Western European countries are part of the core of imperialist countries, not the periphery. They too benefit from exploitation of the global south. They just have had much harsher labor struggles with their citizens to get a piece of that plunder. Their compromises came in the form of social welfare, whereas in the US it came more from higher wages/unionization. They're trying to roll those gains back, but the workers fight to keep them. Even Sweden, the nation liberals and soc dems worship, is still one of the biggest arms dealers, defense contractors, and has plenty of economic imperialist capitalist monopolies that exploit cheap labor, both in the global south and Eastern Europe. The poorer the country is in Western Europe; Greece, Portugal, Ireland, the less imperialistic it is. But the countries you listed; France, Germany, and the UK are just as imperialistic as the US. The EU is an imperialist bloc, that even vies for power against the US.


Thank you very much Comrade. Also, if you could give me some sources to read about this topic, please link them.


Aren't some of the prominent asian countries more capitalist/imperialist as well? I've heard people call china capitalist, but japan definately seems like it.