Torticollis or preference

Torticollis or preference


If you're worried, call your doctor. There's no such thing as a foolish question, and peace of mind is worth looking foolish anyway.


Yep call doc. If it is, they have exercises you can do with her to help with it. My son had torticollis and he was fine. Best to catch it early.


Our LO had a strong preference for turning her head left however the doctor could not detect a torticolis. However, he still refered us to a physical therapist because baby started to have a flat spot on her head.


My kiddo did that too and it was never diagnosed as torticollis...but I am an OT and thought of it more of as a side preference. If they're sitting in a bouncy chair rotate them so they're forced to look the other way. When you're doing diaper changes rotate them. Basically find ways to balance out the side preference. It's really hard to avoid flat spots on their heads because we're required to lie our newborns on their backs on all the time but eventually it's a moot point once they do tummy time more and have better head control. also lots of TUMMY TIME!