You should check out your local library!


I try not to buy too many, more for finances rather than not wanting to. I use a boring website called Random . org and let that choose a number - I’ll buy that book out of my list (hope that makes sense!) and withdraw the rest from a library.


That’s a great solution!


Why not just get them from the library?


Libraries are still very much a thing! Most have ebooks you can borrow without even going to the physical library!


Libby app.


What if you bought 1/4 of them, or 10, and waited until you finished them to buy more?


If you have to ask if you should do it and you have impulse spending issues then I'd say don't do it. As everyone pointed out libraries will usually carry a wide variety of books, and it's free! You also can find PDF's of certain books if you know how to look, $1000 is a lot of money, I'd pick five books that you realllly want to read and then take the others out of the cart. Don't bulk buy, buy a little at a time. Goodluck!


I have this problem as well. What I have found useful is to limit myself to spending $100.00 per month on books (plus or minus \~$10.00). The additional caveat to this general rule is that I cannot buy the next month's set of books (sitting in my cart) until I am down to my last book from the set that I previously purchased (so, given shipping times, I should be able to time finishing the last book with receiving the new books). This also helps with not feeling overwhelmed with what else you might have sitting on your nightstand/bookcase waiting to be read. Hope this helps!


Get a library card (or a few, I won't judge) and then download the Libby app. Also check out thriftbooks. It'll take hundreds off that price tag.


ThriftBooks is really the way to go. You can’t beat the prices AND the rewards system. If I want a specific book I always check there first


Almost forgot about the rewards! God, with those, I bet at least a few of OP's books would end up being free. ​ Edit: Also, if you ever have to buy textbooks, check there first too!


Buy two or three, you may change your mind on what you want to read after you read a couple. I keep books in my "For Later" or whatever it's called in my cart all the time. Don't buy a thousand dollars in books all at once, there's no reason.


Don't buy 70 books. Are you even going to read all of them? Buy two or three and don't buy more until you have read those. Or use your public library...


Why buy 70 at once? You probably can't read 70 at once. I can still relate to this though, having accumulated a shitload of books I haven't read yet - both physical and electronic. When I come across a mention of a book that sounds interesting, I buy it. Usually for Kindle nowadays, but physical books for anything non-fiction or with important photos/diagrams/drawings/etc. I have no idea exactly how many unread books I have now. I don't think I want to know. But it's not a problem financially, just in terms of space the physical books take up. It would be a lot cheaper and less wasteful if I just kept a big list of interesting books instead of just buying them, but what's the fun in that? Lists aren't fun, books are!


Have you ever used Paperbackswap? You pay to ship books you have to other people and then request books be sent to you for free. It’s a great way to get rid of some books and get more for about $3.00 per book and a $20 yearly fee.


I used this several years ago and got so many books for so little $!!! It’s a great suggestion!


Want to buy 70 books? First read 70 books from the library. Totally sympathise with your situation. Buying books in English is particularly expensive in my country, so I often try to buy several at once. But I've got rules. Anything on the list that's available from the library in English has to come off the list. Anything on the list that's been translated into English from another language has to be read in the Dutch or French translation from the library. And I've got to read at least one library book for any purchased book. Why? Otherwise I'd be very, very broke by now ... And silently cursing myself for blowing all that money on books I could read for free.


I want to throw up a little whenever I accidentally see the total number of kindle books I bought. Recently I have learned to enjoy the classics, they're for free on gutenberg!


Buy a couple at a time! I never let my physical unread TBR books get higher than 10. I have to finish reading them all before I allow myself to purchase more. Otherwise I’d continue buying and just have a bunch of unread books on my shelves!


abe books is like £3 a book and they have a rlly wide range, it’s reasonable for secondhand books


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Why don't you start with one? Why not buy them used? Why not check the library?


Buy them one at a time so you don't have a backlog of unread books.


I used to buy a lot of books. I quit when I started being honest with myself and admitting that I actually read fewer than half of them. Not to tell you what to do, but it seems likely that you'll regret this purchase if you make it. Why not see if any nearby libraries have any of those titles and start with those? You probably can't read 70 books at once anyway. What helps me in situations like this is thinking about the anxiety and guilt I'll feel later if I do the thing I'm trying not to do. Don't make Future-You have to go through that.