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87.6% of all statistics are made up on the spot.


- Abraham Lincoln


Shit I thought that quote belonged to Ghengis Khan.


Shakespeare said it my fellow lad


...... Or was it 74.9%?


6[uild] 6[ack]. 6[etter] %


40% of the time, it works every-time


Well, for 5/3 of the people, it does.


100% of the time it works 2/5 times


99% of statistics majors would agree with you


50% of the time.....


63% of all people know that!


I have a feeling a lot of people are a lot more stupid than we realize.


Some people dont think it be how it is. But it do.


They are, objectively speaking, stupid.


Most people are frighteningly dumb. I'm talking like borderline mentally challenged.


I don’t understand the OP, there is no math in the post. Can you do math? Let’s take [this article’s](https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/10/04/pfizer-covid-vaccine-protection-against-infection-tumbles-to-47percent-study-confirms.html) rate of 47% protection against infection and severely handicap it to just 20% protection rate. Assume an unvaccinated infection rate of 50%. In a line of direct linear exposure among 10 people (person 1 exposes person 2, person 2 exposes person 3,etc.), what are the chances of the 10th person contracting COVID with all 10 vaccinated versus all 10 unvaccinated? I swear, compounding risk reduction among large numbers is entirely lost on this sub. The conspiracy here is that people staunchly against COVID vaccination are just being manipulated by social media revenue optimization. Conspiracy and rage subject matter has been shown to vastly increase engagement, and engagement sells advertisement. That’s it, that’s the conspiracy. And you all are driving it.


Hey- do the math for us on all the professional footballers dropping on the pitch from cardiac events, this year versus previous years. 🧮 Then do the same for cardiac events in the military


Seems like this has been a known problem in football for the past 140 years. [https://www.reuters.com/world/china/players-who-have-collapsed-pitch-2021-06-12/](https://www.reuters.com/world/china/players-who-have-collapsed-pitch-2021-06-12/) [https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-10244297/Leading-cardiologist-says-cluster-collapses-footballers-likely-coincidence.html](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-10244297/Leading-cardiologist-says-cluster-collapses-footballers-likely-coincidence.html) Those who died while playing: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List\_of\_association\_footballers\_who\_died\_while\_playing](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_association_footballers_who_died_while_playing) ​ * 14 in 2021 * 3 in 2020 * 10 in 2019 * 9 in 2018 * 11 in 2017 * 12 in 2016 * 11 in 2015 * etc. The low number of deaths in 2020 may be due to the high number of canceled games.


From 12/14/2020 through 11/22/2021, there have been 10,014 deaths reported to VAERS among those that have that were vaccinated, regardless of cause of death. Over 452 million doses taken. Let’s say for the sake of this exercise we halve that dose number to get to 226 million people (even tho the JJ shot is a single shot). That’s a .0044% rate, ignoring investigation into medical reasoning for death. As someone that was knocked on their ass from COVID for 10 days or so, it was worth that risk for me. You’re referencing anecdotal things that cannot be easily quantified as to my knowledge I haven’t seen studies on them to capture any statistics. Pretty easy to fear monger that way :) pretty useful for driving rage and engagement online lol


I’m asking for simple stats. Very simple but you attempted a diversion. So- can you supply them or not?


Are you not referring to deaths or just cardiac events through which people live? I gave pretty simple statistics regarding death rates, don’t think it’s necessary at all to treat footballers/military members as some sort of specific subset. I’m not diverting, I simply have not and will not count footballers/military members and their vaccination status lol. If you have that, I’m happy to supply the math.


The reason for looking at those 2 groups is it allows us to have a clear view of vaccine impacts on a healthy group of mainly males (and per the CDC these are the folks at risk to the vaccines causing cardiac events). Also- all the numbers supplied by the CDC and other agencies do not offer how healthy or unhealthy (BMI, co morbidity, etc) those folks were that died. So looking at these two groups gives us a clearer picture.


Well I’d disagree on the point of clearer picture. At least as it pertains to the entire population. Removing the individuals most likely to experience these severe events would likely improve the outlook of the data, no?


And I’m referring to players collapsing on the field due to cardiac events.


Random internet stranger, i demand you drop everything and do original research, because i dont agree with what you say. I refuse to help in any way, i only promise to criticize. Also, your conclusions are wrong, because they dont jive with my pre-existing notions. /s


Lol please count by hand the fish in the ocean and then report back to me


And file in triplicate.


1: this guy in 2012: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/23052120 2: [unvaccinated in 2021](https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/13/football/christian-eriksen-stable-spt-intl/index.html) You don’t need to get vaccinated to suffer a cardiac event on a pitch.


Again….. asking for statistics. My understanding is the increase of cardiac events has increased nearly 400% in professional footballers. You went back to 2012 for a single example to smokescreen the stats.


I can't find that information. I found this article, which says that events are increasing. But this was published on Feb 18, 2020, before the pandemic and way before the vaccine. [https://www.roydswithyking.com/study-footballers-suffering-heart-problems-time-more-screening/](https://www.roydswithyking.com/study-footballers-suffering-heart-problems-time-more-screening/) It doesn't talk about the rate of increase but it says: A study that screened more than 11,000 Football Association players aged 16 for sudden cardiac death over a period of 20 years found that 42 individuals had cardiac diseases that could cause sudden cardiac death, having presented with hardly any symptoms prior to the test. So 42 teenagers out of 11,000 over a period of 20 years starting in 2000 or earlier. However, only 8 of them died. The article also says that 12 young people a week die from sudden cardiac death. Idk if that's worldwide or in the US or relegated to footballers or all young people or what -- there's no source. But again, this was a pre-pandemic stat.


Are you using Google? The problem today (hence all of us knuckleheads being in this sub) is that the media is not reporting this, or when they do report the increases of cardiac events they are blaming weed (which people have been smoking for probably 800 years) and global warming. [use Duck Duck Go](https://world-signals.com/news/2021/11/26/500-rise-in-deaths-fifa-players-in-2021/)


Honestly, why can't you just link to where you got these stats? I'm trying to engage in good faith here. I'm searching for the info you're telling me about. I'm happy to use Duck Duck Go but since you know where the info is, why make me go on a wild goose chase for it? I haven't seen anything that blames weed or global warming for cardiac events. Like I said, I did find an article from 2020 that says they're increasing — but that was before the vaccine.


I did link it. Is it not working? [link](https://world-signals.com/news/2021/11/26/500-rise-in-deaths-fifa-players-in-2021/)


Got it, thanks. This article, however, doesn't seem to be in sync with its own linked sources. They begin the article by saying "Since December, 183 professional athletes and coaches have suddenly collapsed! 108 of them died!" Yet their source shows that between 2014 - 2018, there was an average of 153 deaths per year. So, according to them, there were about a third fewer deaths than usual — not 5 times more. Later the article claims 21 cases of SUD among FIFA players in 2021, but they link to a source that shows only 14. They don't list their 21 athletes in the article, so I don't know where that number comes from. They also say that in the 20 years previous, there was an average of only 4.2 deaths per year. But their source shows many recent years had 9 to 11 deaths per year. I don't think their average is correct. In fact, the chart they publish based on their source is completely different from what their source says. They also don't address the increases in FIFA membership year over year. They mention in passing an increase of 23,000 members from 2000 to 2006, but then they make the assumption that membership hasn't increased in the 15 years since then in order to claim that the rate of SUD is higher. Their sources show that this SUD has been a known issue for decades, with many countries calling for increased athlete health screenings. If there's any connection at all to covid vaccines, this article fails to establish one. In fact, it doesn't even mention if the athletes were vaccinated (although I don't know the FIFA rules, so maybe that's a given? Idk.)


Go on, share some data. Show me I’m wrong.


183 professional coaches and athletes have collapsed and or died since December of last year. A 500% increase. I’m sure its global warming.


You’re going to have to back that up with a citation, I’m afraid. It smells a bit.


Unfortunately mainstream media is too busy blaming cardiac events on global warming and smoking weed, so getting accurate reporting and data is a thing of the past. Its a sad day when TikTok is your only chance of seeing events that are covered up by the media. For example all the huge demonstrations against the mandates world wide, Hunter Biden and all of his shenanigans, Joe shatting himself. 🤐


So where the fuck did you pluck your numbers from?


I can't even find any articles that blame sudden cardiac deaths on global warming or weed. Can you maybe stop claiming that?


I can't find that stat anywhere. I found info that shows little to no increase -- where should I look for that stat?


It’s fiction, compiled from an assorted list of wishful thinking lists.


Im confident that this whole sub has an average IQ sub 110.


Since the whole world has a majority in the 85-115 range, you aren't actually saying *anything*.


Im saying that everyone here think that they have figured something out. Thats low prob m8. Also its normaly distributed so of course a majority is in that span.


When I was a child, they said the average IQ was 127. Now it's 104. Hmmmm. Edit: Your confused downvotes aren't changing history, friends. When I started googling average IQ, it was 115. I've watched it drop steadily since then, but now Google doesn't just provide the answer, they give a *range*, as if averages aren't good enough anymore. Maybe that isn't curious to you, but I've been watching for a long time. Health care used to be free in the U.S. too. And here we are.


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“Stupid is as stupid does.” — Albert Einstein


I be


Because "*the* science" tells them what to believe. Common sense has no place nowadays. Its "experts say" and thats it. Thats all they know. One day they will realize the fundamentals of science is questioning everything. Not simply swallowing what is presented to you. And regurgitating it with the same brain dead sheep in a circle jerk.


I remember when the movie Total Recall came out. Arnie is a construction worker..... Or a secret spy...... Or both..... Or neither. I went to the movie three times trying to determine which one it was. I verified on my third trip, they had placed absolutely rock solid clues, supporting both narratives. Them sumbiches got an extra two ticket sales out of me. I have been in healthcare for 30 years. There were thousands of years of medical practices in place before I came along. And I have seen, and verified, that the press releases are doing this same thing. They are purposefully putting out solid information supporting a number of different narratives. This adds to the confusion, and purposefully so. They know that people will question one solitary narrative and unite against a lie. So they put out lots of different evidence supporting lots of different narratives, and let us sheeple argue till the cows come home. Do your own research, do your own critical thinking, and reach your own conclusions.


Lady. I have been to walmart and nofrills 500 times since this started. You know how many sick people i seen? ZERO Why these people jump to inject an experiment and lock themselves up every time an "expert" points to a boogeyman, i will never know. It is so bad, if the "experts" said its dangerous to breathe outside air half of these clowns are gonna rope in short order. As for me, i want to see proof with my own senses and perception. I wont be "told" what to believe.


I understand your perspective. You have reached your own conclusions. I too have done the same. From my perspective as a respiratory therapist, I have been in multiple rooms/multiple days/multiple months, and seen many many people get sick and get well, and get sick and die, too. My view is this; this is a real virus, with real deaths. What we're dealing with is 10% real virus, and 90% political tool. I, too, I'm shocked to see how quickly people disengage their brain and run to "safety" because somebody said the sky is falling.


What kind of life do we have if everytime some twitter doctor says "omg this variants bad". We all run and inject and hide? Without ever seeing anything? Thats called the boogeyman.


Dr. Fauci, February 2020; "No one needs to wear masks." Dr fauci, March 2020; "Everyone needs to wear a mask." Dr fauci, June 2020; "Why don't people believe their leaders?!?" Dr fauci August 2020; "Everyone needs to wear two masks." Dr fauci, December 2020; "Everyone needs to wear three masks." Dr fauci, 5 minutes later when he realizes what a fool he's made of himself; "Two masks are okay, you don't need three." He really jumped the shark with the "three mask" thing, and showed what a huge disconnect there is between his edicts and reality.


He was totally a construction worker having a skitzoid embolism. Everything that happened to him is exactly what he said he wanted from his fantasy.


That's exactly right. Everything to prove your point is there in the movie. P.S. everything is there in the movie, to prove the spy theory as well.


So I was curious, and I looked it up. ——— But if all the above words don't convince you, then maybe the the director's words will. Paul Verhoeven lays out the clues that point to the dream interpretation on the DVD commentary of the movie, starting at the moment that Quaid drifts off to sleep after seeing Malina's face on the monitor. "Be aware that if everything that happens in the movie from now on is going to be a dream, if there is no reality to anything ... realize that the dream really starts at the moment that he falls asleep. So the next scene, which seems to be a f***-up of the machine, is part of the dream," says Verhoeven. "So this is the last moment of his reality. Goes into the unconsciousness, and basically from now on...boom! The dream starts. ... That's the trick of the company, that they make a dream that's so convincing that it seamlessly goes from the first reality into the second one." Read More: https://www.looper.com/90552/ending-total-recall-explained/?utm_campaign=clip


Excellent find, buddy! I've been wrong all these years. Thank you for clearing up that movie. That being said, in the context of the medical misinformation that is being put out, I was predisposed to the fact that people can talk out both sides of their mouth, and I have watched them fan the flames of controversy, to obscure what's really going on. I guess being wrong all these years, opened my eyes to how two narratives can be woven simultaneously. I do appreciate you sharing that link.


> That being said, in the context of the medical misinformation that is being put out, I was predisposed to the fact that people can talk out both sides of their mouth, and I have watched them fan the flames of controversy, to obscure what's really going on. That I 100% agree with. ETA and I guess the director said **if** everything is a dream. Maybe it is meant to be ambiguous like you said 🤷🏻‍♀️ Now I want to rewatch it.


The first time I watched it, I was completely puzzled. I went back to watch it a second time, so that I could clearly understand all of the various clues that were involved. After seeing it a second time I honestly felt there were definite clues placed in there to go both directions. I made my mind up to go see it a third time. When I walked in the third time, I did not have any predisposed answer. I was looking for evidence it was a dream, and I was simultaneously looking for evidence that he was really a spy. The third time I watched it, I saw roughly an equal batch of evidence to support both sides. That's just 'lil old me, and my viewpoint. From 30 years ago.


I think most people aren’t looking up case numbers and comparing them to last year, and they also aren’t looking at data from other countries. They just read headlines, see that lockdowns aren’t as severe as last year at this time, see that in certain places like Ontario, the unvaccinated aren’t allowed in, and assume the professionals they trust make these decisions accordingly. I don’t think they’re stupid, I think like everything else, they trust people to do their jobs. Kind of like how you can do your own brake job for 1/3 of the price, but you don’t really care to learn how. That being said, it does bother me that there are clearly still a lot of vaccinated people getting Covid, and people are still acting like it’s rare and that you’re killing them if you breathe the same air as them. Or that they don’t trust their vaccine, because if they did, they would have no reason to be afraid of an unvaccinated person, but then want me to get the vaccine they don’t trust. There is definitely some common sense lacking. I still think most people just read headlines though. Also, most people these days prefer watching videos over reading. I personally prefer to read. While they know HOW to read, I find a lot of people have poor reading comprehension. A couple subtle words or punctuation marks can change the meaning of an entire sentence. I find this even in the work environment that there are constant communication issues because people are lazy readers. Even down to my name. My last name is a common male first name. I am a female and have a female name. An example would be like Jessica Spencer (not my real name). Way too often, I am emailing with a colleague or client I haven’t met yet in person, and they will address the email like “Hi Spencer”. As if they didn’t even notice the Jessica being there at all.


They've been bullied into getting the jab and now they blame the unvaxxed. The cycle of bullying.


i think it was carlin who said think of how dumb the average person is and thats the AVERAGE person


"Think of how dumb the average person is and realize that HALF OF THEM are dumber than that!"


Avg IQ of the general public is probably around 100 or less. Just a guess. I also think there is a spiritual battle going on for the hearts and minds of the people. Many people are blinded to what's truly happening all around them and I believe it's both psychological and spiritual.


Math is racist...


“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that” -George Carlin


I don't understand how people are still so quick to demonize the unvaxed. We know the vaccine doesn't stop the spread, so it should be pretty obvious that the main source for the spread of covid are vaxed people who are going out and doing things that unvaxed aren't allowed to do. Like people are trying to blame the unvaxed for the spread of "omicron" but it was found in vaxed people and has spread to different countries, while unvaxed aren't allowed travel internationally. But somehow it's all the fault of the unvaxed...


> unvaxed aren't allowed travel internationally. You don't need a vaccination to travel internationally. You only need a negative covid test.


Frustrating, isn't it? Seems so simple or obvious. They just don't think and do what they're told.


"Trust. The. $cience!"


Or. You're wrong and covid is real and vaccines mitigate the risks. Obviously.


Who said Covid was fake?


"and vaccines mitigate the risk."


That's why Africa has only a 7% vaccination rate while rest of the countries are getting boosters and soon next jab. Because big Pharma cares, but not about stopping the spreading or making people healthy ... only about the $ You don't have money to pay for vaccines? Only sand and no natural resources? Then fuk off you goat fukers, go make your own vaccines. We don't do charity 😂


I think the thing you're describing is called capitalism. Frankly surprised that you're a communist.


Thanks for the info. That's all I wanted to know. 😂


De nada.


the average IQ is 100 - 50% below, 50% above. although in recent years IQ has been on a steep downward trend. idiocracy in effect 20% of people have sub 80 IQ, which I would wager is the bulk of NPC’s and sheep shouting on twitter.


IQ=100 with 50% below, 50% above the number would mean somewhere close to the median value, not the average (mean). IQ typically follows normal distribution, so most people would have IQ~100 and the lower/higher it gets from that value, the more rare is the share of those individuals in the total population.


You would think so based on what you see on Twitter but most of those posters are literal bots.


IQ really doesn’t mean much. I’ve known plenty of highly intelligent fools. They are really smart, but have no wisdom. There is a difference.


Intelligence is having access to knowledge and facts, wisdom is the application of that knowledge and those facts.


Nope. Intelligence means you can solve harder problems that others cannot and you can solve easy problems faster.


The average IQ of the general public is “potato”


You have to remember that the median IQ is 100, which means that half of people have an IQ of less than 100. Combined with the brainwashing and propaganda, it makes sense why they can't understand basic logic or figure out that they're being lied to.


There more chances that they accept that Bigfoot exist than that the vaccine doesn't work.


Wait for the Omicron action... Everyone will run for rejab. Then die and got disabled, but happy.


Hard to say. I think a lot of people are not so smart. It’s also amazing what fear can make people do. It’s scary. But my thing is what happened to that American attitude of ‘you don’t tell me what to do’?!


Its stockholm syndrome. They have been brainwashed and beaten into submission slowly thier whole lives by propaganda and tv shows. They have 0 ability to think for themselves. These people are looking less like sheep and more like parrots everyday.


It's programming.


Because only the vaccinated will be allowed to enter into the gates of heaven! All hail lord fauci


bEcAusE tHiS is a PaNdEmiC oF thE uNvAcCiNaTeD\~


The "no student left behind" law. Not sure who implemented it.


That’s what I don’t understand lol. I ask people why the rates are so close to the first wave despite about 60% of people now being vaccinated in the US. It’s cuz of delta….OK so are we saying the vaccine doesn’t work against delta? Oh no, it works against delta. Ok then why are cases so similar to first wave before vaccine…? Then crickets…


Most people are lazy. Most people believe what they read. Most people think something is fact if they see it repeated many times. Most people lack the capacity to change their viewpoint on something they have repeatedly been told is true, even when furnished with the real, logical truth.


It’s scientifically proven that ineffective vaccines (such as the covid one because you can still get and spread the virus), actually cause more mutations of the virus. Wake up sheeple


90% or more of humans are just NPCs. They are automatons that require programming. Without "experts" telling them what to do and late night comedians showing them which opinions are hip and which ones are worthy of derisive laughter, they become paralyzed. The question you should be asking isn't how to make them see the truth. They can't actually hear or see you. These are higher faculties they do not possess. Realize there is actually nothing inside of there for you to reason with. They will obey their masters no matter what. Realize, they are just machines following their programming. The question you should be asking is, how do you hijack the software update process and inject your own code instead. You'll find, if you are conscious, that you can manipulate them into doing your bidding. If you've heard the saying: "never try to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoys the pig." Don't waste your time reasoning with pigs at a trough. They are incapable of reason. If you are a conscious human, you can just do your best to control the situation as best as you can with the knowledge that these are just cattle. Practicing good animal husbandry will put you in the drivers seat. It will also soothe your frustration. Next time any one of them spouts nonsense at you, just imagine them as a braying donkey or a barking dog. See the distressed animal behind those eyes. You'll feel stronger.


"This situation" had to happen for me to actually realise thaht most people cannot form an opinion on their own and cannot analyse even the most simple obvious data


Bc Big Pharma doesn’t make money off of logic and simple math.


Because a word "sheep" is not only a joke here. Humans seriously work that way. From what I see, people dont analyse or question anything. They will listen to popular music and watch new movies just because its new/popular. They will consume all thendy tv shows, fashion, social movements etc. Regarding covid - goverments always have a story. If we have more cases - its unvaxxed. Vaxxed people die - its because of unvaxxed. Delta omega chacaron - unvaxxed. Sheep need just a tiny information input and they will successfuly form their attitudes and lifestyle.


If you look at the numbers in most countries, death rate is dramatically falling since vaccination. People want lower the risks of getting serious ill. It's not number of infections, it's death rate. Look at this.


I thought there were more Covid deaths this year than last year?


The post above yours is an example of the crazy twists a turns of logic required to maintain the narrative. The truth is, we will never know the following because data is not being gathered and processed as it should: The number of people who died with covid in '20 The number of people who died from Covid in '20 The number of actual covid cases in '20 The number of people who died with covid in '21 The number of people who died from Covid in '21 The number of actual covid cases in '21 The number of people killed by the 'vaccine' The number of people harmed by the 'vaccine' The number of people helped by the 'vaccine'


Don't know for third world country US, rest of civilized world is doing far better than last year. But as far as I know deaths are declining since spring 21 in the US and are growing in autumn again. Just to add, if you compare deaths than think about that in 2020 corona starts in April and vaccination in my country starts at march 21, so you can't statistically compare just years if you want a serious message. You can see numbers of every country here: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html


What’s the average IQ you ask? You’re not ready for the answer


What does this have to do with math?


This post is actually really dumb. It’s a circle jerk and doesn’t prove anything. I’m actually on the same side as you but these are bad arguments


Because they understand that correlation doesn't equal causation, which clearly you don't.


Do you want to kill them? 2 words they don't know in 1 post?


Vaccines don’t create some Harry Potter magical forcefield around your body. Thats not how they work.


We were told these did. Literally told 100%.


Yep. Sleepy Joe literally said, and I QUOTE, “you won’t catch COVID with these vaccines”.


Socialized Schooling, thats why.


jabbed people are slowly zombified. 1. stage, they are getting stupid and agressive against unvaxed people.


The problem is that the maths isn’t simple. You have to factor in age and underlying health conditions to get at the figures that reflect vaccine effectiveness. Look up ‘Dunning-Kruger effect’ to find out more.


Two-thirds of 100 is approximately 66.7 - to be pedantic. What were you saying about simple math?


70% of 2/3 of 100 is approximately around 42\~50%, your reading comprehension isn't so good.


Oh you meant 70% of the two thirds. Didn't quite understand that was what you meant - probably because most countries have had vaccination uptake far higher than sub 50%. Try 80%+ in most advanced countries and you'll be closer to the truth.


Neither are your writing skills.


English isn't my language. At least I'm bilingual.


Oh yeah, well I'm sublingual so you'll never hear me complain.


MSM isn’t saying anything about whether the Omicron variant evades vaccines yet. It’s a possibility but we need to wait for more information. Find me a single ‘mainstream’ article that makes this claim?


Thank you for proving you are 1 of those people.


Sorry, only 50% of people can attempt to answer this.


They want to fire some random Christian RN making $15/hr to save the world.


Hello, 4% in math in grade 9 here (2009). AMA


O don't worry they just put up an article vaccine for imicorn will be ready in 2022


There’s a famous saying “you can’t fix stupid”




Bad teachers...


They don’t think it be like it is but it do.


I feel like that math is so simple that you don’t even need to know math to understand it


Yep like 6 million in 6 years?


I struggle to do math in my head, spell out loud, and have a learning disability. My intuition tells me this entire C19 thing is one big conspiracy which I will not participate in.


I’m pretty sure it helps with hospitalization rates. If you’re 60+ there is no reason so not get it. If you’re under 60 then it should be your call. Almost exactly like the flu shot. https://www.doh.wa.gov/Portals/1/Documents/1600/coronavirus/data-tables/421-010-CasesInNotFullyVaccinated.pdf


I can barely do maths, I acknowledge it and move on. I do not even attempt to do maths if I can help it. I'm shite at it and I admit it freely. Numbers suck, my brain goes into shutdown when someone tries to explain it😂


Op is right. But since 50% can't do simple math the remaining 75% will be able to out vote them if we stick together!


>What's the average IQ of general public? 100, That's kind of a tautology though.


>What's the average IQ of general public? It's 100. By definition


Imagine how stupid the average person is, then realize that half of all people are stupider than that. -George Carlin


Because math sucks nuts


People can not do “simple math” because Bill Gates gave you Common Core. Math equity.


This day last year: 176k a day in US and rising gas. Today: 70k and slowly rising up. Weekly covid deaths last year: 2000. Today: 700. Last year: Lockdowns everywhere, many people vaxxed today avoided big gathers for the holidays. This year: No restriction ns and vaxxed are now asymptomatic super-spreaders causing large percentage of unvaxxed no other choice than to see how their immune system holds up and go the natural immunity route. Next year we'll likely be at a point of herd immunity patients who do get it bad will be able to get care and it'll just be something like flu but worse that we can't do anything about and is up there with cancer and heart disease as top killer of people in western countries.


I have no idea where this "information" comes from but I'm guessing from Facebook.


So, Samoa Joe, you take your thirty three and a third chance minus my twenty five percent chance and you got an eight and a third chance of winning at Sacrifice. But then you take my 75 perchance-chance of winnin’ (if we was to go one on one), and then add sixty six and two thirds…percents, I got a one hundred fourty one and two-thirds chance of winning at Sacrifice! See Samoa Joe? The numbers don’t lie, and they spell disaster for you at Sacrifice.”


>Of course there's delta variant Of course. I mean, it's definitely real, so of course there's delta variant


Brawndo... it's got electrolytes ...


Isn't herd immunity at about 80-90%, not 60-70%? And don't you need to reach that before the virus has time to mutate? So for each new variant, you're playing beat the clock until the next variant, right? If 70% of the population is vaccinated, you need another 10% who have recovered from Covid in order to reach herd immunity. I don't think we're there yet. We might never get there if the rate of vaccines never overcomes the rate of mutation. Also, I don't know where you get that the number and severity of cases was less in 2020 than now. Among the vaccinated, the number/severity of cases is far less. Delta is far more contagious than the original variant, so it makes sense that there are more cases among the unvaccinated — the vaccines can't work for people who don't take them. Also, didn't Israel just say that the current vaccine is effective against Omicron? Even if it isn't super effective, Omicron doesn't mean that the original and Delta variants no longer exist. The vaccine provides at least some protection against all these variants. I mean, no vaccine — polio, measles, flu, whatever — is 100% effective. Vaccines make it less likely you'll get infected or have serious symptoms, that's all. They aren't perfect. So people take vaccines because they're 80-90% effective. That's simple math.