Definitely pit mixed with something else. Shelters tend to call pit mixes 'lab mixes' because pits are less desirable and adoptable.


NO PIT AT ALL! People tend to mix up the bully breeds. One thing holds true of pit bull and that is the eyes. All American bully breeds have round eyes! The Pit bull dog does not! If your dog is thick thru neck, goes about 50 or so pounds, and with the coloring I'd say the shelter got it right. Enjoy your pup!!


Not sure why they are down voting you. I think you're most right on opinion. As owner of an apbt, Stafford terrier, and mastiff this guy is not muscular enough from the front, his head is not blocky, head not wider than my hand splayed ear to ear. Dogs adorable dont know why everyone wants every dog to be a pitty mix. We certainly do have enough running around...


Part american bully


Sorry everyone! I should have given context. Ive had this guy for over 5 years. Absolute sweetheart and very well-behaved. Our HOA is implementing new guidelines that says no pits or any pit-mixes. Trying to see what people think he looks like because we are worried there will be issues with the new guidelines.


If the paperwork from the shelter says lab, show them that and claim he's a lab. I worked at a shelter for a while and that's the exact reason we tried to list a non-bully breed when possible. That being said... Definitely looks like he has some pittie in him!


Get an embark DNA test if its that big a thing. My guess tho is lab Ridgeback maybe some bully.


That’s so sad about your HOA. I’m sorry! Handsome boy!


It’s funny because my boy is so kind to everyone he meets and my neighbor has a small dog who will bite anyone who comes near it.


I see pit and maybe boxer, they have dog DNA tests if you want to know for sure. My brother had a boxer/pit mix and she was the sweetest dog I have ever met. Congrats on your new buddy :)


My [goofy boy](https://imgur.com/a/pd42uxu) is a boxer/pit mix and we love him!


That face! ♥️


American pit bull terrier and American Stanford shire terrier


Pit bulls, Staffordshire terriers, and and Rhodesian Ridgebacks all tend to look similar. He might be a mix of any of those.


I just see pitbull


ok sir there is no pit bull that is obvious. you can always tell difference between a pit and a American bully by the eyes.. The pit bull dog has an Oriental slant to the eye and all the American bully breeds have round eyes. It's really the only way most can tell with just a pic. and honestly I have not seen a true pit bull in any yrs . I rescue and don't remember when I saw a real pit or even mix. Is your pup thick through the neck? That and shape of head. and color say rodisan ridgeback. But no pit!! Good luck.


Why does everyone always think I'm a man lol. Anyways I'm not good at telling the difference between bully breeds.


He’s a pit! I don’t think there’s one ounce of a lab in him, but that’s what they claim because most people don’t want pits! His eyes snd face structure are from a pit.


No. His eyes are round. Pits have almond shaped eyes.


He’s a pit. Believe what you want.


I believe you don't have a clue what you're talking about.


Believe whatever you want. Makes no difference to me at all. In fact, let’s all believe he’s a poodle!


You can get a $99 dna test if you want. But either way he looks like a good boy.


$69 on Amazon sale currently


A lot of apartment buildings won’t allow pits so they’re more likely to be adopted if they aren’t classified as that


I never understood the breed specific rules. If you want to ban animals over a certain weight I get that, but breed? That's just dumb.


Agreed! I’ve seen a bunch of videos of pits being great with babies. All about how you raise them


I have an American Staffordshire Terrier (87.5%) and I was able to get a follow up letter (for my landlord) from Assurant (American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida) as proof that my renter policy provides $100,000 liability coverage in the event my animal causes bodily injury to a non-resident or property damage at my residence (+ legal defense.) Section II - Liability Coverages Coverage E - personal liability


This is excellent. I didn’t even think about that. We have extra liability insurance so I will talk to them and see if I can get a letter similar to that in case there are any issues.


I see Ridgeback in the eyes an thanks for making me glad for NOT having a hoa.


I see lab. And maybe a terrier with wiry coat.


His color. The actual tone of red in his fur and the hazel eyes are completely breed standard ridgeback. So I’m betting on that. I grew up with a mix ridgeback. Excellent dog. Super nice but looked scary!


If it loves does it Realy matter breed. Cuddle and love is real


It doesn’t matter to me, but it does to my HOA.


I don't see any pit in him! Looks like a run of the mill mix breed! But nope there's not an ounce of pit in him😉😉


I definitely see pit, based on the ears, headsize, and stature


that’s a pitbull ! looks almost fullblooded. I grew up with one. pitties are one of the most loyal, protective, and loving breeds out of there. beautiful doggy ❤️


The dog doesn’t look purebred at all


that’s why i said “almost”, you crouton


I don’t know… but he is precious 😍😍😍


Can’t see boxer maybe Pitt, Staffordshire or vizlar mix from the colour but 100% gorgeous


Looks a bit like my dog. She's 1/2 pit+am staff and 1/2 cattle dog/shepherd/lab/mix.


He is a beautiful pibble! I hope you will love him just as much. I know you will find him the most loving, caring, cuddler you have ever met. It doesn't matter what breed he is but who he is to you. Please love him or find him someone who will unconditionally. That's what all dogs give and deserve in return.


I’ve had him for five years. He is my baby. Never getting rid of him. Worried about new HOA ruling that bans pit bulls in our neighborhood. Trying to pass him off as a “lab mix”


I feel sorry for you having to deal with a Nazi HOA. I would never put up with those stupid rules. And you usually have to pay for the pleasure of being treated like a child.


I am so happy for both of you!! I get the concern. I avoid towns with BSL but luckily in Illinois there aren't that many in Chicago area.. If your papers from adoption and vet records say lab mix they can't do anything. A mix implies not purebred anything. I hope you both remain safe from that HOA. One thing I learned in a condo is that if you have a dog before the new rule they can't make it retroactive to your Pup. They are "grandfatered" in. Check with a local attorney. Most give free consults. Hopefully you won't need one. Thanks for being a kind and loving dog owner❤


I think you would be better off passing him as a Rhodesian x :) pretty boy


Idk but he sure is beautiful. I’m in the market for a Good Boi, how many miles does he have on hims


He’s gorgeous, but, yes, part pit. Love that baby up!!!


He's a handsome boy, that's for sure. I assume he's also a good boy?


Pittie/Vizla mix


Your doggo has similar head shape and chest to my staffy mix! Also I read up on “pit bulls” when I got my girl because people said the same thing, and everything I read says “pit Bull” isn’t a real breed, it’s a term that refers to three types of breeds that people consider to be “pit bulls” (American Staffordshire Terrior being one of them). Unfortunately I feel like it really just makes it easier for places like apartment and condo associated to have bias towards breeds☹️ my girl is the sweetest thing ever so I’m sure your pup is too. Someone on here mentioned that if the shelter gave you paperwork that says lab mix, use that for HOA. I agree with that 100% Awww


Pittie/doberman mix my visual imagining says?? I see pittie/vizla mix I cared for a pittie/lab mix. Looked 100 % pittie but was def half lab. Hope they accept your paperwork Plus maybe look into added insurance 🤔 Whatever adorable looking 🥰


Lab mix you get a apartment, pit maybe not. Lab mix lower homeowners insurance. You will learn over time.


Who cares, he’s perfect 🤩


100% good boi


I have a pit/staffy mix, and this boy definitely has one of those in him. His snout looks like a lab. He is beautiful!!


Definitely not a Rhodesian Ridgeback they have a very distinctive line or raised fur permanently up on their back. From working as a groomer and at a shelter, my guess would be a lab bully mix of some kind. Whatever his paperwork from the vet says is what you must go by. Hope this helps.


Maybe part Staffy?