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there is a reason it was changed from 'global warming' to 'climate change'


It’s a “climate collapse” now yo, goal post moving


Brilliantly, the goal posts can move whichever way they want, and people will just go along with it because some “expert” told them to


wow thanks, good one. subtle


weakening magnetic fields... big if true ​ suspicious0bservers: 12000 disaster cycle https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHSoxioQtwZcVcFC85TxEEiirgfXwhfsw


Now do the temperature of the rest of the world compared to the records lol


These guys are massively cherry-picking. It's a continent of ice and they're surprised it just happens to be cold there. But they'll ignore all the shit happening in the rest of the world such as the Arctic or Greenland.


> all the shit happening in the rest of the world such as the Arctic ...like ships getting stuck as the sea gets frozen much earlier than expected [Russia sends icebreaker to rescue ships stranded in Arctic](https://www.msn.com/en-ae/news/world/russia-sends-nuclear-powered-icebreakers-to-rescue-at-least-18-ships-stranded-in-arctic/ar-AAR1oH1?;ctype=news++&%25252525252525253Bappid=hwbrowser) "The route appears to have frozen earlier than expected this year. Ships began reporting being stranded in early November."


We are cooling. We really are. To me this entire narrative is the utmost proof we live in an orchestrated reality, a reality that is upside down in almost everything.


It only appears upside down because the wools watching our “video game” are trying to predict the future for their own world. It’s likely a get rich scheme and they want to make $ doing this.


It has been cold and ice since we record temperatures there. It is colder than ever in a period where the global, atmospheric warming due to evenly distributing CO2 is so catastrophic we need to restructure our entire energy-system NOW or it is over and done. Sorry, how does that work again? It might be cherrypicking. Is talking just about the Arctic or Greenland not the exact same? Apart from that, whatever your viewpoint, climate scientists hold ZERO credibility. Not because they are all bought or something of the sort. They have been wrong. Wrong about everything that would make someone a good and credible climate scientist. Temperature, sealevels, icelevels on land or sea, animal diversity, polarbear numbers, great barrier reef destruction etc. etc. etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAhLe5lWtdk It is doomsaying. Same as corona. A switch from fossil to sustainable, championed by the EXACT SAME PEOPLE, COMPANIES AND INSTITUTIONS is now suddenly good? While free energy is attainable yet not used since it is not enslaving. This entire discussion is a false dichotomy as so much in our realm is. Cheerio.


It's cherrypicking because you take one incident of cooling while ignoring the hundreds if not thousands of cases of warming from around the world. If you have 1000 cases of warming around the world and 1 case of cooling in Antarctica what does that suggest? That we are warming more than we are cooling. It was colder before 1870 due to the fact we were on track towards the next ice age. Now we're warming when we really shouldn't be. But adding billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere surprise surprise causes warming.


Sigh. Well, agree to disagree. I've changed my mind on this after years of being part of your side. Was a big follower of the entire 'CO2 causes global warming' narrative. It just doesnt hold up. There are so many inconstencies, wrong models, chronically wrong predictions. And for what? 'Sustainable' vs 'Fossil'? As stated before lol, free energy is real. So many options, I've listed a few of them somewhere below. All pushed away from public knowledge. Both energy systems are vectors of enslavement, whichever one is cleaner. It is a false dichotomy, as is for so much in our upside down, fake dualistic system.


I’m with you, used to fully believe the climate change doomsters then when I actually looked into it I found that it’s clearly been totally over-blown.


Even without discussion of scientific and/or predictive merit, they do not hold up great, lets look at overall perspective. Most people on this subreddit, no matter how compromised this cesspit is, know/believe something is wrong ánd there is an actor orchestrating the wrongness. It doesn't really matter who or what this actor is. Oil, fossil fuels in general, have undoubtetly been a agent of control. An agent to increase power, power to the few. Many sources on this, watch Corbett Reports report 'How oil conquered America' for an overview. So yes, the entire fossil fuel system is bad REGARDLESS of the global warming narrative. THE SAME PEOPLE. THE SAME COMPANIES. THE SAME DOMINANT NARRATIVE is now championing the transition to 'sustainable energy/development'. Guys. Nothing has changed in the last 50 years, absolute power has only been consolidated. That 'awake people', fuck that term, somehow think this green movement is grassroots AND going against the establishment is absolutely laughable. Well not laughable... pitifull. This energy transition is part of EVERY. SINGLE. AGENDA. Dichotomy. Dualistic thinking, black-white chessboard. Action, reaction, solution. All these tricks the magician pulls, fossil vs. sustainable. At the same time the hand you are not focussing on pulls all kinds of free-energy technology out of your pocket.


This. I just realized the other day. They want electric cars because they can just flip a switch and turn your travel off. Push a wifi update and your Tesla is bricked.


Exactly. 5G and the internet of things will be EVERYTHING. An electrical cage for your electrical mind.


^ this Vectors of enslavement. Kyoto treaty failed until Christina Figueres showed the global leaders that they could actually capitalize on the green revolution via the Paris accord. https://www.ted.com/talks/christiana_figueres_the_inside_story_of_the_paris_climate_agreement?utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare “Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” -George Gordon Byron


A quote I've never seen before, I like it. A good one too!


Same. And honestly if it was as bad as it’s portrayed, I really do think the governments around the world would do more


It’s all about them telling you your gonna die, whether it’s global warming or a virus, it’s the parasites telling you that your going to die in an attempt to keep you living in fear/ anger/ blame


> Now we're warming when we really shouldn't be. Got any proof for that claim?


Zeer, zéér vreemd no reaction is given. Have you noticed, actively, how cold it has been? Now and the last month. Harsh winter ahead my friend. Al part of global war... change.


My man, Tony is so underrated that most people don't know about him but he just brings out cold hard data and the data is collected from NOAA and NASA before being rigged


It’s not that it’s cold numb nuts, it’s the coldest on record. If your not viewing it through a relative lenses then wtf


And they're using as proof that global warming is a myth while ignoring all the heat record being broken around the world especially in places such as the artic or greenland.


And ignoring the huge chunks of ice falling off and floating away


Yeah the climate change denial shit is the one thing I don't buy in this sub. The science has been around for close to 150 years now, long before there was any agenda against it. It's funny too because so much of the gross shit done by people in power revolves around this. The governments of the world spend over 4 trillion in subsidies to the fossil fuel industry. Wars have been declared over this shit. Now the rich and powerful know that the oil won't last forever, but they also don't want to live without the amenities that only fossil fuels have the portability and energy density to provide, so they're making shit up to depopulate 90% of the Earth instead of sacrificing the holy fossil fuel industry. And half the people in this sub are paradoxically climate change deniers and government haters. If you're going to suspect the government then at least look at the fucking piles of money and dead soldiers and civilians that have built up just to keep this shitty industry afloat.


When the Maldives FINALLY SINKS, then we can talk. Goddamn islands just won't go down!


I'm anti government and have many questions about the climate narrative. Yes governments subsidize big oil and many other large corporations. Corporate welfare is one of the many things I take issue with in regards to government. Government is also responsible for fear mongering climate change. Their answer? Oh big shocker... carbon tax. We'll tax our way out of climate change! They also subsidize much of the climate research. Before I get into any more climate stuff let me say I'm a tree hugging hippie. The destruction of our planet in the name of "progress" is unconscionable. We spew all kinds of toxic shit into our environment. CO2 is way far down my list of concerns there. 150 years ago is the pre industrial era. If you're talking man made climate change it would be much more recent than that. The government narrative in the 70's was fear mongering global cooling. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_cooling If the planet were warming in a significant way sea level rise would be the only sure way in my mind to actually verify that. We live on a very dynamic planet. Climate has always been in flux. We're actually living in an exceptionally stable period. 1400 years ago sea level was something like 300 feet lower than it is now. Check out the last glacial maximum. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Past_sea_level I don't know that I even necessarily buy that shit but all this is to say that I don't believe it's at all paradoxical to take issue with government and the climate narrative. I never supported Trump or Biden. This has zero to do with politics as far as I'm concerned. Its just another tool to manipulate the masses.


Nobody denies climate change. It's man made climate change that is in question. And lets say that is real. Now we have the bullshit "experts" trying to push for regular people to fix the problem through sacrifice, but the giant corporations are the ones that need to make sacrifices to make any real dent in the problem. Then you have things like volcanos erupting. How much pollution does that put into the atmosphere compared to regular peoples activities? Ocean temp rising... Do the experts know about every single underwater gas vent spewing into the oceans? Have they quantified the effects of such things, not that they could because they don't know about everything going on under the ocean.


Havent been on r/conspiracy for a while. Nice to see more nuance and truth here now on this subject than a year ago.


I am pretty sure this is the mainstream opposition to climate change and has been for a while, the idea that the climate wouldn't change at all is extreme and directly contradicts historical records of heating/cooling cycles.


we are coating the world in a layer of plastic which is acidifying the ocean and killing the algae that make the oxygen we breathe


I think this should be the priority to fight against. But that would require giant corporations to stop using plastics and polyester etc. And they certainly don't want to do that. And the shill politicians won't force them to.




Wait.. if you go back 150years at some point global cooling was narrative. They even wanted to paint the ice black.. that narrative was not for long, but it was there. And its an example to better not go the geoengineering route


You are missing some avenues of knowledge here though. CO2-based warming in my perspective is absolute horseshit, climate change is not. I'd like governments and the elite to drown in horsheshit. Do you know how much money is being put into the sustainable agenda? That isn't much less as what has been put into the fossilfuel-system. Why not hate both? Why not research the avenue of free energy? Tesla? The Hutchinson-effect? Non-dangerous radioactivity? Water powered cars? Cold fusion? What the pyramids REALLY might have been? You are honestly looking at this with a limited perspective of for and against. It is not that simple, not for me at least. The dichotomy of 'fossil fuel' against 'sustainable energy' is a fake and manufactered one. As so many fake dualities in this realm are. Both are systems of enslavement regardless of how 'clean' they are. And to add... what?? If you see a distinguished establishment ruling this earth that in the past used oil it should be ABUNDANTLY CLEAR the entire sustainable energy stuff is one of their biggest spearpoints now. No doubt. Undeniable. It's part of every single globalist agenda.


Yep. Carbon credit markets and EGS stocks. I'm half expecting all these digital passports to include a carbon credit limit. Whenever you buy food, you use up your alloted carbon credits along with your money. Oh, and whenever you fill up gas. Need more credits? Gotta spend money to buy more or trade with friends. Not being a good boy? There goes your carbon credits. Shit like that doesn't seem too insane nowadays.


Bruh climate alarmism is the easiest of all to debunk. Look up tony heller.


They'll try to convince me that every scientist in the world is lying and in it for the money, covering up what would be the largest conspiracy known to man just so governments can increase taxes on you despite the fact that going green and clean would wipe out most of the money governments already have invested in fossil fuels. They'll try and convince me that the fossil fuel industry are the good guy or that oil is limitless and burning it has absolutely no effects at all despite the fact we've burnt 21 trillion litres of oil thus far. We've burnt an entire sea's worth of oil and they still think it has no effect. They're fucking delusional.


Brave to ask for research in the Hutchingson effect then calling people delusional lmao. It was looked into. He faked it.


Excuse me? I'd be very interested in whatever content that shows that Hutchinson FAKED his experiments. Seriously though, I need to see that stuffs. Please hit me up if you got material on this premise. Thanks!




That is verrrry underwhelming haha. Thanks regardless!


Look at most scientists today. They totally support the MSM Covid narrative. They aren’t in on it, they have been fooled like the rest of us, and only get funded for certain research (research that supports the narrative) And the ones that makes studies that claim something else or tries to challenge it, gets censored, just like the scientists that challenges the covid agenda.


Because free energy exists and surprise surprise it doesn’t involve batteries and fucking wind power and solar power.


If only bullshit was an energy resource.


Electromagnetism ring any bells? Are you familiar with ewaranon


A flat earther. What a surprise.


You don’t have to believe the flat earth heart and soul to ponder the other things he said. Ill ask again, are you familiar with what I’m talking about?


No, you made a statement of fact. Not mere pondering. Electromagnetism in no way explains what you're talking about.


it's -2 degrees C at 35000 feet, I've done my part, who's next?


that's actually insanely hot... where is that?


I'm directly under the earth's sun now, no now....now


You can’t use a story like this to justify seizing control of the entire world’s energy production (and thus means of production) through over reaching regulation


Very interesting! Although I think extremes on both ends are part of what we'd see.


Because most people dont understand that "warming" doesnt suddenly mean Antarctica will have California weather. It means a rise of a few degrees within 100 years of average temp, which doesn't mean much to the average Joe but to a climate scientist it is clear that rising temperatures result in extreme weather. Extreme weather doesnt just mean that hurricanes will get stronger and droughts longer. It also means extreme cold. All extremes, not just "warming" ones. Hence, they changed the name to "climate change" because too many like OP never passed high school science.


Thank you for saying what I wanted to see but was too frustrated to type


No prob. Oceans and atmospheres are my parents forte. Shocking how many angry replies denying what I said are on here. The average Joe is easily swayed by Big Oil. Sad to see in a sub like this. I think partly the average Joe doesnt want to admit that they are the cause and their consumerism is problematic so they lash out.


Completely agree. I have a theory that people who know less tend to hold the strongest opinions about things. The less you know, the easier it is to see every thing in black and white and be persuaded by a poor argument or dismiss the complexity of an issue.


Why does it get colder when the earth is warming? Not a troll I’m just interested in this stuff


It doesn't get colder globally, just locally due to changes in air and ocean currents and prevailing weather patterns. The heat just goes somewhere else. The best example is the gulf stream, which transports heat from the tropics north up to western Europe and then returns the cooled water to the tropics. If climate changes shut down that circulation, the heat still goes up, but it's also no longer being transported north to warm up Europe, so Europe gets a lot colder while the tropics get a lot hotter. The total heat goes up, but the way heat is distributed can change and cause strong local effects.


Putting more energy into a partially closed system means you get more aggressive swings in weather patterns. The earth is constantly trying to temperature balance itself due to seasons changing throughout the year. That’s why hurricanes exist. That’s why you can see record cold and record hot months in regions simultaneously on earth.


Lol to a climate scientist a hot day is a sure sign of global warming. Plenty of recorded instances of more extreme weather in the past than today. Remember the dust bowl? Climate scientists dont. Ocean levels? Documented unchanged for the past 100 years. It's all bullshit.


number one reason i don't believe in climate change is because of the people supporting it. bill gates, wolrd economic forum, elites, etc. those people don't care about the average joe wtf makes someone think they'll care about the environment?


You realize that the earth has NATURALLY been through many warmer temperature periods and colder temperature periods. We entered the ice age with no human made pollution , so whatever happens fucking happens regardless of human role. The earth is too big to give a fuck about some puny human pollution.


Yes, it has happened naturally, but this time the driving force of change is clearly humans releasing CO2 into atmosphere. One has to be truly gullible to fall the obvious disinformation by oil companies to sow doubt about climate to protect their profits.


yes and it NATURALLY takes millions of years to see this sort of change, not hundreds...


What a remarkably uneducated take.


Ah yes you definitely sound more intelligent than a literal scientist


You mean the scientists that get bribed by EV makers and politicians to engineer “ studies “ for a certain outcome that fits the narrative. Absolutely I am since I’m not bribed I have an independent take that this global warming shit is a hoax, earth always has had warm and cool climate periods. Human impact from pollution hasn’t done Jack shit that the normal climate cycles of earth have done.


Just to let you know, Exon funded scientists in the 80s studied this issue and came to the very same conclusion that the scientists you don't trust did. That the mass burning of fossil fuels is leading to climate change. The real conspiracy is that after learning this knowledge Exon and other fossil fuel companies began funding psy ops to convince people like you and way too many in this sub that it isn't an issue. Exon and others literally bribed scientists, politicians, news stations, the whole nine yards


There are also more extreme weather events due to the rise in global temperatures. Why anyone would fight human-caused global warming is beyond me.




Well then how doi explain away the last 65 years of the same predictions with NOTHING!! Smart ass.


Depends on what you mean by nothing. The global average temperature has been steadily increasing, and accelerating, for the last 65 years! Dumb ass! https://www.climate.gov/news-features/understanding-climate/climate-change-global-temperature


A few degrees change in a hundred years doesn’t cause extreme weather that’s a myth created by science who is a whore for money.


A few degrees in ocean and atmospheric warming is catastrophic for a lot of species who depend on stable temperatures for survival. At the rate humans are using fossil fuels and leaving plastic garbage everywhere, it wont matter if you "believe" this soon or not.


600 large species of animals went extinct in North America before Columbus ever set sail. What’s your point about species dependent on a strict temperature? Edit: we aren’t debating plastic pollution which is absolutely horrific.


What has pollution to do with anything we talk about? This 'destroying the earth' is language-nonsense. CO2, temperature or anything climate related has risen so much faster than you see now due to all kinds of natural phenomenon and here we are, on an intact earth. We are in an upside down world bud, we are cooling. And to your comment earlier. Climategate literally leaked emails in which top scientists and top mediaplayers discusses and AGREED on the name change. But why am I even trying to discuss this? Absolutely useless.


Global warming means that the average temperature of the surface of the Earth increases by about a 1/3rd of a degree (Fahrenheit) per decade. It's a slow change over a long period of time. Climate change is related to global warming. Climate refers to the average temperature, humidity, and rainfall patterns over seasons, years or decades. Weather, on the other hand, refers to atmospheric conditions that occur locally over short periods of time—from minutes to hours or days. Familiar examples include rain, snow, clouds, winds, floods, or thunderstorms. Your article talks about weather, not climate.


So there should be a minimum of a 3 degree change in 60 years since the crap started?


There should be about a 2 degree change over the past 60 years.


Isn't it interesting how north pole and antartic weather differs?


Because people are dumb and dont seem to understand the concept of nature. You can build a city in an amazin location next to a river and lots of good soil to grow food in BUT it will not always be so, seasons change and so do our ecosystems. They call it "global warming" but its nature doing what nature does. Take it from the ancient civilizations no city can last forever.


You look at all the regulations created due to climate change who benefits from it? China? Regulations made it harder to have factories in US and Europe while encouraging everyone to move to china.


Big oil really found a way to make conspiracy heads call global warming fake. Crazy shit LOL


*WE* are the carbon that they want to reduce.


Haven't you heard.. as climate change causes temperatures to rise everything gets colder....


There is a reason they changed it years ago from global warming to climate change 🤔


Because non scientists will use a single point of data that "global warming" is fake while ignoring climate change?


Climate is always changing though lmao


But evidence is showing the last 100 years has accelerated it an order of magnitude faster than in the past.


There is no such evidence.


That is such a small sample size though. Thats literally a blimp in time. For example if a dinosaur was transported somehow to modern times they would suffocate because of the difference in oxygen levels back than to now. Also technically we are still in an ice age. The tale end of one. Most of earths history there was actually no polar ice caps.


It’s the small sample size that’s concerning, as global temperatures don’t naturally rise this much in such short time periods.


Because it goes directly against the mega narrative to steal your money


Explained away as a convenient paradox Global warming causes ice ages. Watch the movie "A day after tomorrow" for a perfect example of this nonsense.


The day after tomorrow is a dramatization of what effects may end up happening if the gulf stream belt shuts down. Today we have signs and proof that the gulf stream is slowing down, we don't know if it'll get worse or stop completely but if it does stop completely it would cause a miniature ice age in the northern regions of the planet. Although this will be nowhere near as severe as in the movie. The gulf stream is actually a pretty good indicator that global warming is real, the reason it's shutting down or slowing down is due to the amount of fresh water melting into ocean, this is disrupting the belt cycle.


The planet has always found natural ways to just completely overhaul its climate. Including inducing ice ages naturally. Tell me again how humans are to blame when the evidence shows the earth has changed in this way countless times before humans even existed here?


The example I like to use is this. Gather up all the billions of tons of oil, coal and whatever else and put it into one massive pile, this pile would be bigger than many countries. Now what I want you to do is set it all on fire. Now tell me with a straight face setting an entire country of oil on fire would do absolutely nothing to the climate. This would be a fire larger than any volcano in recorded history mind you, it would comparable to a super volcano. So explain to me how burning a country sized mountain of oil wouldn't affect the climate at all?


Ah that’s simple! Death by a thousand cuts only occurs if no time is left to heal from the first cuts. All that fuel hasn’t been burned all at once but over hundreds of years!


We've experienced nearly 1.5C of global temperature increase in just over 100 years. Given our current rates throw on a few more hundred years and we could reach the same temperatures the dinosaurs lived through. A temperature which took millions of years for the dinosaurs to reach. We can reach that in a few hundred years, that's a point of concern. The warming isn't the issue, it's the rate and speed at which the warming is happening. Naturally the planet can warm 1.5C but it takes a very long time naturally but as a result no damage happens.


Except we aren't healing between cuts as the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has been steadily climbing, not going back to "zero." It's not like we pumped CO2 into the atmosphere, stopped for a while, then started again. We've just been constantly pumping it into the atmosphere at an increasing rate. Not only have we not allowed time to heal, weve been cutting deeper and deeper each time.


Wouldn’t be close to half the power of a meteor like the one down in the Yucatán


No not likely but that's a giant space rock much larger than new york. Doing some maths I've estimated the amount of oil we've used is 21 trillion litres. Can't imagine burning 21 trillion litres of oil and expecting nothing to happen to the climate. And that's just the oil, still got coal and other shit to add on top of that.


The earth will be fine but the easiest way to relieve your anxiety is to push for zero point energy with all your abilities. Any form of energy besides that will destroy vast portions of land and still pollute.


Moving to renewables and nuclear is to advert the effects of climate change and buy us time until we create more permanent energy solutions such as fusion. Continuing to burn fossil fuels is braindead, especially considering it's a finite energy source.


Your coughing out a lot of propaganda at one time. Do more research


You think it's propaganda that oil is finite and using it is reckless? Suck that big oil boot some more, I'm sure they appreciate it.


This 'burning pile of oil' he speaks of... does that produce as much CO2 as the vulcanoes on this planet? Is CO2, in whatever ratio, as big as an impact on the climates temperature as... I don't know. The sun?


The sun controls 90% of the weather. I researched volcanos and they produce way more sulfur than CO2 which is ten times more harmful than life giving CO2


So if the climate is changing naturally, we should be adapting and preparing regardless of the cause.


Ice ages happen naturally but that isn't for a long time yet, we're meant to be on the march towards it but we're artificially warming the planet when all factors suggest we should be cooling. Antarctica, a continent of ice being cold isn't proof global warming is fake, you need only look to the rest of the world for that proof. You have long periods in which ice ages happen, it's usually a long build up as well and then you get small 10,000 inter-glacial periods in which things warm up, the inter-glacial period started over 10,000 years ago so we have no reason to be warming at such a significant rate. All factors suggest we should be cooling but we aren't. This just happens to bring us to today. Pumping billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere probably has something to do with that.


Good points well articulated


The predictive models can easily be ten or twenty thousand years off on estimates not to mention science is a whore.


Antarctica isn't melting for a good long while now but the Artic could see ice free summers either somewhere between 2030 or 2040. To suggest we could continue business as usual burning fossil fuels and see no change in the climate despite pumping it with billions of tons of CO2 per years and expect not to say any change by 10,000 or 20,000 years is nonsensical.


CO2 isn’t a problem your fed that lie in government run schools. Life would end without CO2


The planet would be a snowball without CO2. What does that suggest? That CO2 is a greenhouse gas, more CO2 the warmer things get.


Never said it would freeze but biological life would be over (except for a few sponges and tube worms).


One of those ways is getting rid of us. So


God of the gaps. The biggest thing to take away from the entire climategate debacle was the framing. Climate scientists and media-people came together discussing how the term 'global warming' just didn't work no more. Scientists just kept finding DECREASES of temperature. But as Kuhn stated, a paradigm is strong. Lets rename it to climate change! Warming? Climate change. Cooling? Climate change. More Storms? Ditto. Less storms? Ditto. More snow? Less snow? More rain? More icebears? It just wordgames at this point. 90% of the people on this planet are terrified cowards that do nothing more than just follow the safe route. The herd. It is a natural way of doing things on this planet, I stopped being angry at them. Some of us, many here do still hold attachments to the nonsense material, are the ones in the wrong place. I for one am very happy to realize that this isn't my place.


Global warming is as the name suggests, when things get warmer. Climate change is the effects that happen as a result of global warming. The "They" you're talking about didn't change shit. Scientists warned us if global warming continues then we'll experience effects to the climate as a result. Now we're experiencing changes to the climate hence the name climate change. We are still very much warming and still experiencing changes to the climate.


It seems you haven't looked into climate gate where the framing, in leaked emails between top scientists and top media people, was discussed exactly as I stated. This 'they' isn't the same unnamed entity that supposedly rules this world. You have appearantly not looked into it at all since this was one of the main talking points of the entire scandal. We aren't warming friend. We are going towards a grand solar minimum and possibly a pole change. Our CO2-output might indeed influence the changes, make it more turbulent, but it for sure doesn't DRIVE the changes we see. Crops in parts of Asia are failing because of cold, where there was none before. Antartica has just had its coldest recorded winter ever. There is more sea-ice. Vulcanic activity has increased tremendously. So has cloud formation. Are those last two CO2-related? Furthermore, all proposed CO2-based models for temparature have been wrong. For decades. For decades Time Magazine had a 1-yearly global warming then climate change edition. Look up the covers of these particular editions. All scientifically accepted predictions by these top scientists. All wrong, and not JUST wrong. Tremendously wrong. The hockeystick graph of Al Gore? Amsterdam, I'm Dutch, would have been a coastal city 10 years ago according to these scientists. Sea levels aren't even rising either. Well they are, linearily, for decades, no change in site. Climate change is real but the driving factor isn't CO2. If anything CO2 is a RESULT of warming since oceans, the biggest reservoir of CO2, release it when temperature goes up. I mean, honestly, have you looked into the opposite narrative? One doesn't even have to go into the real nittygritty physics, although people have done, to see it is bogus. Case in point; there is one variable that is practically never taken into account with these climate models. The sun. I mean, really? If there is any culprit of climate change, warming or cooling, it would be that.


Solar activity has been down for decades and yet global temperatures have increased. This solar minimum won't change that fact. You have to be under some grand delusion to not only think we're not warming but are cooling. Ice does not melt when things get colder. Temperature heat records don't get broken when things are getting colder. For every small case of things being cold we have a thousand cases of things getting warmer.


You believe you sir. https://www.corbettreport.com/un-warning-just-3-years-left-to-save-the-earth/


Climate always changes much like the weather only on a larger time scale hence the term is contradictory.


Weather extremes are evidence of, and the result of, global warming. Record-setting cold in Antarctica isn't proving what you think it is.


The evidence he gave proves the exact opposite of what he’s saying lol it’s actually pretty funny


Why let facts ruin some perfectly good outrage?


r/conspiracy in a nutshell




Errr, there are two artics (the other one is not doing so well), and the average global temps have hit records 10 of the last 11 years...


Is that crazy? With windchill considered, it hits damn near that in the Canadian prairies in multiple regions, repeatedly during the winter months.


Sounds like you're coming down with a severe case of climate change. Take two of these, \*(hands over "climate change" vaccine vials and syringes)\* and call me in the morning.


Who do you consider MSM? CNN? Washington post? I seem to find articles on this from a few MSM groups... https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/09/weather/weather-record-cold-antarctica-climate-change/index.html https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2021/10/01/south-pole-coldest-winter-record/ Are you trying to say climate change doesn't happen?


I think he means man made


The fact Jeff Bezos just bought a beach side property in Hawai tells me, he’s not worried about global warming or rising water levels. Quite telling https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10182507/amp/Jeff-Bezos-new-78million-Hawaii-estate-spans-fourteen-acres-dormant-lava-fields.html


If Bezos did think that this property would be gone in a few decades, do you think that would stop him? He literally has no idea how to spend his money, he would probably buy a Snickers for $2,000,000 if he was hungry.


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Bc the media realized they lost the whole ‘global warming’ bs so changed gears and went with ‘climate change’ Lol


Unfortunately the cause for concern is global warming though, not Antarctic warming. Last few years have all been some of the warmest on record globally.


It seems to me that climate change may be as much of a fraud as the Covid scamdemic with same aim: to provide a pretext to by which the covert global oligarchy may persuade the people of the world to give up their "essential freedom for a little temporary safety". -Ben Franklin


i assume op is american so i assume the media you say is american as well. the us gov doesn't wanna deal with climate change because (a) industries that produce the most pollutions are often the ones that pay the most bribes and (b) the fuel prices are rising and people are unhappy so they gotta keep the people happy so they gotta get more fuels.


Global warming is real but Antarctica isn't impacted by such warming, in fact it often cools. That's due to how massive the continent is and how it creates its own snowfall in large amount. You point to Antarctica as proof global warming is fake but I'll look to the arctic to prove global warming is real. Sea ice extent has been decreasing for years and we'll reach a point in the near future when the arctic has ice free summers.


The fact you're referencing Antarctica being cold as proof global warming is fake is cherrypicking at best. You have to ignore a shit ton of signs of warming elsewhere in the world. The arctic, the glaciers, the sea level rise, the countries themselves breaking heat records. To say global warming is fake is just straight up delusion at this point.


Tony heller


Causation doesn’t prove Correlation


Excellent explanation. From what I’ve read, this is basically the most factual explanation. Then again I haven’t read a book on global warming in several years so someone please correct me if I am wrong.


So because the literal coldest continent in the world year round, made of ice and snow and rock, has its coldest winter yet that we know of, that means that global warming is fake? Antarctica is frigid. It's all it is. Of course it's going to still be cold there.


Global warming means new ice-age.


The magnetic poles are shifting a few degrees. The north pole is melting but there will be a new coldest spot. Looks like it will be the south pole.


Obviously global warming is to blame. Because it doesn't fit the narrative so why report it. When an agenda is being pushed the facts don't matter.


You’re not very bright.


Because that’s directly against Greta’s narrative.


/u/Shady_Infidel >Because that’s directly against Greta’s narrative. HOW DARE YOU?!?! ^^^/s


Take your upvote


/u/Shady_Infidel >Take your upvote Thank you! I was mostly spiking off of that brilliant setup though. ;)


Teamwork makes the dream work!


/u/Shady_Infidel >Teamwork makes the dream work! There is no "i" in team but there is a "me" and a "meat" and an "ate". Me ate meat! Go Team!!


What about muh climate change?!


Global warming still happening my dude.


How dare you


Because thats the opposite of warming


The greatest conspiracy of all: https://daniel-ed-morrison.medium.com/why-the-worlds-gone-mad-46feae5f8920


Climate change isn’t just global warming. It’s also global cooling in many spots. Some places will get much warmer, some will get much colder. Some places will go underwater, and some will have massive droughts.


Go check out Suspicious Observers on YT for ur answer.


Didn't read your own article, huh? Big surprise.


Because it goes against the global warming narrative


Climate change their ass🤣🤣🤣


Because global warming is a cash giveaway.


Global warming causes weather extremes either way. Look at overall trends, doofus.


This is a square peg that doesn’t fit the narrative hole


The issue they are sweeping under the rug is that the entirety of the weather systems have become unstable and unpredictable. They are blaming human caused global warming for it but imo this seems far worse than what they are saying. Things like the moon and sun positions being out for the seasons, a massive change in the solar energy flux, extremes of everything heat cold rain fires you name it. Now suddenly neutrino radiation from the LHC is detected all over the world by large detection arrays when it wasnt before. Im not entirely sure WTH is going on but it isnt looking good. For all I know we are being trolled by space aliens for LOLs at this point... 🤔


Great observation. Of all things exeggarated this isnt one of them. There are things way bigger than humanproduced CO2 at play here.


Climate change of world heating up


It’s climate change, not global warming.


I have seen it reported but normally with the headline that the hole in the ozone layer got bigger because of a really cold winter in Antarctica. It seems that the atmospheric conditions for ozone layer depletion work more effectively when it's colder and the hole is over the Antarctic continent.


On record...how long have we been recording?


It’s Antarctica we can’t draw attention there……….. you know? ……… the aliens


Blustery refers to wind mate, not cold…


Because then they will have to explain what Milankovich Cycles are


I have no opinion on this at all but it sure does look like it triggered the shills.


Lol, you’re dumb.