My theoy on the UK petrol crisis

My theoy on the UK petrol crisis


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It's a driver shortage not a fuel shortage, being a truck driver is a fucking gruelling job and they are being treated like shit. No one wants to do the job, hence the changes to the HGV test and licences.


Of course itโ€™s manufactured. Question everything


I love conspiracy theories, but ur insane lol, there is petrol, but not enough people to distribute it around UK


You've posted three times saying basically the same thing. There isn't a petrol issue and they really aren't going to just let vaccinated people get petrol. Come on, listen to yourself I managed to get petrol without any issues whatsoever today.


There are supply issues all over Europe and the USA , I believe a collapse in the world economy could lead to another step in the great reset , which is food/fuel rationing probably an ap you can download , called the "covid pass"


I'll be back in a week. Everything will be absolutely back to normal next week. Absolutely nothing to do with a covid pass.


I sure hope you are right! But then again, better safe than sorry. I am not in the UK, US here but global supply lines are being crunched all over. We have a massive backlog of cargo ships in ports and boots on the ground people are reporting they are being told to not unload them. That it isn't a matter of staffing, they are being told to stall. Could it be someone trolling? Possibly but there are multiple videos of people saying it. We have the USPS being ordered to slow down delivery. There are reports that people are being paid to destroy crops, some people say this was debunked but now with all other things going on, who can say if it was just a coverup to hide the crop destruction? We have a massive truck part shortages, leaving many truckers without working trucks, on top of that a driver shortage. It certainly seems to be getting uglier not better.


A hidden force is attacking all world nations....a singularity with a goal and agenda.....


๐Ÿ˜‚ the goal posts will be moved even further by then. I'm not in UK but it's definitely part of the great reset. See ya in a week.


Just a day 5 update. Nothing has happened. What a suprise !


Over the next week the media will probably show fighting at petrol stations , stories of nurses not being able to get to work....and the need for petrol rationing to save lives


Hasn't happened.


Im not surprised there is a driver shortage, as mentioned the conditions are crap. But what does suprise me is that there is a shortage of fuel tanker drivers. I say this as tanker drivers are generally one of the better paid HGV jobs.


You can blame this on Brexit.


I blame it on the boogie