Bitcoin is going to destroy the power of national governments

Bitcoin is going to destroy the power of national governments


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Didn't China just yesterday, declare cyrpto illegal and banned them in their country?


A store of value that requires the grid to exist. Hmmmmmmm


If the grid goes down we have bigger issues. Good luck trading your silver coin for a tomato plant and some squirrel meat without getting shot.


I won't need to be trading anything for quite a while after the shizzy hits the fizzy.


Grants. You have a month extra.


Times 18 at least even before I have t poke my head up.


you may be right but if you listen to bidens recent speech. He talks about emerging technologies and how he plans to use quantum computing to help them 'grow'. if you ask me it was more of a subliminal threat to crypto.


keep dreaming


I read a conspiracy that some Russian agents actually created Bitcoin. Wish I could remember the details lol it was an interesting theory though.


No. It's was invented by Len Sassaman


"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!" Mayer Amschel Rothschild


The UK already has plan for a cryptocurrency to replace FIAT when the inevitable shit hits the fan. Bitcoin will be regulated out of the market, the principles and logics stolen and money isolated to be spent or transferred inside the new global elites economic model. Bitcoin is contrary to their aims of control so will need to be gotten rid of


No it’s not lol