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That's such a weak slave mindset. "If we all just do what our masters tell us they'll let us have our freedom back!" The only reason the government has power is because we *let* them have power


All of that aside it's just 100% scientifically inaccurate. He's speaking from a belief that A) covid is a very serious and deadly threat to every man woman and child. B) the MRNA injections actually work to stop covid. Neither of those things are true.


And it completely ignores the ever growing proof that the vaccine is much worse than actually getting Covid.


This x100


Exactly!!!! It literally wouldn't even work, and people would be worse off because of it!!! My god. People are so dense. I don't know how they live when they use so little of their brain.


It's honestly mind blowing the extent to which people are falling for the Covid and MRNA injection narrative


Here’s a interesting article that’s worth the time to read. https://www.aier.org/article/if-you-had-covid-do-you-need-the-vaccine/


Nice, well-articulated article


I couldn’t agree with you more, too many people have become slaves to the government. And they think it’s totally normal to act out like this.


even worse >if our masters forced us all to do what they want us to do it's not just encouraging compliance to an outcome : it's encouraging *forced* participation toward an outcome. the more time I spend on reddit, the more I am convinced that the average user is deeply troubled, emotionally unhealthy and spiritually bankrupt. either that, or a bot


I've come to the same conclusion, bots, brainwashed leftists, kids, and shill accounts.


The OP seemed to be written by a kid. I don't blame kids from naturally wanting to follow authority. That's their entire existence. It's those that don't grow out of it that scares me.




Oh no :( how will I sleep at night???






With *2 masks on


Plus all the weapons they have




They are assuming the vaccine works 100% of the time when it reality it is less that 50/50 causing variants that increasingly make it even less effective.


What fuckin YT videos have you been watching? Lol.


maybe this one from 2016? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haRMKsI-jKY




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Putting “muh” in front of something doesn’t delegitimize it. These people are cynical sociopaths. Cool headed utilitarians who would gladly kill grandma for the “common good”


> Cool headed utilitarians who would gladly kill grandma for the “common good” Reminds me of the pictures of Australian police thrashing elderly female protesters.


Yep. This immoral depravity exists before our very eyes in the organization (government) people think will protect them. Its very sad


I 100% agre with this ! These people are not even trying to hide the way they feel.


utilitarians would be focused on utility though?


Muh utility


Yes. It leads to an amoral dark path. When you focus on what “works” vs. what is “right”, it can be very bad. People have rights. People have a free will. We are not inert blocks of wood to be arranged at will by the ruling elite. If you want to solve homelessness, the utilitarian way would be to just kill them. Greatest good for the greatest number, right? All for the common good, right? This is the logic of the eugenics movement, which brought us planned parenthood… and how convenient that planned parenthood is mostly aimed at aborting black and minority babies. Utilitarianism is a very dangerous amoral ideology that gets people killed and ignores fundamental human rights


that's why america was founded on the idea of individual rights


It wasn’t.


The only return to normalcy is to end this ridiculous charade.


> The only return to normalcy is to end this ridiculous charade. --- * *"To Finish the Masquerade"* = **911** latin-agrippa | 1,**911** trigonal --- * *"Important Conversation"* = **911** primes ( *"Cultivated"* = **2001** squares ) https://old.reddit.com/r/GeometersOfHistory/comments/qmi1cs/the_vulgar_verse/


Don't believe it. It's manufactured, at least a lot of it. These type of appeal to the current generation "muh" whatever posts are equivalent to taco bell trying to market their product on twitter with memes.


💯 nailed it.


"Muh freedoms"? What a shitty, lazy, disrespectful, low IQ way to make one of the greatest qualities a person can ever hope for sound stupid.


It is the slave, bugman mentality, we must fight against it.


Have a poor man’s award. I’m sorry, it’s all I have. 🥇


I'll cherish it


muh freedoms of spreading deadly viruses around me


the “vaccines” don’t work. Enough said.


They were proven to reduce infections. You seem so dug in ideology you refuse to see proofs


If we cared about people’s health and not about people’s freedoms then why can I buy pop, candy and GMO foods at any age? If everyone was healthy than we wouldn’t have to worry about a virus. Our robust evolved immune systems would compensate. We could of made food, water, shelter and a personal gym a human right with the money we dumped into this program. So not only did we miss out on getting the population healthy but now we have people dropping on both sides of the vaccine. What a disaster to try and justify.


> If we cared about people’s health and not about people’s freedoms then why can I buy pop, candy and GMO foods at any age? Because you are damaging your own health, not putting others' in danger. > If everyone was healthy than we wouldn’t have to worry about a virus. That's not true, if you are healthy, you are more likely to be asymptomatic carrier, but you can still spread it around like it's free candy


You can do that at the age of 10 years old though and younger. Most kids become obese before they have made a single adult decision. You think tempting children with these decisions hoping that there’s a responsible parent attached is much of a choice. They are taught to worship candy. We have a designated day for our kids to go get candy. You can’t rationalize a sick society without being sick yourself.


Yes, now that's a separate problem. Society at least tries to prevent people endangering OTHERS. Come on, surely you understand that


Don’t you see the problem though, we are always reacting. If we were proactive and only had healthy options we would have a healthy society. There’s no way around this. From video games to high speed vehicles we endanger anyone that is mentally unstable. If society was mentally sound I would agree but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Two problems: 1. stopping people endangering themselves 1. stopping people endangering others Law mostly stops you from 2.


This is the most ironic comment I’ve read in a while, thanks for the laughs 😁




How does it feel to live with a bean instead of brain inside the skull?


Imagine the rattling lol.


oh noes I'm oppressed I have to take the needle


The thing about living in a free society is that you’re not always gonna like what other people do


The thing about living in a society is you’re not always gunna like how that society treats you when you kill/try to kill their families.


Hahahahha holy shit you should be in a padded room 20hours a day. You fucking nutcase 😂😂


I strongly disagree with your characterization of my intentions, but of course, it goes both ways


Oh, so people can do whatever in a "free society"? Such as put you in danger? Set fire to your house for example?


According to the blm riots, yeah.


You don't see any problems with the blm riots?


They're setting stuff on fire and destroying property. So yes. I have a problem with the riots.


Then, understandably, you should have a problem with people who think they can "do whatever in a free society"?


I have a problem with people doing terroristic things in a free society. I don't have a problem with people choosing not to get an experimental vaccine in a free society.


So which one is it. Do you want free society + terroristic + no masks or no free society + no terroristic + masks


Meh, it’s pretty tame


They have no concept of basic virology and animal reservoirs


Everyone I know with Covid right now is fully vaccinated. It's endemic now. No point in ostracizing people who choose not to vaccinate.


Same thing here, we know several people who are vaccinated, yet they have been sick with C-19 several times now.


I know more people who have heart problems after the vaccine, then people have gotten covid… i personally know 5 people who have had covid since this bullshit started.


Impossible when the not a vaccine cure doesn't cure the common cold/flu also known as covid-19.


there's 100% vaccinated populations out there that are still getting it, still going to the hospital and still dying. how deep is their head in the sand... this is survival as a service.


Gibraltar still has spread with 100.6% double vaccinated.


Gibralter just cancelled Christmas celebrations. Over 100% vaxxed and it's spreading there like crazy.


Yeah and the sheep are like : it's BrEaKtHrOuGh CaSeS!


MuH VaRiAnTs!


100.6% most impressive


2% of their entire population tested positive in the last 14 days (698 cases out of a population of almost 34,000, i rounded down).


My argument is end what? Man mad mandates or man made virus fear propaganda?


They can’t accept the fact that the ones dying from this shit are meant to die anyway. It’s old people and obese people disease.




Haha good point. Lets trigger them. There are only 2 sexes, the rest are mentally ill.


Imagine every domestic abuse court case went like this... "If we ignore the whole "muh freedoms" part of her/his argument, wouldn't forcing her/him to just do what he/she says be the quickest way to get her/him back to normality?" 🤣


To make this end, you STOP complying to everything. But instead, most people COMPLY to get back to 'normal. It's the other way around we get back to 'normal. Don't. Comply. To. ANYTHING.


Let’s say this was possible, how are you going to find EVERY single person on earth, document their status, and keep them up to date. What they really mean is force it on the western world or developed nations. Don’t forget we still can’t show ID to vote because it’s racist or somethjng


My manager said, word for word “we should line up all the unvaxxed and shoot them”


They chose the right words there "return to normalcy" yes if i get an unending list of shots from Pfizer I can go back to normalcy. I can still transmit covid, I can still get covid and i can still die from covid. Normal to me is that being gone but normal to them is just being out of lockdown. These are the people who listen to Fauci and say they did no gain of function research because he changed the definition, these people live to play with words.


Anyone who uses “muh freedoms” in this context is a danger to society


There is no return to normalcy until the people say there is. Keep believing the government and media and you will be a slave for the rest of your dumb life..




I say we try this. For science.


So many people have chosen to ignore the fact that the Kung Flu is now an endemic zoonotic pathogen and the implications that little nugget brings along with it. I've even been ridiculed for bringing up that fact and that we have no plan whatsoever to deal with it, yet we are continually force fed the 'you have to get all the shots we tell you to so it will end' propaganda regardless.


People like this are too far gone to change their minds. Imagine mocking “muh freedoms” and trade away your freedom for a never ending shot subscription that grants you privileges that can be taken away tomorrow.


If they want mandatory vaccinations the least they could do is make a better vaccine. one that doesn't have breakthrough cases, stop working after 6 months, cause 20,000+ deaths and countless severe side effects


From a purely results standpoint. Wouldn't shooting everyone who drives above walking speed be the most effectice and fastest way to avoid traffic accidents? I mean ignoring the obvious nuances..let's all just ignore those for a moment okay... You drive any faster than that, putting others at risk, you die. It doesn't seem that complicated.


Ask Gibraltar


After asking Gibraltar, let’s ask how some states in India got rid of COVID, hmmmmm….


To be fair the definition of rape straight from Merriam-Webster is as follows 2 : an outrageous violation


I came across this on some subreddit yesterday. It was locked so nobody could comment…conveniently.


I’d be willing to go the other direction, and force everyone to contract Covid. Herd immunity and all. If we do it your way, we’ll also have to vaxx every human, regardless of age. And every bat. And I don’t have the full list in front of me, but lions, deer, etc. Here’s an article. https://www.fastcompany.com/90502717/the-list-of-animals-that-can-catch-covid-19-keeps-growing


To quote Haymitch Abernathy from the Hunger Games… “you don’t understand. This never ends”.


SS: this was in the sub R/TooAfraidToAsk. I’m curious as to what you all think about so many people who are even thinking about this ?


Eh most of this shit probably isnt "real people" its just bots or shills trying to influence people, or people influenced by bots and shills. Its widely known that alot of accounts on this site are bot and shills. Not to mention reddit represents like less then 5% of the population as is.


Impossible to have the resources to roll out vaccines for every person on the planet from a logistic standpoint not to mention the mutations that will occur during the rollout


actually, for results, convincing all the useless eaters to take a suicide shot is going to be the most effective


I, mean, I am compassionate towards those that get duped, but these particular people are just not very wise. I'm stunned by the level of blindness from a society that fails to see what's really going on around the globe.


You are absolutely correct because the vaccinated people aren’t getting Covid………..news flash the vaccinated are getting Covid


We both just Covid. Neither of us are vaxxed. I think everyone is getting it, regardless of vaxx status.


Their agenda is to “vaccinate” everyone globally. Biden even said so himself. The same man who promised if you get “vaccinated”, you won’t get COVID. Why not make a big fuss about other “self inflicted” conditions that fill hospital beds like lung cancer from smoking or heart attacks from clogged arteries? The “unvaccinated” create more variants? Look up leaky vaccines. No significant difference in viral load between “unvaccinated” and “vaccinated”. The “unvaccinated” are being targeted by the powers that be.


If you're seeing a lot of this then that's the first sign that it's being put out there by programmed bots. The second obvious sign is the person always just 'hypothesizes' some crazy idea that walks all over basic human rights. They do this to try to instill these ideas in the minds of their dull sheep. These sheep may then one day call for this very course of action to be taken, fully convinced they came to that conclusion on their own.


Sad but so very true…


Interesting “logic” considering the clot shots don’t prevent you from getting the bug or spreading it. Also…the whole ten mile list of side effects (including DEATH) is not as appealing as a mild flu for a few days.


Scientifically, ethically, spiritually and logically there are numerous reasons to be skeptical. How anyone can believe “why not just forcefully vaccinate 7 billion people at once”. Like dude. What about the next disease? What about the booster shots? These sheeple are so fucking stupid what the actual fuck are they eating because I’m staying away from it


It depends on which results you’re trying to get, I suppose


yees, for some vax takers it have ended already.


The issue is government overreach and propaganda that allows it, not the virus.


Remember when everyone believed that if we all just wore masks this whole thing would have gone away. The short term memory is horrifying


Evolution takes care of these types of matters. NOBODY in the world has any rights over somebody else's body or life. We are ALL equal. CASE CLOSED.


No, of course it wouldn’t! This is how you plunge everything into civil war and chaos. MANY people would rather kill their attackers than be forcibly vaccinated. I don’t blame them! It can’t be anything but self defense in a situation like this.


Yeah because it’s not like the vaccinated are still catching COVID so if energy ones vaccinated no one will get it, oh wait…


No, bc fully vaccinated can still get covid..


No, not at all. What it would do is make a few people pathetically rich beyond understanding


Literally, the answer is no, the vaccine does not prevent one from being infected or spreading Covid, so force vaccination of everyone would not stop the disease.


I REFUSE to be forced. I will go down fighting. That is absurd that people want a dictatorship. I will literally ruin my life if someone tries to force me. And I will never be steamrolled.


Why don't people get it? It will never end, they saw how gullible the people are.


Rape is penetration without consent tho.....


Lol what trash


I suggest that whoever wrote that should go read Nassim Taleb on the "Precautionary Principle". If something could cause what he euphemistically calls "an absorbing barrier" (e.g. a huge die off of people), you *don't do it*.


What a stupid post… really shows his age


You should of seen all the comments on this post. It was disgustingly sad that these people are so brainwashed.


This brings up a good point. 100% vaccination rate would only worsen the pandemic, severely. Meaning, 5-10% of the population dies… at least.


Lol…people thinking this will end when everyone’s vaccinated 😂


It doesn’t seem that complicated cause you’re not a fucking virologist and also you are not looking at data of highly vaccinated countries such as israel


This assumes and presupposes that it really immunizes and mitigates the spread. How stupid.


I don't understand. I live in a fairly dense area. There's been no masks since summer. No slowdown in employment. No major outbreaks. Are these other places really experiencing these outbreaks?


According to the TeeVee, yes.


I also live in a very rural area, and the same thing here. Nobody has changed a single thing and we’ve had like 8-9 people who experienced any severe symptoms.


No because the more the vaccinations, the more variants will arise. The excessive vaccinations are creating a “super” virus much like we did with antibiotics. The virus mutates because it is a smart virus and changes or mutates as more vaccinations are given.


Food for thought... just my personal experience. My adult child came down with it 2x’s this year. The second time was worse. Was told it was the Delta variant. My child was spiraling downhill so they allowed us (their parents) in the room in case the worse happened and hopefully to give our child the strength and will to fight. All we had for breathing apparatus was the normal face mask. In a Covid ward in a Covid room with a Covid patient. Once in the room we had a thin disposable gown and gloves. Other then the regular surgical mask most of us wear neither of us got it. I would have figured we would have after being in the ward and room for hours. 🤷🏻‍♂️ My child is recovering and does have some afflictions which they don’t know if they will be reversible or not. Time will tell. On the flip side my physician passed away 2 weeks after the jab from blood clots in the brain. I know from this experience which way I choose.


You don't even have to take away people's freedoms at this point. People will literally hand them over, gift wrapped on a silver platter.


That and others like r/news on popular feed are heavily controlled to what information you see and any adverse commentors get banned im banned on all of those


All the effort and energy being spent on Covid and its vaccine, is just a distraction from the real issue. Agenda 2030. Fabricated race wars. Trump vs the planet. Existing laws like immigration being ignored. National debt. Etc. Humanity is being funneled into accepting more and more control. And less and less freedom. Has anyone checked on the Austrians or Australians? They are not OK.


If the vaccines actually worked as advertised...


No, not even then.


I’m curious what you would suggest should be done?


Sure it would if you are willing to accept 160 million dead people plus a few hundred million people living with post covid syndrome.


Lol he’s saying hypothetically, meaning assuming all of the other issues like “muh freedoms” don’t exist 🧐 why are you being obtuse


Go away shill


Lol dude, stop being disingenuous. You know what a hypothetical scenario is, don’t you?


And another


Alpha variant is 99% eradicated the up take and vaccine was a big success Delta variant is stronger and the tweek in the alpha vaccine to combat delta i don't think is strong enough to be effective Maby its time for a different treatment


Yes. It’s true. We could have. A long time ago.


The only people "taking away freedoms" are the unvaccinated themselves. Slowing the process down is all you're doing.


Boot licker !


They obviously don’t understand why we need a yearly flu vaccine either


Looks like OP hasn't bothered looking into those results.


Seriously what’s the point, we all know by now that the vaccine doesn’t protect us.