First week with a dog from the shelter, what should I be trying to teach her?

First week with a dog from the shelter, what should I be trying to teach her?


I'd get right on the ground and work on getting her to eat out of your hand first. This will help her build a bond with you, and can really help in getting her food/treat motivated for training. As far as the bathroom, separate her "bathroom breaks" from outdoor time. Bring her out on a leash to do her business, it may take several in & outs over several days, but eventually she'll get that those are "focused" potty times. As soon as she starts her business, add a command, we use " hurry up", and gently repeat that while she goes, eventually she will respond to that command. The leash potty time doesn't have to be forever, just until you are 100% she is housetrained. Reward her with a high value treat (cheese is usually a winner) when she goes on her leash, I will say "good hurry up" (or whatever command you're using). My rescue beagle took a long time to warm up and was a lot of work to train but she was a smart girl who wanted to do good and patience & consistency was key for that situation. The Loved Dog by Tamar Geller was insanely helpful in training her. We have a new puppy now and have been following McCann Dogs on YouTube, their methods are working wonders for us! Best of luck, the love of a rescue beagle is like no other, definitely worth working for.


Aftrr I made this post I was eating some baked chicken and she loved it! So I took the opportunity to do some click training and was able to get her to associate the click with a treat, so I hope that cooking up some fresh chicken will be the trick to get her rewarded!


Sometimes it takes some time for them to get settled in a new home. It took my rescue beagle several months before he felt confident and settled. As for training, we struggled with this too. We treated it like a game since at first he wasn't treat oriented either. Training should be fun for both parties IMO. At first we would practice giving the command (he was deaf, so we learned and used ASL) and then make happy faces,, give lots of pets and used his brush for about 30 seconds (he loved being groomed). I think setting aside time everyday to focus on him with undivided attention helped him feel more secure and helped him realize he was part of the family. We also took him all kinds of places to help with socialization. New people, animals, scents and sounds to help stimulate him mentally. We kept our outings short at first to avoid overwhelming him. After a few weeks, he became much more food driven and we were able to use treats for things like leash manners, leave it, etc. Good luck to you both!


Thank you! A lot of the advice I’ve been given seems to be for dogs who will do anythign for a treat, and maybe breeds a little less stubborn than beagles haha I appreciate the advice and I’m going to use it


Have you heard of the 3-3-3 rule for rescues? It typically takes them 3 days to explore and settle down in a new setting and then 3 weeks to really feel safe and get used to the routines of a new home. After 3 months they'll be totally settled in and very bonded. At this point I'd work on building confidence and trust with your pup and establishing boundaries/routines


FYI petting and cuddles are a reward to dogs, so that can be used. Mydog is motivated by attention from strangers. 🤦‍♀️ It took about 15 months for her to make eye contact with me to continue beyond the basics. It sounds like she just needs to settle and realize this is the new situation. Don't teach anything except for in/out of rooms and on/off furniture.


Give her a few weeks/months to get settled in and used to you. Don’t worry so much about training - just focus on the loving, petting, cuddling, talking to her, and making her feel safe and confident. Keep toys out for her - and use a variety - but don’t force her. Once she’s comfortable, her personality will start to bloom and you can move from there. Remember, she’s had a LOT of trauma. It’ll take a bit, but you’ll soon have a best friend forever in her.


How old is your beagle? We adopted ours 2 months ago and each week started to reveal more and more of his personality. I say you keep doing what you are doing but focus more on making the new pup feel secure in your home and with your family. I’m sure in a few more weeks she will be comfortable and if she’s anything like most beagles will 100% be food motivated.


She’s two years old. I don’t think she’s had much attention in her life, though she is tame and sweet. But you’re right, in less than a week she went from sadly moping around the house to following me from room to room.