Kite runner breaks my heart

Kite runner breaks my heart


Was assigned that book as a freshman in high school. My class was *not* prepared for the rape scene.


It was assigned reading my sophomore year of high school and I remember our teacher made us read the chapter together and do a popcorn reading thing. I ended up being the unlucky kid who had to read the rape scene out loud to the class . I had no idea that was in the book and caught me so off guard and I to this day do not think I’ve had a more uncomfortable reading experience in my life.




Yeah, that's.. not how that should go. It should be taught by the teacher and discussed gently, with resources. And question time.


“He made him take off his pants- uhhhh popcorn Jimmy”


Agreed. What an awful experience!


Exactly. Shortsighted and callous this is.


Next week's reading is Lolita. No need to do homework. We'll just read in class.


what a shitty teacher god damn problem not the best book to read out loud, it's awkward and there could be SA victims potentially in class ...




How is that not a teacher problem? Curriculum doesn’t tell you how to teach something.


i read it just this year as a senior but we were assigned to read that chapter at home and then discussed it in class. i forget the nazi kids name but me and my friend were talking when we finished the book and how we were shocked (but not surprised) when he >!joined the taliban!<


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Wow, that's soooo not trauma informed. What if you or another classmate were victims of rape?? Wtf teacher.


I had a similar experience with a short play about a woman who kidnaps her rapist and tortures him. She talked about sodomizing him with a broomstick and used the word cunt like 10 times in one paragraph. Probably less in reality, but it felt like a lot as a tenth grader who had never used the word.


That was devastating for me too 😞


I read that book too young, maybe 11 or 12. Can’t believe my mom let me read it


Same. I can’t believe my aunt lent me the book. I actually stopped reading after that scene. Haven’t picked it up since


Yet they drew the line when my grandma got me the boy in striped pajamas for Christmas. Granted I don’t blame them


I really don’t know if I can read that book. I left the theater and went straight to a bar. I know the book would be worse.


my much younger sister begged me to see it in the cinema when we were out shopping based on the poster, which had the two main characters facing each other behind some fence cutting between what looked like a pretty idyllic field I think? I assumed she'd read the childrens book of whatever it was, and I needed a break. Wish I could have gone to a bar, because get this, we're jewish, so I immediately knew what was going on the second the lights went down and I was like *oh shit those aren't pyjamas, this ain't narnia*, and that's the story all about how I accidentally traumatised my sister, who, in my defence, refused to leave.


I read the book first when I was about 14 and I was a blubbering mess. I've re-read it since and I find it much more difficult than the movie, which I still cried at. It's drawn out, word by word. You know what's going to happen and you just have to read every single detail. Recommended, despite it all.


Agree, the book is way more devastating than the movie. About the book from this post, the kite runner is spectacular book, and a thousand splendid suns is as good. I haven't read and the mountains echoed or the sea prayer. Someday I will


I've only read Kite Runner as part of my literature class and it was very well written. I do intend to read his other books, after my massive to read pile.


And the Mountains Echoed is my favorite


For me it was A Child Called “It”.


I haven't read it, but I heard it's a Nazi book. Lemme guess - the twist is that the striped pajamas are a prison outfit and the kid is in a Nazi jail?


worse, nazi death camps


It’s the plot but not a “twist”


There's some nazi reference but not a nazi book though lol


Trust me it's a good one.


Read it on 8th grade I suppose? And yes, traumatising.


There's a fcking movie on it


I read it as a senior in high school, for my English class. That scene took me by surprise too and I remember reading it through my tears. I’m sorry you read that as a freshman, I would not have been equipped to handle the content at that age. To be clear, I love all of Hosseini’s work, just think it would have been tougher for me to read at a young age.


>I read that book too young, maybe 11 or 12. Can’t believe my mom let me read it You should also read 'One tousand splendind suns'


I first saw the movie and afterwards read the book. That part was cut in the movie so I couldn't understand what happened there. Only after I read the book, I was presented with that horrible act.


I definitely remember that part being in the movie, but just less explicitly shown.


Yeah I've only seen the movie and I'm pretty sure.. that scene is in there.


It is, but it is not nearly as graphic. I think it’s one of those things where he’s led down an alley and it’s just kind of implied that that is what happened.


Ahh no. I remember it vividly. I rememb them holding him down with his face in the dirt and the kid saying it's okay to rape people like him and it's not gay. And then he got on top of him. And then it cut away. It was pretty horrifying.


Maybe he watched it in an airplane or something


I remember a GREAT 8th grade teacher teaching ‘The Color Purple’. I picked up a copy and read it as I was responsible for the morning work ‘kids got to school at different times and I watched the gifted class until school started. Have you read the first few chapters of that? Wow. 8th grade. They handled it fine. Off topic but great story about that class. One day the teacher was running late and the bell rang so I had to get to my first class and they asked what to do. I told em to just sit quietly and work like she was there so she wouldn’t get in trouble for sneaking in late. One of the student turned on the overhead projector with the vocabulary sheet on it and they got to work. Later that day the teacher said ‘what the hell, I was 20 minutes late and they were quietly doing the days work.’ She was amazed. I just told her that if they would help her out she would remember it and you don’t HAVE to go nuts because she is not in the room. There is some hope in the world.


I love your story!


Being deployed to Afghanistan, I was not prepared for the casual raping of boys by the Afghan army


:( that’s heartbreaking


I can read it a thousand times over, and I'd still not be prepared for that scene. And yet, I'd read it a thousand times over again.


Honestly, I don't know that I'd be prepared for it if I were to re-read it now at 33. That scene basically made me shut off for a couple weeks.


I got into a very heated argument with my teacher about how Assef is still gay for raping another boy, which is against their culture(?). I stand by that Assef is gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Edit: boy* not man


Nah. The rape was about power. About “unmanning” him. Nothing to do with sexual desire.


Wow. I had a teacher choose Maya Angelou's I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings in 5th grade, but when we got to the sensitive scene(s) we discussed it beforehand and it became silent reading time for a bit. Teacher was a bit of a hardass, but I learned a lot from all the books we read so it was a good class.


5th? Wtf? 5th? Beautiful book. Read it as a senior in high school.


I misremembered, 6th grade. We were US curriculum but international so the teachers could go wild. Beowulf in Old English and modern English in 7th grade was another highlight. It was annoying when I got to 8th grade back here in the US public system and did Anne Frank 3 years in a row :( (the Diary is fine, just 3 times was annoying).


Ye i dropped the book after that scene


It made me hate the main character. I couldn’t deal with how cowardly he was, all the time, it was apparently a core trait he held and it drove me crazy. I couldn’t see his point of view or see him as anything but a disgusting person and coward after that. It’s just so opposite from everything I think, believe and have been taught.


Yea wasnt something i was ready to read honestly


I completely understand what you mean and agree. I didn’t understand how he could see that, not help or inform about it, AND basically kick the guy out of the house. But then I wrote a 4000 word essay on this book. Well, I analyzed it along with another book and it had a specific focus question relating to parent-child relationships. But from my understanding and interpretation, he is this way because of his dysfunctional relationship with his father that left him broken, attention craving, and desperate. Not that I agree with his actions or anything, but it helped me understand him a bit more and even made me feel a bit sympathetic for him at some parts of the story.


Was this 4000 words essay your extended essay?


Hahaha yes it was! I take that you went through the IB as well?


I’m going through it now! It’s the first year. I have been thinking of writing my ee in english lit.


Wow how are you doing so far? I finished before the entire pandemic started so I didn’t have to deal with that along side everything. Cool! I took Lang Lit but I guess my EE is lit focused haha. Many people think doing English is the “easier” option but I actually liked it so yeah haha.


definitely same, needed a trigger warning fs. i wish i could’ve finished the book but i read it basically immediately after my own SA. i might go back now after years of healing


We also had to watch the movie after. I honestly don’t know why it was prescribed reading material in a heavily catholic school.


Oh lord. yeah we read it senior year at my school.


My father saw that it was a best seller and bought me the graphic novel version when I was a kid. That rape scene changed me.


If you loved the kite runner, also check out a thousand splendid suns . Its just as beautiful and while i read both of these years ago, the stories still remain with me.


“1000 splendid suns” is way more heartbreaking than “kite runner” the complexity Mariam and Laila holds it’s beautiful


I teared up at the ending 😭😭


I sobbed like a freakin baby. Read the whole book in one day and was in bed at 3am just sobbing 😭


That was the first book to ever break me. I was sobbing for hours afterwards.


I read it on a train. Big mistake. Was doing the choke sobs for about twenty minutes of the journey and the guy across from me came over to see if I was ok. Then said he wasn’t ever going to read the book after seeing my reaction. The way he describes Afghanistan is truly beautiful


I finished "A Thousand Splendid Suns" in three days. Honestly, I liked "The Kite Runner" more than the later (may be I had high expectation after reading "The Kite Runner"). The conditions under which our hero (or heroine) lived still exists in today's modern world and some people are still justifying that way is reality that you should realiset. So, "The Kite Runner" had a "permanent" happy ending, but not in the case of "A Thousand Splendid Suns".


It was the opposite experience for me. I read thousand splendid suns first, had high expectations for kite runner and while both books are amazing, thousand splendid sun's stayed with me for awhile.


Me to. I thought I would enjoy Kite Runner and the other one (And The Mountains Echoed) as much as I loved Thousand Splendid Suns, but they turned out to be just good. I think I would need to reread them if I were to try and recall every part. Whereas Thousand Splendid Suns has stuck with me years later.


Same. I thought A Thousand Splendid Suns was much better. This might be an unpopular and strange opinion, but I think the ending of Kite Runner was a little too much of a downer and the final confrontation was too much of a coincidence.


I read A Thousand Splendid Suns this year and it was just too brutal and too much of an eternal downer to enjoy. The Kite Runner has depressing moments, but ultimately has some joy to it. A Thousand Splendid Suns spoilers >!It has to be like 80% of the book where the women are just getting raped/trapped/beaten. Even the ending is only somewhat happy for one of the two leads. It felt like torture porn for lots of the run time and I just couldn't vibe with it.!<


I mean...it all happened and those were the conditions in Afghanistan at that time. But I understand some people not wanting to read about it.


Isn’t it such a privilege to be able to just put that story down and walk away? Something to be grateful for as there a people allover the world that live this story all day, everyday with no escape.


This. Each time I sat the book down to take a mental break (or because my tears obscured my vision) I felt terrible guilt. I can’t explain the guilt, couldn’t explain it then when my husband was trying to make sense of my sobbing. But I felt wrong for being able to step away when the characters I loved didn’t have that option. Silly, I know. But that’s how I felt.


That's empathy, not silly at all. *Hugs*


It’s not silly at all. I feel the same way about taking breaks from social media. I follow a lot of BLM and anti-racism accounts and I have to take breaks because it’s so exhausting. Then I feel guilty because I can take a break from this shit. Where people of colour don’t ever get a break from racism


Sadly it's still the reality for a lot of women, and not just in Afghanistan.


I recommend And star Mountains Echoed.


it drags tho


It lacks swiftness and is kinda boring I was never able to finish it


I finished, but it was hard to get through. Really boring. Though I enjoyed two of the stories.


Maybe I should give it another try


It’s definitely not torture porn. It’s just the brutal reality of some women living in Afghanistan


It’s reality under taliban rule. Housseini wanted to write a book from a woman’s perspective because in kite runner he focused on a man’s. Women go through much more hardship under taliban rule and he highlighted that really well. It is realistic and far from torture porn for shock value.


That's the point?


I never said it wasn't intentional? Just because that's the point of the book doesn't make it less bad to me.


The point is you're not supposed to vibe with it.


Some people have too much empathy to want that exposure - the brain treats it as happening to the reader irl. Causes psychic trauma that is hard to shake.




The spoiler you mentioned is a reality in today's world. From women's point of view, it's no less than hell.


This book educated me on what Afghanistan was like before the taliban. I had no idea. I thought Muslim countries were that way because Islam was extremely conservative. like I just thought it was their religion to be that way. I realize how extremely ignorant that was but this was like 20 years ago when all I really knew about Muslims is that they were “violent” based on the news etc. Reading books by people from other cultures and backgrounds is so important for this very reason Imagine watching your beautiful country being turned into trash by extremists. So sad.


This is my favourite thing about Hosseini's writing. The mainstream media only ever shows the war torn side of Afghanistan and negativity about Islam but his books beautifully humanise the Afghan people and really brings home the tragedy of the Afghan war.


Just for a little information... same thing is happening in Palestinine right now... but they also want to eradicate the whole Palestinian culture. That's what Israel actually is.


Yeah I have to say I’m pretty ignorant about what is going on over there.


>watching your beautiful country being turned into trash by extremists who were supported by the US


Can't recommend A Thousand Splendid Suns enough, it still gives me goosebumps. So so beautiful


A thousand splendid suns is the saddest book I have ever read.


ATSS is probably my favorite book of all time. It's the one book I've read that I'd describe as "beautiful."


Agreed! I also really liked “And the Mountains Echoed.” Hosseneni is a wonderful writer!


I remember reading that. Never have I ever wanted to throw a book at the wall and shout at it as bad as I did with this one. It's just so powerful and raw.


Thousand splendid sons , that's on my list 🙌


Fair warning, it’s also heartbreaking


I was reading it on an airplane on the way home from a vacation and was tearing up. Input the book down for a bit to collect myself. The flight attendant asked if I was ok and I showed her the book. She told me to keep reading, that it gets better. Ugh. It took a long time to get better. How many times in my life have I remembered Miriam's mother telling her a woman's role is to "endure, endure, endure."


omg this is so bizarre bc i was reading at the airport and on the plane. the passenger next to me asked me a hundred times if I was ok bc I was sobbing like a baby


Thousand splendid suns, a true masterpiece.


Thousand splendid sons and kite runner were my two choices I could read for my 10th grade English class. Funny seeing them both brought up here


They’re both best sellers written by the same author about the same subject matter though so it’s really not surprising that they’re both being brought up Great books though


Didn’t know they were the same author! Learn something new everyday.


That seems so intense for a 10th grade class! How was the child rape discussion handled?


I read this in my sophomore English class too. We had a student teacher who had us read the book. I think he handled the discussion really well. His teaching style was kinda similar to university level literature classes, so we did a discussion circle and talked about how it made us feel, how something like that happening to someone could affect them for the rest of their life, how we should learn from it and speak up if we ever witness something like that, etc. He treated us like adults and gently guided the discussion so that it had the gravity and seriousness required for such an intense topic. He didn't try to gloss over it or soften it or treat us like children. Honestly, the whole experience of reading that book was one of the greatest instances of teaching I've had!


That’s amazing! It sounds like an incredible experience. Did any parents have issues with reading it in class, do you know/remember? I think it’s awesome that HS English classes are teaching new classics that aren’t all written by deceased white men or the occasional deceased white woman. It just seems like such an intense choice in other ways.


Yep...just finished thousand splendid sun today....man it was a heartbreaking book


I was enthralled with the story but hadn't thought about WHEN it was set. I assumed 1950s. Then they said about going to the movies to watch 'Titanic' and it hit me so hard how different lives are in different parts of the world now- not 50 years ago, now.


My favorite character is Baba. Everyone always remembers Amir's line ("For you, a thousand times over.") but I prefer Baba's line when he stops a soldier from abusing a woman ("Tell him I will take a thousand of his bullets before I let this atrocity happen.") He may have been gruff and had his one flaws but I see Baba as the true hero of the story.


Hassan's character broke my heart. He's my favourite too. I hated Amir at a certain point while reading it but quickly realised how much I relate to his character and that probably implies for so many people today. He's flawed and broken and guilty so much like so many of us. It's like if I were a character in a book I'd hate myself the most. The irony!


Amir is one of the most realistic, believable characters I’ve ever read. He’s flawed, he experiences emotional growth and matures, he retains some of his flaws, he’s so extremely human. By the end of the book I felt like I knew him. I also really love Amir’s father as a character. Hosseini does a great job at making his characters feel real.


People like Hassan hardly exist nowadays...


They are rare but I think they do exist. I grew up in rural Turkey, in a mountanous region, underdeveloped even by Turkish standards, and I made some kind of connection to this novel and its characters. No war and no war-related atrocities, but similar poverty, servant families for the landowners, and a few brilliant kids despite the injustice they suffered.


I grew up in rural post soviet central Asian republic, and also met many persons with such character traits of pure kindness and unwavering loyalty. I believe these traits exist everywhere, but especially prominent in more difficult parts of the world where they shine like diamonds in the mud. Sad places though...


When you read between the lines of Amir’s character, you start to understand with him and sympathize a lot more with him.


I was 13 when I read ‘kite runner’ and I think Amir’s father (baba- I don’t think they ever refer to him with his name) is by far the best character, his conflicting personality and his guilt creates such a complex character u just cannot hate. I think my favourite quote has to be when baba says “there is only one crime and that is stealing” (I don’t remember the exact words)


I haven't read it in a decade but that stuck with me too. "All crime is theft. The murderer steals a life. The rapist steals innocence." Or something like that. It's quite a beautiful articulation of the Harm Principle.


His broader point was the only sin is theft. So, stealing something physically is theft. Murder steals a life. And lying steals the truth. But the other “sins” he didn’t have a problem with, like drinking alcohol which is normally haram. Because that didn’t steal from anybody. It was about the relationship with Allah more than crime.


Yes yes that I love it so much


Baba was such a boss. Had everything and lost everything except for his integrity. I still remember that scene where he saves that woman from getting taken away by the soldiers while everyone else was scared stiff. He even comes around to support his son’s wish of becoming a writer. That can’t be easy on a refugee working his ass off as a single dad to support his kid.


I tried reading this book for the first time when I was like 16. One day when I sat down to read it I was so invested and couldn’t put the book down that I read like twelve chapters in one sitting and ended up at the final two chapters of the book. But I was so devastated by everything I’d just read that I decided I needed to put the book down to recover. I figured I’d give myself a day or two but that turned into a week, two weeks, a month, six months. It wasn’t until like 8 years later that I felt mentally strong enough to finish the book and I went back and read it again, but this time I completed it. Such a good book but absolutely gut wrenching.


I tried reading it as a young teenager and I quit at the rape scene. It was so shocking to me and left me sick to my stomach. I’m sure if I came across it a few years later I would’ve been able to continue reading but I’ve never picked it up again.


Me too, same exact situation


While many people are recommending all of Hosseinis books (and for good reason) you should definitely pick up “A Fort of Nine Towers”. Where Hosseinis books capture the harsh reality of Afghanistan through fiction based on reality, A Fort of Nine Towers is an Autobiography but an absolute gem of a story line about escaping Afghanistan for America. It is a heartbreaking story, but does have a good ending. If anyone has ever had the opportunity to be in Afghanistan, they can relate with all of Hosseinis work as well as this one from Qais. Being able to choose whether or not to read these books is quite the privilege that nobody living these events has. While Hosseinis rape scene in Kite Runner is disturbing, it happens all too often with little repercussion. And Miriam? Every day. Wait until you read about Qais. The more you read the more you can form educated opinions of world events and your response (or non response) to them. Happy reading


thousand splendid suns is WAY more heartbreaking. 1000x better than kite runner in my opinion


Yes I was weeping by the end


I wept for days after reading that book.


My memory of reading this book: I was in the bedroom, reading. My then-boyfriend-now-husband was in the living room playing video games. I threw my book down and came out to the living room, started watching a movie. After a time, hubby asked, "what happened to your book?" Me: "I am mad at it."


I read this book at 14 not realizing what it was about. Probably the most jarring book I've ever read.


I rolled my eyes at all the dramatic coincidences, they really took me out of the story. It made an otherwise human and realistic novel so cliche.


When We Were Orphans by Kazuo Ishiguro is a good subversion of that kind of story structure, if you're after something that subverts it. I won't spoil it but the premise is a character looking for and expecting that kind of dramatic coincidence, and the audience sadly understanding how unlikely it is to happen.


Yes. The plot is very contrived.


I couldn’t stand this book. I’m glad others get something out of it.


Ugh, same. I really wanted to like it, the writing style was beautiful and it felt like such an important topic, but I couldn't get past that.


I've only read And the Mountains Echoed. Khalid is truly great at portraying real life with words.


My favourite one, sobbed my first way through it!


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It's kind if like "Long Way Gone" by Ismael Beh (I think that's how it's spelled) Following this kid who becomes a child soldier and all this bad stuff until he is saved is just nuts


Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns are spectacular and shattering. Love them both.


Yeah i read it once and just couldn't bring myself to reread it.


Its been over 15 years..all I remember is it was good.


I have always said that this is the best final ten pages that I have ever read. It's cool to see someone have a similar opinion. We would probably be friends.


The Kite Runner made me want to try Afghan food. I’m not kidding.


True 💯 😂. I need naan and kebab rn. LoL 😂


Hassan didn't deserve all that happened to him. It took me three days to read the whole thing and every night I went to bed crying. I loved the book so much, it touched me very deeply. It's just amazing, sad, beautiful and tragic!😔😊


I absolutely love this book. I agree with previous comments, read A Thousand Splendid Suns, it's just as heart breaking. This book spoke to me in so many ways. I'm not Tajik but I grew up in Tajikistan which borders Afghanistan, and I now have an Afghan boyfriend, we both cried reading the book. The way the Central Asian culture is represented is so beautiful and so heart breaking at the same time. I remember the anxiety I felt reading The Kite Runner, how can the world be so cruel? Although this is a very popular book, I feel like it can't get enough recognition.


>Although this is a very popular book, I feel like it can't get enough recognition. Heck, AFAIK, both, the book and the movie was banned for sometime in my country.


Oh yes it's gotten a lot of hate as well, that's part of what I mean by that statement. The actor that played Hassan even had to flee Afghanistan because of it. That doesn't cancel out the fact that it's also been highly praised by many. In my country it isn't uncommon for it to be read in school. It definitley depends on where you come from.


Read -Three Cups of Tea, next, to lighten your heart.


I hated this book. It’s a bunch of revisionist history that pretends to give foreigners a picture of what life is like in Afghanistan, but ignores literally all of what was actually going on at the time to pretend that the Taliban were just some random Bad Guys that showed up to rape little boys, as opposed to what they actually were- a military group that was initially funded and supported by the US.


I love this book so much! I studied the book in English literature class during my college days and it really is an emotional rollercoaster. Definitely recommend it but it’s not for the faint of heart


If this book broke your heart, a thousand splendid suns (same author) will break your soul. Sometimes I feel like he indulges in describing these painful scenes, but I also feel it is important for him to tell these kinds of stories.


Kite Runner was a nice read. I enjoyed the symmetry. I haven't seen the film. Would y'all recommend I consider watching the movie also? Likewise, I haven't read his second book, A Thousand Splendid Suns. Would you recommend I read that as well? If Kite Runner has piqued your interest about the country, allow me to recommend My Life with the Taliban by Abdul Salam Zaeef. It's an excellent counter-point to Kite Runner. As for Kite Runner, I read it when it first came out. I remember finding certain things about the book to be too difficult to accept, chiefly being the rape scene. It was just something so removed from my experience that it seemed false to me. But I've since come to know that, horrifically, sexual abuse of young boys is a known practice in Afghanistan. Another aspect of the rape scene that made it very difficult for me to accept was the fact that the rapist was himself a child. However, I've since found out that psychopathy (and sexual violence and rape), not just in Afghanistan but all over the world, can occasionally manifest itself in very young children. I've since also come to know about the cyclical nature of sexual abuse where the abused themselves become sexual abusers.


For readers, who saw the stark difference between the lives of people in Afghanistan and other world countries, please do also read 'A River in Darkness: One Man's Escape from North Korea'. Really moving tale.


I found the Kite Runner pretty bad; the prose pedestrian, the style trite and the plot, whilst not terrible, overly reliant on one particular event to sell its tragedy. Stopped reading about half way through.


It was a super westernized version of the turmoil in Afghanistan, and could have done a much better job of acknowledging America’s role in creating the mess, imo.


Thank you. As a brown person this was written from the perspective of “how does a brown person get white people to like him?” The protagonist’s father is “good” because he is all about western music, entertainment, and lifestyle. Anything Afghani is backwards. If you are white? You act with honor in this story. Did anyone believe the part where the Russian soldiers were about to rape the refugee and their commanding officer stopped them? Especially in the context of how rape is a major part of the plot? Never mind the reason the country was in turmoil was because of the actions of the Russians and Americans. They used it as their proxy war playground and I guess we should all be thankful that one privileged family made it.


Now that you've said this, it makes more sense. It was well written but politically misleading, favouring USA by not mentioning their misconduct and portraying them as good guys.


That's my problem with it too - It's like tragedy porn. Like a soap opera run entirely on damage.


Yes! I loved it, but it was so emotional. Its brought me to love and search for books that have a perspective of other countries, daily life sort of thing. Its one thing to read history and facts, but it makes it so beautiful to hear stories from someone's personal life.


Also check out And the Mountains Echoed! Another beautiful book by Hosseini.


I lived in Afghanistan for a bit over six years. Boy rape and man love is still a thing. "You're not gay if you don't love them" is actually a thing. We had to send doctors to a village because the men didn't know how to create children with their wives. When it was explained to them that they were hitting the wrong hole, they were disgusted.


Uh yeah, it's absolutely gut-wrenching. Hassan's loyalty despite everything is beautiful and jarring.


The pedestrian writing also broke my heart.


Such a great book. I’ve carried the lessons learned from The Kite Runner with me since I read it over 10 years ago. One of my most recommended books to this day.


Read this book last year for the first time. Absolutely brutal story. So emotional. Very good book indeed.


Cried twice while reading that book. One of the most emotional books I've ever read and the way Hosseneni describes Afghanistan is so vivid you can actually feel like you are there.


A great proof that a well written book doesn't need fancy vocab and extreme description of everything.


My cousin just handed me kite runner, knowing nothing about it i read it and i was very much in love with this book. Till date i could not find any book that came close to kite runner.


We read it freshman or sophomore year of high school. I loved it then and it's still one I find myself coming back to even now that I'm pushing thirty. It's hard to choose a favorite character because they all have their pros and cons and that's part of what makes The Kite Runner such a beautiful piece of literature.


If you ever get a chance, watch the play. It's a truly great adaptation from the book.


Amazing book. I didn’t read it for a long time then bought it at every yard sale and gave it to people like I was the Gideon Bible people (also gave out A Prayer for Owen Meany more). I remember an Entertainment Weekly with Pat Conroy where they asked him about his favorite recent books and he said TKR was ‘the real deal’


My favorite novel. Also, if you want more sadness, read "A Thousand Splendid Suns". That book broke me.


A Thousand Splendid Suns is heartbreaking. The characters stayed with me for so long after I finished it. A fantastic book.


Just read 'a thousand splendid suns' ..... Heartbreaking as well.


First book to make me laugh out loud "Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" First book to make me weep "Kite Runner"


I finished "A Thousand Splendid Suns" after "The Kite Runner" and I wasn't prepared at all for both of them......there were so many moments where I had to pause and take deep breaths , I should have looked up the trigger warnings first but I still loved the books.


Edward Paul Logan from The Land by Mildred D. Taylor Just finished reading it for the 3rd time, Just amazing heart-warming work man.


Thousand Splendid Suns is great too


One of my favorite books!


Unbelievable book, was not mentality ready as a young teen to read it, still in my top 10 books of all time akx would recommend to anyone!


this is such a well timed post, I just finished the book for school and absolutely loved it! Every chapter had some form of a twist or major event that kept me in the book, regardless of how horrible the event was solely because of how well the author played off of Amir's regret in furthering the plot.