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I got vaccinated. I did so by my own choice before there were any mandates in doing so. I fully support people who choose NOT to vaccinate. The term "My body, my choice" should apply to more than just abortion. The idea that the government can restrict your movement, deny what you can or can not do, keep you in your home sets a deadly precedent that can give the government the ability to believe that it can do much more to us. The truly scary thing to me are the groups of people who are demanding more be done to punish those who don't step in line. The government has managed to divide their citizens into two groups, one that just wants this shit to end and be left alone and another group who blames the entire pandemic on the first group and sees the first group as subhuman monsters who are the fault of every evil on this planet. The irony is amazing that the second group doesn't realize that they have become the very monster they are fearing.


Thank you. If everyone thought like you do we wouldn't be in this situation


This is IMHO all about personal choice!Once this choice is being removed, either by coercion or actual force - any reason for such "mandates" is for sure, not about health, and the people involve in it are nothing less but criminals committing crimes against humanity. I mean, where are all of those "freedom of choice" and "my body my choice" organizations? and why did they disappear never to be heard since the beginning of 2020 ? did they manage to solve the global slavery and abuse problem just before covid came? I guess they were never legit to begin with, probably were gov funded and as usual promoted a gov agenda.. so now they are silent, since their over-lords said so.


I just got woke!


This is a great little summary. My moms side of the family isn’t inviting unvaccinated people over for the holidays. Really sad stuff, but I don’t really give a fuck I don’t really care to see them anyways. 😂. The irony is that they’re Jewish lmao. Hello?!? You don’t see a problem here?!? If you make any comparison though to Nazis or the Holocaust, any normie absolutely loses their shit on you. This is not the same! This is public health!


That was literally the Nazi mantra. Es ist zu deiner Sicherheit. It’s for your safety.


The problem is for every 1 of you, there's 30 others who agree that the government should do that "for the greater good".


There’s really not though & spreading the idea that the majority support this is dangerous. Most people won’t fight one way or another, but most people I’ve spoken to in real life don’t agree w vaccine passports & mandates.


I disagree, from my experience. For every 1 person screaming about making it mandatory for everyone, there is 1 person screaming about the Nuremburg code, the remaining 98 are either vaxxed or not and don't really care what everyone else is doing


Even the Jews had their own people sell them out because they thought they would be granted immunity for working with the Nazis but in the end they met the same fate as those they sent to the train yard.


Sonderkommando if I spelled that correctly. The grey zone has a terribly accurate portrayal of it.


It is so funny watching this shit. I have friends who think voter ID is racist, but are totally okay with vaxpass (with ID) to go to a restaurant These people are bottomless pits.


Political views are intertwined with social life and culture. It's "trendy" to have certain opinions. That's why famous people get paid money to endorse products. Their concern isn't with the truth. It's with what is socially acceptable or beneficial. If you work a corporate job and want a promotion, chances are you're going to like the same things as your boss and suck up. Plenty of college students will write what the professor agrees with if it results in a higher grade. Social Media rewards users with internet reactions. If a user wants a lot of reactions, their concern is with posting something they think will result in a positive response. A lot of people seem social validation. Social engineering is a real thing. You can change people by manipulating their environment. Positive reinforcement is social media likes and compliments. Negative reinforcement is troll armies, threats, and censorship.


It’s (D)ifferent...


Crazy how it's a (D)ifferent time but they all have (R)oles to play at the end of the day. https://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/107-2001/s313 Here's a qoute from the not so Patriot act that open the door to mass surveillance... "The next day, the Act passed the House 357 to 66, with Democrats comprising the overwhelming portion of dissent. " Crazy how interchangeable these politicians are when you actually look into the history of each party. They actually have more in common than you think they just keep you guessing which is good enough for a public who resides in a constant state of amnesia when it comes to politics in this country. They are all the same they just change (R)oles to make the parties appear (D)ifferent.


Yeah people ignore the fact that the Patriot Act was the first major step to all of this and it was firmly supported by the right wing. It’s a very convenient thing to leave out when talking about how we’re infiltrated by commies


McCarthyism and the War on Drugs are important parts of that history, too.


So many once you go outside of the curriculum they spoon-feed us.


When the boot is on your face it doesn't matter if it is on the left foot or the right foot. Some people love power more than freedom.


Very eloquently stated.


There is a third option on every ballot in every state.


Fully agree with you. But it would be more accurate and less one sided for them to have written something like >"The next day, the Act passed the House 357 to 66.~~, with Democrats comprising the overwhelming portion of dissent.~~ Republicans and Democrats overwhelmingly voted together in favor of the Act." I'll never forget those days. I used to get into extremely heated arguments with people from both sides. It was the Republicans I worked with *and* my Democrat friends, which almost drove me insane. There was nowhere to turn for a reasoned discussion about it. Everyone around me felt that it was for the best, same with going to war, and they were basing that all on fear instead of logic. It didn't take very long for the tendrils of the Patriot Act to start showing up. The feds started collecting information about what books people would check out of their local library. They created the TSA. I remember coming up with a funny to me fake pickup line about it. "I wanna TSA your body" They passed a law about creating huge perimeters to keep protestors very far away from the president so he didn't have to hear that Schaivo (I think that's her name, could be wrong) lady whose son died in the war. The drone program was relatively secretive but started strong. They opened and successfully kept Gitmo secretive for a long time and the Pentagon started embedding so called journalists, none of which had journalistic integrity, so that they could leak information as needed. Then Obama came along and did a phenomenal job of lying to his voters to the point that he beat out Hillary Clinton of all people. Obama started by shutting the mouth of John McCain, telling him to stop talking because Obama was in control now. Obama increased the strength of the Patriot Act, and the drone program, and the domestic spying on and collecting personal information on literally every single American. Obama tried to clamp down on whistleblowers and got caught selling weapons to Mexican drug cartels. Then he used John McCain as they stood hand in hand trying to lie the American people into war with Syria... The IRS started auditing Republicans etc. Nothing really changed for the better other than Obamacare which was written by and for the hospitals and insurance companies. Then, Obama successfully pulled off the ultimate shit move and literally got away with using the federal government to spy on his political rival in Trump. Geez, sixteen years of that shit. Then Trump came along and the rest is history...


Oh don't worry I remember all the talking points including the one that many fell for "if it's bipartisan then it has to be good because they never agree otherwise."


Wouldn't be surprised if during the next election you won't be able to vote unless you produce your Vax pass.


Well then, we can just *mail our votes in*. Worked last year, didn't it? :D


Worked for Biden.


Worked for HP and Epson. Printer suffrage.


It's not even that they're stupid, they're evil, which is worse


In 1963, the Milgram Experiment [found that](https://www.simplypsychology.org/milgram.html) "Ordinary people are likely to follow orders given by an authority figure, even to the extent of killing an innocent human being. Obedience to authority is ingrained in us all from the way we are brought up." This is exactly what our school system teaches us to be, obedient to authority. It's a hard spell to break.


Yes, the milgram experiment is very revealing. The one positive takeaway though is the fact that not all complied, something like thirty-three percent refused.


66.6 didnt?


I read the book Milgram wrote about this. College educated people were more likely to say no to administering the increasing shocks, while working class people mostly went along with it. It seems with the current problem, those groups have flipped, with exceptions, obviously.


Yeah and they did a ton of experiments during the MK Ultra days too. Or did they ever stop? Was the internet an experiment? Was social media an experiment? Is controlling your way of life an experiment going on right now? Making people decide if they want to work more than they resist the jab. The heroes of last year who worked in the healthcare field through the worst of COVID are being sacrificed today if you don't get the jab. Is that a test?


They never stopped, lol, and they've pretty much perfected it in my opinion. To have so many clueless people in society, who can't be bothered to make the slightest effort to question what they're being told, it's astounding.


Yes it is very astounding. However being outnumbered by the misinformed is no match for being strong in the face of inhumanity. Keep standing your ground.


Groupthink can quickly turn into evil without a doubt


They are not evil. Seriously, saying they are evil is a copout in my opinion. They are lemmings. Animals. Trained fucking animals. A dog trained to bite people isn't evil. Furthermore, this might be hard to accept, you are also these people and they are you.


People that go on Twitter and want unvaxxed to die or have no job are evil. Plain and simple.


It really isn't that plain and simple though.


yes they are young souls, this is their early incarnation after being dogs or other animals. so they don't know what the hell they're doing here or what any of it means. that is why we call them NPCs/ hylics.


The only reason for “conspiracy theories” is because it prob fits in the below 1 it’s a thought experiment 2 it’s different from the makeup of visible reality 3 it’s hidden truths due to compliance or ignorance


Voter ID is not racist, what is when places like Alabama pass it, then less than 6 months later close 5 DMV's all in minority area's.


I guess I better post this directly to you since so many people think this is real. https://www.sos.alabama.gov/alabama-votes/photo-voter-id/obtain-free-photo-voter-id https://www.dmv.org/articles/alabama-to-close-31-drivers-license-offices/


Source on that?


There was more than 5, they’re just really dishonest about the reason and how much the state already had in place prior to ensure everyone who needs an ID to vote and is eligible to vote, can get one for free. https://www.sos.alabama.gov/alabama-votes/voter/voter-id


Not the same incident, but another reason why people say voter ID is racist - the laws around it are often developed and written in racist ways: [North Carolina legislators had requested data on voting patterns by race and, with that data in hand, drafted a law that would "target African-Americans with almost surgical precision," the court said.](https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/05/15/528457693/supreme-court-declines-republican-bid-to-revive-north-carolina-voter-id-law)


So am I reading it correctly that they’re mostly calling a voter ID requirement and 2 weeks rather than 3 for early voting racist?


And little do they know, at least in the US, that black people make up a very hefty percentage of the unvaxxed, and frankly rightfully so after all the fucked up stuff the government has done to them in the name of science.


Just to prove your point, I met a man in France who had gone through the NAZI occupation. He told me that the Nazis were jerks but the real monsters were his neighbors. Spying on each other in the hopes of being able to turn someone in and get rewarded. He never recovered his faith in humanity.


people think that if they will "cooperate", the criminals will spare their lives.. that is wrong. just see what is happening now: many people who got jabbed thought that after they will take the magic shots they will be "free" and go "back to normal".. as their loved politician told them "go get jabbed and we will not need those masks and mandates anymore", guess what happened after the sheep went out and took both shots? the goal posts were moved, and it was not be coincidence. same like when a double / triple -quadruple jabbed person will lose his "vaccination status" whenever the oil snake dealers will put out another "booster" scam and mandate it. Now we have two groups of jabbed people: the normal, and the sheep - the normal would say "F! that.. you lied to me, I am not getting any more of this crap.." and the sheeple will gladly do whatever regardless of how stupid and illogical it becomes


Everyone uses the hitler and germany comparison a lot. Have a quick read on the cultural revolution in china 1960’s. There are a lot of similarities there too, and it ends up as the CCP.


I think people compare to WWII so much because it's closer to home for most. I'm from Western Europe. A big part of this war was fought in my country, a big chuck of our history lessons was about this war and lots of documentaries and movies that I get to see are about this war. That's why it's easier for me to compare to WWII instead of Russian or China, although communism is probably closer to what this is becoming than Hitler and his ideas. The tactics are very similar though.


I don't disagree. But if you read a novel called *Fatherland* by Robert Harris, it beautifully illustrates how communistic/sovietski the Reich society would have been if the Nazis had won. I mean, it's an alternate history, but their society is the same fear-based snitching type society one sees in ccp-land or the ussr or 1984. Literally the same thing...regardless of outwardly professed ideologies and enemities.


People who haven't received 3 clot shots = yellow star status. Eerily similar


That's me for sure.


Heres where it ends... Revelation 13:16-17 King James Version 16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.


Well, it actually ends in Revelation 22...


True. I meant tge covid lies i guess


Billy Bragg: *I'm still waiting* *For the Great Leap Forward*


Many people would do unthinkable as long as the majority is also doing it. It's why MSM and social media (like Reddit) use propaganda and bots/astroturfing/etc to fool people into thinking the majority believes a certain narrative. They're using basic human psychology against the masses.


Yeah, the propaganda is crazy wherever you look, and it's convincing people that they're doing the Right Thing, even if the """vaccine""" isn't working and is causing deaths. Like, you have to be truly brainwashed to still support the system


Which is why the human race is a steaming pile of garbage that deserves whatever psychopathic despot it chooses for leadership.


In my wildest dystopian scenarios I never imagined it would be a 99.9% harmless virus that ends the freedom as we know it. In hindsight, it took decades of conditioning to prepare the population to accept it so easily.


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.


People who don’t understand how the nazis came to power are the people who put the nazis in power.


Well said


Wooden doors


With glass windows?


Masturbation machines of death


And a roller coaster


Now modern media, corporations, and politics. Causing all the shit we've been through for years and decades, including the situation we're in. Yeah, these comparisons are ironic and sad.


Italian here. I know a lot of unvaxxed people. Stay strong.


I'm thankful that I never got kids, a career, status or money. That way, I have nothing to lose now. I'm also thankful that I've prepared for this situation for years. It seems I'll be going offgrid soon.


There is actually much wisdom in holding loosely to material things. I was walking through my house today thinking how strange it is that we are financially in the best place we have ever been, yet I can see how quickly it could (and most likely) will be taken away from us. If we can't pay our taxes or utilities, they can take our home even though it's totally paid off. I have been thinking about looking for off the grid homes too, as things will probably get that bad, but my husband doesn't feel led to look at them. With our faith in God being the foundation of our lives, it's all about being exactly where we feel God wants us to be, regardless of how difficult the circumstances surrounding us are. But my instincts lead me to want to escape the craziness. I don't really want to run a farm though!


I wonder if it's possible to set up some kind of...trust or something, with a reputable law firm, that would pay tax & utility bills on your behalf if v-passes became required to do official paperwork eventually? I mean, eventually all the mortal loopholes will be closed, and the Godhead will be our only reliable help! But that might stave things off by a few months/years.


Setting up a trust to pay utilities and taxes is a great idea that I hadn't thought of. Will look into that.


That’ll show society


Take me with you please 🙋🏻‍♀️


Same. Happy to be a single male. I’ve got enough food and water for 6 months, plus ample self-defense. Unfortunately don’t have anywhere to flee to though, and I live in the suburbs. Wish I had enough money for some land.


Maybe let them know that the "green pass" in New York, called the "Excelsior Pass" has been developed by IBM. This same company outfitted and supplied the Nazis to track and tabulate the Holocaust. So these passport systems are just an updated version to a similar system. That might get them to think a little!


Even the radio personalities who were always “don’t trust the government” and became vax salespeople and promoters are sickening.


In my country the media are controlled and censored by the government almost to a 100%


Italy is run by Fr33masons, just as most of the world. Their secret weapon (their Death Star) is central banking and fiat money. Italy was created by masons (Garibaldi, Cavour, Mazzini) and today is still run by spook cult members (Gelli-P2, Berlusconi, Renzi, [plus my suspects: Letta, Monti, Draghi, etc., etc, ad nauseum]) Who was the last "free" man to run Italy? Aldo Moro? Look what happened to him. He got the Kennedy treatment. *Viviamo in un mondo di empi al potere*


Bitcoin fixes this


I’m assuming you’re from the US but it’s the same in Spain


Bro don’t worry I also just got fucked by all the neo-nazi-vaxxed whatever’s in r/history. Was trying to draw parallels between what’s happening now to what’s happening to the Jews and they just fucked me up. It’s a bad vibe, just ignore it man, don’t even engage. We all get you bro, we know it’s tucker. We know it’s facism. I’m so sorry for your situation, go buy yourself a big out bag and gear and go to the forest and wait this out.


The saddest part of this scam, is that I realized my own brother would have gladly closed that cattle car door behind me...


I’m from California and work for a school district, I received an email this morning stating that I will likely be unable to keep my job without a vaccine. I asked for a timeline from our representatives and they said that because it’s not yet a mandate, they don’t have any dates. I respect any one’s decision to get or not get the vaccine, and I’m not asking for any sort of empathy, but the attitude some of the vaccinated have taken shows how quickly people’s mentality will shift from being about inclusiveness and loving everyone, to “fuck you, you get what you deserve” if you don’t comply with their way of thinking.


I’m also in CA and my husband works at a school district that mandated it 10/15. He’s been on unpaid leave since.


Damn that’s extremely shitty, are you guys in southern cal? I really hope this shit ends and all of these organizations and business get slapped with some fat lawsuits.


Yes. It is super shitty. Lawsuits are being filed…..but who knows what will happen.


>being about inclusiveness and loving everyone (that thinks the way they do...) ftfy


Very true


Then you got the ones that think you should have to get vaccinated just because they feel like they had to do it because they were told to.


Those people only know how to pose and obey. They have no substance, all of it comes from big daddy government. The same was the case with the 'inclusiveness'. That was also simply something big daddy told them to do.


They despise you cus you remind them of the truth


If the vaccines end up causing severe health issues long term (which there is increasing evidence towards) I think the hatred will increase even more.


Underrated comment




Do not comply. Regardless of how many emails, threats, etc you receive, keep showing up to work and doing your job. I was supposed to be terminated from my job (I work in a hospital and was on the covid response team for the majority of the pandemic), and I keep showing up. They keep mentioning the vaccine mandate. I keep saying I have yet to get vaccinated, then get the same email/discussion worded slightly differently. I don't expect it to last forever, but it's been working so far. Haven't had any BS writeups or other papertrail of them obviously preparing to fire me, I've mostly worked my job and and ignored their requests -- it sure doesn't feel like a demand at this point. I expect to be terminated eventually, but I still will not cave. EVERYWHERE is hiring. I will be fine. You will be fine. Stay strong and stick to your morals.


You rock! Don't let them get you down!


Watching what is happening all around the world, im really worried. Nazi's rise of power took years, and there were so many same elements in the society that there are now. Op's EDIT: 3. is point on! When something is forced and you can't refuse, you are took in a camp... WAKE THE FUCK UP!


I'm sad to say you're probably right. Best of luck to you in these troubled times. Stay true to yourself. At least you'll stand with your back straight in the end. Most of the people are unable to comprehend b/c they're in the other side. Some may wake up when their pass gets revoked when they don't take the booster but many won't. Try to rebalance, be resilient and move on. Don't forgot about love and compassion, it's our only way out.


> Don't forgot about love and compassion, it's our only way out. Our parasitic elite like this. Love and compassion won't do shit in this scenario or it will do as much as in Nazi times. They are using the vaccines to separate the critical thinkers. Wonder when will the other shoe drop.


Been going on in New York City for a few months now, none of my friends care, they just keep showing their papers like it’s completely normal, then getting frustrated with me for not being able to join them going out. They are the real problem. Get vaccinated or don’t, but for fucks sake stop show your papers, that’s the only way out of this.


I get your point. You are not comparing yourself to a Jewish person during the Holocaust. If I read you right you are comparing the situation to how people turned on eachother through political propaganda and division tactics. I see your point. Although it's always best to steer away from comparing anything to the Holocaust.


I used to always wonder how a whole population was brainwashed enough to genocide the Jews for “the greater good” This pandemic has showed me how strong the media’s effect is on easily manipulated emotional people


>I used to always wonder how a whole population was brainwashed enough to genocide the Jews for “the greater good” I mean the centuries of antisemitism in German culture certainly helped. Hitler didn't invent the idea that Jews weren't real Germans and should be oppressed. That was the basic operating procedure for large parts of German culture well before meinkamph came out


This sub should be renamed “safe haven”. It’s the only place on Reddit you can tell the truth and be defended in doing so.


I agree with you 100%


I agree with you. I’ve also always thought it was nuts that everyone forgets that Italy and Japan were right there with Hitler .


Wow the vaxx shills sure hopped on this fast. I feel for you pasta bro, your situation sounds tyrannical. You’re absolutely correct that these people have the exact line of thinking that lead to unbridled tyranny in the past. Just like these vaxx shills would probably feel good about themselves and the media would tell them how they’re doing their part for the good of society for turning you into the state. They have started similar measures in some parts of the US but what little scraps we have left of The Constitution and people in red states would go bonkers if they tried to implement those things nationally. It amazes me how so many people who used to preach about being suspicious of government and big brother have been fully turned into supporting big govt, big pharma, big tech and actively shilling for ostracizing and having government strip our rights away and forcibly inject you with a gene therapy love shot.... These same people turn around and pretend they’re part of the “resistance” it’s a damn joke.


Lol pasta bro


what happens if you try to enter without one?


You have 20 seconds to comply...


I guess you'll be fined and thrown out


Should try and see what happens


i unconditionally love you. and i know you do too as you accept me unvaxxed or as anything that isn’t deemed acceptable by the mainstream. i’m sorry though the mainstream has no unconditional love. lets pity these nazis as much as we loath them. they are pathetic


My sister in law who is double vax and ready to get the booster told me over thanksgiving dinner that if this was nazi times she would report the Jews to save her self she stated “ I just feel we people will always lose to the government so even if I had to surrender Jews over to save my life I would, so if I have to keep getting shots to work oh well “ I went pale as she said this as I am a Christian and she isn’t and it was so chilling to hear this . So in the future if they start rounding up the unvaccinated like they did the Jews in the Holocaust she would turn me in. My husband said that he doesn’t understand me not willing to take a shot to work he thinks I’m putting beliefs over the family and that I am selfish for not taking the jab . I told him to leave me. I’m the farthest thing from selfish. I’m not taking an experimental jab.


Vaxxers say "the unvaxxed are not the jews stop being dramatic and disrespectful" Hitler didnt take power until 1933. Auschwitz opened in 1940. Thats 7 years. Restrictions started on the jews right after hitler took power. It started with the inability to go to sports events, restaurants etc. You had to show your papers. Jews were labeled unclean and disease spreaders. Unvaxxed are labeled plague rats. "Just take the jab! Jews couldnt change who they are". Uh yeah...they could have changed religions and renounced judaism. Huh you dont support that? How about christians in iraq killed by isis? Why didnt they convert and become muslims? Such an easy choice right vaxxers? If you feel bad for the christian priest who had his head chopped off, for not making "an easy choice, its free, its selfish not to" then maybe you can see why the unvaccinated do not want to get the shot. Its not "an easy choice". It doesnt matter how easy or hard it is, its their CHOICE. Its called FREE WILL. My body my choice. If i put a gun to your head and tell you to eat a bowl of shit, but its your choice, do you have much of a choice? No...you're going to eat it. If you tell someone with 3 kids and a wife they support that they will be fired and unable to claim unemployment, do they have a choice? NO. Nuremberg trials established there must be CONSENT. Not coercion. And the jews were told to leave and germany actively tried to deport them. So they even had a choice. Many chose to stay just as the unvaxxed are choosing not to get the jab. Should they have been holocausted for that choice? HELL NO. Should the unvaxxed be punished for not getting the jab? NO. Blame your own god damn governments for hospitals being overrun. Canada's hospital beds per capita has been going down since the 80s. 30 fucking years. And you blame the unvaxxed? No blame your own government for not investing in beds and nurses and doctors. And importing a million people a year but not building 100 hospitals for those people. Guess what? We're not even a year into unvaxxed restrictions. They have merely just begun. Where will we be in 7 more years? What will the aussie camps look like in 7 more years? Some countries are faster than others. In some you can already no longer work or even go to a grocery store and buy food. IN LESS THAN A YEAR YOU CANNOT BUY FOOD OR WORK! Where will those countries be in 7 years? How will they treat the unvaxxed even in another year? How long and how much more inflation, variants, supply chain shortages, celebrity tweets and propaganda on cnn about "pandemic of the unvaccinated" will uncle joe take before he turns in his unvaxxed neighbor? How long until the neighbor is hauled away for his own safety? How long until that neighbor is put up against the wall? And yeah they might come for the unvaccinated first, but after that they are coming for you smug ivory tower vaxxers. Politicians and scientists know we do not have the resources to support 8 billion people. You are already seeing shortages. You are seeing "great reset". They arent just going to reset the unvaccinated. You will eat the bugs. You will live in the pod. You will own nothing. The world population will be massively reduced or we will collapse from exhausting our resources as predicted by MIT in limits to growth, as well as followup studies that say we're right on pace for collapse by 2040. To save the rich and powerful they know resource use must be curbed. Easiest way to do that is to starve people to death or kill them via disease. Then you dont have to take the blame for pulling the trigger yourself. Enjoy the next 10 years vaxxers, you're getting great resetted too. You think they invested billions in digital passports so you can show your papers for 6 months and then it all goes back to normal once they get rid of us unvaccinated? Hah! No they're going to implement social credit and digital currency so your ability to spend gets shut off if you dont comply. But keep complying though. I promise if you comply hard enough they'll leave you alone.


Well said 🙏🙌




I received the vaccine due to some health issues, but I adamantly oppose vaccine mandates and showing 'papers' to gain access to places.


Italian student here, i won't be able to study at my school if they enforce the super green pass to enter, my school does not respect laws, it required swabs for the people who have the exemption which is illegal. There are good chances that this could happen.. Right now to have the right to work and study we have to pay, or accept this useless vax.


I’m the only one in my family who isn’t vax they actually stop bothering me about it surprisingly


Why does everyone keep going with Nazi Germany? This is more akin to communism of the 1980s.


Probably because more people are more familiar with it. A lot of people don't really know about the history of communism.


Well they keep f'n around with it... they may find out.


Can you be more dramatic


This is such a stretch.


Welcome to r/conspiracy in the 2020’s. This sub is complete shit these days


I’ve seen enough from enough people on both sides to know, everyone is cool with Nazis, if their side is in control.


This sub has gotten more stupid every single day


Doesn't stop you getting it, doesn't stop you passing it on stated by the maker's. So why are governments trying so hard for everyone to get it????? WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!




Well , not quite. The nazis were a reaction against this bolschevic communism they're rolling out.


Actually there are NO camps for unvaxxed in Australia. There are camps for people arriving internationally. This was LAST YEAR, and they only stay there for 14 DAYS


Can’t upvote this enough


A conspiracy user who still believes the good guys won WWII 😂


That is what they want the great divide. I got the vaccine too, now my feet feel like they are numb it’s been a month now hoping it gets better. It has a little. I wear socks all the time. I respect people who don’t and do get it. The problem is that everyone needs to know that they want that divide that division. It makes no sense… nurses being fired working through the pandemic without a vaccine and now there’s a vaccine and all of a sudden poof what should be a matter of choice affects directly their livelihood. People need to be angry at the government not at each other. It’s ludacris


And anytime I see anyone commenting about how "it's not the same!" they of course compare Nazi Germany at its absolute worst. The box cars, the gas chambers, the Holocaust, etc etc... But what they completely neglect, or don't even realize, is Nazi Germany didn't start with box cars, the concentration camps, the gas chambers or with the Holocaust right from the get go. It started with subtle messaging to villainize a class of people, government telling people how they should think... And it grew and grew from there to become the atrocity that it was. Now do I think the unvaccinated will be rounded up in box cars and killed for not complying with getting vaccinated? No, of course not. But i'd be naïve to ignore the similarities of how Nazi Germany started with how the government villainized a class of people and how the messaging from the government and the media towards the unvaccinated (and anti-lockdown and anti-mask people) is very similar. The tactics being used are very similar. Holocaust survivors have even drew comparisons and there's video of that. So I just roll my eyes anytime someone tries to use the most extreme example of the Holocaust to dismiss the comparison. It didn't start at that extreme. It started a lot more subtly and grew gradually. The similarities are stark. If you choose to blissfully ignore them and intentionally grab onto the most extreme example in an effort to dismiss the comparisons, then you're just showing your defensiveness and proving to me that you *definitely* would have called the Gestapo back in the day.


I love that you call this a safe space when it’s **not supposed to be a safe space** this is supposed to be a place to have your views **questioned** You people turned this sub into a circlejerk and get upset when people disagree with your narrative


Honestly, if reddit hadn't banned NoNewNormal and the Donald, this sub would be a lot different. But they did.


I 100% agree. I’m trying to keep this low-meta but yes, if those subs weren’t banned then their refugees wouldn’t have ruined this sub. This was not a circlejerk sub before they came. And i think it’s more the first sub than the second sub Although since i’m not downvoted enough i’ll say that **they shouldn’t have gotten themselves banned by openly brigading and breaking ToS**


Your name says it all.


we live in a time where you have to discuss facts about a vaccine on a conspiracy board becouse everywhere else its banned as missinformation. how sick is this.


You’re not even literate on a high school level. Why would i value the opinion of someone who can’t even read and write in their native language


Stand strong and keep talking about all of this! I’m in Canada and unless you have a vaxx card or negative test you can’t do much either. It’s really sad


holy fuck I had low standards for this sub but again, holy fuck.


Did I read this correctly? You’re comparing Nazis to people who believe in science and aren’t complete monkeys? Since when has this sub turned into an insane anti-vaxx sub. Disgusting, you should be ashamed. FYI, this is coming from a person descended from an Eastern European country, from a family that lost members in the Holocaust, and hid several Jewish families.


Just as floored as me I see?


> believe in science and aren’t complete monkeys I'd say that anyone who treats science as religion is not much different than a monkey, but then you'd probably say "omnicron" and I'd be at a loss.


Once they make it so all the unvaccinated people are unable to work alot will run out of money after awhile… that’s when they can roll out the fema housing camps for the poor. For your own good! Maybe it will be a few years from now so it gives Everyone some time to forget how we got into this situation


General fucking Strike, people. It works! Seems like January will be a prime opportunity. Tons of Americans bout to be out of a job anyway.


I lost my job and insurance over a year ago due to trying to take a medical leave. I elected to just take myself out of the workforce completely after having such a bad experience with my previous employer. I’m in my later 20’s I was a good employee for them during the 4 years I was there…


Thanks for saying that me, a Jewish and gay person would have helped the Nazis 80 years ago. Much appreciated, but maybe try reposting this once you get thrown in the gulag for being unvaxxed instead of being denied access to your favorite tendies and booze at the local pub? Either way you're choosing to be unvaxxed and are facing social consequences. Is that fair? No, perhaps it's not, but ultimately it's your CHOICE that you have a right to defend. Please for the love of god I ask do NOT compare this to freaking Holocaust. I love a good discourse with Antivaxxers and hell they've helped me adjust my views on all of this, but as soon as they start comparing their oh-so terrible plight to the millions that died during the Holocaust I just lose all faith in their intellectual integrity.


I think this is actually a permission structure for political violence more than anything else. First it was the q shit, where all democrats are satan worshiping pedophiles, now anyone who disagrees with them is a freedom destroying, nazi loving bootlicker that hates america and is also a communist. And every election they lose is "stolen". What isn't justified when defending liberty against tyranny? And they all seem to be buying guns and stockpiling ammo. I mean, not good. And here we are waiting for the bread to rise.


Are you seriously equating jews, to anti-vaxxers… 🤦


Fuck yeah to your resistance and awareness. Shills in this sub are mostly bots and paid posters with the rest (barley) being programmed sheep.


Thank you! The sad things is that I know people in real life who think just like paid shill


There's a big different between persecuting people who CANNOT get vaccinated for covid (my neighbor, who was born with heart problems, a different acquaintance, who was hospitalized over guillain-barre syndrome before the first lockdown.) And people who just flat out refuse to go get the vaccine. They are generally the same people that refuse to wear a mask, and don't care about infecting other people. The same people whining about "my freedom" at the slightest inconvenience, and start calling other people "sheep" because they don't know the difference between being brainwashed and common fucking courtesy. And comparing that to the Nazis and the Holocaust is just absolute bullshit. If you are just scrambling for reasons not to get vaccinated, you are CHOOSING not to be vaccinated. And you are CHOOSING to put the responsibility of your health on other people, and risking the health of people who really CAN'T get the vaccine. Just the fact that you even have a choice not to get the covid vaccine disproves your own point. Do you think the Nazis would have let you choose?


Is being excluded from 95% of society a reasonable response to someone not being vaccinated?


You are choosing to exclude yourself. And risking your health, while you're at it. It's not the government making most of those rules. It's private companies, employers. Pretty soon, I can see health insurance companies not to cover any covid related expenses If the person isn't vaccinated. People who truly CAN'T get the vaccine are going to genuinely have a hard time because they are going to be lumped onto the "I don't want to" category. Businesses have the right to make decisions for their companies. That's really what it's coming down to. Individual companies changing their policy. At this point, not getting vaccinated is really making other people responsible to keep you from getting covid. And they don't want that responsibility. Just like 1/2 the population didn't want the responsibility of wearing a mask in public. But getting to this point most likely could have been avoided if everyone had just masked up, and stayed at home if possible, when it was asked.


If you don't do your part (willingly) in keeping as many people as possible form that society alive, you shouldn't have the right to be part of that society.


"Ordinary people, simply doing their jobs, and without any particular hostility on their part, can become agents in a terrible destructive process. Moreover, even when the destructive effects of their work become patently clear, and they are asked to carry out actions incompatible with fundamental standards of morality, relatively few people have the resources needed to resist authority." "It has been reliably established that from 1933 to 1945 millions of innocent people were systematically slaughtered on command. Gas chambers were built, death camps were guarded, daily quotas of corpses were produced with the same efficiency as the manufacture of appliances. These inhumane policies may have originated in the mind of a single person, but they could only have been carried out on a massive scale if a very large number of people obeyed orders." "Obedience to Authority" - Stanley Milgram


You never truly know someone including yourself until put to a test of uncertainty. Those who retain their senses and rationality in such circumstances prove themselves trustworthy. Then there are those who react emotionally and look to authority to dictate their actions. These fascist bootlicking qualities have always been there however they oftentimes are hidden away until situations occur where they can be put on display without repercussions.


Good post bro. I’m with you on this :(


Over the last couple years, this is the only sub I’ve seen people openly and plainly defend the Nazi’s, and hitler.


Nazis killed the Jews, who didn't harm anybody. Your family and friends don't kill unvaccinated people, who have a much higher potential to spread the disease than vaccinated people. I don't understand how you can make this comparison.


How many of these posts do we need a day?


I feel for you I’m sure you’re an amazing person and tragically your family is willing to basically write you off over this. But this is not comparable to the Ethnic cleansing and murder of over 6 million people in a few years by the Nazis. That’s delusional exaggeration and it’s very gross. Get the vax or don’t get the vax. Whining won’t help and convincing yourself you are a victim similar to the 6+million dead victims of nazi genocide won’t help either. I recommend a break from r conspiracy


This isn't the fucking Holocaust.


…oh ffs. Comparing unvaxxed to the Jews is historically inaccurate and anti-Semitic. Give me a fucking break.


lol @ your edits. \*insert skiner meme "Am I out of touch?" "No, the others must be shills and trolls"


This is a big stretch. You couldn't see a doctor to stop being a Jew or Gypsy. There are no death camps. No country is rounding you up. Not saying it isn't messed up. You are losing some employment. (Haven't heard the restaurant I work at or any others having unvaccinated) Many recreational activities. This is no Holocaust.


Proof that the vaccine doesn’t work?


Pretty sure you’ll be fine. They won’t make unvacxed people stay home forever. Either get the vaccine or just stay home for another year or whatever. Simple. I’m sorry but this situation isn’t similar to the literal extermination of millions of people. If uou want to do stuff so bad then get a vaccine if not then keep your ass at home until people stop caring.


Problem here is... it's not going away, even if that happens. They love this shit. It has provided the perfect excuse to fire up the money printers... hyper-inflationary monetary policy has been the plan all along. Whether or not it was an accident, Covid provided the crisis they needed to make it happen, and they are going to drag this shit out as long as possible. They are getting away with so much fraud, even in the information age, because they are putting out even *more* fear, distraction and disinformation. I am not so hopeful that the mandates are going away, or that unvaccinated people won't be gradually relegated to second-class citizenship.


Yeah, Australia is definitely rounding people up into concentration camps for not getting the vax. Source: trust me bro.


So true, especially the part that there have been obvious shills and trolls on Reddit for a while recently. It's all over the place.


No place is safe. I had to tell my family this Thanksgiving; forcing me to take a PCR test AFTER INVITING ME was coercive. I had to notify them that they are no different than the Nazi population during the rise of Hitler around the time Poland was invaded. If they truly WANTED to not be like the Nazi's they would have informed me about taking a PCR test before having me come by, not once I'm there. They remain complicit and "follow Fauci's Science" while in denial of the truth - this is how Hitler got shit done. People just like that. Yet these same people have never heard of or looked up what Kary Mullis has to say about things like PCR and Fauci from their work on AIDS vaccines. It's pretty easy to NOT BE A NAZI. Just let people be free. You nailed it with the Edit 2 and Edit 3. There is still time to stop this dead in its' tracks but we have to call it out!


It's not just the sub over run by "shills". The sub has been raided and over run by leftists (and neoliberals) for some time now. They aren't here for conspiracy theories, they're here to shout down QAnon and they subscrbe to the newer hyperreal use of "conspiracies" to mean red voter, trump supporter, conservative, etc. They are just here to ridicule posts and theories and pretend to be smart using the pseudo-skeptic handbook. MODs don't appear to care so the sub is probably just going to be dead soon.


Bruh, this is a horrible comparison lmao


Hang in there you’re not alone…and you’re not wrong.


This is such a shill post


I'm vaccinated "At least you now know who amongst your friends and family would have helped the Nazis and Fascists 80 years ago" This statement is cringe as fuck. I sure as hell wouldn't have helped the Nazis. Your entire post just continues to feed the hive mind of this sub.


My mum works as a nurse at the local hospital, she said the only people currently critically ill with covid, who need to use ventilators, are the unvaccinated. Note to self...get your facts from the real world and stop getting brainwashed by random paranoid strangers on reddit.


Strange, official numbers in Germany state a different situation... That the vaccinated are also in critical condition with COVID. And not just 10%.


You, someone who is simply unvaxxed, is not at all equivalent to those who were systematically targeted for execution and genocide. Quit acting like a victim. Your life is perfectly safe.


Friends yes …family is all in the same boat lol


Baby boomers exist. We already know this bro.


Are you aware of any protests going on in Italy, my dad has been telling me it’s happening so I wanted to see what someone living there says.


Yes, there are many protests! Every week. But the government seems to not care