Why do people hate Howard?

Why do people hate Howard?


I feel like Howard was at first a red herring for how awful Chuck would be (not that Jimmy is a saint either) but some people fail to see that. He's 100% right to tell Kim to stay away from Jimmy.


Howard had his share of legitimate douchebaggery, though. The way he treated Kim after Jimmy aired the Davis and Main commercial was inexcusable (and stupid, since it was a major factor in Kim leaving his firm).


Not really, Kim fucked up big time regarding that commercial. She has pressured Howard to put his neck out for Jimmy. Only to sit by while Jimmy made a major screw up that would also look bad on Howard. She also refused to give any defense for her actions.


Maybe there's something I'm not remembering, but what did Kim do wrong there? She didn't say anything about the commercial, but why would she? She didn't work at Davis & Main, and besides, she thought Jimmy already had permission anyway. I could understand being doubly mad at Jimmy for putting her in that position, but not at her. And what did she do to pressure Howard to put his neck out for Jimmy? Again, maybe there's something I'm forgetting, but I don't remember her doing anything like that. The closest thing I can think of is when she pressed him about why he was refusing to bring Jimmy on board along with the Sandpiper case and he got angry, but he mostly got angry because he fundamentally agreed with her but his hands were tied. And then she did what he asked and talked Jimmy into accepting his terms anyway, so he could hardly be angry with her about that.


Because Jimmy running his commercial without permission makes her boss ( that recommended him) look bad. She didn't tell her bosses that Jimmy lied to her about having permission.


>makes her boss (that recommended him) look bad Howard didn't recommend him though, or at least that's what he told Chuck. He said he painted an accurate picture of Jimmy, good and bad. He (ostensibly, at least) didn't want to bring him into HHM, so it would be weird to turn around and offer any kind of enthusiastic recommendation. >She didn't tell her bosses that Jimmy lied to her about having permission. Jimmy told Chuck though, and I see no reason why Chuck would've withheld that information from Howard, especially since he seemed to like Kim and would've enjoyed the idea of driving a wedge between her and Jimmy. Howard was still awful to her even after that, and after she brought Mesa Verde into the fold.


Howard likely still recommended Jimmy. It still shows questionable judgement on her part. Moreover, as Jimmy was trying to encourage Chuck to commit a felony in that conversation that calls anything he revealed into question.


I think what they meant by her fucking up big time was telling Jimmy not to cut corners or anything, when she should have known he was still going to do it the Jimmy way, yet she still was the first advocate for getting him at D&M. She was the one who pushed on giving D&M something that makes HHM’s judgement look bad but D&M are going to think Howard’s the idiot who brought them Jimmy rather than give any thought about Kim but Howard needed to punish her for making him and HHM look bad. So I think they were talking about D&M rather than the deal. Then like they said, she didn’t defend herself when they approached her about the commercial, putting herself in doc review (the result of her fuck up). But you’re totally right about the commercial, it was not her gig and she’s not the communicator between HHM and whatever Jimmy’s doing at D&M. IIRC Jimmy showed her video the day before it aired so it gave her a single day if she were to talk about it and even if she had, who knew if HHM would have talked to D&M about it It seems like he would have been fine with working with Jimmy at HHM on Sandpiper if not for Chuck so if Jimmy had been at HHM, I don’t think the commercial drama wouldn’t have gone down like that, so really… Chuck’s fault


Part of being a leader is being responsible for your actions. Let's not pretend Howard did not have any agency when HHM recommended Jimmy - Jimmy was coming off of getting HHM Mesa Verde, and if not for Chuck, he would have been hired by that point at HHM. Howard even says this later "I made a mistake by not hiring you" What's really happening is Howard taking out his frustrations on Kim. That's what is happening.


Yeah of course he is taking his frustrations out on Kim. He can "justify" it because she is partly responsible via the pipeline of Jimmy getting into D&M. And yeah I agree that Howard would have hired him if not for Chuck. I didn't emphasize it in my last sentence as much as I believe it. If he didn't want Jimmy involved even the slightest bit then D&M never would have happened for Jimmy. I'm not sure what you are bringing up Mesa Verde up for though because that was Kim and also after the commercial problem.


> It seems like he would have been fine with working with Jimmy at HHM on Sandpiper if not for Chuck so if Jimmy had been at HHM, I don’t think the commercial drama wouldn’t have gone down like that, so really… Chuck’s fault Why would HHM allow Jimmy to run whatever commerical he wanted? Also Jimmy is an adult, so Jimmy's fault not Chuck's.


I just meant the story would have gone differently, really I was making a Chuck Hater joke


Much like when Chuck tried to warn her, the issue is she’s a grown adult, and knows full-well who Jimmy is. Howard, like Chuck, are crossing lines by commenting on her personal relationships, especially when they were her bosses.


Because he frustrates the protagonist, in both plot and character terms. People hate him because he is the most normal and decent of the main characters, in direct opposition to Saul.


It's true. But he's also sort of an empty vessel from (what we've been shown).


It looks like he mostly did what his dad wanted him to do, and then what he thought was his responsibility to the firm. Unlike the other main characters we've never seen Howard's private life.


because 2 boring 4 television 😎




Just like skyler


I was about to mention the hate Skyler club. It was the love for Walt that made the viewers hate her. FFS, she was a pregnant woman with a dying husband, and a special needs teenager. That’s prior to learning her husband is cooking and selling meth and not having an affair which most women would believe by his behavior. Skyler had the weight of the world on her. Once Walt opened up to her, she did try to support him.


Regardless of any of that, she's a stupid whore that made stupid decisions and she ironically deserves to die of cancer 👌


Exactly, although Skylar was not quite as clean, she was temporarily seduced by the money.


Like Skyler lol, people hated her because she got in the way and people hate Howard for the same reason


Exactly. The fact that she got in the way of Walt establishing a drug cartel seems to escape them, as does the fact that Howard's advice to Jimmy and Kim is actually the best advice they get.


yes but I also think he’s a stereotypical representation of wealth/success—he’s an american ideal. and that makes it so we can’t empathize with him very easily, it takes almost direct effort/specific reflection—and then it’s still challenging. we’re instinctively distrustful of him and suspicious of everything he does. when you do reflect on his character he seems to be a pretty good, honest, and well intentioned person. and i think the show uses Howard to raise the question of whether you can actually be wealthy *and* good—even if you do all the right things and are truly *perfect*, wealth seems to necessitate the assumption of an ulterior motive. it’s hard to take seriously the good intentions/genuine care of a person who, if they wanted to, could solve all of your problems—because if they do it’s either for their own gain or because you’re so far beneath them that your problems are inconsequential, making the relationship one of shame/pity. and if they don’t it’s because they’re just a greedy asshole. and obviously Howard can’t solve everyone’s problems, just like Jeff Bezos can’t solve the world’s problems, but wealth changes how we perceive people, whether consciously or not, and it affects our ability to relate to them genuinely and as people *like us*. I think Howard is one of the show’s best characters, and the discrepancy between how he is perceived (both by viewers and the other characters) and his actual actions is really interesting to me. I’m not a Christian but reminds me of the ol’ Jesus quote: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” Wealth separates us from people (whether good or not) and Howard embodies that.


Absolutely, although Howard represents inherited wealth and privilege, not the more anti-social, greedy, grasping kind of wealth. He believes in noblesse oblige, that the well off have a duty to the less well off. He's not perfect but he does believe in personal responsibility, something Jimmy does not.


I thought he was a prick my first watch thru up until we found out the truth about Chuck. Then I started seeing him in a different light - for the most part. There are times he treats Kim like absolute garbage and that still rubs me the wrong way. But I don’t hate him.


I always thought he was in love with Kim. The way he treated her went beyond what a jerk boss would do to his employers. I sensed resentment and almost self-hatred in his inexplicable vendetta against her, which is most of the time a sign for deep, unrequited love.


Hmm. I don’t know. Yeah, he treated her awfully in the wake of Jimmy’s D&M commercial, even after she landed Mesa Verde, and that does have a hint of disappointment colored by love. But when she tells him she’s leaving to go solo rather than taking the S&C offer, his demeanor changes to instant, genuine respect, and he lets her go with his blessing. I can’t reconcile that with anything but respect and the envy he said he felt for her going off to hang out a shingle.


It would make sense as well. His love for her can be brought on by her get up and go personality and seeing her pursue her dreams makes him happy. Not to mention if he does love her, having her not be there to remind him of it could make things easier for him. This is all speculation of course




I always wondered why they didn’t date until I got to know Kim better


i saw it as him trying to push her to quit and do mesa verde full time.


Nothing was more savage than when Jimmy told Howard how the guilt of Chucks death was his cross to bear.. So harsh man.


He’s hateable in the beginning of the show but then you learn to like him. Some people don’t want to let go of the first impression.


True. Probably goes the same way in real life. Another lesson learned here in the twilight zone


Yeah, I'm rewatching now and it's just shown as Chuck as kind of an aloof older brother and Howard as the one keeping him out of the firm. The revelations that it's Chuck pulling the strings all along don't come out until later and since the show's from Jimmy's POV where he admires his brother and doesn't know either, it leads to the hate for Chuck's actions being directed at Howard unfairly.


I don't hate Howard.


It’s probably because he had that cocky salesman look and at the beginning of the series and always looked so smug. That stance of his makes me laugh every time, standing slightly sideways with his arms like a tailors dummy.


His walk is funny too lol looks like he’s literally got a stick up his ass


I’m not really sure, but i have come to really like Howard. He was depicted as an arrogant asshole in the first season, but after season 3 you start to see the level of influence Chuck had over him. The last seasons have really made me sympathise with him.


If you watch the first season again, knowing what’s going on, he’s actually not an arrogant asshole at all. He takes the fall for Chuck.


Yeah exactly. It’s really amazing storytelling from the writers and great acting from Pat Fabian


I identify 100% with this. First season he is the stereotypical rich, pretty boy, know-it-all, son-of-a-company-founder boss. He becomes human over time and when he blames himself (not knowing the full story) for >!what happens to Chuck!< I feel sorry for him. By the time the >!bowling ball thing!< happened I am already a Howard fan.


Yes to all of the rational 'how he treated Kim' stuff, but there's also part of it which isn't rational and easy to explain, and just that he's written/played to be, well, a bit of a twat sometimes. Hamlindigo, the suits, occasional cringy self righteousness, 'Charlie Hustle', the cliche of a rich white guy finding Eastern philosophy and acting all enlightened... I guess some people share in Jimmy's satisfaction of those bowling balls hitting his car and some people just don't. Different ways of seeing the world maybe!


Charlie Hustle is actually a compliment.


In universe Howard might mean it as one but we're supposed to take it as a bit patronizing and insulting.


If in the universe Howard meant it as a compliment, how are we supposed to not take it as a compliment? There is no doubt that Howard liked Jimmy throughout the series. The only time he might have reason to resent Jimmy is when Jimmy blamed Howard for chucks death, knowing full well it was his own


I mean it was the nickname of a baseball player who was banned from the MLB for gambling on games Not sure that's what Howard intended but


Pete Rose. It’s a monstrosity that he’s not in the Hall of Fame. Edit: he was one of the best of all time. It has a mixed connotation but mostly positive. And it is a throwback to the sopranos when Tony Blundetto calls himself Charlie Hustle


I am not a baseball fan fbh so idk much about the player himself just that he was banned for gambling lol


Yeah but he didn’t gamble on his own games. That would be different


I’m not a baseball fan either but I believe it refers to when he ran sooooo fast to first base after a walk. I think it’s a compliment to Saul. Like he didn’t have to but he did


All the things you listed aren’t bad enough for the punishment he got in season 5 and will get in season 6


Nobody said he deserved it. Just that many viewers identify with Jimmy's dislike of him.


Which confuses me cause Vince and the crew always talk about these characters getting what what deserve. Howard is no saint but he isn't really a bad guy either


Chuck uses him as the messenger, so I think people shoot at him for it. Throughout the show, I've seen him as pretty level headed and logical, even attempting to befriend Jimmy. I don't get the hate either.


I don’t love Howard, and don’t hate him. I hated how he treated Kim, and I also hated that the only time he seemed to stand his ground with Chuck was when it came to keeping Kim in doc review, but never tried to argue in favour of Jimmy, who it seems he believed in, at least back then. There’s also the whole Mesa Verde thing, where Howard, while obviously upset, is quite rude to Kim before she cuts a cheque to pay for her schooling. Overall, I think he can be really self-serving, even when it comes to trying to be nice. He comes across as overly condescending more often than not in my opinion, and I hated when he called Jimmy to read Chuck’s obituary. It seemed like he was just rubbing all of his accomplishments in Jimmy’s face one last time.


1. He has a color named after him. 2. End of list.


Hamlindigo blow me


He's just too goddamned pretty.


Probably simply because the main character hates him.


Assuming money was no object and I was just meeting these people, I would hire Howard over any other lawyer on the show, just based on his demeanor and confidence. Schweikert maybe 2nd choice, Main a distant 3rd. Kim I might think about but would sense something 'off'. Saul and Chuck I would quickly run from, even Chuck in his prime and Jimmy at his calmest.




He said “You’re transparent, and pathetic. Next time, why don’t you bring a tin cup? It would be more honest. You want a handout? Here….”


It’s all about context. Howard said that to Jimmy because Jimmy came to him wanting HHM and the Sandpiper residents to settle the lawsuit so that he—Jimmy—would get his ungodly payout. Both Jimmy and Howard were being greedy in their own respects because they both wanted more money from the lawsuit; but Jimmy came to Howard acting like it was in his clients’ best interests, when really he was more concerned for himself and Howard was calling him out for being fake. It goes to show that Howard was right about Jimmy in the end because he ended up using Irene just so he could get his payout.


One question I’ve always had: would it actually have been in the clients’ best interest for Sandpiper to settle at that time, when Jimmy was pushing for it? I know Jimmy wanted his money, that part is clear. But was it a total lie? Kim even said in a later season that they’d get a few bucks less, but be able to spend it now. Do these class action suits take years simply because the lawyers are fattening themselves up as much as possible, without regard to their specific clients? In this case, I can’t help thinking Jimmy has a good point. Those sandpiper residents aren’t going to live forever.


It is for the clients to decide not Jimmy because he needs the money in the present. One of Jimmy's (and Kim's) biggest sins is thinking they should decide for their clients.


I know it’s for them to decide, and I know why Jimmy was pushing for it. I wanted to know if what Jimmy was saying was true about how the class action suits work. Erin said he drastically misrepresented how it works to the clients, but I’m not so sure.


Who's more likely to lie: Erin or Jimmy?


Yeah I thought of that. However, Erin is little miss rule follower. I don’t know if what she thinks is best is really just best for the law firm. I know Jimmy’s a con, but he’s got a soft spot for the old folks and he’s generally not a jerk just for the sake of it. Could be that what he’s saying is true, and it also happens to benefit himself as well.


I don't think it's that deep. Going by what we've seen on screen, Jimmy is a compulsive liar who lies to everyone constantly (old folks included), and doubly so when it benefits him. We've never seen Erin lie to anyone.


True. I guess I’m curious because in this situation, it really doesn’t seem like they’d be getting a bad deal settling now. They *are* old. In another few years they could be on life support, what good will an extra $5K be then? Anyway, I’m just gonna let this go, lol.


Exactly Howard is so arrogant, coming from a place of extreme privilege.


Howard literally wanted to hire Jimmy after all that happened, and before. How is he an ass?


I feel like if you re-watched that scene you’d probably see that Howard was in the right and Jimmy was in the wrong, at least that was my read on that IIRC. I believe this was when Jimmy was trying to get the Sandpiper case settled early so he’d have his money sooner.


You mean the scene where Jimmy tells Howard how to do his job, getting less for his clients and the firm, because Jimmy wants a million dollars? The scene were Jimmy told Howard he was screwing his clients over, just because HE wanted a million dollars? Hell, I liked Howard more for telling Jimmy off and using an LOTR reference to boot.




That's one of the things I love about the show. You can take almost every scene multiple ways


Wasn't thus after the bar hearing with Chuck as well? Though Chuck & Howard didn't quite get along at the end Chuck was still his friend and even though Howard knew Chuck never treated Jimmy fairly, Jimmy still ruined the reputation of one of his closest friends and of his firm. Howard was pretty obviously stressed ajd didn't have tbe patience for Jimmy's shit


I don't hate Howard. He's a bit smug sometimes but I honestly think he's an alright person.


I actually think he cares about his clients even though he comes off fake and smug. I think he cares about Kim and Jimmy too, and he was very loyal to Chuck despite what a fuck he was r/FuckChuck


He’s much more likeable in the latter seasons.


Totally agree. It seems like more of a plot device at this point because I don't know what he's done to deserve what they're planning. I seriously thought I missed something after the bowling balls and hookers. I guess Jimmy might think Howard was mocking him. And yes, he sent Kim to the basement, but she seems to only recently hate him. And other than Stacey, Kaylee and Nacho's dad, he's the only noncriminal character. Oh, and poor Lyle.


Was Chuck a criminal?


No, I guess I forgot about him since he died. And then we can add Ernesto to the good guy list.


i think part of his action are due to kim..jimmy knows howard was punishing Kim for his mistake, he loves kim and this guy was an asshole to her so as he became more saul he started acting on it. . he just getting his own back on her behalf with the hole chuck thing and the bowling balls,


It's not going to help anyone sympathize with Jimmy or Kim though. Howard hasn't done anything to deserve having his life ruined. He already went through hell and almost lost the firm because of the Chuck fallout. We've all had asshole bosses, but most of us aren't sociopathic enough to destroy their lives.


Were not meant to sympathise with jimmy and kim and you cant rationalise it as if it something you would do to your boss or not. Its what jimmys doing in the series to show the audience what type of person he’s really becoming. Same thing when Walter shot mike. Mike didnt need to die and walts reaction showed the audience just how impulsive and stupid nearly all of his choices are becoming.


I don’t necessarily hate him, but I enjoy watching him crumble. He’s kind of just fun to make fun of and Patrick does such a great job playing a defeated man it’s just so hilarious. I think of rickety cricket from its always sunny. It’s also pretty fun to see such a successful man fall when he doesn’t really deserve it and jimmy succeed.


I like him


I like Howard a lot, i feel really bad for him.


I like Howard, he’s a good guy (except for minor things) and he’s a great character


Yea Howard seems like a good guy. I would say he is neutral in my book. He did right by Jimmy but screwed over Kim.


He enabled Chuck's psychosis so the he could be the " Man in charge" at Hamlin Hamlin & McGill. Then when Chuck killed himself Howard reaction was to blame himself and wallow in self pity, 'oh poor me". He never cared about Chuck and he drove a deeper wedge between Chuck & Jimmy. Namaste'


I read "Howie" in the hooker`s voice


He's like the Snape of the show: unpleasant, a bit of a douchebag, but not actually **evil** like he first appears.


That's a misunderstanding of Snape as a character - extremely talented, came from a broken home, overcame abuse, and is still extremely twisted by his past. He might not be evil in the pure blood supremacist sense, but he is definitely vindictive and incredibly messed up, or else he wouldn't have come up with something like Sectumsempra. Howard is a smarmy trust fund baby who looks down on others. More of a Slughorn.


How does one misunderstand such a simple analogy as I made? No one said "Howard is a perfect 1:1 Snape analog". I said he's like Snape in that he's antagonistic toward the protagonist, but turns out to not be the 1 dimensional villain he appeared to be.


It's not a good analogy because Snape was never a douchebag in the sense Howard was. Snape is all about vendettas and hangups from the past, being intentionally severe and sarcastic. Howard is oblivious to how he insults others (praising and punishing Jimmy and Kim like children), and there are no hidden depths.


Snape was way worse than Howard lol Treating adults like children is not close to treating children like prison inmates


No I agree, Snape is many times more intensely evil and heroic than Howard will ever be, which is why I don't think it's a good comparison.


I’m the opposite , I love Howard, hate Kim


I love Kim but I very much respect this opinion. It can be easily argued that Howard has more integrity than Kim, but many BCS fans will not agree solely because their sympathies lie with the main characters, no matter their flaws.




|| Here on reddit and on youtube i see people saying "oh i hope kim takes down Howard" || I think the only bad thing he did was the way he treated Kim when she worked for him You answered your own question.


Not really. We all have/had bosses on our asses yet we don't wanna completely ruin their lives because they were mean to us


You're inserting yourself into the character's motivations. The writers didn't take your personal morality or ethics into account when they wrote the show.


True. But they should! goddamnit i have morals and ethics and all that cool shit


A good show will get you inside of it like that. It's not a bad thing, but it can be super confusing.


Hated him initially; can’t recall why. I think he was just arrogant and I’m such a team jimmy person. But in the later seasons I started to like him a lot.


The Pete Campbell effect.


i think it's kind of a skyler situation but without the sexism, howard often runs in complete opposition to jimmy and the nuance is just lost on a lot of people


people who hate Howard probably liked Walt


No. They’re both narcissistic, but one is evil.


Wasnt comparing them specifically, more the idea of; main character = people like them opposed to main character = people dislike them regardless of whether or not the character is a "good" or "bad" person


I love Howard, but I understand why Jimmy hates him, since they've been beefing for ten years. There's a lot of resentment there. I think a lot of people hate Howard because they love Jimmy, forgetting Jimmy is a bad guy. Don't get me wrong, Howard is privileged and can be a vindictive jerk, but he's not really a bad person. He's just against Jimmy. Plus, Patrick Fabian is great at playing him and ridiculously hot


I’m a Howard Fan. He’s definitely there at first to hide Chuck as the real villain. But I’ve grown to enjoy the character immensely


I commented on this in another thread, that’s a testament to how great the writing is… that HH actually wasn’t the antagonist the whole time. He deferred to Chuck just as much as Jimmy did, and it kinda makes me dislike Jimmy/Saul that he treats Howard like such shit. Chuck was both Jimmy and Howard’s idol, were the roles reversed Jimmy would have done eveRything Howard did, just to please Chuck. Howard’s a good dude and his treatment of Kim is because he has high expectations of her. Yes, it seems a little brutal, but from talking to lawyer friends and acquaintances, perfection is expected, snd the hours you put in to make partner are insane. Kim was doing it the right way, and Jimmy changed her. She probably would have had her name on HHM at some point had she stayed in her original path.


He's the most decent guy on the show (apart from Nacho's dad). Sure, he's flawed like everyone else in the world, but of the main characters he is the only one who is not a criminal. Plus, even though he was under no obligation after Chuck died, he still tried to help Jimmy by offering him a job, only to have Jimmy publicly humiliate him at the restaurant and then destroy his car. Then, when he tries to do the right thing by warning Kim about how unhinged Jimmy is, she repays him by plotting to destroy his life. The way I see it, Howard is going to turn out to be the most tragic figure in the series (or, again, maybe Nacho's father) by the time it's over since they are going to completely ruin his life all just because he unwittingly bruised their fragile egos.


He didn't offer me a job.


Some guys' and gals' 2 cents on the topic: https://www.reddit.com/r/betterCallSaul/comments/q346qb/does_anyone_else_feel_there_is_too_much_to_cover/hfsy2ht/


I don't hate him. He's kind of douchey at first but nothing terrible.


Although he doesn’t ***look*** like him, Howard annoys me on the same level that Lyle Waggoner annoyed me in most of his roles in the 60s & 70s- like Carol Burnett & Wonder Woman. I just wanna punch him in the face.


Because he is a shitty lawyer but a great salesman.


I definitely don't hate him. He may not have always made the right decisions, and he does have a fundamentally opposed view of the world having an upbringing of opportunity that truly foils that of Jimmy's. But upon rewatch, at no moment do I truly hate him. And by the time Jimmy is sending in prostitutes to his lunch, I may still be laughing but I genuinely feel it goes beyond what he ever would deserve. God only knows how much we'll feel for him come season 6.


SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T SEEN BCS I believe Howard was muzzled by Chuck, largely, considering he was mentored by the elder McGill, but as Chuck's mental state deteriorated and his overwhelming jealousy of Jimmy really took hold, Howard could see Chuck would bankrupt the company just to bring Jimmy down. It hurt him to see Chuck go downhill so badly, but he made the right call, forcing his hand to retire. I reckon he'll redeem himself, after he attacked Kim in S3, after all, he was trying to save HHM from Chuck's actions, and Chuck forced Jimmy to act. And got played like a fiddle, to quote Jimmy. Glorious stuff.


Howard is written to be a villain so to speak


He's just so smarmy


With all fanbases, there’s a portion of not very intelligent people watching who see the story at a very surface level. The same type of people who idolize Walter White and hate characters like Howard. To them it’s not about who is morally good, it’s about who’s coolest and gets the most screen time.


It seemed they wanted Howard to be the bad guy and a bigger antagonist. Then as the writing and episodes went along they realized Saul and Mike were antogonists to themselves. Plus if Saul and Kim were going against Howard in that way, they'd be viewed more as victims and martyrs, rather than causing their own demise.


He’s much less of an arse than Chuck.


Hamlindigo Blue ​ that is all


He’s a sleeazy lawyer type and that’s why we don’t like him. I mean you’re 100% right he is the only character not breaking the law but it doesn’t make him likeable either. It’s the skyler problem basically the supposedly (IMO all of her actions are subdued compared to what stress she was under but whatever) bitchy middle age woman we all encounter on a semi regular basis is easier for the average joe to dislike because they’ve met people like that. Walt, Jesse, Mike, Saul? All without a doubt evil people, but combine great writing/pwerofmancee with a world we’re not involved with regularly we don’t have the real world biases coming in with them. Yeah we know selling meth and killing is wrong but you more than likely don’t have actual contact with people like them. A bitchy middle age woman? Hell that’s the Karen stereotype in a nutshell! So it’s the same thing with Howard we’ve all had bosses who don’t like us, the slimey guy who acts like he’s your best friend but doesn’t actually care about you. That’s how I’ve always viewed it, characters like him are obviously the least terrible people in the show but since they’re the type of person who is the worst person in our daily lives we hate them more. Now yeah some people need to chill the fuck out but that’s just my perspective


I always enjoy scenes that include Howard. Super interesting character.


Despite him being somewhat pretentious and self-righteous, I actually like Howard...but I want Kim (and Jimmy) to take him down, lol. Not because he deserves it, but because I want to see how Kim achieves it. It's more about Kim and what that could, potentially, mean to her than any real hatred towards Howard.


People hate Howard for the same reason they hate Umbridge in Harry Potter. His sole interest is the perception of HHM and making sure they're profitable as a business. This means he has to tell Jimmy No to being a lawyer to keep his partner happy, and is made the bad guy. He punishes Kim for tarnishing the perception of HHM. He's hated, not because he's mean, but because most of us have had a boss like him, and he reminds us of that bad boss.


I don't hate Howard Throwing Bowling Balls at his car is actually one of the few issues I have with Jimmy


Because jimmy doesn’t like him. And a lot of viewers see Jimmy in the same light his mom did.


because this piece of crab is so stupid of understanding people! when he offer Job to Jimmy he should offered it as a main Partner of HHM! all what Jimmy did all the hardworking and Genius wins in court or out for square 1 job!!!! so demeaning to Jimmy persona!


I love Howard. And I don’t blame him for treating Kim the way he did when she worked for him. He even told her when they parted ways professionally that he did it because he knew she was better than that.


He’s definitely one of the more decent characters, but he treated Kim badly at HHM for a while. Although it is kinda justified bc she seemingly screwed up so badly. No real reason to hate him tbh, I think he’s a better person than most characters on here.


I don't *hate* hate him. He's an annoying background character. I think most people find him annoying because of his relationship with Jimmy and Kim.