Any tips on cutting beags nails? Mine dreads it and she’s in talon territory

Any tips on cutting beags nails? Mine dreads it and she’s in talon territory


So I'm very good at cutting nails I was a tech for years. The trick is to reward them for letting you. If they fight and you force them, they will fight harder next time. Get some peanut butter on a spoon and let them lick Everytime you cut one. Go slowly. Grab their paw. Don't even cut the nail just grab the paw. If they let you let them lick the spoon. Do this often. Even when not trying to cut nails. This will work Everytime. Sometimes it takes months but it has always worked. Also, don't make them bleed cuz you'll lose the trust you have built. If you aren't sure you can cut the nail shorter dont.


I second this. The key is patience and persistence. You don't want them to get to a point where they begin to struggle because that will make things worse. Reward for calm behavior, but remember that giving up because they began to struggle also rewards them for struggling. And if peanut butter on a spoon is successful, you can smear it on the side of a bathtub or something that you can stick to a wall as a distraction, but only once they let you cut their nails without fuss.


Exactly if you let them decide they don't want them cut they learn to fight even harder


I use a bit of peanut butter smeared on a heavy plate. That way they can be rewarded/ distracted while getting a nail trim. Overtime they usually get used to it and will tolerate the trims. However my beagle liked getting nail trims because she liked to eat the clippings. It was hard to trim her and the others nails because I had a tongue to avoid as well!


Omg some else’s beagle likes nail clippings!!! We can’t even cut our own nails around ours lol


Same. Lots of treats and work fast. Don’t try to take too much. They won’t soon forget if you hit the quick. I put my beagle on her back between my legs to do it.


I pay someone to do it. One of my beagles is an absolute nightmare about it, so I pay a groomer to do it for me, and then she gets a nice treat when we leave. My other beagle is much better and I cut/grind her nails myself. (She also gets treats.)


Same. Both ours are rescue adults and did not get the positive conditioning towards having their paws handled as puppies. We're working on that piece but in the mean time, our local groomer does free nail trims if you're a regular (we outsource some baths, especially when we have to do medicated ones that require like 10 minutes to leave on. We don't have the equipment to make that safe or easy at home)


We use nail grinders, but wait until she’s sound asleep and then sneak in a nail or two before she puts a stop to it. We repeat this over a few days until we get them all.


this is so funny


I did a poor job of it a few times back in my teen years. Since then, I've decided to pay someone else to do it. Sometimes my small-town vet, sometimes the groomers at the bigger pet supply stores. My pups have always come out happier, and sometimes with a nice new bandana to chew on!


Pick your battles. I decided to let our vet do it. Every three months we'd go in for a nail trim. Wasn't very expensive and was well worth saving my sanity. It had the added bonus of our vet getting to see him regularly and so he had a better relationship with her and the staff and our vet had regular opportunities to see him so as he got older she knew when he was feeling off because she knew him well enough to know his personality. Good luck!


I use a dremel on mine. The little battery powered ones just don’t cut it


My girl hates having her nails clipped so sometimes I just file them instead. Otherwise a treat to ease the anxiety always works.


Good luck with that, but I'm praying for u! lol! Sorry, I'm just joking, seriously though we have a 7yo basset who SCREAMS and runs like she's being beaten whenever she just SEES the nail clippers. Even when we just open the drawer they are in. I have to do it because she becomes "MY DOG" when it's time for not popular procedures to be done. I have PTSD from having to give her a shot before. So I'm still trying to figure her out. My sweet little angel Rosie who just passed away only took 18 years and she allowed me to clip, file, and paint her tiny nails. She was a mini doxie so her feet and toes where the sized of a hamster it seemed like. I was always scared i would make her bleed so I just started nipping the thinner end parts of her nail off, then using a super coarse human nail file to take them a little shorter. If you ever been to the nail salon and they used those huge black nail file to file down acrylic, those are the ones. It don't take near as long as I thought it would. She got comfy cuddling with me and drifted off the sleep while getting her nails filed! I kept reassuring her that "daddy" wanted her to get her nails done so she would be "pretty" when we were done. Plus she always got cheese afterwards and pranced around and showed daddy that she survived and was reassured by daddy that she looked sooo Pretty. That hound dog guilt is real, so is that hardheadedness. I wish you luck I really do!


Walk her on cement everyday, for 2 miles a day


2 miles is the height of 1853.17 'Samsung Side by Side; Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Refrigerators' stacked on top of each other.


2 miles is 3.22 km


It took about 8 hours to cut my beagles nails. He had a bad experience at a groomers and after that it was WWIII. Never was able to improve over 12 years. 😂


I had to work my beagle up to over about a week and a half. I’d start off by just playing with her feet (she was fine with people touching them already). I’d spread her toes and them reward her. I’d also wait until she was tired or half asleep to set her up for success (this may look different for your dog). After about 2 days I think I started to mess with her nails. That’s when she started to get a bit wary. But at that point she was in love with mozzarella cheese so every time she would let me touch a nail and/or gently pull her toe to the side by her nail I’d reward. That took about a day and a half. Next I would take the clippers and run them all over her legs and feet. I use cat nail clippers and they work great for her (she’s fairly tiny and I also find them easier to use. I’ll post a link to a pair on chewy at the bottom so you can see what I’m talking about) I wanted to make sure she knew they wouldn’t hurt her. I would open and close them and encourage her to interact with them. This went really well and I only spent about a day on it. The hardest part was getting her to let me put the clippers around her nail. That freaked her out for some reason. But after 3 days she was fine. I also found conditioning her to let me hold her front paw with her leg tucked up underneath her was very helpful. Eventually she was fine this and I began actually clipping the nail, making to give lots of praise and treats after each one. The first few times I trimmed her nails I only did one at a time, waiting at least half an hour between each nail so she didn’t get too overwhelmed. I also find it’s easier to cut them when they are wet, if possible. I will say though be wary if you decide to train them to let you cut their nails after taking them to a groomer, especially if it’s one at a pet store. The groomer I take both my dogs to had an apprentice a few months ago that had previously been trained at a petsmart and now my beagle won’t let anyone but the head groomer (whom I trust very much) cut her nails. We aren’t 100% sure what happened (the apprentice did lose her apprenticeship though). I’m going through the same process I’ve listed above and while progress is much, much slower, I am making progress.


Agreed, this is the way!! I also recommend a lick mat, if it’s frozen with really good treats, it’s a good distraction and it keeps them still. I managed to give mine a nail trim and butt hair trim with a peanut butter banana blueberry lick mat this weekend. This girl otherwise won’t even let me touch her paws.


Walk them on concrete foot paths. The concrete will wear them down over a few weeks.


I also have a nail grinder but wondering if anyone else struggles with this? She just turned 3 this summer


We could NOT clip, either. We did get the grinder, and we do the two-snack approach. Shake/krinkle the bag for your audiences’ attention. (They will ping on that every time) Two small dog treats, thumbnail size. Hold them to show the goods — grind the front 2 paws, give them a cookie right away. Grind the back 2 paws, give a cookie. It took some doing- but it is a non-event now.


Lots of treats. Peanut butter from a second helper


Give her some trazodone from your vet a few hours before. Will help chill her out.


CVT here. Take it slow and reward her with a treat in between nails. You'll notice a spot on the nail where it starts to thicken. That's generally going to be where the quick is. Cut a little bit at a time until you are more comfortable taking larger chunks at a time. Make sure to handle her feet when you aren't trimming too, so she gets comfortable having them handled.


While they sleep


I have cut and used the grinder. I echo what others say about patience and consistency. I will give you one trick I do with my dog who has all black nails. I take a led flashlight and shine it behind the nail so I can see where the quick is. Then take a silver marker and mark the place so I never accidentally hit the quick. I would always feel so bad about nicking my baby.


I have a mobile groomer, makes life easy.


It’s a 2 person job in my house. One to hold and one to clip. It takes less than a minute and he gets treats afterwards


My Yorkie mix would just roll over and let me clip them. He always got a little treat after each paw. I'm always handling my new little Yorkie dude's feet so he'll get used to it. He is only 12 weeks and he has little daggers already. I never had the hand strength to cut my big dogs nails, I just let the vet do it.


I use a grinder and reward is definitely key. I learned with any dog too that it’s best to go slow because you hurt them once and all the trust you built will take years to recover. But it helps that he watches my other dog go through it first.


Mine was a little more lenient when I first got him but now he absolutely refuses to let me cut or grind his nails. So we walk on cement everyday to grind them down and they stay manageable, but I'll be sending him to the groomers here soon to see if they can do it.


Whenever we are snuggling, I always play with their feet. Gets them used to having their feet manipulated. Eventually you can bring in clippers. Don't use the clippers made for dogs. Get a good pair of sharp wire cutters. Don't try to cut whole nail, take little nips to avoid the quick. Get a styptic (?) Pencil if you do cut to short to help stop the bleeding. If you take a flash light and put it against a dogs nail you can see the outline of the quick and you can avoid it. Good luck and what a beauty you have.


Mine screams when I’m wiping his paws. I always take him to a groomers for nail cutting because 1) my beagle is dramatic 2) they know what they’re doing more than me 😂


Get it done at a vet. If they break, ouch!!


Dremmel. It's the best filer around.


Headphones, someone strong and guts.


Use a dremmel and muzzle her if needed


Earplugs and patience


Petsmart $20, easy.




Let the professionals handle it. Our beagle is the same way with her nails. We take her to the vet to get them clipped. Needless to say we are not the vets favorite beagle family.