CERN are going to fire up the Large Hadron Collider at the end of September 2021

CERN are going to fire up the Large Hadron Collider at the end of September 2021


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I hope we jump to a better dimension this time. This one sucks.


it only gets worse


Nope we are staying here, and *they* are coming thru. It will spark humans to claim their birthright as *actual magic users* and unite humanity under the Space Force joining the Galactic Federation and the larger galactic community. Stay tuned.


Who's ready to jump dimensions again?!


Time to get weird…er 😎


The LHC has been been fired up over 2 stages so far...... The first timeline was 2012 , their greatest success , this was when they claimed the "god particle" which some light workers called switching dimensions..... This has spawned an internet phenomenon called the "Mandela effect" The second timeline of cerns lhc was the period 2015 to 2018 when all operations have closed down due to failing....also in 2016 above CERN a portal appeared in the sky ,google it its like the end times! Now the LHC fires up again september 2021this is the third time BTW CERN is the creator of its bastard child , the LHC


CERN will give credence to the beast, perhaps. Just look at its logo and our structure. Either a Stargate, portal, interdimensional rift, or summoning platform. Time manipulation and space restructuring, spiritual interference and turbulence. The shiva is NOT a coincidence.


Tell me more about the Shiva?


Shiva is god of creation and destruction, right? That's CERN's goal. Destroy the current realm and create a new one. Some research on Kali would be even more interesting. There's a very good rabbit hole here barefoot, check out the channel richiefromboston and search CERN. Thanks!


Upcoming events listed on the site: September 30: How will we do mathematics in 2030? (Interesting choice of date...) October 1: CERN Alumni Second Collisions: Research Matters (Is this what OP is talking about?) October 10: Biophysics Working Group Meeting October 10: CERN Alumni Second Collisions: Research Matters (Again with this?) [https://home.cern/](https://home.cern/) (Just scroll down a bit)


Agenda2030... That's part of their plan for sure.


An interesting date.....on CERN's very own website... Run 3 of the LHC will begin at the start of March 2022 This means that from now till then the LHC is like the child born in the book of revelations the first testing stage of warping reality begins....this will involve gas lighting on spiritual levels , warping reality , stage 3 March 2022.....from CERN's own website....


The illuminated were given a timeline in March? What exactly do you mean by that?


Some people think march 2020 the illuminated were given a timeline....and that's why you see them in a panic to get everyone vaccinated before the game changer comes....aliens , multidimensional beings....all this is just a theory.....my view is CERN is opening doors to parallel dimensions... Every time this thing is fired up something in reality changes and its been a few years now


It’s the upside down from stranger things. Hollywood always tells us the truth


You didnt get the memo? I’ll see if I can find it for you. Its basically the same as last years except HR added Frank’s (from the Alchemy Dept) birthday on 09 Nov. They forgot it last year and he was a real bitch to everyone for about 6 months…


Trolls gonna troll.


You didn't hear? Cern has a drive-thru. I ordered the McClown world special. I do not recommend it.


This made me chuckle


how were the freedom fries?


They were pretty dope after I gave up dipping them in mayo. Used to call em chips. Weird huh. https://youtu.be/ABhyKEK-CDg




The particle accelerator in call of duty looks like a smaller collider and opens portals to new dimensions. Maybe that is where all these walking brainless zombies in society came from.


Dolly had braces




Any sources?


Has everyone seen The Man in the High Tower on Prime???


Be on the lookout for green people made of jelly!