains.


I’m saying he was where he was supposed/allowed to be. A deer coming up to him was not his fault and to say “he wants to be in that situation” is dumb. We do not know the situation that led to him not moving away prior to the encounter. Running away could have been extremely dangerous based soley on the video. I swear critical thinking is dead.


It’s an Elk for the love of god not a deer. I giggle every time when I read the comments that keep calling it a deer. LOL and it is entirely his fault for putting himself in a situation like that with a wild animal. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a road or in a field. It’s pretty simple. They are wild. Don’t feed them or approach them. It takes absolutely no critical thinking to have enough smarts to not put yourself down n a dangerous situation.


> I swear critical thinking is dead. Yeah and you’re the perfect example. It’s completely fine if he didn’t want to get up out of precaution or fear the elk would get agitated, but you decided bring up that he was in a section meant for photographers as if that matters. Dumbass. If you’re at a zoo and the lions find a way out of their enclosure just stay calm, the lions will respect your safe space.


The animal had to be shot in the end, as the park rangers saw it as a sign of aggression towards humans. Sad really!


Is this true? Why not just relocate homie some place remote ? Rip elky boi


Where to ? Animals when relocated often go back. And putting it in another's territory isn't very kind either. Shooting is simple cheap, and doesn't make the animal suffer.


And they probably weren't even allowed to eat him. Shame


I’m sure whoever shot him put him in their truck and went straight home.


Elk-meat is fantastic


There is a farm that my first dog went to which I hear is nice.


thats fucked up dude


That elk probably fed a family for a year


You're right. We should hear the Elk's point of view before making a decision.


You don't need to. We know they're alive and want to live, and fear death. Inflicting that on them is wrong.


So let’s just let the guy die, right? Are you by any chance vegan? Jfk. Edit: I’ll save everyone’s time and energy to go through /u/nopunkprophet’s profile, not a troll, just vegan.


Ya it definitely makes sense to kill the elk that was probably minding it's own business. Humans are in it's home not the other way around. Killing it for meeting a humans challenge while in it's own territory sounds just as dumb as killing an animal in a zoo that mauled someone who climbed in it's enclosure.


It was already in as remote an area as that part of the country has. Apparently people had been feeding the elk and it was habituated to them and had been harassing others before this.


Sadly yes.


The same reason you don’t relocate a dog that bites humans.


Fun fact, elk have legs.


I'd blame the photographer more than the Elk for the situation


Oh 100% his fault!!


How is it his fault




He kept going when the elk clearly was getting more and more aggressive toward him


an elk doesn't know what a camera is or that it's being photographed, genius. not taking the shots would have been wasted money for no reason.






So just pulling this out of your hat?




Thanks! Generally it's within reddiquette to link sources right away if you claim something specific happened :)


Generally its within reddiquette to fuck off and stop being annoying :)


Why are you here then?


No, not at all. This actually happened a few years ago and was not very recent. It’s out there if you look for it.


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


If you watched this with no music and no words on the screen you would think this is adorable


It took far too long for anyone in a car to do literally anything. Glad no one was hurt in the end.


That bitch in the suv should’ve pulled up and honked


Im no expert, but what would the elk have done if the girl in the black car would have slowly "parked" the car next to the photographer? Probably elk would have ran? Maybe some sirens too when youre closer with the car.


My buddy decided to grow weed at night in an empty field by my work. He was out there one night, working away, when a family of deer spotted him. The big male sized him up, put his head down, and kicked at the ground. My buddy tried his best not to panic, and quickly turned around to what he was doing again. The big male wandered over instead, and sniffed him so closely, that he said it took all the will power he's ever mustered to not flinch to this deer breathing in his ear. Luckily, it decided that he wasn't a threat and he went back to his fam and they moved on.


I see a lot of deer on my motorcycle but fortunately it seems like none of them want to challenge a big loud red deer.


Didn't even know deer could ride motorcycles


So anyways, I started blasting.


Let’s hear a round for the presence of the Honda CR-V!! Saved a life today.


Man, without that music this video would be nothing.


My take is that the elk was playing. Here's a video of [two adult elk fighting](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmnTYehkfDc) If that elk was fighting, the man wouldn't stand a chance. Edit: oops, wrong video


That elk looks like a phone


I goofed, try it now.


You linked the wrong video


Lemme try that again.


yeah this looks more like how elk bucks play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3oHOLL-3Ig


I was laughing so hard at when i woulda already been scared shitless, the dude would just grab his camera and take another picture


Fucking idiot


“Photographer.” Is that actually what that person was? Or were they just a bumpkin with a nice camera?


It never ceases to amaze me when people think that its ok to approach a wild animal and then not understand why the animal acts the way they do. Real life is not like it is in the Disney cartoons. Leave wild animals alone. Its the animal that ends up losing its life because the person is a dumb ass.


The deer came at him not the other way around its bad luck not dumbassery


The video only shows the Elk (not a deer) butting his head against the guy. What happened before the video started is something else entirely. I don’t have to see the video to know that a wild animal does not approach a person and do something like this. It’s the Elk’s habitat and being a dumb ass getting close enough to a wild animal just to get a picture is the embodiment of a dumbass. The point of my statement is to just stay away from wild animals. They are more scared of people encroaching on their habitat/territory and will, as wild animals, do act in an unpredictable manner. Only a person from the urban landscape does not have enough sense to steer clear of wild animals and admire them from afar.


The original story in the link above explains that the elk had a history of such behavior after having been fed by idiot tourists in the past. This photographer was taking pictures from far (and on the road) but the elk recognized the human being from past encounters and went to see the photographer hoping for food.


> I don’t have to see the video to know that a wild animal does not approach a person and do something like this Go outside


The best case scenario happened here. The moron doing something he shouldn't have been doing in the first place didn't get injured. The elk wasn't put on a kill list to be destroyed due to its natural behavioral nature. The DWR didn't need to spend countless amounts of money and man hours seeking out this not so dangerous animal. And said moron lives another day to try this idiotic act with a bear... 🤔


This guy is an asshole the subtitles don’t tell the story at all he’s clearly leaving himself in danger to take photos when he shouldn’t be there fucking with a wild animal


That wasn’t terrifying at all.


Lmao what


Just play dead.




Yeah you help big hero


Soy boy in the maroon gmc? Refusing to help pfft all he had to do was pullup


Kys for that title. This is not a Facebook and we're not 45yo moms (at least some of us).


Play stupid games , win stupid prizes !


Just leave the animals alone for fuck’s sake.


i had a very similar situation to this filming the sydney gay and lesbian mardi gras.


An excellent illustration of why you should bring a rifle instead of a camera.


An excellent illustration of an internet tough guy. "I'll go to a national park and start shooting things that get close to me."


“You should a brought a gun instead of a beer, mate” Can’t help but quote Crocodile Dundee II. Wondering if anyone knows the next line?


“I brought a Donk.”




I saw Donk's twin brother over there in New York, in the Bronx Zoo


Wow so big and strong killing helpless animals who just want to fuck around and vibe


Aren't you supposed to jump around with your arms outstretched and scream?


Given the elk was already aggressive and in the photog’s space, no. At that point, it’s the choice among fight, flight and submit. Bluffing isn’t a good move when the animal is already engaging with you, particularly when they’re engaged in instinctual behavior.


That works with animals that are smaller than you. Animals that are bigger than you and already aggressive, like this elk, will take the challenge.


I would not have been trying to put that hat back on, pretty much blinds you from where the antlers are going


But I only have a 2 ton 300hp suv how can I possibly help?


grab it by the horns and boot its fuckin face off, cheeky prick! /s


The elk was confused every time he lowered his head it disappeared


I used to be a wildlife photographer and had a terrifying encounter with a curious mountain lion. After that, I always made sure to carry a fire arm but only continued that career for about 2 years after that.


This idiot thought that he was going to commune with nature and made a huge mistake.


If I was in the car I would've driven up to it and help out instead of being an idiot. I'm guessing they were told to not do anything or were just dumb. Why even gamble with someones life like that.