Achieving that "look" is more about lighting than your camera, but get a cheap Canon 50mm F1.8 STM to help with your background blur desires if you need "silent" autofocus.


Hello, all! TOTAL newbie, and I'm trying to achieve a similar look to [these videos](https://www.instagram.com/p/CgIr6_Igq_9/) (specifically the depth of field and super blurred background). I currently have a Canon 80D + STM EFS 18-55mm lens (I need a silent autofocus since this will be used for taping auditions at home). Can someone help me walk through how to achieve this exact look with my current setup? Or, if needed, suggest a different silent autofocus lens I might need to purchase?


Blurred background = nearly wide open aperture. Most conventional portraits are taken with a lens between 85 and 90 mm long (full frame equivalent) that means you need to set up your APS-C camera / lens combo to about 55 mm. (90/1.6) to get to the right look here. The rest of the look you want I s due to lighting - not the camera or the lens. Start with that by looking at the catch lights in her eyes to see the shape of the lights used.


Thank you so much! Yeah, I figured a new lens is going to be the answer here. Thanks for your insight! ​ edit: I found [this lens](https://www.bestbuy.com/site/canon-ef-50mm-f-1-8-stm-standard-lens-black/7963106.p?skuId=7963106&ref=NS&loc=101) that seems like it might be a good option? Would love thoughts on this purchase to achieve this look!


This would, in my opinion, be a good option. Also it is quite cheap and makes great pictures.


Wonderful! Going to try it out :) Def a great price, too.


A nifty fifty is always a great investment!


A place to start is to increase the background distance to your subject as much as you can to achieve something similar to what you are looking for. With your kit, I would probably set up around 35-55mm to frame your subject, then maximize your background distance. See where that leads you.


Maybe try slapping your subject with one of those electric flyswatters, that might get 'the look'...


Ha! The model's expression is so strange.


You're not going to do it with that lens. You will need a fast lens to do that. Your cheapest option would be an 50 f1.8 STM to give you the wide aperture to allow you to blur the background that much.


>50 f1.8 STM Thank you! Do you think [this specific lens](https://www.bestbuy.com/site/canon-ef-50mm-f-1-8-stm-standard-lens-black/7963106.p?skuId=7963106&ref=NS&loc=101) is something along those lines (and will be silent with af?)


That is that specific lens


Perfect! Thank you SO much - I'm going to grab it and try it out! Much appreciated, again.


Thank you so much! That's what I figured - I'll look into that lens, thank you!


1. Pick up the 50mm f/1.8 lens. You will need to choose a good aperture to shoot at. If you shoot at f/1.8, you will get the most bokeh but also the shallowest depth of field. You may have to close down a stop or two to make sure the model’s entire face is in focus. Make sure to focus on the nearest eyeball. 2. Buy a colored bedsheet for a backdrop. Move the model out at least five feet away from the backdrop to aid in better bokeh. 3. Pick up a lighting kit on Amazon. A two softbox kit should run $50 to $75. Check out some YouTube videos on setting up lighting for portraits.


Only change I’d suggest looking at is that we picked up a gray background for photos that could go on a curtain rod for cheaper than a sheet on Amazon.


Just to add: Combined with color gels will transform the grey into whichever color you want


You can get the same shot with the gear you have. It’s all in the lighting.