What is/are your favorite classical piece(s) that “hypes you up”

What is/are your favorite classical piece(s) that “hypes you up”


- Verdi, Requiem... all of it, best piece ever written - Sibelius, Symphony no. 5, 3rd movement - Wagner, Vorspiel to act I of Das Rheingold (my god, the tension!) - Wagner, Wotans Abschied from Die Walküre (Leb wohl, du kühnes, herrliches Kind, makes me feel like a god) - Wagner, First parts of act III of Siegfried (there is thunder involved in the prelude) - Respighi, Pini di Roma (Villa Borghese) - Bartók, Concerto for Orchestra 5th movement - Dvořák, Symphony no. 9 1st and 4th movements - Shostakovich, Violin concerto no. 1 (fast parts, II and IV) - John Adams, The Chairman Dances (just good fun) - Brahms, Schicksalslied (DOCH UNS IST GEGEEEEBEN...!!!! What a twist!) - Brahms, Gesang der Parsen - Berlioz, Act IV Chasse royale et orage (pantomime) from Les Troyens - Purcell, March for the Funeral of Queen Mary, Funeral March I (how stately) - Verdi, Act I Scene I, Storm from Otello - Tchaikovsky, Symphony no. 6, 3rd movement (let's keep the 4th for a different moment, shall we?) - Rachmaninoff, Piano Concerto no. 2, 1st movement - Manolis Kalomiris, The Destruction of Psara (includes dramatic narrator) - Manolis Kalomiris, In St. Luke's Monastery (again, the narrator does it, I don't even know Greek but it just works) - Richard Strauss, Don Juan - Ralph Vaughan Williams, A Sea Symphony, I. A Song for All Seas, All Ships (fun fact: the composer said after first rehearsal something like "I did not know an orchestra could produce such a sound!") - Tchaikovsky, Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture - Sibelius, Symphony no. 2 Finale - Shostakovich, Symphony no. 10, 2nd movement - Oscar Lorenzo Fernández, Batuque from Reisado do pastoreio - Jón Leifs, Galdra-Loftr Overture - Jón Leifs, Hékla (it's about the volcano... should say enough) - Grieg, Old Norwegian Melody with Variations, XVIII (intense 50 seconds, those) - Joaquín Turina, Danzas fantásticas, III. Orgia - Carl Orff, Carmina Burana, "O Fortuna!" and "Fortune plango vulnera" (I know, the pop music lover's classical music and the classical music lover's pop music... see it as my classical guilty pleasure) - Heitor Villa-Lobos, Symphony no. 6, 4th movement - Stravinsky, Rite of Spring


Brahms Schicksalslied, best horn solo ever. (yeah I was a horn player)


Sibelius 5 is legendary


This is AMAZING! Now I know what should really go in my "Energy kick" playlist.


Another Leifs fan! He is such a cool composer


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Hey, every opera needs a libretto!


What makes you say that?


Wait, Rach 2 *1st* movement? Not the 3rd?


I'm not that familiar with the other movements so I didn't think it'd be a good idea to talk about them. I've heard it's briliant - all of it - but I haven't gotten around to it yet. That's the case for many of these larger, multi-movement pieces like these symphonies and concertos and operas. For instance, I once listened to all of Otello, but it's too long ago to really remember it beside a general feeling of "yeah, I remember enjoying it". Or Sibelius' 5th: I know the first movement and allegro molto but that's it really. Need to work on it, I know.


not really "hypes" me up, but the sacrificial dance in the rite of spring helps me get through essay writing at 2 am.


Definitely 'Short Ride In A Fast Machine' by John Adams.


Finale of Mahler 2. I can’t be alone.


You are not!! This is my “pump me up” and has been for years! Which recording? I like the live Tennstedt version.


I always go back to Rattle with the CBSO.


Rattle takes it a little too fast for my taste, but his orchestral balances are divine.


The entire piece is awesome. That build up to the recapitulation of the first theme in the first movement gets me pumped, every time. I blasted this a week ago on my Sonos surround sound system (playbar, subwoofer, two Ones as satellites), Sonos Ones in my bathroom, bedroom and office, and my Sonos Move in my kitchen. There’s a DVD of Alan Gilbert w/ the NYPhil playing Mahler 2 for the 9/11 concert - IMO, a great rendition. I nearly shook my apartment complex to the ground blasting the final movement. Fucking epic.


That's also one of my favorite moments! I just feel like no one milks those chords at the "molto pesante" marking just before the first theme is restated on all strings. I've listened to many, many conductors play it with many, many orchestras, and the only one who I think does it justice is Rattle. For reference, \[this video\]([https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwRPYijLygA](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwRPYijLygA)) at exactly the 15 minute mark. Regardless of the orchestra or the conductor, still the best piece ever written IMO.


HAHAHA. That’s really milking it. I think, from memory, Bernstein may be the only one who comes close to milking it like Sir Simon, but that may be just because he generally takes a faster tempo than most for many of the passages - so it feels like that section is dragged juxtaposed to preceding passage’s pace. Haitink may have what you’re looking. I’ve listened to many recording as well: Kaplan, Dudamel, Bernstein, Solti, Tilson Thomas, Abbado... none come that close to really making it feel “very heavy” the way that Rattle does in that YouTube clip. Thanks for sharing.


It hypes me up, brings me down, makes me cry, complete surrender and joy


Dixit Dominus (Händel). I just can't listen to it while driving or I'll be speeding.




Very nice choice, it's one of my favorites too :)


Dvorak 2, Beethoven 9 and this. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=RDEMXPhOJOYOQ not a classic but performed by London symphony orchestra


Beethoven 7 is pretty crazy Grieg Piano Concerto (sort of personal thing on that one) I often experience that I get way more hyped by pieces I have already played myself


Love the Grieg piano concerto too, it is epic.


when it comes to comparing symphonies on the whole, beethoven 7th is my all time favorite.


Little Red Riding Hood Etude by Rachmaninoff. It's a bit dark but... Oh well. And also la campanella. It gives me cheerful vibes. Also Sibelius concerto 3rd movement. It's exciting. Some guitar pieces, too. Villa-Lobos Prelude no 1. And some Francisco Tárrega pieces that aren't melancholic or sad. This one is a little bit cliché but Asturias. And The Four Seasons. And weirdly I can vibe to any kind of renaissance street music. When I wanna get hyped or cheerful or just wanna vibe I listen to those. Maybe those give me the strongest vibes


Ahhh I thought I was alone in Sibelius 3rd movement, such an amazing ending to an epic piece


Well.. it would be a cliché but: Ride of the Valkyries - Wagner. In the hall of the mountain king - Grieg. Dance of the knights - Prokofiev


Dance of the Knights is pretty lit


Yep I defenitely agree with Grieg and Prokofiev, they just get me hyped af. I'm in a student orchestra and since we won't be able to perform a concert anyway we decided to rehearse these two. Along with some John Williams and Hans Zimmer for good measure.


dance of the knights is so good


* Strauss - Also sprach Zarathustra * Prokofiev - Piano Concerto No. 3, Mvt. 3 * Ravel - La Valse * Debussy - L'isle joyeuse * Beethoven - Symphony No. 9, Mvt. 2 * Mahler - Symphony No. 5, Mvt. 1 * Scriabin - Piano Sonata No. 4 * Stravinsky - Finale from The Firebird * Respighi - Pines of Rome, Mvt. 4 * Copland - Piano Concerto, Mvt. 1


I LOVE La Valse


>Stravinsky - Finale from The Firebird https://youtu.be/WnMv6-XTROY


Shostakovich symphony 10 movement 2


Mahler symphony 1 Mvmt 4, Cornelis Dopper Symphony 7 Mvmt 4, Tchaikovsky’s Marche Slave, and many others


Shosty 5, Prokky 5 Scubert, Death and the Maiden quartet (esp. movements 1 and 4) Resphigi, Concerto Gregoriano First movement of Mahler 2 Forsyth's viola concerto Brahms 1 Casella symphony in b min (I think it's no. 1?) ​ ...as if I could choose


Carmen Concert Fantasy Op. 25, Introduction and Tarantella op. 43: II. Allegro Vivace, Danse Macabre, Tchaikovsky's The Sleeping Beauty Waltz arr. Rachmaninoff for Piano 4 hands, Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso, La Campanella, oh .. and Love's Joy too. Bach's Concerto for Two Violins, maybe? Kinda. Der Erlkonig, kinda dark, but still a bang. Gosh, how many times do I need to edit this? Well, might edit this again soon if I remembered anything else later


I really love every single piece you mentioned... Oh and Bach's cincerto for 2 violins, I think it's divine


Bruckner’s 8th, the finale


all scherzos of bruckner hype me up


Fantasie Impromptu by Frédéric Chopin. It's basically EDM but mid 1800s style.






Tchaikovsky's violin Concerto, and Dvorak 9, 4th movement


Amen to Dvorak 9, 4th movement. The beginning of it is just incredible


tchai 5 and manfred, bruckner 8 mahler 6


Almost anything by CPE Bach - particularly his symphonies and keyboard concertos. A lot of his music is high energy - very fizzy and urgent. Also, Glinka's Russlan and Ludmilla Overture, opening of Mendelssohn's "Italian" and Debussy's Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum - marvellous bubbly ending that leaves you feeling elevated.


Schumann's 3rd among many others


Have you heard the Mahler versions of the Schumann Symphonies? You may never listen to the originals again. LOL


The Moldau by Bedrich Smetana has me teary-eyed every. single. time.


Js Bach's Toccata and fugue in d minor / bwv565 , if baroque counts


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[Henryk Górecki - Concerto for Harpsichord and String Orchestra op. 40](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyXjX-IOP6s)


Hmm there are a few. Off the top of my head: - **Bach**: Johannes-Passion, 1st movement. - **Bach**: Double concerto BWV 1060, movements 1 and 3. - **Brahms**: piano concerto No. 2, 4th movement. - **Brahms**: piano concerto No. 1, 3rd movements. - **Brahms**: a German Requiem, 6th movement. - **Brahms**: piano quartet No. 1, 4th movement. - **Brahms**: violin concerto, 3rd movement. - **Schumann**: piano quartet Op. 47, 4th movement. - **Mendelssohn**: string quartet in F minor, Op. 80, 2nd movement. - **Mendelssohn**: Reiselied Op. 34 no. 6. - **Mendelssohn**: Hexenlied Op. 8 no. 8. - **Beethoven**: string quartet in C-sharp minor, Op. 131, 7th movement. - **Beethoven**: Symphony No. 5, all 4 movements. - **Beethoven**: Piano sonata No. 23 ("Apassionata"), 3rd movement. - **Beethoven**: Kreutzer sonata, 1st movement. - **Borodin**: string quartet No. 1, 4th movement. - **Dvorak**: Symphony No. 9, 4th movement. Maybe also 1st and 3rd movements? Edit: how did I forget the Brahms Requiem? Also can you see I'm a pianist? Edit 2: added some more. Edit 3: and more. Edit 4: I added some but removed some others.


Johannes passion gives me goosebumps, EVERY SINGLE TIME


Here is your recording of BWV 1060: [BWV 1060 - Concerto for 2 Harpsichords in C Minor (Scrolling)](https://youtube.com/watch?v=dDrCB1GA_Wo) --- ^(Beep Boop. I'm a bot - here's my) ^[source](https://github.com/lhc-sudo/bach-bot). ^(Summon me with u/Reddit-Bach-Bot.) ^(To opt out of replies to posts and comments, reply to this comment with "!optout".)


Allegretto from Palladio - Karl Jenkins


MARS. Gets me going every time!


Prokofiev Concerto 2, mvmt 4. The whole Concerto is absolutely amazing, but mvmt 4 is craziness. Like 30-40 seconds in there's that huge BWAAAAAAMP from the brass. That entire movement is so, so good


Chopin Etude in triplets (in Gm?)


Not gonna lie but I pop off to Ode to Joy


"The March (Procession, Cortege) of the Nobles" from Mlada by Rimsky-Korsakov, and the opening movement of Haydn's Symphony #48 "Maria Theresia".


prokofiev piano concerto no. 3


Radetzky March by Strauss


Cliche in every sense of the word, but "In the Hall of the Mountain King" for sure.


Shostakovich symphony 10, mvt 2 is the ultimate hype song


Mahler 1 Mahler 2 Brahms 1 Brahms 4 (final movement) Beethoven 5 Beethoven 9 Vivaldi Winter (Janine Jansen’s recording is out of control) Beethoven - final movement of Appasionata Sonata Beethoven - Pathetique Sonata Brahms - Violin Concerto (first movement), Brahms - Piano Concerto No 1 Tchaikovsky - Piano Concerto Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto No. 2 Bach - Chaconne from Partita No. 2 in D minor Mozart - Piano concerto No. 20 Mozart - G minor Piano Quartet If not specifically listed, assume either 1st and/or final movements as giving most “hype”, but each of the listed pieces in their entirety are my faves. I’m sure there’s a ton more that I’m forgetting, but these are few I can name without thinking too hard. Edit: also Beethoven Op 131 final movement, but listen to at least the movement before as it transitions so well into that finale. Just listen to the entire thing because it is truly one of the greatest works ever written by anyone. Ever.


Surprisingly the last Mvm of the Mozart's very last symphony: Jupiter(No. 41), the 4th Mvm Also Danzon No.2 by Arturo Marquez


Yes Mozart sym 41 movement 4 is my clear number one also, conducted fast by Szell or Bohm. Other candidates: the last 2 minutes of Beethoven 7, or Schumann 4, the egmont overture, Shostakovich Sym 10 movement 2, Eroica movement 1, Bach Brandenburg 5 movement 1, the fast parts of the Mozart Requiem, the finale of Don Giovanni.


I like your choices, especially reqium, don Giovanni, egmont and eroica


\- Mahler 1 mvmt 4 \- Shostakovich 7 finale (saw some Shostakovich in the comments, but I'm surprised I didn't see this one!) \- Dvorak quartet 12 finale \- Ravel's "La Valse" \- Holst's "St. Paul's Suite"


Am I too late to the party ? * Beethoven's Piano Concerto N°5 in E Flat major, Op. 73 "Emperor" * Joseph Haydn's Trumpet Concerto in E Flat, 1st Movement, especially played by Alison Balsom Can have those two on repeat for hours. Also, great to discover all the masterpieces y'all sharing here.


Shostakovich violin concerto.


Prokofiev Piano Sonata 7, 3rd Movement - Precipitato 7/8 time and a syncopated whirlwind. Bronfman’s recording is excellent—and Glemser on Naxos is actually pretty hard to beat.


Procession of the Nobles by Rimsky-Korsakov I'm also a trumpet player and I love playing this piece!


1. Rite of Spring 2. Debussy La Mer 3. Sibelius 1 4. Prokofiev piano concerto 3 5. Bartok string quartet 4 movement 5 6. Ravel Piano concerto 1 7. Sibelius Finlandia 8. Shostakovich violin concerto 1 mov 4 9. Shostakovich violin concerto 2 10.Shostakovich symphony 10 movement 2 11. John Adams ride in fast machine 12. Eric whitacre Deep field 13. Rautavaara violin concerto last movement 14. Rautavaara 8th symphony 15. Steve Reich music for 18 musicians 16. Steve Reich Electric counterpoint 17. Steve Reich music for organ, mallets and voices


I feel like a lot of people are just listing things that they think sound cool or beautiful, and don't necessarily get your blood pumping, which I thought was what this question was asking. But anyway here goes. Definitely last mvt. of Shostakovich 11. Favorite recording has to be Nelsons with Boston, he's the only one I can find who takes at a speed that actually "hypes me up." First mvt. of Shostakovich 12 is similar to 11 finale, and it has similar hype vibes. Last mvt. of Shostakovich quartet no 9 is also great, but it has different vibes because its not in 4/4, and 4/4 tends to hype me up more than time signatures in 3. Shosty 5 finale is also pretty darn good, as is the finale of 6. Shostakovich can write a damn good fast movement. Also, should mention Schubert Death and the Maiden finale, cause it has similar vibes to the shostakovich stuff, just nonstop eighth notes and a similar tempo and feel.


Ive listened to Candide Overture (Bernstein) before every exam I’ve taken thus far in college. I’m a junior and so far, haven’t failed one too terribly.


Any of the Furiants by Dvorák, also a handful of pieces by Saint-Saëns, like Danse Bacchanale and the finale from the Organ Symphony


[Le Cantique de Jean Racine](https://youtu.be/NzUMfVpugq4) by Gabriel Faure- gets me every time.


Festive Overture. No contender.


Arabesque no I, Je te Veux There are many favorite pieces.


Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner, Dies irae from Verdi’s Requiem, “Di quella pira” from IL Trovatore by Verdi, The entire first act of Verdi’s Otello. Bruckner 4 scherzo.


Not hype music per se but Shostakovich's 8th string quartet is eerily awakening (same with the Bartok solo violin sonata)


Tchaikovsky piano concerto no. 1 for sure


Mahler hypes me the best, especially his Symphonies 2,5,6. And Das Lied von der Erde... Just fantastic


Copland Rodeo Hoedown


Mahler 2 without a doubt


Walton Symphony 1, 1st mov


Sanctus from Schubert’s mass in A Flat. The whole mass is pretty exciting in general, but that section can really get the blood pumping!


The Augurs of Spring, Ritual Dance of Rival Tribes and Dance of The Earth from The Rite of Spring fire me up every time without fail. [Link](https://youtu.be/rP42C-4zL3w) See 3:28, 11:45, and 14:39


[Prokofiev's 5th , Allegro Marcato (2nd mvmt)](https://youtu.be/EaiXIdncA7M?t=761) [Prokofiev's 1st, Finale (4th mvmt)](https://youtu.be/WLT55kPIFCo?t=603)


Recently haydn op 76 no 2 first movement and op 76 no 6 last movement and beethoven last mvt from op 132 (which makes me want to break my fist). But theres lots... I have a playlist called 'a quick fuck you' with short, hyping pieces designed to show to anyone who thinks classical is boring (esp directed a friend who dislikes haydn). It contains various single movements under 4 mins: Mozart K407 rondo is maybe my favorite. OK lets throw in Debussy quartet mvt II. For exercise, I listen to huge stuff eg. Brahms op. 56 or op. 68, Beethoven 9th or Diabelli variations, st john passion, mass in Bm, Art of fugue and MAYBE the best of all the GROSSE FUGUE!!


The 1st movement of Beethoven's 8th. You're in no doubt that something is happening when that symphony begins. The way the orchestra just sort of explodes into life, it's like the conductor's got a starting pistol.


Eroica 3rd movement.


Ruslán and Lyudmíla Overture, Glinka. And Danse Bacchanale, Saint-Saëns. And Slavonic Dance #8, opus46, Dvořák.


Dvorak 9, movements 1 and 3 for sure! Also movement 1 of both Beethoven's 6th and 9th.


OK I will probably edit this 10000 times as I gather my wits and think of more, BUT, I just want to start by saying that everyone thinks the Dies Irae is the best part of Verdi’s requiem (and it is really amazing), but the real BEST part of the requiem, is the Tuba Mirum!!!!!!! It will send you dashing forward on wingèd shoes to greet any obstacle with a smile. It is perhaps the single best trumpet/horn entry in the entire classical œuvre! (In my quite unhumble opinion). (Also great: the Lacrymosa and Libéra Me/finale) but tbh the whole thing is wall to wall bangers and it slaps from start to finish. Anyway will update with more soon. (Awesome responses in this thread already!)


Bach violin sonata 1 presto


Marsalis: Violin Concerto, last mvmt Glass: Symphony 9, first mvmt Shostakovich: Symphony 5, last mvmt Beethoven: Symphony 7, last mvmt Beethoven: Symphony 5, last mvmt Bach: Herr Gott, dich loben alle wir, first mvmt


Nielsen's Aladdin - Oriental Festival March, Gennady Rozhdestvensky DNRSO. https://youtu.be/p5aCR5_RGxo How did something like that come out of Denmark?


Goldberg variations are 45 mins in heaven


Who? I like Hewitt and Perahia.


glenn gould or martha argerich


Glenn is alright and iconic but his muttering drives me nuts. Haven't heard Martha.


The Hungarian Dances from Brahms, simple but full of life


Bruckner 8. Last movement. Well for that matter , most Bruckner.


Of course, Symphony No.4, 4th mvt. Ode to joy


Grieg's piano concerto


Hearing Cecilia Bartoli sing runs.... I know that's not a piece. Here's a clip of the finale to Rossini's Cinderella: [https://youtu.be/qVZNx39xYiA?t=88](https://youtu.be/qVZNx39xYiA?t=88)


First movement of the Mozart Concerto No. 24 K 491 in c minor - especially with the Camille Saint-Saëns cadenza.


rimsky korsakov: scherehazade movement 2 and russian easter overture dvorak new world symphony movement 3 and the water goblin tchaikovsky rome and juliet overture, 1812 overture beethoven symphony 9 movement 2 paul dukas, sorcier's apprentice wagner tannhauser overture and rise of the valkyries


Mars, Bringer of War! And yes, you have to put an exclamation point when you write it.


Khachaturian, Symphony No. 3


Orawa/Wojciech Kilar


Liszt - Liebestraum no. 3


[Holst: Beni Mora](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA5CImEv7UI) [Dvořák: Piano Quintet No 81 in A- Finale](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qz6y-ME8zs&t=1913s) [Von Suppe: Poet and Peasant Overture](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3_aM_s0R1U) [Beethoven- Scherzo- Symphony No 3- Eroica](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hsi8AjNVlU) and of course no hype list is complete without: [Gershwin- Rhapsody in Blue- specifically Bernstein and the NYP](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH2PH0auTUU)


Schubert Symphony No 9 The Great 1st movement. Tell me I am not alone... Schubert Death and the Maiden string quartet. Mendelssohn A Midsummer Night's dream overture. Again, I am sure I'm not alone.. Shostakovich Symphony No7 Leningrad Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet Overture Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker... ALL of it!! Mozart Requiem Beethoven Symphony No7 4th movement


Bolero - Ravel


A non-orchestral answer: Beethoven sonatas No. 21 (1st movement), No. 28 (the fugue), but more than anything the final movement of No. 26 -- so joyous and electric.


Lately, D minor chaconne by bach-busini. Jupiter from The Planets. Prokofiev 2nd puano concerto 1st mov.


Spanish Symphony by Edouard Lalo.


Vierne Organ Symphony 3: Finale


The Allegretto from Beethoven's 7th Symphony. Preferably the Karajan '88 recording. Gets me every time.


Chopin’s Fantasie in f minor op 49. There is no feeling like the octaves in the middle section. Hypes you up and get you emotional, it’s like a drug


Beethoven 7!


Szymanowski Concert Overture


I really like the Brandenburg Concertos by Bach and Water Music by Handel.


Brandenburg #4. I could come up with others if I thought about it but that jumped to mind first.


The Act I Pollione/Adalgisa Duet from Norma (Bellini).


beethoven 9-2 is the piece that hypes me up the most, many a time I headbang to it


I have always been a fan of Bizet's L'Arlésienne suite No. 2 farandole.