Video of the incident https://youtu.be/jwXfcAX51VU


Yeah, that link is gonna stay blue.


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Wow, her "crime" was taking too much milk from the cafeteria. What. The. Fuck.


This is America.


Her crime was resisting arrest. There is a point where you legally must comply and the consequences become fluid


You don't get fucking arrested for an extra fucking milk. Last I checked, "too much milk consumption" was not a fucking felony.


I'm actually kind of astounded that someone could even reason themselves into thinking her crime was resisting arrest. To resist arrest, you have to be under arrest in the first place right? Then that means she was initially under arrest for taking extra milk? This is an insane time line.


Near as I can tell her only crime was failure to cooperate with a lawful order (which like.... when a cop asks you to do something, it's really easier to just go along with it... idk) but even still, SHE'S A LITTLE KID... The way you deeacalate that situation is by getting the guardian involved, and attempting to remain calm and rational to try to connect with them and get them to cooperate. Obviously if you just start shouting at a kid, they're just going to say "hey, fuck you buddy" and stop cooperating. You don't go right to fisticuffs. That being said, the other adult on scene begging to officer to let them stand, I don't blame him for interfering further... technically that could be charged as interfering with an ongoing investigation, or even assault on an officer, and CLEARLY this police officer is bat shit crazy enough to do whatever the fuck he feels like, so... I don't blame the other adult for letting that situation be.


She is a child.


Playing adult games. Do stupid things. Win stupid prizes


Yes. A person being lawfully restrained. If the officer was found to be using excessive force he should be sanctioned.


You're a fucking clown. Do you have a modicum of common sense? What is wrong with you?


Safe to say he was in the wrong since he resigned, his supervisor was demoted, and the chief of police apologized for his behavior.


If that's how much force it takes you to control an 11 year old girl, you shouldn't be a cop


No fuck you, the police don't get to assault a person and then call it resisting arrest when you defend yourself.


Jesus Christ, I had to turn it off. I thought I was watching a sexual assault. This guy should be in jail.


He wasn't even fired, he was given the opportunity to resign.


Unreal. This country continues the systematic coddling of the worst among us. This won't end well.


Cop and the admin need a back alley beat down by a bunch of big dudes so they can feel what this child felt as she was assaulted.


Fuck that administrator- he should be fired too.


That trying to save face AFTER things went too far was bullshit. Edit: spelling


Wow ngl that made me very emotional.


Made me very uncomfortable really. That is sooo not right. There are definitely other ways of handling this situation.


We watched that last night and bawled. That poor kid.


Over her grabbing an extra milk. The cop should be in jail.


As the father of a daughter, that cop should be in a ditch somewhere


That would be to nice


i like this; at the very least, they should be National Registry of Disgraced Police never to work as a LEO again.


And definitely not in schools. I feel like you need a deep background check and psych evaluation before you're allowed to be in schools around children if you're a cop. I imagine a lot of people who get into law enforcement have massive chips on their shoulders and trauma that's not been dealt with. Putting them into a school situation where everything is triggering is a recipe for disaster.


I think the level of patience needed to work with children is very high.


Children are natural button pushers as they try and figure out how to navigate their emotions and the world around them. Adults forget that for children, most of the time they are literally guessing about what appropriate behavior is until they’ve learned what’s acceptable. Unfortunately, schools aren’t equipped to handle the more extreme cases of this, especially when good behavior it not modeled at home. It’s so easy for the grown ups at school to just default to handling them like you would an adult, which only makes the problem worse.


Blows my mind you have law enforcement at schools. Schools… yikes


I'm just happy that I managed to get through my public school years without ever having to experience this. It's sad that this is what kids here think is normal, as well as active shooter drills.


When I say it blows my mind I mean it really does. Especially the way children (children!) get man handled and physically assaulted for the tiniest offences. Even worse, there’s people who agree with it. I stole food at school because, well, hungry and home life issues. To think someone who is meant to protect and serve would violently assault me for that. As for active shooter drills… my god.


I know the feeling. My kid was having a hard time with school to the point where he began acting out. The second time we went in to meet with the teacher and principal, they brought in the SRO to attempt some ridiculous "scared straight" bullshit on him. I could tell the cop was just waiting for the green light to abuse children with all of the scenarios he was laying out, that all led to my kid getting put in cuffs. Fucking sick people.


If my kid goes to a public school with an SRO, I'm buying pepper spray and something that can cut handcuffs.


If you’re able to put your kid in a school that doesn’t have a police presence then absolutely do it. We never experienced that until we moved to a more conservative state and it was a wakeup call. We just assumed the SRO was some type of school counselor on steroids, and not a full on cop who would be otherwise dealing with criminals on the street. Believe me, they take that same mentality into the schools. They might seem a little friendlier but it doesn’t take much for their true colors to show. We had a horrible experience where our son’s school ended up calling the SRO on him before calling us (like they were supposed to do according to his IEP). Understandably, we were both pretty upset by the time we got to his school, thinking we’d see him cuffed in the back of a police car. Thankfully, he wasn’t but the cop decided that my wife wasn’t distraught enough and essentially escalated the situation to the point where she almost got arrested. I got her out of there but the three other cops on the scene felt like it would be a great idea to keep trying to trigger her even more by telling her all the ways she could end up being arrested. So yeah, fuck the police.


Right there with you, brother.


He did get probation and is a convicted felon now, so that's nice.


He got a conditional discharge, not probation. A conditional discharge is also not a conviction.


Its little more than a slap on the wrist for traumatizing a child.


Children need structure.


While this is true slamming a child against a wall and the ground is not structure. It is blatant abuse.


Officers need consequences for their actions.


source? news article please




Over a MILK? If you have a problem with kids stealing MILK you need to evaluate for a MUCH BIGGER PROBLEM!


I shudder to think how he might treat his own kids.


If you are too weak, petty or impatient to handle an 11 year old who is not a threat to anyone without assaulting them, you are not police material. And if you are a cop who would do nothing while watching one of your colleagues do this, you are a bastard. End of story.


Weird, that sounds exactly like police material. One of the only jobs in the world where a high IQ disqualifies you.


The only other one I'm aware of is 'county school board member'.


Oh, dont forget "HOA board member"


Yeah, but that's not a job, that's a hobby.


> And if you are a cop ~~who would do nothing while watching one of your colleagues do this~~, you are a bastard. End of story.


The fact that he was allowed to resign because he was sick of being picked on, and not sacked, charged, and beaten within an inch of his life by his fellow officers tells me a LOT about how that town is run.


That's how most police departments are in the entire country.


Let's be honest. Its global. To some extent at least. Power corrupts


I imagine that it's an issue everywhere, but it seems like they are able to publicly get away with more heinous things here.


I'm not sure if they do, or if there's more exposure about it. I mean, there was a case in India not long ago about a police station being used as a gang rape den, and the cops got first turn. And gods only know what we don't hear about dome of the stuff happening in backwater China.


India and China should not be the benchmark for American cops, or American anything else.


Nah, you're right. Police from the UK should be the benchmark. Some of them don't even carry guns, just a nightstick. And still have great arrest records.


Most U.K. police don’t carry guns, and the ones that do, or can when needed, are very highly trained.


SO19 officers are highly trained firearms officers who you will never see emptying a whole clip into the back of a man in a wheelchair


Don't forget, they also falsely arrest women so they cna rape and murder them


It's a culture where power is rewarded and praised. Punishment is ONLY doled out to the weak and powerless to keep them in line. It's NO accident that cops behave this way, part of the master plan of keeping America a police state. This cop is only in trouble because he was caught on video and created an optics problem. But 90% of (American) cops are exactly like this POS.


The way the America police carry themselves is not global. Their corrupt to the core


Yes, it is. US cops are angels compared to cops in Latin America.


US criminals are angels compared to the cartels too, if you wanna go that route.


Debatable but the cartels are pretty bad. The gangs are brutal too. But neither kill as many as the politician's


Cartels cause literal prison towns that families live in fearing for their life every day.


Tell me about it. There's a city that was held hostage by the zetas. It took the army to root them out. And that was just because the zetas are the competition. But the weather is nice


The richest nation on Earth comparing itself to the very countries it exploits is straight up hilarious


Isn’t China legit the riches country right now?




Don’t rely on skimming Wikipedia articles for information. SMH. You are wrong. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbctv18.com/news/it-isnt-us-china-is-now-the-richest-nation-in-the-world-11484312.htm/amp


Not saying it is or isn't as it's evidently hard to quantify accurately, but once it's indisputable that America isn't the richest country in the world in going to enjoy seeing the mind implosions. The direction of travel is clear, America is not in the ascendant and the china model still has some way to run, more's the pity for any other country.


Not really, here they are very corrupt. Their thing is collecting bribes, violence is not profitable.


I've been personally kidnapped twice by cops. Literally thrown into a car, threatened with rape and maiming, and taken to an ATM to take out as much cash as possible. I think violence is very profitable


I have lived in Guatemala for 48 years. You should specify your country instead of generalizing Latin America




[He will not be spending time in prison, per this article from January 2021.](https://www.daily-times.com/story/news/local/2021/01/15/farmington-school-resource-officer-zachary-christensen-sentenced-child-abuse/4180054001/)


Was he picked on by other cops as a result of this? If so, That’s a step better than most places.


He was charged, and plead to a felony. He only got probation, though. edit: source https://www.daily-times.com/story/news/local/2021/01/15/farmington-school-resource-officer-zachary-christensen-sentenced-child-abuse/4180054001/


I can't imagine how that police officer can defend himself in this instance. In my humble opinion, the vast majority of law enforcement do an amazing job every day and without much appreciation. I certainly am grateful that I can call 911 in this country!


> the vast majority of law enforcement do an amazing job every day The vast majority of them were perfectly fine working alongside somebody who abuses 11-year-old girls, and didn't feel any need to report or discipline that one. >I certainly am grateful that I can call 911 in this country! lol, spoken like somebody who's never tried calling it. Hint: when you call, *if you're lucky* the cops don't do shit. Unless maybe you're a Karen pointing out some minority they can go abuse.


My step dad was drunk as fuck, verbally, and nearly physically, abusing my mom. While doing both to me (when I was 8). My oldest sister ran to the neighbors and called the cops. They showed up 3.5 hours later after the damage had been done and he was passed out. Then did nothing because he was *currently* doing nothing...


Exactly. I've literally never heard a story of someone calling the cops and it turning out well. They always -- at best -- do nothing ... and they often make the situation *worse*.


There is no situation in the world that cannot be made worse by calling the police


https://youtu.be/jwXfcAX51VU Admin: officer, she is not a threat to you or others, you need to let her up Cop: Yes she is! ... ... ...


Threat to his masculinity.


Fuck that guy so hard. What a fucking cowardly piece of shit. An 11 year old girl is a threat to him and others???!!! SMGDH


2019, and just now he’s resigning. Let me guess, someone found the video recently, so now there are consequences?


But of course. That's the only way they ever get in trouble.


He resigned in 2019. This is an old story. The local DA refused to prosecute, but the State AG charged him and the Judge gave him probation after a plea bargain. Meanwhile, the city reportedly paid $500K to the kid. So, a tiny sliver of accountability. Not much, but much more than we generally see.


What about the school admin that was standing there as just going along with it?


Maybe he did want to get murdered


Thanks for the summary. Much appreciated.


It’s accountability if he *really* resigned. It’s pretty common for officiers to resign/get fired and then just go and work in another county’s police force. I vaguely remember this article about a policeman who was fired for police brutality, while still fighting off charges of police brutality he had in a previous job, in another state. Shit is fucked lmao.


If i remember correctly he actually resigned and his partner that were just watching was demoted and relocated


When do we all start going after these DA’s that sit on these things?


And by resign they mean he just moved to a new police department




[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwXfcAX51VU](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwXfcAX51VU) uploaded 2019. so even worse. people found out 2 years ago and no action was taken till now edit: wtf its a grown fucking man as well. i assumed it must be a female officer as i just couldn't picture a man attacking a girl. but no


The video was on r/all these days and is heartbreaking to watch. I don't know how how she's been "disruptive", but during the video she isn't a threat or violent in any way. She just again and again tries to get out of harms way and away from his hits and pushes.




I bet you he got more shit from his fellow cop buddies about how he couldn't even take down an 11 year old girl, than them being upset about his excessive use of force.


Resigns, moves one district over and is re-employed. Zero loss for him.


Jesus that was hard to watch.


Just reading the comments are making me cry


I say we make LEOs be forced to individually pay for liability insurance like doctors, contractors and any other high risk professions. I can guarantee you that would quickly remedy the situation. If you fuck up your premiums will go up. I could even see police unions be forced to carry liability insurance as a whole. That would definitely make them way more likely to have accountability for their people's actions. It would also alleviate the burden on the tax payers for the irresponsible actions of the police. Oh and ending or drastically limiting qualified immunity would definitely help.


Hes just going to apply a few towns over.


Good thing she wasn't in a mobility scooter.


“He resigns”. Gee thanks.. you need some prison time. I’d be embarrassed as fuck if I were his employer.. oh wait.. cops still don’t have any accountability..


I'm sure they were more embarrassed by the fact he couldn't even take down an 11 year old girl than the fact he was using excessive force on her.


Fuck all cops pig bastards




Scream it from the rooftops


If life was fair, this cop would get treated the same way as he treated the girl.


If life was fair, there wouldn't be any cops at all.


Treated like that in prison would be fair


He lucky to still be alive to even have thought to even resign.


Police are the most deadly and dangerous gang in the United States. It’s basically organized crime by ‘law enforcement’ A song lyric stands out to me on this “Since you bought the jury, they’ll call me guilty”


The whole notion of a School Resource Officer (an armed police officer) in American schools just blows my mind no matter how many times I see it. I've seen so many videos of them treating literal kids like they do criminals on the streets. I've seen one threaten to shoot a kid for truancy for trying to leave the school


I could understand having SROs at schools if they actually stopped school shooters. I don't think I've ever seen a story about a school shooting where a SRO has stopped someone. A fully "trained" adult cop can't stop a kid who's probably hardly ever shot a gun before. The ridiculous thing is that some people want to arm teachers.


The last school shooting that killed 3 kids a couple of days ago, I believe it was the SRO that apprehended the kid but I think he had already given himself up at that point because there were no reports of exchange of gunfire. I think the most disturbing video I've seen was an SRO called in to deal with a 7 year old having a tantrum. UNREAL


I should have specified an "active shooter".


That’s a funny way of saying “a racist white adult male police officer beats up an 11yo black child.”


Video of the abuse, thanks to OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwXfcAX51VU (8/27/2019) >Chief Hebbe: *"There's no excuse for the way this girl was treated."* The words we would normally use: *"...the way this girl* ***was abused."*** To be clear, after Chief Hebbe saw the video, he failed to recognize and/or minimized child abuse. The crime was committed under color of authority. Steve Hebbe is still the Chief of Police in Farmington, NM: https://www.fmtn.org/513/Administration ----- >Zachary Christensen was sentenced on Jan. 14 [2021] to three years of conditional discharge suspension. > >He previously had pleaded guilty to a third-degree felony count of child abuse and a misdemeanor count of battery. > >New Mexico Attorney Genera Hector Balderas, whose office prosecuted the case, expressed dissatisfaction with the sentence. Prosecutors had sought the maximum three-year sentence for Christensen. > >Christensen resigned from the Farmington Police Department on Oct. 1, 2019, after a review of the incident found his actions violated the department's polices on use of force and job performance. https://www.daily-times.com/story/news/local/2021/01/15/farmington-school-resource-officer-zachary-christensen-sentenced-child-abuse/4180054001/ Edit: To be clear, I'm calling out Chief Hebbe. How can one *train* others to recognize, call out, intercede, arrest and charge child abuse, if he is unable to recognize it and call it what it is. Every right-thinking individual would recognize this as abuse, and want this punk to serve time. I don't care how "disappointed" he is. Why didn't he slap cuffs on him?


I'm surprised the "school resource officer" who was standing by and watching the encounter actually eventually spoke up and told the officer to let her stand up and that the officer was in no danger and tried to de-escalate the cops criminal behavior. If the "resource officer" had been another "cop" he would have let it all continue and not spoke up at all and may even have joined in the assault.


I think it was an administrator who was watching and the asshole was the SRO.


When the school administrator has to tell the cop how to do his job...good riddance to the violent thug hope they sue.


"but but, let us 'investigate' our own cops" This garbage needs to stop.


Fucking pigs. Right after the video of police shooting a disabled man in a motorized scooter in the back because he had a knife. The police are pathetic and they do the opposite of serving and protecting Edit: I guess this was in 2019 but my point still stands. Bunch of corrupt criminals with badges that get away with murder and other heinous things.




This department has no good cops. If there were, he would have arrested this POS


Wow! Is that a Black 11 year old girl and a grown ass White man? Hmm, but there are no racists in America. Certainly we have no racist police officers. I do not care WHAT THIS CHILD did. Honestly. She could have cursed him, thrown feces at him, stoleN a car. Called him every name in ths book, pissed herself. I do not care. This is evil, pure and simple. A grown ass white male abusing an 11 yo Black child and y’all won’t admit how many of you fantasize about this type of vile act. I pray that man gets everything coming to him from my girl karma. I pray he never sleeps peacefully again. I pray the loved ones of this child do not have access to this devil bc it will be them and not him facing “justice” in this corrupt and broken country. Disgusting.


Just another reason why SRO's get such a bad rep. Like this was either a 5th or 6th grader... Do we really need cops to deal with middle schoolers? Are cops even trained to handle kids? Not really, they're trained to fight like they're against the biggest and most aggressive criminals every time they fight rather than tailor their response to the situation. This cop has zero self control.


If your a cop and you cant handle an 11 year old, a 12 year old, a handicapped person, or pregnant woman without resorting to violence/ shoot them. THEN YOU SHOULDN'T BE A FUCKING COP!!!!!


This is why we need FULL TIME body cameras on all law enforcement. The costs will be far far less than the lawsuits and settlements we pay. Good cops will not have a problem, only the bad ones will have issues. End the blue code of silence that protects the bad cops.


I say we make LEOs be forced to individually pay for liability insurance like doctors, contractors and any other high risk professions. I can guarantee you that would quickly remedy the situation. If you don't fuck up your premiums will go down. I could even see police unions be forced to carry liability insurance as a whole. That would definitely make them way more likely to encourage accountability for their people's actions. It would also alleviate the burden on the tax payers for the irresponsible actions of the police.


If that were my daughter, that fucker would be taking a dirt nap.


Realistically, though, your daughter in the hypothetical situation would be better off growing up still having a dad rather than revenge and no dad around.


I have an 11 year old daughter. Put your hands on her like that and you're going to have a knock on your door.


How about arrested!!!??


USA: We'd better specify that the 11-year-old was unarmed, just in case people think she was packing heat. ROTW: She's 11! Why the fuck would she be armed‽


Now if the video had not surfaced I wonder if he would have did the right thing and resigned? 🤔


I get it cops are morons and pieces of shit. He's just too stupid to understand certain things, mostly because he's a fucking animal and should be treated as such... Now, that resource counselor on the other hand. That fucking asshole needs to be fired for not demanding that pig stop beating that child. Fuck both of them and fuck that school district


Cops should respond to crime, not problems the principal doesn't want to handle.


Cops egos are out of control. They don't belong in our schools. Sit out side and watch the building. Stay away from children. They think everyone is the enemy until payday.


This brought me to tears. She was so NOT a threat. She just sounded like a scared little girl and behaved this way. How could any human use that kind of force on a CHILD! AN 11-YEAR OLD CHILD who sounded so innocent and fucking scared. My initial reaction to a scared child is to protect them and comfort them, not beat her into submission. How does this guy sleep at night?


These types of LEOs are in it to feel powerful and controlling.


Is this the little girl who the school called the police because she took too much milk ?


Sadly yes


In the video, he’s barely even able to wrestle her to the ground. I would love to see him try to wrestle an *actual* criminal and get snapped like a twig.


Regardless of how terrible this cops actions are, he can't even subdue an 11 yo girl. And his commands of "your done" over and over are a testament to the great training he has had. I'm honestly surprised no one was shot. That girl was a threat to his ego.




Damn. This is why he was a School Resource officer. Can't even de-escalate let alone subdue an 11 year old girl. He would have had no chance on the streets ...


OMG...does this asshat not realize that some children only get a meal at school. Ok have no words for this disgusting behavior.


Now arrest him.


You should go to jail he assaulted a child he’s nothing but a thug


Stop Resisting! /s


If he has children he should be getting regular visits from CPS from now on. If he doesn’t, CPS visits are something he should be looking forward to.


When I first saw the video I was thinking well it's still disgusting but at least it sounds like a female cop. Then I realized it's not a lesbian but an effeminate dude who is just short! Probably watched other cops fuck people up and was stoked to find someone he could manage. What a shitbag


The fact that he couldn't even, by means of excessive force, get control of an eleven year old girl tells me he doesn't need to have any position of authority. Not only that, it seemed like (and obviously I'm speculating) he was using the situation to try out his hand in a situation where he may have to use force like that. Like practice.


Definitely a hard fail on his part. He was probably more ashamed that he couldn't even take down an 11 year old girl than he was about his excessive use of force.




Wow total shock. Cops are insane.


Hey buddy. Fuck you. Fuck you hard and fuck you long. Fuck you unpleasantly and may it cause lots of tearing and bleeding. I hope you get jail time and get your ass beat like an 11 year old girl by a fully grown man you scumbag fuck.


Damn I thought this was directed towards me until the last sentence! 😆


No sir, just this piece of shit disguised as a human disguised as a protector of the people. Thank you for sharing this OP.


Why is the school administration addressing him as "Officer so and so, please" instead of beating the everliving shit out of this cop? If he can't handle an 11 year old, I'm pretty sure an adult can take him.


This shit head should never have a job again Sorry sir you’re worthless and don’t deserve to be a part of the public


So, you would pay him to stay home? If he never works again your taxes (if you pay them) will help support him. Such a foolish comment.


Actually nah I would blacklist him from social services too The reason I’m not saying to put him in jail is because that’s also a waste tax dollars I’m saying let him rot and you’re treating my comment like it’s has any point beyond “fuck this guy”, yes I recognize it’s unrealistic.


Your logic is foolish and your comments are childish. Literally you want to let people rot instead of putting them in jail. What is this, the Middle Ages? Making extreme and dumb statements are part of the problem.


Wouldn't jail come out of your taxes (if you pay them)?


Oh no I attracted the Reddit police! Yeah no shit it’s dumb and unrealistic I already said I know that, now are you done banging rocks together? Also foolish? Who’s really living in the Middle Ages my guy?


Who says he gets anything? Treat him like a child sex offender. Good luck, pal.


Excessive force? Thats sexual and aggravated assault.


That is not sexual assault.


It’s just another individual case, there’s no systemic problem in the police force.




If he did this to a strange child, what has he done to his kid, if he has any? This is not a "one off" type event.


,,,,,,, just so he can get hired at another police department further away.


Ah man that’s it no time for child abuse . I feel sorry for his kids if he has any


2 years ago??!! How did he keep his job for the past two years? How was he not fired in 2019? How has he not been hit with felony assault or at least police brutality? I saw this video a week ago for the first time, had no idea it was from 2019.


The answer is simple: This is America. Our cops do LITERALLY what ever they want, and will NEVER face consequences for it.


“Resisting arrest? I call this a difficulty tweak”