Hello, I’m new here. This is Cooper he is 5 months old. This is our first time owning a beagle and I must admit I’m struggling with him.

Hello, I’m new here. This is Cooper he is 5 months old. This is our first time owning a beagle and I must admit I’m struggling with him.


let him sniff stuff


When I realized the sniffing was more important than everything else, my life did get a bit easier.


This is the correct answer


Only food is more important.


You can combine this. Your absolutely best tool is a dummy that you can fill with snacks. Hide it somewhere. Let the Dog find it, bring it to you and of course you feed him from the dummy. its awesome, you can start easy, but pretty soon you can kick up the difficulty to absurd levels. Its really really great and gives your dog a sense of accomplishment (and snacks!). and plus, sniffing stuff is tiring. Its more tiring than long walks. Your dog will sleep really tight after an hour or so finding the dummy.


This saved our life! Lots of stuff to sniff, long sniff walks around the yard…sleepy, happy boy


Beagles are difficult and a lot of work. It will take both of you adjusting to each other which takes time. They are super rewarding dogs but it takes some time to get there.


Thanks for the encouraging words. I’m trying 😅


We got our beagle when she was 5 months old and she was a wild child. It took a lot of work, but she eventually chilled out. She’s 9 years old now and is the best dog ever. Very chill and super snuggly. She still follows her nose a lot, so we always have her on a leash if she’s not in our fenced backyard. And she can still be a bit stubborn. But she’s an incredible part of our family and I’m so glad we worked through the rough puppy stage.


> She still follows her nose a lot, so we always have her on a leash if she’s not in our fenced backyard. And she can still be a bit stubborn. But she’s an incredible part of our family and I’m so glad we worked through the rough puppy stage. Hahaha this is my dog exactly. I never thought I would lose so many battles of will against a small dog but beagles are a special kind of stubborn.


Mine just turned 6 and she’s a super love bug, and until we had a very secure yard we used a zip line aerial runner to make sure she was safe. She used to climb chain link fences much to my dismay. They’re as amazing as they are stubborn. Keep going and you’ll get a friend for life!


dude my 5 month old beagle mix was the devil. I told him i was bringing him to a farm all the time. He's 1 year and a half now and it's much better. He's not THE devil anymore. lol


I keep asking mine if he hates me lol. I know he doesn’t he clings to me but I’m always like “can you make just one day easy for me? Do you hate me?”


I felt that way with my beagle the first few months. He's almost two now and has wayyyyy chilled out. Just remember that they like to sniff stuff more than literally anything else in life and sniffing is a great way to tire them out mentally. I base basically all of our playtime and walktime around sniffing just to keep his brain active.


Mine was like that too. I cried for almost a year because she was so much work, mostly because she never slept through the night and I was sleep deprived. Now, she's 3 and although she still has her moments, she's a really good, sweet, snuggle bunny. She even got out of my fenced yard the other weekend unbeknownst to me because I was mowing the lawn. I swore I heard her bark in the distance, but shrugged it off. When I went in the house, my elderly mother said she hadn't seen her in awhile, so I search the yard and house for all the places she usually get's shut in, like the basement, garage. Nothing. Suddenly the bark in the distance makes sense, so I get ready to on a neighborhood hunt, mildly freaking out because she's never done this before. Then there she is, sitting on the other side of the gate, wagging her tail. Came home all by herself after an adventure in the hood.


He was sleeping through the night this past week he’s been waking up in the middle of the night and he never sleeps in. NEVER! I feel sleep deprived. We took ours to a restaurant on a patio. Huge mistake he didn’t want to sit still and got out of his harness and took off down the street. We were freaking out everyone was staring at us and then my daughter called his name and he stopped turned around and came to her. Needless to say we don’t use that harness anymore 😅


I feel you! Honestly treat dispensing toys, frozen kings and bones were life lines back then. I just needed some rest sometimes. I probably gave h too many... but we got through it, he was never overweight and we good now for the most part. If you have space do sniff games. Have him kennel and hide treats all around a room. Then let him find them.


They are devils when puppies, mine mellowed out to be a sweet sweet angel at about 10 months. Give love, positive reinforcement with treats, and don't take it personally. I use fresh temptations kitty treats/kibble, she will do anything for those!


My 18 month old beagle mix struggled so hard with impulse control it was so so frustrating. She’s always been a good girl, but impulsive. A switch flipped one day about a month ago and she is the goodest girl in the world now. I saw the maturity come in a flash and now she’s the best and gives side eye to other impulsive pooches.


You are giving me hope my boy might stop being a heathen one day. Hes got a reputation for his very ON!! personality. Lol Hes not bad but he's bad.


I know what you mean. I also have a 7 month old beagle and can see his switch flip when he’s going to be a dick. He gets a sparkle in his eye and into his playpen he goes.


Now I feel like there should be a support group for bad boy beagle parents 😆


I know that sparkle!!


He will be! I cried every day after adopting mine at 5 months. There were some hard times where I barely wanted to keep him but obviously pushed through. He’s a stinker still at 16 months, and I can’t wait for him to calm down more. But, compared to when he was little, he’s changed a ton. You’ll get through this even though it seems like forever away 💕


They are a lot more work than other dogs I’ve owned. Nose work classes help. “Find it” and long line walking helps.


What do you mean by "find it"?


It’s a game to distract the puppy. Lots of variations, but when you are walking you suddenly say “find it” and toss a couple of treats (could be one, could be a handful). They then get a bit more leash and can go into hound mode finding them. Distracts them from other dogs, prevents a mental break from walking Good way to avoid situations


Holy crap that's a great idea! My boy is 3 1/2 but he freaks out at other dogs sometimes (he HATES golden retrievers for some reason) - I'm definitely going to try that. Thanks!


We learned it in some class Our 2.5 yr old does not like German shepherds, so it comes in handy distracting him


Everything happens in beagle time. Extremely good motivated. My 3 y/o girl who is a complete doll is the most bull headed. Lol. But she is sweet and loving and snuggly and we have learned with each other. Mine is very sensitive and you can’t get on her hard or she will break down. She needs time to process and you can’t rush her. Best dog in the world is a beagle. Every home needs one. :)


It gets better haha. I have an 8 year old beagle and a 6 month old beagle. At 5-6 months they’re still babies feeling out the world. Consistency is key. Just keep swimming. But don’t actually swim cause most beagles hate water lol


My beagle loved water!! Couldn’t keep him out of it. He loved just sitting on the deck while it rained.


My Beagle used to hate water, he would even avoid puddles when out walking. Then he started liking showers and a couple of weeks ago had his first experience of paddling in a stream. We couldn't get him out of the water, he loved it!


My oldest will never change. He hates it so much. I’m hoping the 6 month old will learn to love it. Always wanted to take them swimming. But no dice lol.


Really? Both mine HATE it. My older beagle won’t even step in puddles. He hates to poop when it’s raining. The other doesn’t mind puddles but also hates doing his business outside in the rain.


I have a GSP that hates the rain. When I know he has to poop I have gone out with a leash and an umbrella…for him 🤦🏻‍♂️


That's how mine got a nickname of Princess Raindrop


Beagles can be tough, especially if you don't have much experience with training puppies. Maybe consider looking into puppy training classes. Most places like Petsmart and Feeder's Supply have classes that aren't too expensive. You'll both learn a lot and it's a great way to learn how to socialize with other dogs. Good luck!


He is in puppy class at Petsmart. The second stage. We did the beginners class already.


You're on the right track then! Hang in there. Puppies in general are A LOT! Beagle puppies are on a whole other level. You've likely already figured this out, but just in case, no retractable leashes (trust me on this one), a harness not a collar, and always remember, even the best trained beagles lose the battle with their noses and can and will get into all sorts of mischief following an interesting scent. Some things I figured out the hard way that might help are, if Cooper's a digger, set up a special dig spot and redirect each time he's digging in a spot you'd rather he didn't. I used to occasionally would hide treats in my beagles dig spot to keep his interest up. If he has trouble following commands, try augmenting your verbal commands with some simple sign language or hand signals (many, many hot dogs were sacrificed to learn "watch me") and if you have trouble with "leave it" or "drop it", for 3-4 weeks keep a high value treat on you at all times and "trade" whatever Cooper has for the amazing, super duper wonderful thing you have. This also helps later when you might be out and Cooper makes a dash to eat, roll, or otherwise engage in something he shouldn't he'll know when you give a specific signal you have something WAY better that he'll want more. Beagles can really be the most amazing friends. Good luck to you both!


+1 for hand signals. SO underrated. Mine loves to play with kids and they love to yell "sit" or "stay"- all I have to do is give the hand signal in the background and the kids are SO AMAZED at how good he is!


I have heard mixed reviews about pets mart training- it varies so much by location/trainer. If you’re not happy with results, look for local offerings. I’ve had good luck with force free clicker training. Practice training every day. I second consistency. They don’t understand English, so little changes we understand can be impossible for them to follow. A lot of beagles are treat motivated, so that can be helpful. Be as stubborn as they are - if they don’t do the thing, no treat. They are worth it in my opinion.


So far i like the classes we have taken. I wouldn’t mind one on one training though.


If it’s working that is all that matters :) but they may be able to recommend 1:1 options to do additionally.


Check out Kikopup on YouTube (or Zak George) for training. Beagles are super intelligent but getting them working through training, even for 10 minutes, can be more tiring on them than an hour's walk.


Struggling with how handsome he is?


I know he’s lucky he’s so cute 😂 his face melts my heart.


Beagles are pack animals and do better if you have other dogs for them to play with otherwise they will destroy stuff and pester you non stop fir attention. Getting them fixed is also a great way to improve their behavior.


Mine seemed depressed with life even when I would take to the office and dog park until I got a puppy and she came to life. She instigates play now!


There is some need they have that o ly another dog can meet. We're just not the same.


He is not fix yet. I keep reading different things at what age dogs should be fix.


Ya I had the same problem with my Charlie when he was a pup such a terror. Destroyed anything he could put his mouth on. Bed, couch shoes etc. Getting him fixed at 10 months helped a lot. But the biggest change in his behavior was at 2 years old I got a second dog. Not a another beagle but a pug. They are best friends and quite different in many ways. Seems weird that having 2 dogs is so much easier then one.


Definitely recommend getting a second dog, pref a beagle for him to play with. Will change his focus from boredom to play with the other dog.




Use indoor enrichment as well as lots of exercise! Lick mats, treat balls, snuffle mats (you can make those homemade as well with different materials)


Thank you. I’ve been trying to think of ways to keep him busy or else he wants to go outside every 5 minutes. We have a dog park near by with a puppy area even after running around like crazy there when we get home he’s at the door ringing his bells already.


They are hunting dogs- of course they want to go work. My beagles live for sniffing our yard 30x a day


To elaborate, he is still having pooping accidents in the house. We got him bells to ring and he rings them every five minutes. We don’t want accidents so of course we take him every time. So that means he doesn’t go every time we go out. Taking him out so much is exhausting. Today he woke up at 6am. From 6-8 I took him out 7 times. Also he eats everything and anything outside. Most of the time I’m prying things out of his mouth on our walks. By 10am I feel like I need a nap lol. I’m trying to think of ways to keep him entertained so he doesn’t want to go out every five minutes.


When he actually does his business outside give a small food reward. When he’s out but doesn’t go to the potty, don’t reward. Get a pen inside for when you have had enough and you want to contain him or for when you have to leave the house. Small food reward for staying quietly in the pen. They do learn super fast, but you have to meet them on their level, which means food is a priority. Be VERY consistent with your expectations. Teach patience by making him wait in a sit before getting a reward. Patience training will pay off huge.


Can’t recommend small treat rewards enough. Our beagle mix loves food more than life itself. He quickly figured out that going outside to pee/poop = treat. Then he got to the point where he tried going outside = treat, but he quickly figured out he had to do more than just go outside for a treat. He’s too smart, and beagles generally are. Crate training is great too since it gives them a safe space. Our pups are older but snuffle and licky mats work like a charm to keep them busy! Your pup will eventually calm down. Best of luck!


Beagles are incredibly food driven, use this to your advantage. Make sure you treat them AS SOON as he potties outside, you need to associate reward with potty. He’s a baby with a lot of energy, maybe try some really tough bones or chew toys?


For all dog training, this is not the way. For Beagles owner...eff it. It’s my only option. 🤓


I read comments like this and feel weird that my beagle is super picky about treats. He only likes certain chicken jerky ones and others he'll go hide them somewhere in the apartment.


I have one that loves everything *but* fresh fruits and veg. The other loves them and goes nuts over it lmao


Reminds me of the day I tried to pry a disgusting dead bird from a Beagle mouth on a walk... Lol


I second the recommendation for thinking of crate training. Crate training is amazingly beneficial for you and your pup. It very well may help with a lot of the issues you’re experiencing. Beagles can be spazes for the first few years of their lives. Don’t worry you’ll learn together how to harness all that energy. Having a crate to put him in for down time will help give him structure, so you can set times to play and for him to be crazy and times for rest.


Back again because I feel your pain. Everything you're describing is really normal for beagle puppies and will end eventually. The eating everything (and chewing sticks, probably!) is just the way they explore the world. You just have to be fast at scooping out their mouths, and use it as an opportunity to train "leave it". He may ignore you at 5 months, but will definitely (well, mostly) respect the command when he's older. It may seem like forever, but mine got a LOT better at the 1 year mark. People told me he would stop a lot of the worst behavior (and I remember not believing them at the time), but sure enough over the space of about 3 weeks when he was around 1 he went from puppy to adult. I remember it clearly because before that I could run faster than him in the dog park, but it was like he suddenly decided to grow up and went from puppy scampering to adult running and a lot of the puppy behavior fell behind with it. He is now MUCH faster than me and knows it. He still had some weird things until he was 2 (for example, he would still pee inside by accident on occasion), but overall life was a LOT easier after 1.


So mine regressed a little on potty training. I had to take him out the front on a leash for potty time and mark everytime he pottied with the potty word. He went outside in the back all time but he woud play instead. So we had to make it like a thing.


Mine will have two good weeks and then poop in the house. Yesterday was particularly bad. We have a gate to block off the hallway and I forgot to shut it behind me when I went to get ready. I came out of my room to 3 different poops from him 🤦🏻‍♀️


Struggling with him how


It will eventually get better and worth it


looks of exercise! i cant stress this enough. find a place where they can run around and sniff everything. it will help them be calm at home and not chew stuff. my tyson is 1yr this month and I couldnt ask for a better companion. first year has been tough, ive called him oh so many names lol but he has love for me im his person in the house. dare i say it i enjoy his company more than my two brat kids


I keep telling my husband he’s going to come home from work to no dog lol. Of course I don’t mean it I just get so frustrated. I also tell mine “you’re lucky you’re so cute” lol which he is adorable


omg. this was me. I have been seeing fb memory posts where I was begging the goblin king to come take him away. or threatening to take him to a farm. He's my handsome sweet boy but omg is he annoying. and bad. but not in a 'bad' way. I suggest frozen kongs, a monthly dog box if you can afford it (the new toys are nice to keep their attention), youtube, strong kennel training, and sniff games. Or at least that's what i did to get me through. We went to the dog park a lot too but now he hates other dogs so idk if that was the right call or not.


The comments in this post make me realize I might be cheating by rescuing fully grown beagles from the shelter rather than getting a puppy. They already sorta come pre-trained from the shelters.


The comments in this post justify my decision to adopt an adult beagle from a breed rescue. Best decision ever (don’t tell my cat).


I read somewhere that if you can get a beagle to listen to you 70% of the time, you have a well trained beagle. They are incredibly smart dogs and will figure out how to do things on their own. You just have to find ways to outsmart them.


Don’t feel alone I rescue and after both my dogs passed a beagle girl ended up in my lap. Stubborn is almost an understatement. I promise get a trainer or classes maybe at least 3 sessions. Stick with it I promise you it gets better! I felt so disconnected and stupid now she (kinda) listens and snuggles!


Puppies are hard. But once the light goes on for a beagle, they are just the most awesome dogs you'll find. My girl is a little over 2 years old, but she still has her moments, however, 97% of the time she's a joy and just such a fun dog to be around. Set boundaries, give him a schedule (feeding him the same times a day, taking him out the same times a day, giving him a last treat of the day, set aside playtime, etc.) and eventually it will all click. At 6 months, he's in that toddler stage. No longer completely helpless, but still prone to baby antics.


I have a 6 month old 1/2 beagle. He’s a handful. Good thing he’s so handsome. We’re actually finally hiring a private trainer whose coming at the end of the month. Sometimes you just need professional help. Ours is ok for the most part, but beagles are a whole thing! Probably not our best pick for first-time puppy parents such as my husband and I :/


He’s still a baby. Have you done enforced naps with him? I have a 7 month old beagle and an 18 month old beagle mix. They both still get enforced naps. The 7 month old is going through adolescence and it’s been a bit of a pain in the ass, but overall, he’s fine. I find long sniffy walks, rather than brisk walks wear him out. Also, dinner comes in some sort of puzzle or enrichment every night. Sort that shit out, little man. Mama needs some quiet.


He naps. That’s the only time he doesn’t want to go outside lol. When I give him dinner I give him half in his bowl and half in a kong.


We adopted our guy at 5 months and at one point I seriously wondered if he had rabies or was deaf. So stubborn, so hard. But it slowly has gotten better. He’s only 8 months now but it’s much, much better already. Hang in there.


This made me laugh lol and made me feel better


My beagle was a nightmare (and still is from time to time tbh) Things I’ve learned: -A short sniff walk does wonders, just walking slow even for a couple of blocks. Let the little dude sniff ALL the sniffs -Consistency has been major. He used to destroy things (he’s eaten more sets of blinds than I can count), but when I stick to a morning routine (plenty of outside time, radio on when I leave, his sister’s presence, and the ever important treat/ Kong before I depart) he pretty much snoozes all day. He just hates unexpected time apart from his people -Swimming/ running - he absolutely LOVES to go swimming. It tires him out for 2 solid days. It’s especially important to start them young. There are more and more dog swimming places popping up so I would highly recommend looking into that. I used to swim dogs for work so if you have any questions I’d be happy to answer! Running also works, we have a chuck-it ball and make-shift dog park where he can run. -Social stimulation- he’s actually not big into dogs but I make an effort to bring him with me anywhere I can! Even if it’s just a quick run to the convenient store down the road, he LOVES the car and the high powered sniffs that come from sticking his head out the window -Cuddle time!!! - he needs this. Daily. 5-10 minutes (minimum) of my undivided attention, talking to him, petting his ears, etc. he gets extra sour if I’m on my phone lol. And then of course cuddles while I am on my phone/ Netflix too. 2+ hours is ideal. All in all, he is a good boy. I’ve worked with dogs for 10+ years and had NO experience with beagles until him. He makes me want to pull my hair out occasionally still, less than he used to. I’ve sworn up and down that I will never own another beagle.. but, 4.5 years later, the breed is starting to grow on me! Oh, I also give him snacks all the time. He’ll eat basically anything so if I’m having a healthy snack (carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, tomato, sweet potato, banana, etc) I give him a nibble. I don’t want him to get fat (eating milkbones all day) but it’s fun to see what he’ll eat and a lot of human foods are good for them/ low in calories. He will even eat a piece iceberg lettuce lol. Best of luck, you are doing great! You are a good dog parent.


Temptations seafood medley flavor, in the kitty aisle at the grocery. My dogs will mug you for it! I take 15 or 20 pieces since they are really small and throw them in the yard for the dogs to find


Ooh, that’s a great idea! I’ll hide just pieces of kibble around the house sometimes too.


I'm no expert,but is there anything in particular he's doing?How much exercise does he get?Beagles are tough,you need to be firm or they'll walk all over you (literally and figuratively).


To elaborate, he is still having pooping accidents in the house. We got him bells to ring and he rings them every five minutes. We don’t want accidents so of course we take him every time. So that means he doesn’t go every time we go out. Taking him out so much is exhausting. Today he woke up at 6am. From 6-8 I took him out 7 times. Also he eats everything and anything outside. Most of the time I’m prying things out of his mouth on our walks. By 10am I feel like I need a nap lol. I’m trying to think of ways to keep him entertained so he doesn’t want to go out every five minutes.


Something that helped us with potty bells, is we decided that we control when outdoor playtime is and the bells are for potty missions only. So he gets leashed and taken to the potty spot and has 5 minutes to do business. If he does it, then he gets a few extra mins of outdoor time. If he doesn’t, we go back inside. Took a couple weeks to firm up the rule, but it worked!


You're smart. I never did this with our door bells and now am a doggie doorman. It's been ring a ding ding for 8 years with our beagle.


I'm sure I had the same problem with my first,all you can do is keep doing what you're doing and rewarding him when he does do the toilet outside.They are hard work and exhausting,just know its nothing you or him are doing wrong.Everything is food to beagles,I have a rescue that tries to eat sticks so I know what you mean.I take it you've tried taking something more tasty on your walks,like chicken,and trying to swap?


I keep treats with me so when I do actually get him to drop whatever he tried to eat I reward him.


I think just keep doing what you're doing,try not to show emotion,and things will get better.


They’re hard work but eventually he will grow out of it. Beagles are chill dogs once they are full adults. I’ve noticed they do take a while to become fully mature tho!


my 11 month old was the most exhausting thing ever, but it finally got better around 6/7 months for me. a couple things i’ve found helpful for winnie (who often acts like she has just drank 10 redbull’s) are: taking some of her food and literally sprinkling it in the grass and having her sniff it out. works her mind and nose, gets her fed in a fun way, and is a free version of all the snuffle mats! i also struggled with winnie wanting to go outside constantly (probably ~5-8 times an hour) and of course i always gave in bc i don’t want her to have accidents. eventually i would still take her out every time, but it would be all business no fun. i would give her a couple minutes and if she didn’t go potty it was time to go inside. and if she did potty TREATSSSS and PRAISE!!! every time she went potty she got a party. a little encouragement goes a long way :) one last tip: bully sticks!! they don’t smell great but they occupy winnie for 30 min, which is A LOT of time in puppy parent world. not super cheap but they last a long time and come with a decent amount of them, so it’s not too bad when you account for that. a fair price for a little bit of sanity. once winnie gets down to like an inch left i just take the end from her so she doesn’t try and swallow it (but she has a couple times and she’s fine bc there is only one ingredient in them and they dissolve quickly in the stomach). personally not a fan of rawhide, so this was a good substitute for us! sorry for the novel, hope some of this helps, and good luck!!


Walk the legs offa him, you'll be surprised at how calm they can be when you tire them out, speaking as a former cooper owner myself and now a proud Rigsby (4month old) owner, if you can have him off lead running about as you walk this helps massively.


What you struggling with specifically?


I have the exact same name tag on my boy! Also, a first time Beagles owner. I know it seems counterintuitive, but we adopted a 2nd Beagle around the 6 mo. mark and things became more manageable (training, temperament, walks)


We play a lot of brain games with our beagle so she isn’t always asking to go outside! Hiding food around the house or in a towel for her to find, using a puzzle feeder, and licky mats/kongs have been a life saver. We try to make sure that during one of her walks she can take her time to sniff as much as she wants, that really helps!


They can be tough but it will be rewarding. Soon it will "click" and you will love every day with him. Maybe not every minute. lol. Might have been asked but do you have a Kong type toy? We have those and stuff them with treats and that can keep him busy for a while and buy you time and peace. Beagle minds need to be stimulated. Treat puzzles are great. Get through the rough spots. One day you'll wish you could remember every minute you had with him. Good and Bad.


He has lots of toys and a kong so when we feed him I put half his food in his bowl and the other half in a kong.


That’s a good idea. There’s also some puzzle feeders that you can use that are pretty cool. Good luck. They’re worth it.


I also have a beagle named Cooper!


It seems to be a popular name lol. My daughter picked it out.


awww but look at that face!


I know I tell him all the time he’s look he is so cute. His face just pulls at my heart.


Hide small treats throughout the house and let him search for them. It will keep his hunting drive satisfied and take a little edge off the energy.


Hang in there. I had two of them. They are SUPER naughty when young. They grow out of most of the things that make them crazy making. Just hang in there. I miss my Belle and Lucy terribly. Best dogs ever.


They need A LOT of exercise or they can get uptight. Need a big yard or walking/running with them every day, at least once.


Enjoy him he’s super cute!! He will mellow out and become a cuddle bug at 2. Until then lots of walks and let them keep sniffing. They are super smart and strong willed yet they have feelings. I had one for 14 years who recently crossed the rainbow bridge. Best dogs if you ask me.


We were able to book a one on one training with a trainer at Petco….it’s made a huge difference…wish we would have done that with our first two….also it’s mostly a training for us… I miss my first two…they were a pain in the butt a lot, but their empathy and caring for me was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced in this life….they are emotionally intelligent creatures (in my view)


Beagle puppies are really tough, but they get a LOT better as they become adults. They are SO independent and stubborn by nature, but that's one of the many reasons we love them. The thing that got me through raising mine was remembering that he was just as frustrated as I was sometimes and that this was something we were working to solve together. This really helped.


Just remember they see you as equals and like you because they like you, not because they have too. Treat everything as a negotiation and be careful because a lot of the time they are naughty as a way of influencing your behavior. They will train you.


Join r/puppy101 lots of great tips and other people going through similar challenges. Tethering helped us manage our puppy’s energy before he developed an “off” switch, but I’ve read that it can be used for potty training too.


Thanks I’ll join


Don't worry. Beagles are usually difficult to manage initially but give this good boy a few more months and he will slowly settle in. I remember asking similar questions to a beagle parent when I had my girl for 4 months.


Once you realize and come to accept that you are no longer in charge, it will become easier.. welcome to the life of a slave ;)


I have a 5 year old beagle mix rescue who is 45 lbs and king of the brats. He barks at everything—people walking by our house, people on bikes, people with dogs, cars that slow down in front of our house, motorcycles, cars with loud motors, kids roller blading, babies in strollers, someone turning around in our driveway, etc. His bark is soo loud too. I’ve been working from home since March 2020 and this summer, he’s breaking me with the barking. He’s super spoiled. Lots of walks, two bins of toys, our other rescue to play with. He has it made. Insists if I lay down on my bed or sit on the couch that he MUST be pet for the next 5-10 minutes. Has chewed 3 pairs of my glasses, husbands wallet (money, credit cards), 5 remotes. We don’t leave anything out for him to get a hold of anymore, including our phones. And he’s not even 100% beagle. He has calmed down slightly in the last two years. Doesn’t insist on playing 24/7 (maybe just 20/7). I totally feel your pain. Beagles can be bratty. It’s in their nature. At least they are cute right? I love my boy Opie but he is a pain in the ass. He does seem to know when I’m sad and will cuddle with me if I’m upset. Wouldn’t trade him for the world. Apparently I’m a glutton for punishment, lol!


45 lbs is 20.43 kg


You're doing great, and really... You're through the toughest months already! Be patient and diligent with the potty training. It can take a while, but within a year accidents will be rare and far between. He's trying to figure things out too!


Welcome to the club! Enjoy the beautiful ride :) My wife and I are on our third and fourth beagles. They’re unlike any other dogs.


Hang in there! They get older and much more stubborn, determined and amazing. My Rosie was the Devil Incarnate. To this day my brother insists her name is Mean*ss. She was wild! No room could contain her. She broke out of crates, puppy playpens, etc. She's now 4 and the best dog! Super smart, human like, talkative, very friendly, super cuddly and loves her people to the ends of the earth. She needs lots of outside time, a hole to dig in and balls to fetch but she sleeps like a rock and tells us when it's time for bed. She's trained us well! 😆


With what, his cuteness or downright adorability? Both can be challenging.


The key is both mental and physical stimulation. Plenty of time outside, and when inside do short training sessions periodically throught out the day. It's a great way to bond, and also reinforce what your pup learned in puppy school. As well, get a slow feeder or snuffle mat for meal times. This encourages them to eat slowly, and also to work to find and eat everything. Kongs and licki mats with frozen treats. I love using a smidge of peanut butter (make sure it's Xilitol free) with pumpkin puree, pure apple sauce and kefir yogurt. I fill them up and then throw them in the freezer for a few hours. Don't give too much per day, but in small quantities these are all delicious and good for digestion. Bully sticks, gorilla sticks, yak chews, or chicken feet for chewing. While on walks, alternate between structured trained walks, and the slow meander that allows them to sniff. Also dog parks (fenced in as needed) or puppy play dates. I can't tire my girl out with a ball nearly as much as she tires herself out running around with other dogs. And she is extremely social so she loves it. As for potty training, keep an eye on you pup at all times. If you can't, crate them or put them somewhere secure with puppy pads. Take your pup out regularly, and about 20 mins after you notice them drink. Reward with treats and lots of praise, and a keyword everytime they go to the bathroom outside. But wait until they are fully done! Puppies get distracted easily and they can be interrupted in the middle, only to then go on your floor. Going off on that, if you see your dog going, shout, clap, do something loud to interrupt and say your keyword. Then immediately take them outside. Keep them in a designated potty spot, and repeat the keyword to tell them what to do. Don't leave until they go. It takes a lot of patience, and percerverance, but I promise it gets better!


Beagles are awesome dogs but require a lot of training. The one thing you can’t do is train a beagle not to follow their nose. They are a scent hound and love to track. They love to destroy stuff and it takes time to learn what they can and can not destroy. So don’t leave anything important in their reach. Have plenty of toys for them and redirect their attention to what they can have. They are incredibly stubborn, smart and loving. Give yourself and your dog the time for training. It’s so worth it.


I highly recommend doing some “nose work”. Read up on line or get a trainer. It’s a great way to do something fun with your dog that tires them out. Everyone wins. I have a monster English pointer and nose work was a game changer for my problem job. Pointers are sniffy dogs a bit like a giant beagle.


I haven’t read through all the comments so I’m sure someone suggested this. Please work with a force free trainer and dedicate the time to train your beagle. It’s worth it!


Make sure you have a routine, for any dog. Hire a personal dog trainer. They ca. Do amazing things. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise! Also if you aren’t crate training, tge. Start. Beagles are bad dogs. They have both a big prey instinct and a fiery independent streakplus stubborn.


Do lots of training. Buy a place bed and teach him to down and stay on it. Slowly build up the time that you release the stay. My beagle just turned 1 and can hold a stay for well over 20 minutes now. He usually will fall asleep waiting. This helps with impulse control and teaches it’s ok to be calm. You also need to create structure and repetition with them. For example before they go out the door they need to look at you and wait for you to give them the ok. When preparing their meal put them on the place bed and make them stay and wait. Put the bowl down and make them wait and look at you before releasing to go eat. If they break it before you give them release simply just put them back on the place. They’ll never listen to you if you don’t create this structure. Use at least 1/2 of every meal as a training opportunity. Sit stay come tricks etc etc. this will help your relationship with him and he’ll learn. Eventually once he gets it move outside to the backyard, then a quiet road, then a grass field. I’m not sure we’ll ever get consistent focused training in the grass since all he wants to do is sniff lol. Soak kibble in water for an hour and stuff it in the kong with a little peanut butter and into the freezer for a day. This will buy you an hour of not having to worry about him with only a little bit of his food. Teach him nose work. There’s lots of videos and info out there. My beagle loves this. I can get him off a sniff trail by just saying seek or search. I can provide you some info if needed to get started. Regarding the bathroom. How many times is he pooping a day? You may need to change his food if it’s more than 2-3x. What worked for me was saying potty every time we would go out the back door. When he would go I would say potty again. Eventually he associated them it didn’t take long at all. After they go outside reward heavily and get super excited. If he goes inside take him right outside regardless if he’s done or not. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message! By no means am I a trainer but I have been working with one since our beagle was 3 months and talk to him almost everyday as we have become great friends. Remember that the crazy puppy stage is such a small percentage of the life you’ll have with them. If you teach them what is expected of them you’ll have a great dog for years and years :)