This dude had a seizure last night. They make you feel so incredibly helpless. :(

This dude had a seizure last night. They make you feel so incredibly helpless. :(


My beagle has them too. Get him on meds if he's not already. They are scary but manageable


Sad how much you can see the meds doing stuff..


We had an epi dog and even though she took Phenobarbital daily and I carried a syringe of Valium with us on hikes, etc. She lived a long, full and otherwise healthy life. It's terrifying sometimes but once you get the hang of daily meds, a little prep before going out and picking up on the pre-seizure and post ictal signals you'll be okay. It's a process, be kind to yourself while you're both learning how to manage. Good luck!


So sorry, hope he’s better :(


Beagles are one of the breeds that are more likely to have seizure disorders. Phenobarbital works really well for most. We had a dog on Phenobarbital and he lived a long healthy happy life. I know how you feel, tho. Sweet little dude.


damn i didn’t know that, that’s concerning


It's really super manageable. In Harley's case it a pill every day (or 2 - my memory is fuzzy) and that was it. The meds are inexpensive and the dog has a happy healthy life.


He’s such a cutie I hope he’s okay


I hope you both are doing well. My beagle has seizures as well. It is very scary, but like the others said, it will be manageable and it is a process


I hope your pupper and you are feeling better.


🥺🥺🥺 feel better


Our senior puggle had some seizures over the winter. Thankfully they've gone away after she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on meds.


My beagle had epilepsy as well and lived until he was 13 so I hope your friend has a long, happy life as well. ❤️


If I had one wish it would be for animals to speak like humans


Just for like 1 day! It would change so much.


Fuck I hope mine doesn't poor buddy


Mt beloved Cairn mix had seizures late in life, since this was about 20 years ago we were given daily Valium for her. We had her 17 years and got her and 8 puppies as strays. The dogs can live long healthy lives with medication. Give lots of love ND minimize stress for all. It will be ok


Hang in there! My dog started having seizures last year. He was 11 and they said that in senior dogs seizures usually start due to brain tumor. They did a bunch of testing for cancer which was negative (thank God) so we're treating the seizures with Keppra and CBD oil. He hasn't had a seizure since starting meds (knock on wood). It's so scary when it happens and you *do* feel so helpless. I asked my vet if there's something I should do while it's happening, and He said to just be there and comfort him.. Good luck! *hugs*


I am sorry that happened to your cute dog


My little girl had a seizure on Saturday. Felt so helpless.


My girl has had them since a pup, and she’s 11 now and still going strong and acting like she’s a youngster. It’s tough, but hang in there!


Yup. It’s heartbreaking. Hope he’s ok. Poor sweet baby