Retiree, Normer Adams, has rescued hundreds of cats stuck in trees, and does it for free

Retiree, Normer Adams, has rescued hundreds of cats stuck in trees, and does it for free

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I wonder how many cats get stuck in trees yearly for him to reach 600 rescues.


He doesn't show how they get stuck up there, maybe there's something shady here...


I see what you did there. Dad joke approved


I'm going to out on a limb and the authorities investigated but haven't made anything stick. They've decided to leaf the matter alone, as that branch of law enforcement is inefficient and just lumbers along. Well have to wait and see if the plot grows thicket. Bud seriously I hope he didn't fall when he springs into action as a cat hero!


Sweet budding Jesus... Take my updoot 🏅 and... leave...




Why did you copy this comment from u/ButtsexEurope?


Don't kink shame.


Bag full of catnip I bet :p


A tree and a cat launcher.


Right? I've had cats all my life and they've never got stuck in trees, and I've never actually seen a cat needing to be rescued from a tree. Must be something in the water...


One my kitty Abby climbed up a tree, roughly about twenty feet. She was super scared and refused to come back down... we had to grab a ladder and rescue her lol. Maybe she didn’t realize how well of a climber she was.


My cat fell off my apartment patio and tried climbing a tree to get back up. He got too scared and just kept climbing, then cried because he didn't know how to climb down. I tried coaxing him down, but he just threw himself at my face from about 6 feet. I had kitty whiplash for a couple days.


Oh my goodness!! Im glad he’s okay, I’m learning cats are just big babies, who are way too curious 😂


Oh yeah. He would throw a fit when I told him to get away from the railing. He'd make this frustrated moan and run inside. He's a lot more disciplined now, lol.


I had a cat who got stuck in a tree. I think she was chasing a squirrel up and didn’t realize how high she went. Then she looked down and panicked. I think most of them would eventually find a way down but they can wait up there wailing piteously for hours.


Judging from the area? There's a shittone of tall as fuck trees and entirely too many cats who think they know what they're doing. Also my cats aren't outside cats.




That might be the worst estimate for yearly cat-in-tree statistics I’ve ever seen.


But you HAVE seen it no ?


> I wonder how many cats get stuck in trees none


That's it you're going in the c a t b a g


And That's where the saying comes from.


A few weeks ago I had to rescue my own cat from a tree. I went out in the morning after waking up and called for her and she immediately started meowing loudly to me from somewhere in the woods in front of my house. I found her jammed tightly between two tree trunks within reach from the ground, wet from the rain and front and back legs dangling down. She was jammed so tight I couldn't lift her without causing pain, but I finally figured out if I twisted her mid-section sideways that I could get her loose. Luckily she was uninjured, just exhausted. There was no way she could have gotten free on her own and I feel so lucky that I was home that morning and found her.


Haha, I have a similar experience many years ago. Good on you for rescuing your cat!


Lordy. I'm glad you found her. Did she have any bruising?


such a kind soul


My cat got stuck up in a honey locust tree (lots of large thorns) for a day once, and when I found him I wore a backpack up to get him. He crawled right in and it was the cutest thing ever, aside from the thorns, being about 40 feet up, and worrying if he was ok.


this is the way!


Naw. You did good.


I wonder how many cats are repeat offenders.


We have one that’s so stupid she would absolutely be a repeat offender. It’s good she’s terrified of the outdoors.


I know a cat that jumped off a balcony and broke her leg. She did it again a few months later. And then she fucking did it again like a year later. She somehow is still alive. I honestly have no idea how.


Well she’s still got 6 left!


As this was a few years ago, by now she is probably down to like 2 or 3.


The same leg?


Don't know, but I'd assume so.


Yup. My boy gets outside and then screams for help. I have two indoor only cats.


783 at the time of this video??? This guy is a hero, I would gladly give ten years off the end of my life if they could go directly to his


I'd give 10 years of the beginning of my life, I wasn't really doing much with it


He could've had my 20's, I didn't do shit with those yaers.


thank goodness they added the sound triangles or I'd have had no idea that meow was coming from the cat


“This bag is going to go over your head and you’re gonna feel really good.” Sounds like something a serial killer would say.


Tbf, they don't have much choice. You know, because on the implication.


Are... are these cats in danger?


No, of course not. Because the cat would never refuse to get in the bag. Because of the implication.


You keep saying that word "implication."


This is who Bubbles aspires to be.




I mean he had the tools from the first hobby...


Now I’m starting to wonder if he put kids in that bag too…


We're so lucky in the Pacific Northwest to have the guys at Canopy Cat Rescue! [https://www.canopycatrescue.com/](https://www.canopycatrescue.com/) They rescue hundreds of cats every year, no charge. Super nice guys who are Arborists that love cats. They had a show on the Discovery channel a few years ago.


My heart. That's the best.


I cried


I need a kitty bag. NOW


My neighbor had someone do this for her, she was so grateful. So was the cat, even if she didn’t show it.


I had to due this one during the semi finales of a world cup. It was a challenge borrowing a ladder that only got half the tree anyways. (Thank you neighbor for making the ultimate sacrifice!) I had two people watching (not including my wife) and they had a dog barking. That wasn't helping either. I suspect that was the reason why our cat was so high in the tree anyways. When I finally got up there without gear I was able to put our cat bag in a bag and lower her down. By then I barely had any energy to hold on and I pretty much slid all the way down, bear hugging the tree.. My arms were torn to shreds but everybody only had eyes for the cat who was totally fine and seemed not to care one bit! We were back inside to watch the second half of the game!


I hope your arms recovered! But you did good.


Can I give this ten upvotes? Or fifty?




YSK that if your cat is "stuck" high up in a tree, chances are they might have been chased up there by a predator (dog, fox, coyote, etc). Try to keep your cats indoors; IF you let them roam outside, please try to bring them inside each night.


Only indoor cats for me.


How does he get the rope down when he's done?


Clever tree tools. They probably have a unlatching thing. Or he just pulls it slowly down


This is just another perfect reason why cats should not be allowed to roam the streets.


Rescued my cat!


This man is a good one. This is possibly the most wholesome video I’ve seen on Reddit.


Absolutely. I'm thoroughly all wholesomed up.


What a wonderful man!


Awesome dude! But I gotta wonder, how is it that cats get stuck anyways? What keeps them from climbing back down the tree the way that they came up?


Their claws work for climbing up, not down. They get petrified with fear, they're exhausted, the dog that scared them up the tree is still around.... Yes, some cats can and do climb back down. But the rest don't. They end up falling or get picked off by large birds. Cat collars have been found in large nests.


Exactly this, their claws hook down so it's super easy to climb up things they want. Unfortunately they're cats so they don't really know to climb DOWN things like how we go down ladders, feet first, so they're pretty much just stuck.


I'm not sure if the cat in the end wanted to be rescued and given back to them haha.


I hate climbing out of bed and this guy retires and then starts climbing trees. Hardcore.


This guy is the bane of my for-profit cat rescue service. Look Normer, I'm just trying to make a living you've already made yours!


This man is a treasure. Well done sir.


This is a very special man. He rescued children and now cats. Those kitties were terrified and you could tell they knew he was there to help. I had a cat stuck in a tree and it was such a helpless feeling. Thankfully she wasn't up that far and I was able to coax her down enough that we could get her without having to climb up so far. Going up 70 or 100 feet I could never so all i can say is bless this man!


Fortnite grappler be like:


Great save but actually thats *not* where that saying comes from. And it's pretty effin gruesome where it was taken from.




What a guy !


I love this man!


My heart!! <3


From kiddos to kitties 😊❤️🙏🏾


God, I almost cried when they were hugging the kitty. It looks a lot like my recently deceased cat, Pippy, and I always held her like that when she got scared. God, I miss that cat so much.


I almost did too. That woman had clearly been beside herself with worry.


What a great thing to do!


Does he have a YouTube channel or something? I feel the need to subscribe if anything just to show support for this. Kudos to him and people like this.


i love this man. he is a good and beautiful person.


What a wonderful man.


I had to unvote just so I could upvote again!!!


What a good man!


Totally thought "Cat in a bag" meant something else. Glad this is what it means though :)


How do people always talk about cats stuck in trees? My cats literally climb the full grown oak in my yard like a jungle gym. Are my cats crazy talented or something, because they quite big idiots.


I'm not crying, you're crying


Don’t they come down eventually on their own? I wouldn’t think they let themselves die up there.




Why do we not find cat skeletons in trees where no one was there to “rescue” them? Because when they get hungry enough, they climb back down.


This is like the 5th comment saying this. Explain to me how a cat skeleton would stay in a tree, or how a cat isn’t going to fall off after losing consciousness and then get picked apart by other animals. Go stick a dead cat on a branch and see how long the body stays there.


You ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree? They arent stuck.


While it is true that sometimes a cat will get in a position where it is scared to come down and be able to leave when it gets enough motivation/hunger, in many cases they get so high up that they simply can't climb down. [https://imgur.com/a/LvJPF3m](https://imgur.com/a/LvJPF3m) This is a cat that I and my neighbors found after it fell out of a tree. We gave it some food and water while we waiting for animal control. Poor kitty ate a whole can of wet food and half the plate. I think he was in that tree for days before he collapsed from hunger.


Well you know there are no skeletons because dead cats fall out of trees. My cat was up there 5 days. The tree was not on my property. I didn't know she was stuck. She meowed at me incessantly and very clearly wanted down. Normer, the guy in the video, came immediately out. Did his thing, and left. I am a real person telling you this.


We had a cat "stuck" in our tree for three days. If the cat hadn't eventually climbed down, the vultures circling above would've prevented me from seeing a cat skeleton in a tree.




He should be careful. I rescued a cat from a tree once and got ringworm as a thanks.


wondering how the hell they got stucked in there at first


He sounds like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys.


After watching Them, cat in the bag will never be the same.


This is a very cute story


how do they get up there in first place


i love this


Kinda reminds me of bubbles


One of the best clips I’ve seen on Reddit.


Well, I've decided what I'm doing when I retire.


Hero, inspiration !


this is so wholesome!!


Is this where the saying “let the cat out of the bag” comes from ?


I literally used this service yesterday! By a young man trained by Normer! This is so cool to see!


I bet he needed a bigger bag for the kids.


the real life nakata.


This is what I want to do...




What sort of friction device is that guy using?


That one cat at the end be like: "I wanna go back up; why'd you return me to these people?"


Holy crap why am I a sobbing mess right now


He lives in my area! I used to work 911 and we'd refer people to him for rescue services! Way to go, Normer!


No offense but cats don't get stuck in trees. They always climb down eventually. If cats ever got stuck in trees, every tree in the whole world would have cat skeletons in them, and they don't, no one has ever even seen one tree with a cat skeleton in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LigKS2VHiw


This is such nonsense. Yes they get stuck and they will usually fall when they are too weak to hang on.


No, they climb down backwards when they get either bored or hungry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LigKS2VHiw


Because they aren't physically stuck, it's just much easier to climb up than it is to climb down or jump. They can't climb backwards. So what happens, if they are left there for too long, they just get weaker and weaker until they fall down and then possibly die of starvation, dehydration, and everything that goes with it.


Yes they can climb down backwards and they do, every day, all over the world, when they get bored or hungry enough to climb down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LigKS2VHiw


A cat stuck in a tree is [free food for other predators](https://www.wideopenpets.com/why-you-need-to-be-careful-with-indooroutdoor-cats-bald-eagle-flies-away-with-cat/amp/), that's why you don't see their skeletons. Nature is brutal, animals eat each other when they're weak and vulnerable.


Ah yes, the many predators in cities killing cats happens all the time, yes, we all know it...


There are plenty of predators in city's, you're just not going to see a bear or a coyote very often. Raccoons are opportunitistic predators and are quite common in cities. If a cat was weak and trapped, they'd eat it. Vultures are also common in cities. They're going to eat a dead cat, but they'd be another reason you wouldn't see a body in a tree. Peregrine falcons are kind of famous in New York, actually, for their adaptations to living in high rises.They have the largest urban population of them in the world.




Bruh have you ever actually seen it happen in any of the millions of stories of cats being stuck in trees? No you haven't because it never happens. They climb down when they get bored or hungry enough. Always. Every time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LigKS2VHiw


Right? Neighborhood parks just littered with rotting car carcasses…


This is one of the reasons declawed cats should never be allowed outdoors. Cats with claws rarely get stuck in trees. ​ EDIT - front claws only. Cats with rear claws can still climb trees, but without rear claws, it is very hard to climb down. Declawed cats should never be outside.


How do you think a declawed cat could climb a tree? Did he use a ladder?


In any third world country they laugh at this caper...The cat got up the tree he will come down when he's hungry..He got claws that nature gave him.


Ever see a cat skeleton in a tree? No! They get down!




You bailed on the rest of the video. It shows him getting up into the 600s by the end.


My dad, a firefighter, never took cats stuck in trees seriously. He would always ask, "How many cat skeletons have you seen in trees?"


Why would a cat skeleton even stay in a tree?


IIRC Cats can get down from trees, they just dont like to because its scary. Like no cat has ever gotten stuck in a tree and died of starvation.


Waste of time if you ask me, cat will come down on its own eventually… never have seen a cat skeleton in a tree


He reminds me of bubbles! Ahhh he’s a sweetie! Aha


How do people always talk about cats stuck in trees? My cats literally climb the full grown oak in my yard like a jungle gym. Are my cats crazy talented or something, because they quite big idiots.