Good morning friends.

Good morning friends.


Good morning. I have plenty to do at home today. There is the never ending task of laundry. I need to wash a car so I can put the back cover on it. I have a sewing project to finish. I have a trip next weekend, I should start getting my stuff together for that. But I shall see what I actually do today. Why do today what you can procrastinate on til tomorrow.


The person that invents the “gets dirty clothes, washes clothes, folds clothes” robot will be a gazillionaire. GAZILLIONS WITH A G.


Walk the lakes with my dog, shred the pork I have cooking, drink coffee, relax. Plan for the week. Watch Succession!


Is succession good? I’ve only recently heard about it


Yes quite good. It was a little hard to get into at first, but the acting is so top notch. I wouldn't say it was slow but most of the characters are terrible people. Matthew MacFayden as Tom and Nicholas Braun as cousin Greg were the reason I kept at it. Then I got really sucked in and started loving it. Other dramas I really liked are Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Queens Gambit, and Top of the Lake.


Such a good show. I really enjoy Cousin Greg. I'm gonna wait til the season ends before bingeing everything.


Checking out the electric depot for the first time


Thought I would meet my daughter for brunch at Ruby Slipper till I saw all the people outside…. Nope. Saw a grey Lamborghini tho.


Missing home. It’s 55 and overcast with intermittent drizzle for the next few months here and yall have perfect weather. So jealous.


I went on the river with some friends over in Covington. This post is pleasantly refreshing by the way. Thank you.


Watching Chernobyl. Game procrastinating. Watching trailers for my massive collection of Humble Bundle games. About to warm up leftovers from yesterday. Oh yeah and drinking huge cups of iced coffee. Going to find some time to play Roki, and Luigi's Mansion dark moon.


Chernobyl is so good!