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100% since they're using the greek alphabet to name them. At some point omicron would have to be used


Thanks for replying. One things for sure, we all need to keep our eyes peeled. I just wanted to see what you all think.


Except the Greek letter is #OmiKron, spelled with a ‘Kappa‘: https://web.mit.edu/jmorzins/www/greek-alphabet.html No “C” in Greek




I'd assume this was a comedy post but from your history it doesn't seem like that would be the case


That's not really how math works, but OK.


Eh it's just another Greek letter, there's probably a reason they chose it for a similar reason to Delta?


Those fucking Greeks are trolling from beyond the grave.


You need to go deeper. It’s all about syllabic numerology and the inverse square of the angles in the Arabic numerals divided by the number of times Hillary has been executed Source: military


Inversion 100% is everywhere these days, I agree. Hiding their true intentions within the names of products like evian bottled water for example (backwards being naïve) and other examples is like a way they revel in the damage they cause and find it better when we don't see how stupid they think we are.


how about 0 micron= nanometer graphene blades


I like that as a theory. This whole post was meant to be a talking piece with everybody putting two cents in. You're idea is very creative, I know graphene is essentially nano layers but I wonder exactly what one layer weighs in microns. Do you know? I could just google it, but in the spirit of discussion I choose to see what you know about graphene / graphene oxide. The oxide form is much newer but I know graphene has been known to be extremely toxic back in the early 1900s.


But it's omnicron.


It's being called different here in the UK and here's a link with how they are spelling it. https://www.who.int/news/item/26-11-2021-classification-of-omicron-(b.1.1.529)-sars-cov-2-variant-of-concern Maybe its omnicron in the Greek alphabet, I dont actually know myself.


> Maybe its omnicron in the Greek alphabet, I dont actually know myself. Sound it out. O-*mega* = big O. makes sense; it's an upper-case "O". O-*micro*n = little O. makes sense; it's a lower-case "o". Omni-cron = *every* "cron" - makes no sense.


I personally have no idea. I'm just basing off of the articles and news stories talking about it.


Same dude, I am glad this post didnt get hit by a tidal wave of people telling me why I'm wrong or shitting all over the premise of the post lol. I like it that you said "you have no idea" that shows humbleness & a wise man only knows that he does not know lol. Some of the posts on here get a bit argumentative or trenched in shall we say when opposing views clash. For me I love being challenged and will admit when I am wrong. Right now we are in unprecedented times, but we all know what truth feels like. And what it feels like to be deceived. I'm trusting my gut and following the truth no matter what, it may be that I am ostracised by friends and fam (happened already) or seen as a nutter by the snoozing people just grazing sheepishly on the official narrative. My posistion puts me in ALOT of flack at work with other professionals in my field. The amount of healers (thats what Dr, therapists, psychologists and nurses are) who are rigidly dogmatic and refuse to move their toe an inch from what they are told is honestly absolutely shocking in my experience right now.


I feel like it was the mandela effect. Since you mentioned it, I'm seeing that spelling being used on every article about it.


LOL well in that case pass the message on! The more people you can bring out of fear based reactionary living, into knowledgeable and understanding individuals the better. I think the anagram thing will twist alot of "stuck in place" covid "true believers" up at least for a second considering it.... You can plant seeds but they don't all crack I guess. We're living through the biggest attempted transformation of society ever, all being built piece by piece accompanied by the biggest psy op ever attempted to keep us running on our hamster wheels while they structure a world that pleases Mr Schaub, the international bankers who are always anonymous (paying for it more than likely). As George Carlin says "it's a big club, and you're not in it". I ain't going to accept a Chinese credit score system here and total control and recording of how money is spent by using crypto currency. If they have their way there wont be a penny or a nickel spent without somebody knowing about it and having the OFF switch to all your "privilidges" when you dont do as your told. Spread it far and wide buddy, thanks for the conversation!


Weird that the last variant was delta (a triangle) and this one is a circle sometimes called "the eye" They are mocking the people who are awake


I think they are mocking it with the new variant name for sure. And whoever / whatever this worldwide hidden hand is that runs the world inversion and hiding information within symbols is quite well understood and agreed upon by most of us I'd say.


"never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."


Interesting, can you elaborate?


Not everything has some deeper, clandestine meaning. They've been naming different variants after Greek letters. It's not some secret, it's just a stupid naming device that they've implemented(poorly since they skipped Xi for *some* unknown reason). Feel free to read into it whatever you'd like, but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And sometimes we create a dumb naming system and that's all there is.


There are 24 letters in the Greek alphabet, 10 have already been used to name variants. So the chances of omicron being chosen are 1 in 14. They've been more or less going in order so the next one will probably be called pi or rho