Gus Fring is my 1st favorite Breaking Bad character because he's smart, methodical, cunning, charismatic, composed, ambitious, badass, vengeful, ruthless and has a various businesses.


My English teacher would like you


So true. He can be a dick but you can’t help but respect him.


Gus seem like a nice person if you don't mess with him nor get in his way.




I liked him. His screen presence in of itself is fantastic, but I think the reveal that he is motivated by revenge for a murdered lover above all else is what makes the character really hit. The audience and the cartel are both tricked into thinking he's 'all business'. I also like that BCS shows him more vulnerable and even terrified at one point, his humanity makes his inhumanity all the more frightening.


He's the Lex Luthor of the drug world. That's self poisoning to take out the entire cartel was the stuff CIA assassins have wet dreams about. Walt was his only weakness. I am not sure if that was an ego thing or a bad business calculation because he never would have been able to control Walt so maybe business, but it felt like clash of the egos. It's kind of ironic how a sloppy mishap gets Walt taken down after his taking out a mastermind.


Maybe Walt preferred a bullet to lingering with cancer.


Yeah, but then his cancer left, right. Inthink Walt might have just been leanimg evil his whole life and just been subconsciously waiting for a reason to let it all come out.


I don’t believe his cancer left during or after the cabin.


The doctor told him it did at one point


The doctor didn’t say that Walt was cancer-free; he said that Walt was in remission. I believe he also said that remission meant that it bought Walt more time. I believe the prognosis did not change, that he was always terminal. Also, in the cabin Walt was taking cancer treatment of some sort iirc.


Yes, in the end the cancer came back. Final analysis - Cancer isn't what made Walt an evil bastard. He would have found some other reason sooner or later. He felt bullied. He was like the kid waiting to shoot up the school. It just took longer. Everyone has a reason or excuse for bad shit they do.


Reread my remarks: I said Walt may have chosen to die by bullet rather than cancer. I never excused him from his bad behavior.


Well, he's a pretty smart and practical guy who wouldn't even lower himself to discussing time travel with Saul, so I imagine he would have known enough to shoot himself if he wanted to die by bullet.


That was much earlier than Walt shooting himself.


Yeah, that's right, but he stayed on course from there I think


Perfect considering he voices Lex Luthor in the Harley Quinn show lol


His weakness was his rage against Hector. Walt was just able to exploit it, perhaps by getting lucky.


I honestly think that Gus is the best character in the series. Giancarlo Esposito absolutely nails the performance of such a calculated sociopathic character. I honestly enjoyed every scene he was in and was saddened by his death being so soon in the series's run, although I felt like the way he died did make his character even stronger. He just walks out of the bomb blast like nothing happened, but with half his face missing. Gus is such an iconic villain and every scene with him is just so chilling.


Great character but, I hated him.


Gus is a morally bad person but an amazing character.


I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and assume you hated him as a person? Cause he does do some pretty atrocious things to everyone he works with.


Yes. That pretty much sums it up.


I liked him in BB but BCS ruined him for me. Poor Nachito.


I love him as a character. I never understood though why he started to favour Jesse over Walt when it was Jesse’s fault Walt killed those drug dealers.


I think it was more because Walt would've stopped working for him. And at that point in time, I believe it was not only stated that it was a two man job, he also made it very clear that if Jesse dies, he stops working for him. And Walt made the best stuff so, yknow


It was to put a wedge between them and eventually convince Jesse that killing Mr. White was ok, because otherwise Jesse wouldnt cook for Gus.


He staged with Mike a scenario where Jesse "saved" Mike in a deaddrop assignment to boost his ego. Gus told Jesse je saw something in him. When Walter asked Jesse if he thought it was strange that Mike of all person needed him as a bodyguard, Jesse saw it as Walt being yet again not confident in his ability. And the relationship got worst


I know. But I’m saying I don’t get why he wanted Jesse to be the cook when it was Jesse who was the irresponsible one/went against what Gua said


Jesse is easy to control and Walt is unpredictable. If Jesse wants to step out of line, he’s probably going to do it in a way that’s stupid and messy and easy to stop, while Walt is a schemer.


I think it's that Jesse would be moldable and loyal while Walt definitely isn't. Walt speaks as if he's Gus's equal from the start, and views the relationship as business associates. Gus doesn't want or need that, he needs loyalty. Even if Walt's a genius chemist and his meth is purer than Jesse's, he isn't a good longterm investment.


I mean if you wanna get technical the drug dealers brought it on themselves. They didn’t have to kill the kid


Saying it was Jesse’s fault isn’t even getting technical though it’s just the obvious truth lol


I think Gus and Walt admired and saw strength in Jesse for standing up for kids, unusual for someone in their business. Being amoral, murderous manipulators, it seems possible that Gus and Walt also were intrigued by his naïveté and thought they could use his convictions to bend him to their purposes. I think Gus resents Walt because Walt is his moral mirror image who won’t bend his knee. Jesse knows he is neither man’s intellectual equal; both Gus and Walt like Jesse’s obeisance.


I love his personality in general except for when he's so scary and heartless


That was half of his personality though, and the kind guy who everyone else knew and loved was just a face he put on which, in my opinion, made him even scarier. The fact he could switch from kind and reasoning one second to a ruthless murderer the next was terrifying.


I loved hating his character. So calm and measured.


Amazing charater. Totally unbelievable, but isn't that the beauty of visual arts?


Exaggerated, yeah probably. But I wouldn’t say unbelievable. There are really people out there like that... which makes him much scarier


I don't like him as a person. He's probably my favorite character in terms of writing, though.


I remember being terrified by him on a first watch of BB. He was almost omnipotent the way he outplayed Walt again and again. In BCS he’s a caricature of himself at times with the extreme OCD behaviors, like making Lyle clean the fryers over and overs, the toothbrush scene, etc. That dissipated his menace for me, he’s one of my less favorite characters on BCS.


Gangster as fuck. Brilliant character expertly portrayed by a fantastic actor.


I love the character. His complexity, his determination for revenge, his intelligence, and his underlying darkness beneath his reasonable business man persona. However I don't like how he is romanticized by a portion of the fandom, specially when trying to vilify Walt by saying that Gus was an excellent boss who Walt couldn't stand because of ego and whatever, and who was screwed by Walt because of pride and wanting to be the man. Gus is an awesome character, and an awesome antagonist. He is also a very sinister and dark person.


arguably one of the most incredibly written characters in the show. there were times like in the flashback when his friend got shot in front of him, that i genuinely felt bad for him. then, i’d remember that he was recruiting kids for drug dealing and then got them murdered when he didn’t need them anymore, and i’d just lose all of the empathy i had. horrible, horrible man.


Best villian in anything ever


Love Gus. If I was Walter White. Everything would be different. We’d have conquered the world. Our cartel would have been blue mething from coast to coast. Once we conquer all the bikers.


I didnt like him but the way the actor and they depicted the character was spot on. Criminals hide in plain sight and seem to live normal lives to many people. Its realistic.


Excellent character. I always found it amusing that he was *so* ruthless with his meth empire employees but he seemed to be a fantastic boss when it came to his Pollos employees


He seemed like a pretty down to earth guy to start with, but then of course he became the villain, and ya' know... Unpopular opinion, I still liked Gus after his villain arc started, **fight me.**


Loved his character. The episode with his backstory and him taking out Don Eladio is one of my favourites


I felt like he was beautifully enigmatic and terrifying in BrBa. In Better Call Saul, I found him to be stubborn, short-sighted, and overall kinda pathetic. I didn't like what BCS added to his character.


He wasn’t up to pollos standards


Gus is the chicken man


I think a lot of people love him as a villain. The same way people love Darth Vader.


He has many traits and behavioral patterns I can relate to. Not all of them, of course. I love him as a character, but irl I would keep myself away from him as much as possible.


He was so boring. Like why didn’t he say funny stuff. So boring


What he said to Walt after Walt 1st kill was hilarious


It didn’t make me giggle til I was brittle 😔


He was a petty man who *(IMHO! IMHO!)* who could not *STAND* that the nephew of the man that *KILLED* Gus's Maxito... Gets to walk into that restaurant, sit at that booth and... *Not. Even. Try. The. Spicy. Curls. I will reek Hell...* (Omg, he smells like sandalwood and Hugo Boss, but you know her doesn't give a damn!) (Sets establishment!) "*...And you will tremble..."*


A bit gay


He's a very cool character and that's why fans love him, but if we are talking about the best characters he's extremely overrated. In breaking bad he serves mainly as a counterpart to Walt and has very little development. In BCS they develop him a tad more but he still isn't fully fleshed out and the writing doesn't accomplish very much with him. Saul, Walt, Jesse, and Kim are all very easily a tier above him. Gus is in the same tier as Mike, Skyler, Hank, and Chuck and I could make an argument for any one of those 4 over him. All of the comments are talking about how cool he is and how he services the plot and fits his role but I don't think anyone is actually thinking about the quality of the character and what it accomplishes. He's very fun to watch but if we are thinking critically about this he's not a top 5 character in the BB/BCS universe.


Gus was Gales muscle daddy top.




Who is Gus?


this question feels familiar 🤔


Sorry if it's a repeat. I'm pretty new to BB as a series, and I'd like to know what others thoughts are.


lol no reason to be sorry…it was meant as a joke cause i look at breaking bad subreddit all the time and always see these questions not specific to Gus


He was…. acceptable.


I love Gus. Not in the sense that I see him as "good," but because his ability to calmly maintain a facade is so amazing. He's as hellbent on his personal vengeance quest as Walt is to take control of everything, but he knows the worth of being cautious about it. He's a fantastic narrative foil showing everything Walt wishes he could be, and what Walt might have been able to accomplish if he got his ego in check in favor of his ambitions.


I like his story more than Walt's honestly. Wish he and walt got along better


One of my faves of the franchise. He's so bone chillingly cool and scary, and then sometimes kind, but never for no reason. An incredibly compelling character. I like that the show makes you want to see him succeed in his revenge scheme. And then all his stuff in BCS is like a never ending dessert buffet


the plot armor is unbelievable, still one of my favorite characters tho


Evil version of Obama.


Hes one of my favorite characters, genuinely amazing, from the writing, to the acting, it's just amazing what they did with Gus as a character


That sniper scene made me like him more instantly


I like him. He's one of my fave characters.