Recommendation for beagle with itchy girl bits

Recommendation for beagle with itchy girl bits


This is going to sound a little odd, but it could be an allergy. My beagle developed an allergy later in life to chicken of all things. For him, it manifested as a skin issue and was super itchy. We tried all kinds of special shampoos, steroids and other treatments. The vet decided to try eliminating different types of protein since we'd already tried the grain free thing. One week after stopping chicken his skin cleared up and the itchiness was gone. Good luck to you and your beagle!


The vet gave her an allergy shot to see if that helped at all and it didn’t. I have also tried rotating through different proteins for her dog food as well as trying the “raw” brand that doesn’t include gluten. No luck... thank you for the advice!


Was the allergy shot cytopoint? If not, talk with your vet as it works wonders for us.


My dog used to get itchy hotspots and sometimes they were around the private area. If if you can see red rash on skin I would suggest trying some hydrocortisone cream to see if that helps.


And your beagle doesn’t lick the hotspot?


I’m sure you have already tried this but it could be worms?


Different vets have checked and she has been fine. Thanks!


My beagle has allergies it could be seasonal thats what the vet said also it could be something in the food like I know some dogs have allergies when it comes to chicken and fish. So we gave her this pill that helps her not to scratch a lot I got it from the vet.


Have you tried food supplements? Food toppers to be specific? She may be missing a key nutrient since Beagles are already prone to itching because of naturally sensitive skin. Or, it could be yeast. Which can usually be fixed with better nutrition.