Something very interesting about the vaccines.

Something very interesting about the vaccines.


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I'm a bartender, some of our regular bar sitters have been acting overly aggressive and have random outbursts, usually very nice, calm older gentlemen in their 60's. They are unrecognizable since getting jabbed. Could be stress, but these guys are retired and well off. They're not stressing because of money.


This is just a guess but I wonder if the spike proteins are crossing the blood brain barrier and causing Neuroinflammation. I’ve had a significant amount of Neuroinflammation from Lyme disease and for a while was very angry, aggressive, enraged and suffered from immense deep depression that was not there before. I did a brain scan that showed I had a lot of low grade Neuroinflammation (vs. Something you would see on a brain scan after a bad trauma like car accident). I think inflammation in the amygdala can cause anger, aggression etc


This is it exactly. There's alot of evidence to suggest that it does cross the blood brain barrier which is why so many that take it have much weaker immune systems.


Something similar happened to my mother after her 2nd pfizer. She began cursing incessantly (which she NEVER did before) and later on would chill out and apologize about it. She told me last night that she's not taking the booster.


Me and my dad were best friends. We'd speak daily, multiple times. Since this started and I started showing skepticism, I'm now an "intelligent anti vaxxer". We have almost come to blows over him calling me stupid. He refuses to even consider any of his inflammation problems could be shot-induced. Now we speak maybe twice a week. Whenever a subject of substance comes up we both avoid it. Kinda sad, I'm sure him and his woman think i belong in a re education camp


Same story with one of my oldest friends and his dad. They were really close and for the past three months the only thing they spoke about on the phone was the jab - with his dad saying they couldn't see each other until he got it. Unfortunately he caved last week and got the shot ...


>with his dad saying they couldn't see each other until he got it. I heard similar from a family friend, their daughter just gave birth and gave ultimateaum: "grandma, grandad if you want to see your grandchild, you got to vax" ​ They were hesitant initially, but caved. "We have to see the grandbaby!"


Damn hope things get better dude.


My mom is the same. Honestly not the same person anymore. It's weird.


It'd be nice to be able to have support groups about these types of struggles...But we all know the FBI would have way too much fun with that


There have been a number of support groups formed but if they get any kind of popularity, they get censored.


Interesting considering [this](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=spw5nmUrpWA)


yep, saw that... I think it is originally from 2005...?


Dude...What. The. Fuck?!


The slides of the brain in that were found to be from a completely unrelated paper. It's well done but appears to be a hoax (personally I find the part where a guy comes in and they're whispering to be the "give away", just doesn't sound or look legit). I wouldn't put it past TPTB to do something like this though. And there could be other explanations for why the scans were found in a paper a year before this video was "made public". Not trying to push the deboonked angle, but there's some good back and forth about the video on Metabunk [here](https://www.metabunk.org/threads/debunked-funvax-pentagon-briefing-on-removing-the-god-gene-hoax.317/).


I’ve watched that multiple times looking for tells as well. The part where the speaker overrules the audience member trying to talk, seemed VERY scripted to me. Thanks for the link.




I'm not sure if I'd consider it Tourettes but I'm noticing that she is having a hard time focusing her vision on things especially when she tries to maintain eye contact with someone. It's hard to watch.


Woah. My son mentioned today that he thinks his contact lenses are deteriorating or his vision has changed in less than a year. He said it's like right before a migraine, but without the severe headache. Driving last night he said the reflectors on the center line of the road looked like poles standing upright in the middle of the road. Said it was like a hallucination but he was aware it was his eyes. He also said that he has been uncontrollably shivering without being cold. Teeth almost chattering, but not being cold. He got Pfizer very early on and afaik has not had a booster.


> He also said that he has been uncontrollably shivering without being cold. Teeth almost chattering, but not being cold. Sounds like circulatory system issue possibly id want a d-dimer test


You should really get him on the protocol, stat.


What’s the protocol?


[https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/pn3agh/my\_sars\_cov20\_prevention\_early\_treatment\_vaccine/](https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/pn3agh/my_sars_cov20_prevention_early_treatment_vaccine/) posted on this thread by u/omegaoverlords


This post is wild ima Dave it and copy and paste it to save it further


Could be the start Prion disease, a lot of concerns that the vaccines are causing people to develop it. https://www.ibtimes.sg/pfizer-vaccine-causes-neurological-damage-recipients-here-truth-57081


My mom got Pfizer. She’s like a different person now. There, but not? I can’t explain it.


My best friend stopped talking to me over this covid shit. He’s been acting weird for months, said we couldn’t see each other anymore because I’m not vaxxed and then goes to a fucking protest. I called him out for the hypocrisy and he blocked me on everything, even my phone number. My brother just died and he’s ghost. Totally unexpected, I’ve known dude since I was 4. This shit is changing people.


My heart just broke for you a little. I’m sorry, this whole vaccine thing is beyond fucked


Times like this can expose peoples true feelings. They drop the charade they were playing. If he no longer wants to be your friend, perhaps he never truly was your friend. It hurts, but in the long run you will be better off without a frienemy in your midst.


That dude needs help.


The jab didn't change him, the media did.


Both maybe?


I feel for you. I’ve been speaking out for years against these shots and lost a few “best” friends. Stay strong and keep pushing for what you believe in. Also, even though I’m a stranger, my inbox is always open if you need a friend. Losing somebody in life is never easy and even harder right now.


wait he went to a protest for protesting the vaccine?? why do you think he would do that? either way im really sorry for both of your losses man. so so sorry. maybe hell come around in the future. i really hope he does


Wow, this sounds nearly identical to a situation I had with one of my (former) best friends. She was like family to me and we knew each other over 15 years. I told her that I felt the government shouldn’t have the authority to shut down people’s businesses as they need a livelihood to have a roof over their heads/ buy food/ take care of their families. People should be free to make their own decisions and not dictated by authorities. She basically called me Hitler incarnated and said I was “killing people”. At the same time she was attending “mostly peaceful” protests with thousands of people. My wedding had just been called off and my only sibling just passed away and I was with him when it happened. She didn’t even call me on the day of his funeral and has totally cut me out of her life. I’m sorry you’re dealing with the same pain. However, we are both better off without these kinds of toxic/ judgmental people. If they supposedly care about us then they should respect our decisions. These types individuals have lost their minds. We are experiencing a mass global psychosis. Hang in there buddy. You’ll meet new friends that truly love you.




It was wild! when he announced what they announced it to the people of Japan. Then stepped down. It’s scary what the world is turning into.


Directly followed by https://time.com/6094995/japan-prime-minister-suga-resigns/


While outspoken vaccine chief Taro Kono leads public opinion polls on who should be Japan’s next leader, the result is far from clearcut because most of the party’s major factions are not backing a candidate. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/sep/17/japans-race-for-new-prime-minister-kicks-off-with-tight-battle-for-leadership


When I received a contrast injection during an MRI, I also tasted a mouth full of metal. Gadolinium is a metal ingredient used for imaging--alternatively known as the more innocuous term 'MRI contrast' or 'dye.' I later experienced odd sensations, brain fog, and more. I subsequently learned that although the medical industry claimed all gadolinium would be excreted within 24-48 hours, it was false. Some (who knows how much) of the gadolinium can become detached from the bond that's intended to hold it together, and in some (or maybe all?) cases gadolinium enters brain, bones, and tissue. Terrible. I wonder if there's undeclared metal in the covid 'vaccines.' Hope your brother feels brother and avoids additional injections.


I wouldnt be surprised the vaccines are making people more and more psychopathic and shutting down people's limbic systems and stopping their ability to control their impulses.


Obviously just a shot in the dark since this IS conspiracy after all and absolutely not my belief but: Maybe theyre doing it to people to STOKE a war. If the vaccinated have dampened ability to control their impulses, maybe eventually a group will crack and spark the "civil war 2 electric boogaloo" weve all been talking about. Then we all kill eachother while the government goes "no guys stop please think of the children /s" and THATS how they ultimately depopulate, by making us kill each other.


con·spir·a·cy A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. It's funny how many people seem to think the word is somehow connected to erroneous thinking. You might be correct in your 'not-your-belief', but I believe the vaccines are killing a lot of people. Take a look at these links: https://www.facebook.com/wxyzdetroit/posts/10158207967261135 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=\_lFlDSPAcmU https://youtu.be/WFph7-6t34M?t=15614


When i said not my belief i meant that particular scenario. If you look at my comment history from today i posted an article about the MRNA flu vaccine and how they are basically saying that the covid vaccine's "rare and mild (yeah right)" cases arent as harshly scrutinized due to the pandemic and "severity" of covid but they're gonna MAKE SURE the flu vaccine is safe by testing it longer and watching the side effects closer. They are basically saying what weve all believed from the beginning: the common people are being used as guinnea pigs to test MRNA vaccines under the guise of a "pandemic" most likely CREATED by fauci and his "funding" of gain of function research and ties to the lab in china. I may not believe this is a depop effort but i sure believe we are being tested on against our will.


Like AZT? Fauci seems to be the guy who pushes vaccines on the public with questionable intent as the official spokesman. As if they are trying to quietly remove the "undesirable" populations for the Elite. They don't like the indigenous nation people, homosexuas, blacks, and the poor. If you don't believe me, look at all of the horrible things that have been done by the government to all of those people because of who they are and how they think. Now it appears that the spiritual people are becoming detestable to the Elite. Why else propose a vaccine that makes listening to religious texts repulsive and disgusting like the [FUNVAX](https://youtu.be/spw5nmUrpWA)? I'm sure from a geopolitical standpoint, this seems convenient.


I will never forget reading about the Tuskegee Syphilis Study that was only 50 years ago and we all apparently assume all these old people in office that grew up in the most racist times of our country ARENT actually racist. I also find it so odd that not even 2 years ago i wrote off my old Network Admin at my last school district because he was going on about the government finding a way to basically remove religion and faith from you by ways of medical means like brain altering procedures or substances. Now here we are and im reading people talk about their friends and family becoming more aggressive after the shots and having trouble finding those spiritual connections they used to have. The connection is incredibly spooky and disturbing. I think its about time the american people had a nice chat with our buddy Fauci.


I do agree also it might be the secondary part of the plan... Turn the vaxed against the unvaxed...either you kill the unvaxed or they zap your vaxed brain with their EMF satellites and kill you from space!


Elons push for satellites with advertisements on them are just a front for those EMF satellites!! Its all coming together.


Ever heard of Toxoplasmosis?


stimulating proteins inside the body or brain to control the host?


Yes I just read an article on this, increasing dopamine with nanotechnology and magnetic fields in mice, it's truly horrifying shit. And it's real.


More on this? Funny you mention increasing dopamine. Too much dopamine can cause hallucinations and after my 2nd Pfizer shot I had a full on Psychotic break and I still don’t feel right. Genuinely feel I’ve been messed with in some way.


Someone i know had this happen as well like 3-4 weeks after pfizer shot 2. She went off the rails for about 2 days. She said it wasn’t the vaccine but shes never had those issues before.


Mine was only days after. It started with insomnia for 4 nights then everything got psychedelic and trippy (in a bad way) was convinced people were after me and that I was God/The Antichrist. Awful stuff. I really don’t trust my government it feels like they sped up my inevitable breakdown.


to ensure less and less cohesion and cooperation between individuals...


I don't know much more about it, but believe if they can control dopamine, then they can control any other emotion . And probably many other physical/chemical reactions. They are well on there way to controlling minds of bodies. I'm sorry that hapNed to you, but thanks for your honesty man. I totally believe what you say and I know damn well how possible it is.


Thanks that actually means a lot. Not believed by anyone.


Sadly fiction feels better than truth, so people pretend you are crazy in order to not have to listen to what you have to say that frightens them and puts in question their entire world view...


Graphene Oxide messing with people’s nervous systems. I hope to be able to test this on a lab rat someday.


you must test it with ELFs Extremely low frequencies with very high Decibels and try from 0.5 hz to a range of 30 hz...also using dissonant harmonies with Schumann resonance of 7.83 hz!


Crazy article says that graphene oxide injected in juvenile rats learn to not fear dangers or predators. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0142961221001058?via%3Dihub Check nobulart.com Study said they found graphene oxide in the all the convid axxx


So... the Zombie apocalypse is now a possibility? If you remove fear of predators/threat from people, they can start acting like fuking crazies any moment


You'll have to say you're double vaccinated and act like them, to blend in. JK, sorta.


Invasion of the Body Snatchers, anyone?


Not feeling fear is a trait which can be associated with psychopathy.


I took moderna and had that same taste in my mouth for a couple of days.


My ex complained about tasting metal in her mouth after both shots. Didn’t notice much of mood change though.


I wonder if anyone else is told not to sleep on their side too and why? Arm pain? Am I the only person incapable of controlling what position I'm in while I'm asleep? As for the mood changes. I've read other stories about that too. I'm sure the pharmaceutical sales reps will say it's just your imagination or stress due to "misinformation" on his part, but I honestly don't know.


Well you can read how sleeping on your left side is stressful on your heart.


I did a search. Some said yes, some said no. Even knowing that, I cannot control the position my body is in when I'm asleep. That only happens when I'm awake.


When you roll around or change position at night.. do you find yourself awake at about 1% consciousness? Just realized that I remember tossing and turning, but I don't fully leave sleep or even dreams during this.


During pregnancy they say not to sleep on your back and your left side. Back because your belly can put pressure on a big artery and the left because that's where your heart is. They suggest sleeping on your right side to be safest. Odd that it has to do with your heart and now for covid vaccine they suggest to avoid sleeping on your left side (heart)..... huh


Opposite, I was told to sleep on my left side for optimal blood flow and keep my blood pressure lower


I remember the no back sleeping when I was pregnant two plus decades ago, but I was not told about the left side. Maybe that's new? I wonder if any of the people who died in their sleep after getting the shots were on their left sides. And yes, quite odd. More reason for me to politely decline. Hopefully no still means no and hasn't had its definition changed too.


I don't think the left side is as big as a deal as the back sleeping but they suggest not to. I'm not sure, that would be super scary and definitely difficult to pinpoint. I'm going to assume if they're getting the shot they have a chance of getting heart problems left side sleeping or not. Maybe the Dr was trying to be helpful because they know people getting heart issues afterwards. And agreed. I was so torn a couple weeks ago but I'm 100% not getting it anymore.


It's recommended to sleep ON your left side while pregnant. Increases blood flow to the baby and helps with digestion. Think you're misremembering.


It's funny because, apparently, the way the stomach empties, if you sleep on right side it's easier to gave reflux. Left side, not a problem. Thus is my issue. So, i say they say no left side sleep cuz inflammation of heart muscle early on? Squishing the heart may be a problem?


Yes, the claim is that arm pain will increase if you don't keep it up.


I’ve noticed that people I know who got vaccinated seem really disengaged now, less intuitive, very forgetful, increasingly irritable, less patient, and just… different. Also, people seem considerably less interested in connecting with others, and critical thinking seemingly doesn’t exist at all anymore. It’s kinda spooky. I can’t quite explain exactly what it is, but with probably 80% of the people I know who got vaccinated, it seems as if they’re lacking something they had before. Maybe it calcified the pineal gland? Or maybe heavy metals are fucking with them? I genuinely don’t know, but it makes me really sad. :(


The changes you describe sounds like the result of a frontal lobe brain injury


There have been a few reports on the PCR swab tests contributing to this sort of thing as well, e.g. [https://www.forbes.com/sites/ninashapiro/2020/10/05/covid-19-nasal-swab-test-led-to-spinal-fluid-leak/?sh=780b127835e9](https://www.forbes.com/sites/ninashapiro/2020/10/05/covid-19-nasal-swab-test-led-to-spinal-fluid-leak/?sh=780b127835e9)


And we’re supposed to take this shit twice a year forever? For example, the Israeli government considers anyone who took their last shot six or more months ago as unvaccinated.


MK ultra.


I agree with you. While I believe the vaccines are weapons for genocide, I always wondered what will happen to the people who survive the vaccine. I also believe that the vaccine can somehow block someone’s intuition. Not entirely sure though. At least not yet.


TPTB have been working on injections to remove people's spiritual connection for years. See e.g. 'FunVax' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spw5nmUrpWA


This is creepy


A friend who got the vax became VERY hostile to God after his shot. He used to be open to learning and even said he’d go to church with me. Immediately after the shot he changed drastically and was super anti-God.


That is disturbing. I have certainly noticed a seeming loss of empathy in many who've been jabbed - though not all.


Thank you for this!!


Haha that’s just the twenty first century for you.


Yes! I know a few family members and friends who got the shot. They’re personality changed in a very negative way. Even one of my family’s friend husband, his wife had to get the shot in order to keep her nursing job. Literally two days later she ended up in the hospital. Before I go on, the wife and the husband I know they are very healthy people. Both are heavy in the herbal lifestyle. Anyway the wife ended up being handicapped! The husband documents everything that’s going on with his wife. She can’t eat on her own anymore, can’t talk, can’t walk I think, andher body shakes constantly like she’s having seizures. It’s very bad! She took the Pfizer.


Dear God, and they understood these things when they mandated it, the pathologies. That's malice aforethought without regard for human life \[murder\] and willful criminal negligence causing bodily harm.


I knew two otherwise healthy people that died from blood clotting after taking the shots. They were in there early 40’s...


It's a legit inquiry, and seems authentic. 1st shot? 2nd shot? J&J? It's known that the lipid nanoparticles cross the blood brain barrier, where normal vaccines just stay around the injection site as the T-cells provoke an immune response. Also, that it causes cells throughout the body to produce the spike proteins, which cleave from the ace-2 sites and enter the bloodstream and also cross the blood-brain barrier. Also causes microclotting, so it's a kind of mini-stroke of sorts perhaps? For detox and cellular regeneration purposes, recommend B12, folate, DMG, Selenium, Alpha Lipoic Acid and NAC, along with any food or supplements that are high in anti-inflamatory and antioxidant properties. Here's a master list I made, that you and your brother may find helpful. https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/pn3agh/my\_sars\_cov20\_prevention\_early\_treatment\_vaccine/ Talk with him about it. He would need to acknowledge the changes and the need to try to remedy it, to bring him back to his old self and world, wherein not all pans are bad.., and where he can be grateful for the things and people around him again, and be his old good self. All the best to you and yours.


This all sounds good, but selenium, ALA, and NAC (not familiar with DMG so i cant comment) can all chelate heavy metals. He will want to work with a functional doctor if he decides to chelate as they can redistribute in other areas of the brain/body if he doesn't go slow and especially if he has mercury amalgam fillings.


People can and should consult with a doctor, in this case one who's also a nutritionist preferabhly, sure. I take all three things in not large doses daily as part of a health maintenance stack, the idea being to do it slowly and continuously, instead of actual chelation. Personally, I'd be more concerned with graphene oxide nanoparticles and spike proteins in the brain, than alalgam fillings from years ago, but perhaps that's a valid concern I don't know. These are not scary supplements though, for the record. I take an ALA 2 often 3 times/day with food or before bed. Helps prevent cancer by scrubbing free radicals.


Taste of steel sounds like neurological symptom, nerve issues can cause metallic taste sensation in the mouth. Sounds like neurological damage from the poison. No one should take it to keep their job, the things will have lifetime of consequences and all kinds of slow-burner disabling neurological disorders are possible down the road (these are not understood by modern western medicine who does not know how to treat them either). Metallic taste, by the way, is often a symptom of heavy metals poisoning, though it usually comes some time after. When it happens so fast it's most likely the substance doing fast damage to the nervous system.


I second this, I am in a heavy metal toxicity group due to my own mental health problems and a metallic taste is one of the more common side effects of heavy metal toxicity. If you end up thinking this is the most likely route, don't be surprised if you go to the doctor and ask for a heavy metals test, they will likely laugh at you. You likely need a functional medicine doctor they can order a hair test. So so many people suffer from heavy metal toxicity and find relief once they chelate even when doctors told them it was impossible to build toxic amounts of heavy metals in their body and brains. Please don't chelate without the guidance of a functional medicine dr as you can redistribute the metals in your body/brain and cause even worse problems.


My mom started dropping f bombs recently. Rarely did before and only when tipsy. Now she does it stone cold sober. Not on the train necessarily but my parents got weird after getting vaxxed




>I am unsure if the lipid nanoparticles can pass the blood brain barrier, Lipid based formulations can be designated as the current and future generation of drug delivery systems as these possess tremendous potential to bypass BBB and reach the target site due to their small size and ability to dodge the reticular endothelial system. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29886842/ Nanoparticles have emerged as versatile vectors that can overcome the blood-brain barrier. https://mdpi-res.com/d_attachment/pharmaceutics/pharmaceutics-11-00065/article_deploy/pharmaceutics-11-00065.pdf


Well.... Shit


Just wanted to let you know, for some reason this comment was removed. https://www.revddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/pvc18d/something_very_interesting_about_the_vaccines/he96f23


It’s either this or Graphene Oxide interacting with radio signals.


I think that comes later


Nanoparticles they use to deliver the mRNA are made with PEG, Polyethylene glycol that has the ability to pass brain blood barrier with ease.


Metallic taste in mouth is a symptom of radiation poisoning. I’ve always believed some of the vaccines have radon in them. Radon is liquid around -80 degrees. Same temp the vaccines have to be kept at


Something unique I haven’t heard yet


The decay of radon produces many other short-lived nuclides, known as radon daughters, ending at stable isotopes of lead. Never heard the radon theory but eventually that would turn into lead in your body and kill you over time


Yep: https://ejammed.tripod.com/educ/procs/nuclear.html


radiation pneumonitis people should read the symptoms of this one and it matches my "covid19" experience. When I "caught" it I had only contact to one person for a while and that person didn't have any symptoms for months before and after. So I always considered this to be some DEW weapon. They just turn it on to fit their narrative.


I mean spike proteins are crossing three bbb so..


Graphene Oxide


This happened to me. My attitude changed because I did not want the shot, was completely against it and against my better judgment i got the shot to keep my job for my family. I feel raped and defeated and am having trouble because I went against everything I believe. In a sense I blew up my own world and belief systems. Your brothers change in attitude is a result of this.


Sorry to hear this buddy. But remember that freedom is something we need to choose again and again in every moment. Much love.


I’m about to be in the same boat. So infuriating. I have until Nov 22 to get the shot or lose my job.


If I would have known I'd feel like this after the shot no fucking way I'd do it. I hate myself for betraying my beliefs. I feel like I sold my body out for a bullshit job that i could lose anyway. I try justifying my actions as doing what was best for my family but I took the shot out of financial fear which is fucked on so many levels. Currently on day 2 on the couch with fucking chest pains.


I’m in a similar boat, but haven’t done it yet. I’m scared after my dad had his first heart attack ever following the vaccines, along with a full body rash. No underlying heart or artery issues were found.


This list I put together is for people like you. [https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/pn3agh/my\_sars\_cov20\_prevention\_early\_treatment\_vaccine/](https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/pn3agh/my_sars_cov20_prevention_early_treatment_vaccine/) If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.


I am so sorry. I feel for you and your family. I hope and pray that you feel some relief from the side effects soon.


Fuck that job


December 8 for me. I was a mechanic in highschool. I guess I'll open a shop at my house. I hope you find strength in whatever path you choose. If you need to talk to a random person on the internet just DM me.


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Is that what you do?


Oh my goodness, does this really work? Like could I actually support myself this way??! I'm trapped in a very toxic, abusive environment and really DESPERATELY need a way to earn money! How can I start??


There are multiple ways of doing that. I am not living in USA so we here use different websites like Allegro, but I found something that could help you out https://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/blog/make-money-on-amazon/ Start from there and keep digging this topic and eventually you will find the best way that suits you


God bless you! This really helps me (and I'm sure others who see this). Just remember that God is with us - even if sometimes it may not feel like it!




Hold the line.


I'm holding fren.


This is why I told a doctor I would rather die of covid and keep my convictions than live without a spine. Forgive yourself, learn from your mistake, and move on.


It sounds more physical regarding the OP’s brother like it’s physically affected his brain. In your case, it’s more secondary - disappointment in yourself, anger at being coerced. Edit: I see in a further comment you have chest pains. Hope you get well soon.


I'm sorry man, but there isn't any purpose in beating yourself up after the fact. Just be happy that you were one of the people that got the vax and didn't die right after and now if you get COVID it will likely be more mild. Plus, you may be able to participate in society a little bit longer than some of us. Enjoy that while you can! There will likely be many boosters, at each one that will give you another chance to make a different decision if you so choose. Choosing between your beliefs and your family is an impossible decision, but I think you made the most loving one even if you are bitter about it now. Good luck to you.


i know alot of people say this but, before they "fact checked" it. in hebrew divoc (covid backwards) means possessed by a demon, split into two. and i 100% believe thsi wackseeeen changes peoples minds and souls.


I remember a speech Bill Gates gave about using a vaccine to turn off the “God” part of the brain. He was talking about how different the middle east would be if everyone there was suddenly disconnected from god/no longer religious ?? I have read a couple of post where people who were deeply religious but now feel disconnected from God after the shot. I wonder if there is some component of the shot that interferes with the spiritual part of the brain?? It would explain loss of morality, cursing and impulsivity.


FunVax. It wasn't Gates, but it was a govt scientist giving a briefing in 2005, and it was to break the spiritual connection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spw5nmUrpWA


I've noticed people smelling of pencil shavings. Like the graphite smell.


Going down the conspiracy route. It would explain the genuine hatred those vaccinated have for those who chose not to. Logically, they should not care, but a majority of the online community that is vaccinated seem to have a deep hatred that seems to have come from nowhere.


the vaccine is also a precursor to transhumanism. basically programming the brain and preparing it for physical microchips and connection to the hive-mind. (2030).




Check here Site for medical professionals to self report vaccine side effects. https://www.medscape.com/sites/public/covid-19/vaccine-insights/how-concerned-are-you-about-vaccine-related-adverse-events


I have heard of people changing like this. do you happen to know what vaccine he got?




I saw when the vaccines were first administered that in VAERS I’d wager about 20-30% of adverse events mentioned a metallic taste and in those cases it was immediately after the shot. I remember thinking that was weird but sometime people state a metallic taste in their mouths with heartburn... but I tend to think it’s something else going on. As for the strange behavior- I’d keep a eye on him because that sounds neurological and likely the vaccine is affecting his cognition and mood. He needs to detox from the shot stat.


The metal taste is the graphene oxide hydrogel . the censored doctors have put it under microscope and its also why he couldnt sleep on his left side because the graphene is giving people blood clots and blood issues


Not all the vaccines have it. Some are placebo, some are mRNA some are magnetic. There is levels to this shit


U think theyre using different "levels" to test and find the right amount? Hmmm


It’s still in phase 3 testing. They need the data…that’s how vaccine science works.


Sounds like theyre experimenting on us then.


Isn’t that obvious? mRNA tech has been failing animal testing for the last 20 plus years


Jep, this is it.


I’ve spent my life studying natural healing and I’m wondering if activated charcoal might help? It binds to toxins in the body to remove heavy metals. Please note this is not charcoal from a grill, but a common supplement found in most health food stores.


I thought the same with NAC stimulating production of glutathione.


Shilajit can also help detox heavy metals in the body. Plus it really makes ya feel amazing


Is there a brand you recommend?


Black lotus shilajit, tonic treasures, fractal forest Kauai, or health force superfoods. trustworthy & transparent with sourcing


Thanks friend!


VMAT2 inhibitors are found in the vaccine


Do you know how this affects people who don't have movement disorders?


There's definitely something ferrous in the shot. I know most folks don't believe it but the magnet challenge isn't fake. I saw a magnet stick to a recent injection area. The next day it didn't stick... absorbed I assume. People have said... ohh the magnet was greasy.... skin was sweaty... magnet is made of rubber... its friction... No. Something metallic in it.


Idk but I can remember having to take a medical test on a treadmill where they injected something into my arm and I could immediately taste metal. Really weird how an injection can make you taste something but I was told that I was supposed to be able to taste it, it's part of the test


That test you took: https://ejammed.tripod.com/educ/procs/nuclear.html


I thought it seemed crazy but most of the people at my work that have had the shot have also had wild changes in their personalities that I can’t explain


It amazes me the number of people who value their job over their bodily autonomy. Absolutely insane. Id argue people are spoiled and brainwwashed.


Unrelated to the post, but a piece of advice for the future: Just remember, if people just downvote without saying anything, it says way more about them than about you. Welcome to Reddit.


Fyi, concussions can cause extreme personality changes, usually to the aggressive, angry side


[Taste of steel with vaccine.](https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/mouthful-nickels-some-say-they-taste-metal-after-covid-19-n1261944) [Mood changes with vax.](https://www.reddit.com/r/CovidVaccinated/comments/ms6ydb/bad_mood_after_vaccination/)


We don't really know what was in his particular vax. Was it a magnetic nano-particle vax? Was it a graphene laced vax? Was it the standard mRNA (or viral vector) as advertised? Did it have whatever weird "pink substance" found in one batch? Too many unknowns. Some people may be getting a DNA altering vax, others may be getting some parasite, it's too early to tell. The stuff they find in people's blood is all over the map.


If the graphene oxide stories are true, that could account for the metallic taste. The other possibility is the research saying that the spike proteins can cross the blood brain barrier and accumulate in brain and nerve cells. Side effects from that kind of damage could very well look like personality changes and mental illness. Praying for us all.


Because the vax changes your DNA you are no longer technically (or legally) human. You also (presumably) have taken the vax on your own free will. As you have voluntarily entered into the game of another by choosing to have the vax and change your physical form into something different to what it naturally was, you take on the entity(s) of the vax and all that comes with it. As you have not created the vax, nor are you aware of the intent behind the vax, you are not aware of the complete program of the vax, yet have still agreed to have it enter into and change your body. Ignorance is no defence, only consent is required. Because you have changed what you are, you no longer have full connection of your spirit to your physical form, this creates a void and Nature will always fill a void. This allows various entities to invade your energy field. In addition to accepting the entity of the vax (all creations have the right to exist, all thoughts are creations, all physical manifestations began as thought) into your energy field, and all that comes with it, you have also willingly surrendered full control of your physical vehicle. If you surrender full ownership of your physical vehicle you invite others to enter into your physical vehicle. The result of getting the vax is this: You agree to take on the entity of the vax and all the programs associated with it into your hologram/energy field, this will change your energy field to incorporate these new elements/programs. This a factor in why you will notice changed behaviours in those who have taken the vax. Because the entity of the vax has assumed a measure of control over them, it will continue to try to grow by encouraging others to take the vax as well. Futhermore, by relinquishing the physical vehicle your were incarnated into by allowing fundamental changes to it (no matter if you cannot directly perceive them), you invite other entities to enter into your energy field, upon which they will begin attempting take control to perpetuate their particular programs to increase their energy, or will encourage particular behaviours in order to create a particular type of energy they can feed off. This will also contribute to the noticeable altered behaviour of those who get the jab. These are natural laws and apply to all creation.


I love this sub


are you familiar with Mark Passio’s work?


I can't remember if it was on here or facebook, but I read awhile back a girl complaining that either COVID itself or the vax (I can't remember) had made her blurt out things that just popped into her mind. She was asking how long that side effect would last because she is a typically very private person and it was embarrassing for her especially at her place of work. It stuck with me because it was such a weird side effect that I assumed she was probably just having mental health issues, but to see it reflected her makes me believe it has happened to a few people and now I wish I had read the replies.


My mom, dad, sis became weird, emotionaly detached or something. I didn't put the two together (jab & personality changes) until everyone here started posting about this shit, it all began after their shots. Don't know how to explain it, sometimes my family are like complete strangers to me, it's like our connection has changed in some way, anyone have clues as to why this has happened? In other words what could be the scientific explanation?


Main change I've seen is previous skeptics firmly planted on the fence are now saying standard fare such as, "I feel fine". "Nothing happened to me; just get the shots". I'm already suspicious about this behavior.


kinda like Westworld's "Looks like nothing to me" trope


Indeed. Have you noticed this in your own life as well?


Hey man thanks for sharing your account and keen observations. I noticed in my family that got vaccinated a similar scenario. The impulsivity of speaking thoughts outloud that should be left unspoken definitely occured in all of my family members that got vaccinated. I noticed it online while gaming aswell, people don't know when to shut their mouth and how to have casual conversations. It's either that or complete absence of words or emotion. On the brighter side though I did see after a while that everyone seemed to return to their normal selves? Less impulsivity, more calm demeanor. Definitely reliable and punctual with most things. A little forgetful but nothing too pain staking. It's not bat shit insane, it's a very subtle but obvious change. Could be the hormonal imbalances the vaccines cause for a short period of time. They probably do end up settling as your body tries to rebalance it self. Guys even after use of meth people have a chance of returning to normal. I think we might be pointing out a blue herring at this point.


How old is your brother? If he is in an age where he can develop schizophrenia, the vaccine might have triggered it?


I immediately tought that this could be schizophrenia.


There is a Facebook page with people that have had bad reactions or side effects from vaccines- check there ??


I Dont use Facebook.


What’s the Facebook page?




Watch this video of this intuitive person describing what it feels like to have certain vaccine (she does that in "spirit"). https:// youtu.be/ oZ5G_tH8pJw


And here is the same person describing another brand of vaccine: https:// youtu.be/ pVXkIMKb2Js


Any idea how steel or heavy metal poisoning would affect the brain? I would guess that the theory of graphine oxide in the jab and all the crap in chemtrails dumping on us could explain why he's acting differently..it literal poisoning for fuck sake.


I'm in the non vaccinated control group. The lipids. I got an ultrasound after my doctor told me i had a very slight heart murmur that was diagnosed a few months after getting Covid. They used a lipid based agent to clarify the readings of qn ultrasound. I did notice I had an allergic reaction with hives right after it but I took a benadryl and it went away.


The injection may do various things but basicly it shuts you down (even more)


Search up Graphene Oxide


The strong metallic taste is a likely side effect of a stroke.


Heard some people from TikTok who talked about mood change too. Although, the vaccine reactions have to be different for everyone, since my mom got the vaccine and she’s the same.


I'm just guessing here but maybe long term effects of working with steel is a deterioration in some aspects of a person's health perhaps neurological. The vaccination has exacerbated/fast tracked these effects so he's developing neurological changes that without the jab he would have gotten 30 years down the track. Very interesting and concerning to me. I really hope things don't get worse for his, yours & your mums sake.


To be unvaxxed is to be untainted


Mad cow disease


I think everyone is under slot of stress. We’re all in this together. Unless you choose not to get the jab, then you’re just a rat. In all seriousness, I’m sorry your it brother was basically forced to take it