Hold the line , the illuminated are running out of time!

Hold the line , the illuminated are running out of time!


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I personally would love to know what you're thinking is coming. I've absolutely no plans to get this gene therapy shot, and if it means I'm unemployable then so be it. There will be many like me everywhere. But please tell me why they're running out of time. Schwab said something similar, about a brief window covid could be used in the great reset business. I don't understand what the sudden urgency is. If anything they seem to be overplaying their hand in a rush.


>**I don't understand what the sudden urgency is. If anything they seem to be overplaying their hand in a rush.** ​ Legal challenges to all this madness are starting to take place perhaps? This is perhaps one of the reason MOST Governments around the West are pushing so hard for folks to get the vaxx before the end of the Month ie; ***before mandated vaxx are ruled Illegal by Supreme Courts around the World?*** ​ **Supreme Court cases challenge legality of mandated COVID vaccines in NSW** [https://www.abc.net.au/radio/newsradio/supreme-court-cases-challenging-legality-of/13536026](https://www.abc.net.au/radio/newsradio/supreme-court-cases-challenging-legality-of/13536026) ​ Not only that...but how long before the first death due to an employer's (coerced) MANDATED VACCINATION? Unlike the Pharmas...employers as far as I know don't have immunity from liability! ​ [https://www.insurancejournal.com/blogs/big-i-insights/2021/02/22/602123.htm](https://www.insurancejournal.com/blogs/big-i-insights/2021/02/22/602123.htm) [https://stuartbramhall.wordpress.com/2021/05/19/employers-who-mandate-covid-vaccines-may-be-held-liable-for-any-adverse-reaction/](https://stuartbramhall.wordpress.com/2021/05/19/employers-who-mandate-covid-vaccines-may-be-held-liable-for-any-adverse-reaction/)


Pharma won’t have immunity if communications surface showing coordination with the propaganda machine. Their eua won’t save them from Nuremberg style trials


It started already in private companies: due dates Dec 31 to show proof of vaccination


Same date the faulty PCR test is to be abandoned. To me, that sounds crazy they recall a test bc it doesn't differentiate between the flu and C19 yet use it for close to a year to post ridiculous stats to scare the public.


There is more and more evidence the jabs are poison. Before long it will be indisputable


"window of opportunity"


do you have a link to what klaus said or a quote and in what context. was it at one of the events im interested in reading more about that specifically.


Yeah this was his statement. "Tragedy need not be the only legacy of the COVID-19 crisis. On the contrary, the pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future." https://www.weforum.org/focus/the-great-reset


shady fucker, even more shady with his mortal kombat robes he is wearing. "you vill own nothing and you vill be happy"


They are getting old and lack the strength to drive an overpopulated planet because they refuse to be replaced by younger healthier lads. Somewhere someone promised them forever life and are preparing for it. Pretty devil, right? Just my assumptions!


I agree with you!


I got ky wife and her family on board. All I had to ask her was have you heard any leader talk about healthy lifestyle?. We have made more healthy strides this year than a damn vaccine.




STAY STRONK, APES, DIAMOND HANDO! 🦍💎🤝 gotta make it to oct 22


Why 10/22?


oct 2022, its a rather auspicious dateline. cant say, I have my sauces. we can outlast them, since we didnt take davax. Time is on our side.


Come on m8 just a teeny hint plez


hint is: flu season.


🤔 Isn’t flu season this year supposed to be a bad thing? What’s auspicious about it?


Very auspicious bro. like i said, we just need to outlast em. It's like nature roundhausing em in the face u know. let the "thing" works its majack. cant say. time will tell.


Should I be looking forward to the start, middle or end of October? 😂


around oct, prob end of. 🤡📯📯


Well here’s hoping m8. How confident is your source?


Hold the line. Speak truth. Protect your health and frame of mind. Liberty will reign. This is a stress test to see how much we will comply. We say no to tyrants.


Succinct. ❤️




Hodl till they Fodl


💎 👐


I feel like if we can get through this winter, covid will be done by next summer/spring. They are clearly VERY desperate to get people jabbed. If they weren’t, they would’ve left it alone by now.


I’m good, personally. I’ve got enough saved to pay rent for a few months, and I can pop over to my parents house if I can’t go further. Beyond that, my shitty job gives me free food, so I’m kinda set.


My family will live in a van on the road and go on an adventure if it comes to that. Remember, it's not forever. The other side is hurting it's own supporters, and in a matter of time they will eventually realize it. Unfortunately it's not happening fast enough --- but the first booster will wake a lot of them up, and by the time they're hit with the 2nd booster they're going to give up support for the regime. Also, each successive shot will produce more side effects. It will be harder and harder to hide them. Social media will get more and more locked down, but eventually word of mouth will travel. By then they will have gotten the population reduction they want, but our goal is to survive. HOLD THE LINE. It won't be forever.


Excellent point(s). They want businesses and entire industries to fold to usher in the 4th industrial revolution-->the emergence of ai, automation and robotics. But I don't think they are ready for the hell business owners will raise faced with the futility of staying in business once the latest mandates go into effect.


Even if it's years were ready. Hold the line


Agreed! We’re 10 yards from the end zone don’t choke now


correct, they have moved too soon. We have at least another 80 years.


>We have at least another 80 years. Why 80 years?


Hold the line!!! no clot shot for me brother.... true story my cousin died within days of his shot due to a giant blood clot in his lungs... he was 30!


Agreed. I’m right in the middle of “shits about to get much worse” and “shits about to get much better.” Some days i lean towards better, some days lean towards worse. The bottom line is when I get off my phone, look outside and pay attention to my life, I can’t help but be grateful and have faith in myself and the universe. This past year, I’ve been pretty much 100% self employed, from contracting jobs and my own business, and this couldn’t of happened at a better time, especially with this covid mandate. I know the universe is on my side, and everyones side who represents/believes in freedom, positivity and natures course.






The illuminated got trillions in tax subsidies and interest free forgivable loans. I doubt they are hurting at all.




If you think this "pandemic" will just "end", you're missing out on the bigger picture.




I don't think so, man... I think this is just a common virus like a cold that will be here forever. There just happens to be enough really old people that some of them die. Remember there was a baby boom about 80 years ago. Life expectancy is 79 so you have to expect some old people to die. It's just life... And then there's all the unhealthy people. Look around, people literally bursting at the seams. People aren't healthy. Those 99% survival rate numbers aren't random... It's unhealthy people dying. This is all about getting a vaccination program going. Shots into arms. Passport. Social credit system. Increased surveillance. An apparatus to shut down protests, etc... If you're worried about the virus, get some exercise and eat healthfully. What you need to worry about is the rapid change to countries once considered free...


My guy the elites’ business model of repeat booster jabs and by extension, the social credit system, depends on this pandemic never ending.


>the timeline is months away What do you mean the timeline is months away? Do you mean people are going to be dropping dead in a few months and the scam will become clear to everyone?


Yes! Exactly. The test is scary. But it is short. "they do receive authority as kings for one hour with the wild beast. 13 These have one thought, so they give their power and authority to the wild beast. 14 These will battle with the Lamb, but because he is Lord of lords and King of kings, the Lamb will conquer them. Also, those with him who are called and chosen and faithful will do so." Rev 17:12-14 They only gain their one world government for one hour. Stay strong no matter what your faith is.


How is the timeline running down?


Well the world economic forum have given a date of 2030 for their great reset.... So before then (2030) they plan to reset the world economy..... Like a computer being upgraded , sooner or later all files are replenished with more advanced software....


Ok, but that doesn’t really mean that they’re emphatically tied to a date. Agenda 21 proposed much the same thing 2030 did. Have we made it to a complete fulfillment of Agenda 21? Nope…and yet they still keep progressing the agenda. That’s how it’s been since the early 20th century: projecting global agenda milestones a bit too early and then eventually succeeding in meeting them a few years later than proposed. “Holding the line” isn’t going to do anything in the grand scheme of things.


Wrong. The more of us that HOLD THE LINE, the harder it is for them to restrict us. As our number gets smaller it becomes easier for them to increase restrictions. If they continue, eventually it ends with a small number of people being rounded up in camps and the majority of people just being glad it's not them and supporting it because they're scared to resist it. Therefore, "holding the line" is important. Second -- there is a time component of this: long term side effects. We're already seeing the beginning --- the vaccinated are getting sick and spreading it everywhere. Right now they've cooked the numbers by comparing "people who are not fully vaccinated" to "fully vaccinated" .......... When they do that, it catches the majority of people who have serious adverse reactions and they are considered unvaccinated hospitalizations and deaths... But in reality those are people who got the shots and suffered serious issues within 14 days after the shot. This is ENRON style of accounting. They need to move FAST because when the unvaccinated remain healthy while everyone else gets sick, it will be proof that their shots are harmful. The shots themselves are intended to produce long term sickness in those who take them, so they can extract the wealth that would otherwise go to those people's offspring. It also reduces lifespan which is their solution for the social security problem. Anyhow, HOLD THE LINE. The more of us that resist, the more power we have. Economic power and otherwise.


Got mine in feb when can I finally die? Taking forever


Please elaborate what do you mean the timeline is running out


They are certainly acting that way, but what exactly are they in such a hurry for? The game of inches Fabian approach has worked all too well so far. It seems like pushing things too hard too fast is the only way they can mess this up.


Not that I don't intend to change course now, but nobody is coming to stop this.


What timeline are you looking at? What's re the dates you are referencing and why




don't call them illuminated- they ARE NOT the illuminated ones.


At least 2 more years...the bible says 42 months, in Revelation 13


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Hmmm... not really...just give the Revelation 13


You have paranoid schizophrenia


You sound as stupid as those people who lost their savings on GameStop 👀