These shots are some of the MCUs most powerful moments 👏

These shots are some of the MCUs most powerful moments 👏


1. Tony in Avengers 2012 2. ? 3. Steve in Endgame 4. Wanda in WandaVision Is 2 from Captain Marvel, or from something else?


2 is Captain Marvel


Would you narrow it down to which scene, please? I can't recall.


Sorry, but that movie sucked, and brought down the quality of the MCU.


So if you don't like a movie it brings down the quality of other 20 movie? Sure


That is how averages work. If there is one negative score on your report card, the overall score is lower.


Except we are talking about movies and you not liking a movie doesn't change the quality of other movies.


I don't know who "we" is, but my standalone statement said it brought the MCU down. The MCU has to average all the content.


The MCU is a bunch of movies and you not liking one of them doesn't change their avarage quality.


I mean I disagree with the take that captain marvel sucked but if they think so it definitely brings down the MCU average for them


I mean, he's not wrong. That IS how averages work. I disagree with him that Captain Marvel was that bad but if he views it as such then for him the AVERAGE quality of the MCU would go down. Just a semantics thing.


And I thought it was the best, so the average goes up... So...🤷🏼‍♂️ What he forgot to add to HIS statement was that HIS dislike of this one movie brings down HIS overall ranking of the other marvel movies, because as far as I'm concerned this is one of the better movies and elevates the other movies around it, but that's just like my opinion man...


Why are you arguing with a troll? Especially one worried so much about what an “average” is to justify their original pointless comment?


I don't like several of them. LOOK UP WHAT AN AVERAGE IS.


It's barely going to go down with about 22 other good movies, but say if Captain Marvel was the 3 MCU movie to release, and it got a 0% score while the other 2 were 100% it would take the score down 33% at max.


That’s fine to think that.


Speak for yourself, the movie wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible, and it doesn’t change the quality of the other films just because it didn’t live up to your standards lmfao


I am speaking for myself. Who did you think I was speaking for?


Couldn't disagree more, I just finished re-watching it and really enjoyed it. I'd probably say it's average for an MCU movie.


I agree I think its solidly mid-tier


And I thought it was the best, so the average goes up... So...🤷🏼‍♂️ What you forgot to add to YOUR statement was that YOUR dislike of this one movie brings down YOUR overall ranking of the other marvel movies, because as far as I'm concerned this is one of the better movies and elevates the other movies around it, but that's just like my opinion man...


I absolutely agree with you. I think the MCU had a few movies with missteps but I think Captain Marvel was the worst one


I love Cap’s eyes in Endgame. Taking the time to show his reaction to going into space. We’d all feel that way in his shoes. It’s such a beautiful moment to linger on.


I like how his eyes slowly open wider, such a cool shot


He's just a kid from Brooklyn from before we even went to the moon. Then here he is jumping through space at lightspeed I think it was just a moment of sheer awe at the size of the universe and how small he was in it. They show a lot in such a short shot there.


1 is Tony Stark looking up at the Chetauri ship after he delivers the nuclear warhead to it as his suit runs out of power. Avengers The others? I'm hoping someone smarter than me can help!


2 is Captain Marvel 3 is Captain America in Endgame 4 is Wanda seeing The Scarlet Witch in WandaVision


What scene of captain marvel and endgame?


Captain Marvel when piloting the test aircraft and Endgame when cap when into space for the first time


I... Have no idea where these are from except the last one. Which movies and scenes are these from?


Other comment got em all wrong so: Tony sacrifice g himself in Avengers 1 Carol Danvers testing the aircraft from Captain Marvel Steve ~~facing Thanos~~ going to space in Endgame >!Wanda seeing the scarlett witch for the first time!< in Wandavision


First is Tony’s eyes in Endgame when he sees Captain Marvel. Second is Captain Marvel’s eyes... I forget when. Third is Captain America going to space for the first time


r/moviescirclejerk made fun of this exact shot the other day with almost the same caption. either someone’s trolling or this is straight up the funniest thing ever. pure kino shots


Made fun of it? These are pretty cool moments and cool shots within the movies... It’s totally fine to not care/like it.


The moment anyone appreciates or looks for any deeper meaning into any movie/tv show deemed 'popular', that sub makes fun of it. And when it's Marvel, you're not supposed to look at anything in a deeper way if they are to be believed. Just a very cynical sub in general.


For me the most powerful moment still is “he might be your father, but he ain’t your daddy.”


It’s just close up of eyes, how is it powerful?




Well let’s see the first one is just Tony staring at Carol, and the next two are Carol and Steve staring at space, and the fourth is wanda seeing her future self (this one is cool I’ll admit), so, with context, how is this powerful?


The first one is Tony after he releases the nuke at the Chitari. Dude just traveled through a wormhole and saved NY in a desperate effort. The second is Carol and I don’t see the big deal with that one either. The third is Steve traveling at light speed into space. This is a dude from the 1940s who has come so far in his journey that now he is seeing the vast unexplored space (by humans). The one with Wanda is just cool IMO. I’d say 2 out of 4 are pretty powerful. Unless you have experienced something like that I don’t know how that wouldn’t be a powerful moment.


The one with Carol is right before she crashes and then gets her powers. It’s powerful but not compared to the others.


Yeah, I didn't get the title, either. They're not powerful at all, and they're not even very visually impressive. I'm not sure what OP was going for, here.


It’s all about context and what brought them to that point/what happened after. Character wise all powerful moments.


The first one is. That's Tony realising he is about to die. The third one with Cap has a lot in it, but it's not powerful at all. It's Steve marvelling at space. He has much more epic moments. And the last one was just visually impressive. What was "powerful" about Wanda seeing herself and falling over? The same episode literally had her open a love note from Vision while standing in an abandoned lot, then her heart broke and chaos magic exploded from her. Infinitely more powerful moment and so much more defining. These shots are all pretty, but powerful doesn't apply to any of them but the first.


Everyone on this thread has a different view of what powerful means. I thought they all were. It’s cool if you don’t.


Think about what was happening and what they mean?


That they’re staring at something?


Yup that’s exactly right. Lol


[Serious] I'm so confused, can someone explain why that scene from captain marvel is on the level of Tony sacrificing himself, Cap facing the Mad Titan, or Wanda discovering the scarlett witch?


Didn’t say they were all on the same level. Just that they are SOME of the most powerful moments in the MCU.


So powerful that no one can get them all right.




This post did not have the effect you thought it would. :P


Which was? Lol