The bitcoin Israeli domino effect

The bitcoin Israeli domino effect


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BTC was hijacked and ruined by banksters in 2017. Nice try tho. > Blockchain technology that is immutable ( eternal) As history has shown many times (even with BTC) majority of the block makers can change anything. This is why decentralization is key, and this is why BTC has failed.


There's countless bitcoin forks.


I srsly cannot imagine not being aware that CIA created blockchain for tracking purposes... ​ But yes go ahead and pimp it like its somehow "anti-govt" lulz


Use an encrypted blockchain like Monero


Lol. Encrypted. Just like your text messages haha. Riiiiiight


Like Text messages lol? Well at least it's clear that you don't know what you're taking about haha


I thought the domino was going to be China blocking BTC. That can’t be good for business


RemindMe! Dec 1st Also I think BTC could hit those numbers historically Q4 is usually a red candle for crypto


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That isnt a history lesson, thats fact followed by speculation. Bitcoin might hit 250k by q4 but that doesnt make it suck at being anything besides a store of value any less. When will you BTC maxis learn... as an aside Israel is piloting eth (which is also over hyped) but that means they are already miles ahead in terms of tech... https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cryptocurrency/21/06/21687219/israels-central-bank-experiments-with-ethereum-based-digital-currency