How much water? If it's a gallon or so, flush it after pouring through a mesh to remove anything that will clog. Do NOT dump into the retention pond. If you have a location where you can legally dig a pit and cover the wet soil, that might work.


It’s a bigger bucket, 5 gallons.


Flush twice? I'd be tempted to just tip it in two volumes, into the toilet, and flush it to the sewage treatment.


I dump mine on trees or plants I’m growing and the absolutely love it, the smell doesn’t last long once it’s in the soil


Are you using chemicals while macerating, or just plain water? As long as you're not putting anything into it, I don't see any harm in dumping it down a sewer drain.


No chemicals, just water! I think my partner might appreciate it too if it was in the sewer and not into our toilet 😂


Yeah, probably! I guarantee more intact dead things end up in the sewer naturally, so you adding some corpse water won't hurt anything (and avoids the risk of splashing it in your bathroom).


I would think quite an abundance of dead animal juice winds up in the sewer, so I sort of doubt your 5 gallons of it will make much difference!


Do you have a yard? Definitely do not dump in either the pond or the storm drain. Either way a bunch of organic matter being added to existing water is no bueno for the habitat, and even an urban retention pond or wherever the storm sewers lead probably has some life going on. It's likely illegal anyways, I know it would be where I am under my local fisheries act. The amount you are dumping might not be enough to make an impact, or it might be. Hard to say and not worth risking. Honestly I don't think dumping off your own in property is a good idea, it is likely to upset someone if you are ever seen, and transporting a bucket of rot water is a disaster waiting to happen. I can just see someone dropping the whole thing and having it explode in a big horrible mess, or spilling it in their vehicle.


What should I do then?


The shitty neighbor's yard


Freeze it, dig a hole in a corner of your property, put the block of meat water in the hole, cover it with the mound of dirt from digging the hole, and wait for it to thaw and leech into the ground. The pile of dirt will fill back in, and there isn't risk of spilling it lol


I usually find a chipmunk hole in the yard and pour it in there. Sounds bad, but there’s so many chipmunks in the yard that most of the tunnels go empty.


do you have trees/shrubs with a mulch ring around them? move mulch, dump water, return mulch. easybeans.