Are civics really that small?


That’s no civic! That’s a Honda Beat! A kei car


Side note, does anyone know if pickup trucks in these exact specs are sold/imported new in Japan? The disparity in size for an average passenger car is nuts. I'm curious if modern kei cars ever share the road with behemoths like these. I can't imagine any semblance of safety knowing the truck will likely just cave your roof in and drive over you even in a low-speed crash scenario.


So I’ve seen older trucks imported here in Okinawa. Like I want to say the newest was an 05 dodge. But i really have no clue how they use more than just the main roads some of the roads here can barely fit a Toyota crown


Yes I've seen a Dodge Ram in Tokyo. But I think American trucks are bought as novelty there and relatively rare.


This looks like me in my miata at home center. My little cars has seen more construction materials than most pickup truck beds.


Lol same though but I live in Texas so it’s literally every parking lot


I had 2 F450’s park on either side of me real close to be dicks, I have PRHT so I crawled under one of them, put down the windows and top strapped the piece of trim sideways and drove away, scratching both trucks on my way out. I wonder how long it took them to find Schrader valves.




Lol that was at cars and coffee in Great Falls, VA a few weeks ago, right? I thought that was hilarious.


When I was growing up in LA, my mom refused to park between two big trucks or vans because there was apparently a spree of people waiting in the large vehicles to rob, kidnap, or who knows what anyone that parks between them. The vans or trucks would provide enough visual concealment for them to basically do whatever they want especially at night. Idk if that was really true but it made sense and I still refuse to park between two large vehicles even if its history is unfounded. Cool photo regardless haha


I know it's a tactic for traffickers/muggers etc. who target women to hide under her car with knives. So there is some precedent to her fear.