The end of Crawl Space is peak television I was shook watching that live the first time


“Skylar WHERE IS THE MONEY!!!!!” Then the laugh. A great scene that actually foreshadows the end of the series when he stops laughing.


“… I gave it to Ted…” Such a stab in Walter’s heart…


Like *I felt* the cold rush of dread that must have shot through his body when I first heard that line. That instant “I’m fucked” feeling


Literally. He’s beyond even being mad at Skyler or explaining the gravity of the situation they’re in. He knows absolutely (and instantly) that it’s all fucked beyond repair. He’s gonna lose his family.


another thing that makes this scene sadder is that Ted didn't even do what he was supposed to do with the money


YES that and the end of granite state and gus' death


equal peak was earlier in the episode .. when he was on his knees in the desert being threatened by Gus -- remember this: https://i.imgur.com/TTI6E57.png once he worked out he wasn't going to be killed he responded to Gus' warning to stay away from Jesse with "or you'll do *what*?". this is the moment where he could see the opportunity to defeat Gus. Walt stood toe-to-toe with Gus thruout the 4 seasons and never shirked the task nor doubted himself. i loved every moment of this tussle.


The disperate laugh of knowing that things couldnt get worse


Greatest television scene of all time. The acting, the visuals, the background music, perfectly edited.


Hard to pick beat moment honestly. For me there are so many best moments, many mentioned here. So, I will bring up a new one. When Hank shows Walt the notebook they found on weird Gail. Watching Walt lose his shit during this. WW. Who do you think that is? Willy Wonka? Walter White? “Ya got me”. Powerfully played scene by both of them.


'half a million in cash' with the duffle bag had similar vibes too


Loved both these scenes for this reason. They were the closest shaves walt had with hank & if only hank had not been incapable of seeing Walt as anything but a loser, things would have been very different.


Honestly, those scenes are really great because the reveal something really interesting in my opinion. If Hank didn’t know Walt Heisenberg would likely have never been born. Hank’s assumption of Walt’s innocence is the only thing that stops him from being a prime suspect. The chemistry teacher who’s an overqualified failure that just happens to not notice his inventory was being pillaged. Yeah, he’s definitely not guilty.


If I picked up a duffle bag and my brother-in-law tried to fight me for it to put it in the car, and then he told me there was half $1 million cash in there I think I would question him more than Hank did.


I'd def want a peek in that bag!


I’d probably say something like… Dinner is on you then, bud!


If we're talking Walt and Hank, there are so many but for me it's the tread lightly scene. "If that's true, if you don't know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly."


You are not the guy, You're not capable of being the guy. I had a guy but now I don't, You, are not the guy.


I actually can only hear that in the tune of that remix video and I’m not unhappy about that


My daddy and my mommy and my daddy and my mommy


Ayyyysac Schraaaader


His name is Hank


His name is Hank


*boing boing boingboingboing* Yeah? *boing boing boing boing boing boing boing* Yeah?


https://youtu.be/WzhW20hLp6M About 1:45 into the video.


How have I never?!?!


Yaaaaas! Spot on lmao


Ha ha ha WOOOOWW


Do that thang do that thang, dothat dothat thang.


Damn man! Look at that, look!




The guy!


You’re lucky he hasn’t fired your ass. and also Salud (entire pool scene) ​ That whole episode is phenomenal.


Jesses dominance is powerful 👊🏼🔥


Badger selling to the cop


When the cop first sits down, the "Better Call Saul" on the bench is covered by Badger and the Cop and it spells "B\_\_\_\_\_ \_all S\_\_\_"




Vrabo vonse


this is so valid


Badger river dancing


Float me down your chocolatey river of *meth*, man!




I consider this moment tied with the moment I posted about here.


The Prison killing montage was amazingly directed from the sound design to the story telling.


It had the same vibes as the police massacre scene in narcos


I'm reminded of the baptism scene in The Godfather.


Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again!


That entire episode is incredible from start to finish. Best episode of the series.


"Stay out of my territory" (when noticing the guy purchasing meth supplies at the local hardware supply store)


I like both walt and skyler's version of "stay out of my territory"


What was Skyler's? "I fucked Ted?"


Telling Lydia to leave the car wash


That's my favorite one too, and the best needle drop imo


I thought following with TV on the Radio’s DLZ was one of the best uses of music in the show too


I had to download it after I watched that scene. Great song.


I mean so many powerful scenes… 1. Walter begging hank to let it go, and hank says you want me to beg for my life? your smartest man ive ever met and your too stupid to see, he made up his mind 10 min ago. 2. Jesse confronts Walt about poisoning of Brock. Like it was so beautifully acted. Cranston is acting out a lie and it is done so beautifully i love the way it was filmed. Especially given the fact that all of the clues are there to indicate walt poisoned brock especially just rewatching the episode. I think jessie subconsciously knows it was walt but doesnt want to believe it. I can not imagine a show that will ever dethrone breaking bad


Walt’s phone call to Skyler when he’s trying to make Skyler seem like a victim so she can use that as a defense. It’s heart wrenching, brilliant acting from both Bryan and Anna, and it’s also ambiguous because some of the things he says can be taken as he actually did mean them. On a lighter note, I love when Walt realises Jesse uses the bath to dissolve the body while Jesse is hyping himself up for thinking to use the bathtub


It’s only in breaking bad where the “lighter note” is dissolving a body in a bath tub.


That phone call was so hard to watch. He knew Junior would also hear it and think he actually meant it, but still did it to help Skyler.


“It’s just a bunch of meat” trying to forget it was a person he knew and had a relationship with. Grim


All of the scenes when Jesse looks super proud of something get me good. There’s the bathtub scene, and the scene when he dumps all of their water on the generator while it’s on fire. Those are what I can think of off the dome right now. Hilarious


When Jesse said “Yeah mister white, Yeah science”




“A robot?”




"This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed...bitch"


Yess and Walt’s face after


He really couldn't help himself


Restrain this!




“You’re god damn right!”


“Roll me further, bitch”


"You got one thing wrong. This, is not meth."




Hanks shootout with the Twins. Such great action and suspense. Awesome scene beginning to end.


That’s such a great scene but I honestly can’t watch it over again. I’ve rewatched the show so many times but that scene and a few others I always skip passed. It hurts my heart so much, Hank wanting to do something nice and genuine for Marie, getting her something special then…getting attacked and most likely…never giving Marie the flowers. He was doing something *for her*. I get tremendous secondhand guilt.


And then he gets depressed and frustrated and takes it out on her :(


One Minute is one of my favorites as well. So much suspense. With pretty much the rest of the show, it’s one of the scenes I could watch again for the first time.


1) “I am the danger” 2) Hank Vs Walt in garage “then I suggest you tread lightly” 3) Walt Jr tackles Walt and saves his mom “but we’re a family” 4) Gus walking out of room w face blown off 5) Saul Vs Jessie’s parents in real estate deal


When Hank and Walt are in Hank's garage..."your best course would be to...tread lightly."


You can see a slight change in Walts eyes when he says that. From like a confused, scared look to a cold threat. It’s subtle but when I noticed it, it made the scene 10x better.


Yeeeees! I remember watching this life. The culmination of the entire series, knowing this encounter was coming, and watching it unfold. I was beyond excited for this whole episode.


This is my favorite. The first time I saw this scene I was literally on the edge of my seat.


Love how after this scene, it pretty much has fully flipped to being Hank’s show (up until…)


Mikes “half measures” monologue.


There was so much blood you could taste the metal


Yup. That’s the scene


Hector blowing up Gus.


This one is mine too! Tied with the scene right after they pulled off the train heist- before Todd, you know… lol


… before Todd drew a sharp bead on Drew Sharp.


Ding ding ding




I think it’s pronounced “HAÜH”


Ted trips in the carpet


I cant help but laugh every time


Bill Burr is so good in that whole scene. “Unless you don’t cable, then it’s gonna suck”


It’s the eye of the tiger it’s the thrill of the fight eehhhmaabuullameeehnnammennana my liiiife


Bom bom bom get the bad guy bom bom bom


Haha exactly


Hector shitting himself


The train maneuver was really impressive... and pizza on the roof is iconic


Basicallh any time Jesse throws in "bitch" unnecessarily


I don't think Jesse ever said bitch **unnecessarily**


El pollos hermanos 💀


as a mexican(berking bad erfrence!!1) I can confirm that “el pollos hermanos” is grammatically incorrect


Are you friends with tuco?


Is it uncomfortable for you to visit countries that don't have the yellow tint you grew up seeing? Do yellow colors look normal to you? What do other colors look like?


Too many to choose from. But since I don’t think I’ve seen anyone mention it, when Jesse goes to kill Gus’ men for using & killing children, then Walt comes in & runs the 2 men over before they can have a shootout to save Jesse. One of them is still alive & Walt gets out of the car, grabs the gun he was crawling over to, & shoots him in the head with barely any hesitation. He’s killed ppl in the show before that, but there was way less remorse & it was noticeable. It felt like we were really looking at a different man. Then the best part, as Jesse is standing there shocked the whole time, & they both know Gus is coming for them, the episode cuts to black right as Walt utters 1 word that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of fear both the characters & the audience are experiencing “Run.”


A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks! That scene felt so good to me lol


I quote that line so often….


“Millions?” “Billions. With a B. 2.16 billion as of last Friday. I look it up every week.” Everything you need to know about the character right here


A robot?


And the Walt essentially builds a robot in the finale 😀


“I did it for me” There is no more powerful and well acted scene in the show imo.


Oh my gosh I always hysterically cry through this entire scene


You're actually right. Didn't think about this. Skyler smoking a cigarette in the windows and him cutting her off while she trys to speak. "I was good at"


Weirdly, the scene that immediately came to mind was Hank throwing the resin encased “grill” into the River. He didn’t want a souvenir. He was badly shaken by that incident.


Walt asking Skylar where the money was at the end of Crawl Space. Walt's realization that they're basically screwed with that short crying sequence followed by the manic laughing as there seems to be no way out anymore and that Gus is coming for them.


Hank VS Walt in Hank Garage


When Walt says, "Old Yeller?" You're full of colorful metaphors aren't ya Saul? Belize..Old Yeller...just brimming with advice." That was hilarious to me for some reason.


Prison killing, Gus poisons the cartels and Eladio, Walt kills all of the nazis and saves Jesse, Hank defeated the cousin and Mike shootout at Chinese Warehouse are easily ones of the best scenes in Breaking Bad.


Jesse buying his parents house and saying I own the place.


The scene where Walt jr and Walt get dope new cars Bonfire b-b-b bonfireee


Walters “confession” tape.


“I am the one who knocks” what a badass


When waltuh falls off the railing


When Walt invites Jesse over for dinner and there is a long awkward silence and Jesse just goes "these are great green beans Mrs. White"


"Those are CHOICE"


Walter putting the broken plate pieces together. THAT was the moment I got hooked.


That scene was the moment we all realised just how detailed and complex breaking bad was


It reminds me a lot of the sopranos in that way.


honestly, the single best moment in the entire show to me is in Fly when Walt falls from the mezzanine, crashes into a tank, and lands on the floor.


My name is Skylar White, yo My husband is Walter White, yo Uh-huh


Keeping Huel happy.




Walt, Skyler, and Saul discussing the logistics of buying the car wash. *”10 million, that was the asking price, right?”* *”Apparently, he upped it to 20.”* *”Ha ho! Nice negotiating.”*


“So you understand what asshole means. Now go get my phenylacetic acid, asshole”


"What are we gonna be building?" "You said it yourself" ".......a robot?!"


"Aaahhhh, wiiiiirrrree!"


Last scene of Granite State, where Walt watches the news in, err, stony silence. Such great wordless acting by BC.


That slow zoom in in Walt'd backyard that reveals >!Lily of the Valley!< Vince changed the entire meaning of the last 2 episodes of S4 and made one of the greatest twists in TV history.


Walter's intervention, because Hank is the funniest character in the show. Seriously though, he doesn't even try to be funny. He's all politely offering the snacks to Marie and she's all like gawd fucking Hank just why. Him trying to comfort Walt when he's crying in his office. Trying to not get a boner. Laughing Marie off about weed overdose. List goes on


Watching it now, and yes. Hank is the best. The cool uncle that everyone wants to have and hysterical without trying


lmao totally agree, Hank's funny uncle moments are just the best, every time a serious dramatic family scene starts and Hank is around with that uncomfortable expression I have to hold back to not lol


My favorite scene is "bring the bottle back". It's so intense, so uncomfortable, and the one legit time I can say without irony that it's the first time we see heisenberg. I know that last part is an eye-roll, but seeing him lash out on his family in public? IDK, it's just so good. Non-violent, no real stakes, but it always has me on the edge of my seat every time I watch it. Peak Breaking Bad for me.


"Salud!" Don't get better than that. Gus at his most diabolical....


Walt having to pick up the meth from Jesse’s while choosing to sell his product instead of witnessing Holly’s birth


When Walt is telling Saul to get him some hitters at the vacuum place then tries to intimidate him but ends of coughing his lungs out and Saul says were done. Everyone was so tired of his shit by then.


The very last scene where Walt just looks around the meth lab with a smile on his face. It gives us a moment of bliss before the obligatory fade out music plays. The first time I finished the show I started crying right as that first chord hit, It feels so triumphant, almost more so than the shootout that preceded it. This is his last stance, even though Walt's last words don't mean anything you know exactly what's going through his head during his final moments.


Walt vs tuco fake meth scene.


"To W.W. My star, my perfect silence." W.W. I mean, who do you figure that is, y'know? Woodrow Wilson? Willy Wonka? Walter White? Heh. You got me.


I am not turning down the money! I am turning down you! You get it? I want NOTHING to do with you! Ever since I met you, everything I ever cared about is gone! Ruined, turned to shit, dead, ever since I hooked up with the great Heisenberg! I have never been more alone! I HAVE NOTHING! NO ONE! ALRIGHT, IT'S ALL GONE, GET IT? No, no, no, why... why would you get it? What do you even care, as long as you get what you want, right? You don't give a shit about me! You said I was no good. I'm nothing! Why would you want me, huh? You said my meth is inferior, right? Right? Hey! You said my cook was GARBAGE! Hey, screw you, man! Screw you!


When Mike tells an old story from his cop days. Why he doesn’t take 1/2 measures anymore


When Walt broke into Saul’s office and confronted Francesca


Walt and Walt Jnr revving the cars in the driveway


That's a favourite moment of mine, too. Rather unpopular opinion though


Fun fact: the scene where Hank sings “Eye of the Tiger” is the most expensive scene shot in the entire show because of the rights to that song.


Surely a few other songs cost a pretty penny.


“The Enterprise is five parsecs out of Rigel XII...” *Need I say more?*


Mine is the scene in season one right after Walt blows up tucos hide out. Where walts in the car and he just starts grabbing the wheel and grunting cuz he fucking "did it". I've been like that before, mostly after beating a ds boss but I get it.


This is a good question!! So the most serious favorite scene, when hank dies, and before they haul off Jesse, Mr. White tells him how he watched his ex junkie girlfriend die. That was some COLD ASS SHIT! The funniest scene was in the beginning when they first started to cook(in the desert) and Walter calls his wife and in the background Jesse is just kicking shit around throwing a tantrum being an idiot lol idk why that cracks me up


“Can you for once stop playing me..” “just ask me for a favor” Jesse finally broke. Heartbreaking


I love the scene where walt dirves over those two drug dealers in ep half measures and gets out of his car, picks up the gun and kills the man still breathing without hesitation and tells Jesse to run


Probably the scene where Hank confronts the real Heisenberg after going over all the evidence again. "I don't know who you are... I don't even know who I'm talking to." "If that's the truth, and you really don't know who I am... I'd say your best course of action, would be to *tread lightly*" Fantastic acting, fantastic writing, and a fantastic pay-off we'd been waiting 4 and a half season for. It's just so good.


(Jesse is dragging a dead body) Excuse me! Excuse me? You! Yes, you. May I talk to you? (opens gate) This is private property! Just a minute. I wanna talk to you. No, I'm not interested. Hey, don't touch me! Do not touch me! All right, look, not touching, okay? Not touching here. Look, lady, whatever you're selling, I ain't buying, yo. Well, my name is Skyler White, yo. My husband is Walter White, yo.


The train scene is one of the best


So many to choose from but it might when when Walt Jr is getting bullied at the clothing store and Walt walks off screen and storms back in and gives the bullies a plate chock full of their own asses with all the trimmings




When Tony kills Ralph.


Sharp as a fucking cue ball, this one


“This, is not meth” I can’t pick a favorite but that’s top 5 for sure


The part where Mike was talking about full measures and stuff where he tells that story of him not taking full measures.


Badger and Fake Heisenberg Drug Deal. The hillarious mexican music, Jesse realizing Badger is talking to a complete stranger, Walt playing the silly brother in law... such a funny but intense scene. I love it My other favs are Tuco meets Heisenberg and say my name


When Walt presses the button on the garage door opener and a couple of seconds later the nazis turn into swiss cheese


That whole phone call when Jesse is pretending to burn Walt’s money. Walt’s desperation to keep his money is so brilliantly acted (“No, no, NO!”) and when he finally just unloads all the frustration he’s been harbouring for Jesse (“I did all of those things to try to save your life as much as mine... only you're too stupid to know it!”) you can tell that these two are way past making up. Has such a sense of finality to it and tbh I also just love angry Walt and his crazy driving lol


I love in S1 when Jesse was supposed to disolve a body in acid and he used his bathtub. When the mess broke from the roof and splashed his house with guts and acid. I also love when Walter is trying to roll a joint haha


‘Sorry, what were you saying? Oh right, that ‘stupid barrel’ I asked you to get? You see, hydrofloric acid won’t dissolve polyethylene plastic. It will, however, eat through metal, glass, ceramic, rock… *so there’s that.*’


Walt and Jesse destroy the lab


“How bout it councilor, do you concur?”


Flat fee clients, am I right?


When Hank takes Jr to the Crystal palace and introduces him to Wendy. It still makes me laugh out loud


How much for a windy, Wendy?


What’re you, handicapped or somethin?


El Pollos Hermanos?


Definitely Walt trying to and failing to keep Jesse in the game in 507. I wrote about it in another post but basically it’s a perfect character interaction, super compelling to see character-accurate writing lead to perfect natural drama.


When Walt n Jesse fight


When Jesse says “This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed…Bitch!”


What does a man do, Walter?


When Walt knocks down the bully making fun of Walt Jr trying on jeans. So many other great scenes. My all time favorite show.


In Ozymandias when Walt jr defends his mother and sister by holding a knife to Walter. I really think that's the climax of the show imo as it shows when Walt Jr (who was the most naive character until this point) finally realizes the monster that Walt is and when we as the audience realize without a doubt that there is no saving this situation and there is no going back (although you could also argue that killing hank immediately before this seen also hits the same notes.)


“Aaahhhhh wire”


Walter hugs Jesse and throws him to the ground and kills Uncle Jack


When Skylar is knelt in front of Walt Jr. and Walt is all like, “We’Re A fAmIlY!” Why? Emotion


This is maybe not my absolute favorite but it's definitely up there... when Skyler goes to see Ted in the hospital.. just the sheer fear he portrayed in this performance blew me away! How he looked in the bed, shaved and in that brace and just scared to death. And then Skylar realizing she couldn't apologize or explain but instead use this fear to keep him quiet. AMAZING.


A very powerful, eerie scene is Walt watching Jane overdose and choke on her own vomit. Shows the beginning of his transformation into Heisenberg from Walter White.


Hank singing Eye of The Tiger


skyler white as marilyn monroe


When Hank finally realized…