Right after Kate Spade committed suicide her husband wore this mask of a rat with a red scarf out in public. Could it have been to hide his grief? Or maybe it was some form of message.

Right after Kate Spade committed suicide her husband wore this mask of a rat with a red scarf out in public. Could it have been to hide his grief? Or maybe it was some form of message.


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If you look into the movie, and the story behind the character who he’s wearing a mask of, it’s very coincidental that he’d chose that mask days after her death to leave his house in. For me, it’s more him trying to send a message than someone making him wear it to send a message.


That’s a mask of Bernard, the mouse from the animated Disney film The Rescuers. The mouse helped save a little girl who was being abused.


abuse was trafficked n used to “mine diamonds” today it’s prob tesla minerals


They still use children in Africa to mine diamonds.


but the left deems it for climate change so their lives are a small sacrifice..... plus as they believe "its not destroying OUR forests and mountains". ClimateWhores are such hypocrites on everything.


I don't like fossils fuels. I also don't like green energy. It drives me up a wall to see green energy touted as green when I've seen how much it fucks over public lands. Green energy is just as extractive as fossil fuels but no one wants to talk about that because "it's the lesser of two evils" and "we have to do something". Massive reductions of energy consumption would be a nice start.


The only sustainable answer is nuclear. It gets a bad rap from the fossil fuel industry's propaganda machine. The Nuclear Fission Age will at least get us to The Nuclear Fusion Age. They will stop at nothing to prevent that from happening. It's too efficient and once the process is commonplace it will be hard for them to charge an exorbitant price for something that gives off so much energy from so little matter. This goes back to the the Tesla/Westinghouse situation where his process of energy being broadcast from Tesla towers could not be measured and therefore could not be priced. They are intentionally holding back the human race from advancement for profit. It's time for the human race to come together and stop the problem at its source. Destroy the rich class. It's actually simple. The armies they control just need to stop following orders. Without their big stick they will just be the school bully who just got his ass kicked by the quiet kid.


I agree with you from an environmental standpoint. I still have concerns safety-wise but I know pretty much nothing about physics or engineering so I consider myself not really smart enough to make those decisions! That's an interesting point you raised about it not being profitable.


The rods used in the fission are the only raw materials required besides water for cooling. Imagine the amount of coal mined and the oil sucked from the earth that would be reduced from everyone going nuclear. Then you would see the collapse of an entire industry. The Barons at the top would do anything to keep that power. This includes lying, cheating, stealing, bribing and murder and there is plenty of evidence of murder. Look at the last 40 years in Iraq.


Lmao. I knew I had looked into it before, someone posted an American tail here and I was reading about the movie thinking it sounded familarZ


Which movie is it?


It's not "An American Tale" that's a different mouse movie. Its "The Rescuers" and "The Rescuers Down Under" I recommend both movies on entertainment value alone.


After looking into all of the “American Tail” animated movies, their last one which was released in America in 2000 was called “An American Tail The Mystery Of The Night Monster” which takes place in Manhattan and tells of mice (all the characters are nice) disappearing in the night and reporters looking into it, alongside a separate story about factories. But the main story is they are investigating why mice are going missing and it turns out a secret group of cats are keeping them underground in cages and eating them. I know Kate Spade was told to be working with the Clintons elsewhere in this thread prior to her death, but I haven’t found snd concrete evidence to support this. But it’s just so odd your wife would die and you put on this pretty obscure mask to shield your face.


“Don’t rat them out”


Maybe they’re calling her a “rat” (for saying too much). Her husband gets punished too but gets to live if he goes through this humiliation ritual. Of course they made him wear a rat mask. Regarding the scarf, in the occult scarlet usually symbolizes blood and/ or life and death. Notice how it’s wrapped around his neck. Creepy, who made him do this?


I heard red scarf symbolism means the person talked. They usually make it look like you commited suicide with red scarf.


The crazy part to me is Kate Spade hung herself via a scarf


A red scarf no less.


Robin Williams - red tie Chris Cornell - red clip/red exercise band Chester Bennington - red rope Anthoney Bordain - red belt Kate Spade - red scarf Things that make you go hmmmm


Woah...is this true? Now that is a conspiracy i'll look into..thx


I don't think this is true. I was able to confirm only Cornell and Spade. You have some other information?


It’s not a red scarf! It’s part of the mask!


It’s still a red scarf.


what the fuck is going on in here?


To me this is more likely.


Her father died just a few hours before the funeral too.


Maybe that's it. He was required to go out in public in this mask to humiliate himself as a "rat". Sick.


Damn, what a theory


This. Or he would be next…or worse. That’s how these people play…..


Bernard, from the movie "The Rescuers" and its a red turtleneck sweater.


Also the Rescuers are mice, not rats.


And the sequel "The Rescuers Down Under". The sequel came out when i was a kid.


I remember this! What a fucking weird thing to do.


Now go read the plot of The Rescuers (his mask is one of the main characters)... The Rescuers is a 1977 American animated adventure comedy-drama film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released by Buena Vista Distribution. The 23rd Disney animated feature film, the film is about the Rescue Aid Society, an international mouse organization headquartered in New York City and shadowing the United Nations, dedicated to helping abduction victims around the world at large


One of my favorite Disney movies. And the subject itself was pretty heavy.


Follow [the titties](https://i.imgur.com/Lgpd86q.jpg)


Is that a forest?


That naked lady looks like she’s undergoing some type of ritual that would appear in a rock bands music video.


I wonder who that is/was




Agreed, it wasn't just a mask he found. He purposely hunted that down


There's also an image of a topless woman in that movie. Just Disney doing what Disney does...in children's movies.




That woman and the crocodiles. Oh and the skull scene in the well. Gave me the creeps as a kid.


Back then it seemed like all Disney movies had an element of fear/horror in them. Bambi's mom getting shot wrecked me as a kid seeing that in the theater for example. Were they purposely instilling fear in kids?


Yeah. That's bernard. Also, it's not a scarf, it's a turtleneck.


Holy fuck longorangedick, they put it out there like that! ~~Imagery~~ symbolism will be their downfall. They thrive off of this shit. He was probably riding such a high from wearing that mask.


It's also the film with the pornographic image super imposed on one of the windows as they fly by on the back of a seagull.


Let me guess. It was a dick.


I think it was a naked lady, I could be wrong though...


Well I bet the naked lady had a massive dick. Those sick fucks.




The clown has no penis


The clown has NO penis!






It was a boob. Look at the comments RIGHT ABOVE YOU. Like, LOL


No just a top less woman


Your comment makes it seem like you think he is one of the bad guys......


“Holy fuck longorangedick” haha gets me every time. It’s ironic… our immature, 14 year old edge lord usernames will be our downfall, if you think about it. lol


Mine is from a joke my wife made about the mascot of my favorite NHL team. I asked her favorite thing about gritty and she said "his long orange dick"...and the rest is history 😂


> 23rd 23, its everywhere! - Jim Carrey lol just a joke.


So whoever killed her made him wear that mask. Probably told him he's a naughty little curious mouse, trying to stick its nose where it doesnt belong. I love how nothing happens and people just get suicided everytime the sex cult cabal is exposed. Whatever hapenned to the whole Elaine Maxwell thing anyway??


It’s pronounced Jizz Lane.




And she was investigating child trafficking when she died.


That was the first word that came to mind. Weird.


It's killing me trying to remember but weren't there a number of suicides involving 'red'? Most of them socialite/celeb type people? Edit : it wasn't the red, but door knobs that were the common factor. I think the red scarf was suggested to be symbolic by someone I heard on a podcast. Michael Hutchence David Carradine Alexander McQueen Kate Spade obviously L'Wren Scott Was Robin Williams one?? There are more but I'm drawing blanks. If I remember this came out around the Podesta stuff and was linked to some black-sun ritual Edit 2 : duck duck go came to the [rescue ](https://thephoenixenigma.com/the-doorknob-sacrifices-a-black-sun-ritual-12-celebrity-suicides-related-to-pedophilia-cover-up/)


Anthon Bourdain too.


He was suicided


Chris Cornell allegedly hanged himself from a doorknob with a red excercise band. I don't think that's even possible. Anyway, go read the lyrics to Black Hole Sun, the video is pretty good too.


It’s no coincidence that so many stars of 90s music ended up killing themselves or being murdered. I feel like there was some kind of spiritual reawakening trying to be started by a lot of the artists and maybe they were killed for that. I mean there’s no way in hell Kurt Killed himself. Go look at the lyrics to smells like teen spirit. Even Tupac was extremely woke. I could go on and on naming the artists but I think there’s something to this. The lyrics to black hole sun are so deep and even a bit creepy. I fucking love it, hopefully these deaths will have light shown upon them eventually


Hunger Strike too.


You could definitely hang yourself with a resistance band. It would probably be more peaceful actually, slower compression. But I am not saying it isn't suspicious, especially on a door knob and it being red.


I'm always suspicious when they say someone hanged themselves on a door knob, it doesn’t seem possible


I would be too, but we had a girl kill herself the year I went to summer school. Met her boyfriend from the time years later. He said he blamed himself. "She was super obsessed with me and one day I left her at my house and told her to be gone by the time I got back." Said by the time he got home she'd already walked home to her mom's house and killed herself. Her brother found her. She had tied a shoelace around a door knob and around her neck and died in that manner.


It possible and very common, particularly in prison/remand facilities. People get confused when they see the word "hung" and imaging dangling from a scaffold, legs kicking, just like the old cowboy movies. That's wrong: think more like auto-erotic asphyxiation "accidents". Any situation where you strangle, pass out, then your body weight continues to constrict your neck until you die. I have personally attended suicides using a boot lace attached to a light switch panel, and a sink plug chain attached to a kitchen cabinet handle. It's so easy: once you pass out, gravity does the rest.


Personally attended? Sounds macabre.


Prob first responder.


autoerotic asphyxiation


You just have to know basic physics.


I’m not sure slower compression is what you’re going for. Isn’t the purpose of hanging to break your neck? Not strangle yourself right?


Yea that's true sorry. I was thinking about the door knobs scenario and where I have been choked out before.i think you could strangle yourself.


That is ridiculous. Slower compression.... Come on man


Chris Cornell.


Alexander McQueen is an interesting one. I don't think there's a lot of info about it.


Mcqueens work was heavily involved with symbolism of occult/Illuminati I’m not surprised.


Yeah it definitely was. Very dark shit. Maybe he actually did kill himself.


Very likely. His mother had just died. He had metal health problems that had lead to him attempting a drug overdose two times. And one of his friends had said "was doing a lot of drugs and was very unhappy"


I've always loved that dude's style and this sounds just like a version of me. A terrible loss and it sounds weird but I'm sort of...glad (!?!) It was suicide and not some Epstein type shit if that makes sense. Probably gonna make me seem like an asshole but oh well


Agree. That one stood out to me aswell.


Chester from linkin park and Chris Cornell. Both killed themselves while working on a documentary I think about trafficking


And the fast and furious guy, and the techno guy, Avicii maybe?


I also heard there’s a theory that Podesta was rumored to be Bennington’s biological father. I have no clue if that’s true, but there’s definitely a resemblance. Doesn’t necessarily mean anything, though, just to be fair.


The resemblance is fucking crazy


It’s as close as Castro and Trudeau.


There's not a shred of evidence that they were working on a documentary. Even the producers of the doc deny any link.


What about Chester? You mean he was involved in cp?


No Chester was working on a documentary about human trafficking and child pedopholia but he was silenced before they could release the documentary


Ohh whewww. I loved that guy man, was shocked for a second.


What about the theory that Chester's dad is John Podesta.


Never heard this one


Wasn’t it red bodybags? Moving the dead body on a stretcher in a red bodybag and into a van, the conspiracy was that it meant they faked their death or something. This is a old theory. Correct me if I’m wrong. Michael jackson was one of them, can’t remember more🤷🏽‍♂️


OMG I totally forgot that this was a “thing”, but you’re right!


I have never heard the red bag personally sorry so I'm not sure. I don't think these people were suspected of faking thier death other than it may not have been 'suicide'. I found this [fwiw](https://thephoenixenigma.com/the-doorknob-sacrifices-a-black-sun-ritual-12-celebrity-suicides-related-to-pedophilia-cover-up/)


It was about shoes. All these people who have been linked to the child abuse ring the 1% runs have been photographed at dinner parties wearing red shoes. [Tony Podesta regularly hosted such get togethers](https://postimg.cc/Tp1rJJVW) > "While each pontiff has had his own style, red shoes are a papal tradition that goes back centuries. [The story of Pope Benedict's red shoes](https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2013/02/26/the-story-of-pope-benedicts-infamous-red-shoes-which-he-will-give-up/) > Democratic power broker Tony Podesta was scheduled to celebrate his 65th birthday in style with a “red shoe" > In lieu of gifts, guests were encouraged to bring new or gently used shoes for a donation to Soles4Souls, a charity that provides shoes to adults and children in need. [K Street files: Partying for Podesta](https://www.rollcall.com/2009/10/23/k-street-files-partying-for-podesta/)


Wait Alexander McQueen is dead? Damn missed that somehow


Chris Cornell? I can't remember for sure. I don't feel like googling it.


Others confirmed the same.


Could Jimmy Hendrix count? 27s club and Red wine?


I was wrong on the red part it was the door knobs. I dug around on DDG and found [this](https://thephoenixenigma.com/the-doorknob-sacrifices-a-black-sun-ritual-12-celebrity-suicides-related-to-pedophilia-cover-up/)


Anthony Bourdain as well.


So that mask is actually from a cartoon movie. The plot of that movie…to save the children from being trafficked. Rumors are that she and Bourdain (who also supposedly hung himself with a scarf) had some knowledge about these child trafficking rings and were about to come forward. This was a message to anyone else that might have wanted to speak out


Nothing normal about this.


Also why is he dressed like a fucking kid walking to school? Yellow backpack, spiral notebook and fresh kids gap denim button up?


Hanging someone from a door knob with something red (usually a red scarf or tie) is a calling card by the Illuminati


Does that come into play with the red shoe gang? Also I just searched Kate Spade and the first image is a red shoe


The red shoe club is one of many subsects of satanists that are into whatever it is they do. All we know is that the red shoes they wear are made from human skin , mainly children’s


Wait. What?! 😱


Check out Tony Podesta, a prominent member of the red shoe club…then look into his art collection




I wonder if the same guy who makes the popes shoes makes anyone else’s red shoes who is suspect.


Didn’t Kate Spade have some involvement with the Clintons before her suicide? How many people close to the Clintons have killed themselves again?


I would answer this but I can’t count that high


Ss. Kate Spade was doing some work for the Clinton Foundation before she committed suicide. Then her husband goes out in public to wear this mask. It’s very strange.


Would like to add that her father died just a few hours before the funeral.


That is “Bernard” from the Disney movie The Rescuers “ the film is about the Rescue Aid Society, an international mouse organization headquartered in New York City and shadowing the United Nations, dedicated to helping abduction victims around the world at large. Two of these mice, jittery janitor Bernard (Bob Newhart) and his co-agent, the elegant Miss Bianca (Eva Gabor), set out to rescue Penny (Michelle Stacy), an orphan girl being held prisoner in the Devil's Bayou by treasure huntress Madame Medusa (Geraldine Page).” So the “scarf” OP is talking about is actually his little red turtleneck that he wears in the movie. I don’t know if it’s relevant at all.


Fall of Cabal


so many hangings. its just weird. I wonder if its a deal type thing. "We'll make you famous, but after a certain amount of time you have to end yourself. If not we'll kill you and your entire family and release every awful thing we know about you and ruin your legacy" ​ anyone think Niki Manaj is going to be found hanging in a hotel closet soon?


That's how MS13 carries out hits for the EL1TE


No, for women it is usually drugs.


That’s a character from the Disney the rescuers. It’s about a kidnapped little girl.


Wasn’t David Spade one of the ones connected to Epstein on the flight log? He definitely has a history of dating very young women. Could be possible Kate found out her brother or someone connected to him was involved in trafficking.


Brother in law, but today I learned that Kate Spade married David Spades brother and went to school at Arizona State University. I literally had no idea.


He was in the same fraternity as my uncle.


What I tried to find more info on this? I typed Kate Spade into google and it didnt fill in suicide........ I had to type out the entire S U I C I D E, AND EVEN THEN it didn't fill it in. When I hit enter tho, some links showed up. Weird.


If you don't know what the red scarf represents look up the Red Scarf Club.


Anybody remember fall cabal… rip :( but also yeah this was messed up. Very weird and unnatural.


When did she die?




RIP kate spade.






That is crazy


Is that Chuck E. Cheese?


not even close


It’s been a long time since I’ve been in one. Like decades.


it looks to me like the mouse from that old 70's disney movie the rescuers


Well, I haven’t seen that in decades, either, but a quick DuckDuckGo search yields a grey mouse in a red hat, so you are probably correct.


I was thinking [Cartoon Head](https://www.memorabletv.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/ideal-johnny-vegas.jpg) from the tv show Ideal... But now when I look at it, I think you are right :)


Why that’s Bernard from the cartoon movie The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under. 🐭🐭🐭


Weird ass way to grieve.


It’s because the paparazzi are fucking jackals.


Maybe callin her a rat ...


Lots of “Pizza” at Chucky cheese just sayin


It’s An American Tail. More of a statement of how Fucked up America is with …fill in the blank. Mental Health is wanted to put in but I think that there are more Factors at play that lead to the demise of Mental Health.


I think the mask is the character named Bernard from "The Rescuers" and "The Recuers Down Under".


Your right, but I’m still going to hangout with my statement for a little while longer


Who tf is Kate Spade?


Really? You are on the internet already...


I don’t give a shit about about a……looks her up….purse designer? Wait……People pay that much for a purse?? That’s the real conspiracy.




“Don’t rat me out” ?


It's all theatre


I'd guess it's him wearing anything he had in his home to avoid the paparazzi seeing him cry or trying to make him cry for a paycheck shot. The man was dealing with a family tragedy and those vultures had cameras in his face.


Message looks like “Rats get the scarf”


Nah, he just won that at Charles Entertainment Cheese's & wanted to show it off.


It's kinda funny that the mask is looking in the direction he is.


Highly suspicious behavior. Guy probably killed her.


There was a Chuck E. Cheese clause in her life insurance


To not let the paparazzi take photos of him crying? Not that deep


Yeah so the man goes out in a rat mask and a school boy’s outfit. Makes total sense, nothing to see here!


He liked cheese


Did Chuck E Cheese murder his wife?


If you look hard enough for a "conspiracy" you can find one anywhere.


Maybe question everything? Or don’t, there’s a lot of things going on around us we visibly can’t see.


She was a rat?!