Whats everyones special interest?

I have lots but my main ones are Monster high, Ever after high, Barnyard and puss in boots.


music as a whole but more particularly from the 60s-80s and the fallout franchise. i also have some that kind of fade in and out like the lord of the rings, stranger things and the harry potter universe


It‘s not a hyperfocus of mine but I generally do like music from that era a lot. That‘s so cool. I dislike this „hollow, cheap“ sound of the 80s but it‘s so cool. Can you recomend me any bands I could give a try that aren‘t like superfamous. I know and like stuff like the stones, beatles, Pink Floyd is one of my favourite bands, kiss, black sabbath I like a lot aswell, Led Zeppelin. Hope that helps you determine my taste a bit and if any bands come to mind that I might like aswell I‘d be more than glad if you could show me a few so I can expand my playlists. PS: Just realized I repeated myself a bit here, sorry


sorry if these don’t apply to bands that aren’t as famous, but some i’ve thought of, if you don’t already listen to them: - the who - the kinks - the doors - the clash - wings - cream - pixies - early queen (1973-74) - jimi hendrix - the police - yes - fleetwood mac


Woo! Amazing stuff. Do you play an instrument?


i know basics of the flute and piano but i’d mainly like to learn how to play the guitar


There are 4, 5 bands in there that I only know one song or don‘t listen to at all which is neat. Thankyou verry much:)


Whoa same!! Synth rock, fallout 4 🥳 harry potter, stranger things 🔥🥳


Software development, hardware hacking, plant tissue culture, collecting records and taxidermy.


Dude, that's cool. I wish I had some useful and profitable intersets like software development. Mine are maps, geopolitics and HxH.


Cars and engines, especialy F1 and the World Endurance Championship


Omg you also play automation :00


Yes, I'm not realy good to create "realistic" cars but I have fun with it at the end. Now I'm waiting for my new G923 so I can go back to the F1 game


You can definitely create realistic cars


Use mods to enhance your experience


Ever watch the Formula 1 show on Netflix? Never really been much of an interest for me but that was pretty damn good!


Yea, Drive To Survive was the reason I started watching F1 but I did not like the last 2 seasons, I fell that was over exagerated and not talking about some important thing happening


I’m a F1 fan and my favor drivers are Verstappen and Alonso. What about you?


Alonso, Perez and Verstappen. I just want to see the 33 from Alonso this year


I love formula 1 too


Sad that this weekend GP might be canceled because of rain and floods


Hedgehogs, crochet and autism


One of mine is Sonic the Hedgehog :-P


Firstly, fashion. Really feminine interest I know a lot of things about fashion history, designer etc Also I love books. During some periods I’m not into it. Generally I love art. Drawings even if I’m not a super pro. I’m working in art gallery with other’s family members but I really want to have my own thing in art or fashion industry


Reptiles, especially snakes, gold/silver/cryptos, Dark Souls, Berserk, blacksmithing, staying in front of my computer for hours and achieving nothing,...


Hey same, everything but blacksmithing. That sounds really cool too though.


My main ones (that have lasted >10 years) are the Red Baron, Middle Kingdom Egypt, and my great-great-great grandfather (he was a master mariner in the 19th-century and travelled all over the world). I have some others that I hyper-fixate on for a few weeks or so, and then I seem to forget they exist until something reminds me of them again.


The Red Baron as in Manfred von Richthofen? If so that‘s a verry special special interest. I have a hyperfocus in history, especially history starting in the 17th/18th century and even more in the world wars so I know a little about The Ted Baron. On a scale from 1-10 I‘d say it‘s a 3 or 4 maybe. Can you tell me a little bit more about him, stuff that I don‘t know so I can expand my history knowledge. That‘d be super cool and interesting. And if you have anything to share about the Middle Kingdom Egypt I‘d be verry happy aswell, I know nothing about that.




any sci-fi recommendations?


I'm not the one that you're asking, but.... Any particular movies that you like, to give a starting point? Anything that you dislike? My personal list of favorite sci-fi: 1. Arrival 2. Everything, Everywhere, All at Once 3. The Matrix 4. Annihilation 5. Cloud Atlas (of six settings, only two are set in the future, and it has less sci-fi-associated themes like reincarnation and interconnectedness. Overall, it's considered to be sci-fi, but I could see arguments that it's not) 6. The Thing 7. Tron: Legacy 8. Starship Troopers 9. The Martian 10. Ex Machina


Ok, pretty solid recommendations, for me only Starship Troopers and The Thing remain here though. Speaking of which, do check out what [NASA selected](https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/nasa-picks-best-worst-sci-fi-movies-what-are-yours-41527422/): 1) Gattaca (1997) set in a future where genetic engineered babies caste rule the entire society while a normie is trying to enter the space programme. 2) Contact (1997) IMO the most accurate depiction of sentient species older than humans. 3) Metropolis (1927) Tis so old it has no audio. Yet to watch. 4) The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) haven't watched this one, have watched the one with Reeves. 5) Woman in the Moon (1929) Still need to watch. 6) The Thing From Another World (1951) same as above. 7) Jurassic Park (1993) Ikr! Besides these, if you're into space faring civilisation based tv shows, don't miss The Expanse on Prime Video and For All Mankind on Apple TV.


Sunshine, Ad Astra, Source Code, Children of Men, Doomsday, Movies by Cameron and Verhoeven...


I don’t think I have any. My son is obsessed with trains and elevators.


When my son was younger (like 4) he was obsessed with speed bumps for a while


Not sure if physics is my special interest. I like physics a lot but sometimes refuse to learn due to laziness.


Worldbuilding, science, language, common and obscure history, among others


I think those are cool My brain happens not to be able to think or see big-picture enough to do worldbuilding but I'm looking for ways to work around it


Do you like conlanging too?


Here's a semi-comprehensive list per category **Automotive stuff/vehicles** \-Cars (in general, my favourites range between 1980-2010) \-Trucks (Semi or rigid) \-Aircraft (combat related or not, both are cool) \-Boats (same as aircraft) \-Trains (almost a pre-requisite lol) ​ **Nerd stuff** \-Space (Was at it's peak in middle-school) \-Rockets (The ones with astronauts, not explosives) \-Ecology \-Sustainable Energy Sources/Technology \-Video games (Largely simulators, rpg's and VR) \-Computer Tech \-IT infrastructure \-Specific parts in history (Think the Roman Empire, the Dutch Golden Age, The American revolution, The American Civil War, The industrial revolution, the American civil war, WW1/WW2/Cold War and after) ​ **Activities** \-Running (It's free and can be done anywhere, provided the weather permits it) \-Body weight fitness (Push ups, planking, squats, Lunges, things like that) \-Krav Maga (Israeli martial arts my pop introduced me to just recently, trying to read all about it now) ​ Sorry if it's extremely long, decided to put it in a list since I have so many interests bouncing around everywhere.


Since into the 80s for cars what are your favorites ?


Well, I’ll start with my 81’ camaro z/28 that I bought last year. Dream car for sure


Volkswagen Golf mk2 gti (my pop's first car), (Vauxhall in the UK) Opel Corsa A, BMW E30 M3, Audi Quattro. Those are a few for now.


Nice my favorites are the G Bodies. These include Cutlass my new favorite but my all-time favorite was Monte Carlo.


Too many to name but my big ones are genealogy, baseball, true crime, history.


I love true crime, too. What are some of your favorite true crime podcasts?


Lately I've been losing interest in alot so idk anymore


Damn same. Hopefully it’ll get better.


Mine are ABBA, amusement parks, *Jeopardy!* (actually, game shows in general, but this is a special subsection of it), and, for a while, the *Sylvanian Families* franchise. I might get back into that last one sometime soon.


Collecting unique pieces of cobalt blue glass. Some of them I've posted. I love the color, and the way the light shines through them. I have way too many and need to find better storage solutions because I want to see them ALL. I could fill *at least* two walls of floor to ceiling built ins in my living room if he'd build them for me. The kids are going to have one heck of an estate sale once we're gone. His special interest is Mausers.


Art, psychology, SCP, TF2🙏


Video games and computer hardware


Music, I have perfect pitch


Any particular music? Like listening or performing?


Both, I like playing guitar and I love listening to Linkin Park


It’s been religion for years, more currently Judaism and I’m not even Jewish but I’m fascinated by it.


Movies, music, true crime and psychology


Is it a crime that I love true crime?


Lord of the rings, history, religions


Making costumes. I'm currently 15 hours into making an Energizer Playboy Bunny costume for my friend's Playboy-themed birthday party. I sometimes question why I do this to myself. It's honestly backbreaking labor, but I truly love constructing and wearing costumes.


Video games and trains are my two big ones. Sometimes both in Railworks/Train Sim Classic. Also just wanted to say that the new Puss n Boots movie was kickass.




Pretty much computers, especially older hardware.


Big cats


David Foster Wallace


Do you listen to the great concavity podcast?


I think personal finance lol


Im sorry if this is total derailment but it's been on my mind and I have to ask yall: does anybody else cringe when you hear the phrase "special interests?" Like why are my interests "special" just because I have narrow range of things that interest me and I can hyper focus on them? Maybe its because I was special education, I hated the phrase special needs , but I hate word "special" when it feels like a word to intended to positively embrace cope with being different from others. Is it just me or does anyone else feel the way I do?


You might like the term "hyperfixation" a little bit more


I do like it more and feel like it has a better connotation, but it still feels like word games. Idk I think it's just me 🤣


New York Skyscrapers, Doctor Who


GTA, Diamond Painting and Autism are mine right now!


My top 3 are hockey, wrestling and working out but video games are up there too


For a long time, pokemon and minecraft, those are both waning a bit, but my current hobby for the last few years has been fountain pens.


minecraft. i love playing it and watching it. i wish i could get some plushies. i sadly only have one panda plushy but as soon as i have more money i‘ll get more omg


Mathematics. It is my austere place of truth and beauty. Programming and music are other places that I can lose myself in. Instrumental music, jazz and classical are faves. Fusion cooking of related ethnic flavors is a hobby, too. Cryptography and white hat designing of password generators is a hobby, too. The more that I dig, the more apparent the flaws of existing password generators are. Digging through niche computer languages and other human languages are generating interesting results. Obviously, It is fatal to interactions to talk about most of these in any social setting. It is a gift that I use to end social interactions that I want to end. Phone solicitors put me on their do not call list without my asking. Edit add, you are welcome. Edit add 2, What a fantastic list of interests. Way cool chops to every one.


spirituality, meditation, trance work and chakra meditation. also computers and robotics


Birds, languages, computers, photography, science fiction (especially Star Trek) and nature in general. Not in any particular order.


I'm obsessed with birds too!


Movies and film history. I have an ever shifting genre obsession within movies. Ancient Rome. I have a rotational kites thing.


Currently? Atlantis in Genesis chapter 10. (Long story: it has to do with the book of Jubilees and why Carthage had to be destroyed.)


Disney parks and musicals (especially moulin rouge)


Me too


Economics, which also my profession


Classic lit 💀


Gardening :)


Trains, trams, subways and public transport in general


Vintage cars and motorcycles.


History. Particularly the Colonial, Napoleonic and Victorian eras. Also TTRPG and video game history as well.


Multi-tools. Basically socially accepted fidget toys that let me solve all the problems people never bother to fix for themselves. My local gas stations really ought to start paying me for all the jammed receipts I pull out of the machines with my pliers, sometimes almost exploding out like a deeply uncomfortable ingrown hair. Alice Phoebe Lou. Her music on the streets of Berlin inspired a lot of positive growth in me, helped me get through a lot of fears and anxieties. I feel more hopeful for the future knowing there's people like her out there changing the world one smile at a time, and I aspire to do just that. More so now as a spectator, I still have a strong interest in Bionicle, which almost entirely defined my childhood. I frequent Bionicle forums just to appreciate other people's joy in keeping the story alive almost 15 years after it came to a close. I know if I bought any I wouldn't be able to stop, so even if it gets rebooted again I'm keeping my position as a spectator.






Both lol


Fair enough


Startups and movies :)


Computers, heavy machinery, Pokemon.


Thanks to ADHD and curiosity to kill a million cats, fucking everyghing lol If I had to sum it up, my special interest is probably processes and how things work. Probably why I'm such a good software engineer. I literally design processes. I say this because I look at things, doesn't matter what, and almost always ask "How does that work?"


Historical events in the 20th century


Same. The history of the 20th century is so interesting, especaially because it‘s so well documented compared to other eras


Mental health and psychology. Humans are fascinating in their differences and similarities. Also, Meteorology. The fact that hurricanes that hit the eastern USA can deposit sand from the Sahara desert in Africa is amazing. :)


Space, psychology, glitches in the matrix, astral projection, sports, fashion…


Trekkie here... since 1975... all the shows, the books, the movies, the technical manuals, learning Klingon... I think a lot of Trekkies are Aspies.




Rubik's Cubing! Well, they're not all cubes, so I call them Rubik's Puzzles. I'm currently making a custom puzzle of my own (a 3x3 shape mod in the form of a rhombic dodecahedron). This interest has been going strong for 10 years :)


Practically everything automotive. So much so I developed my own turbo system for my car.. That never had one. Yes it was a huge amount of money... But... I'm sure as you all know. I just do as the crystal guides.


Don't think I ever had one, but I was a fan of Silent Hill at some point in the past


Destiny the game, philosophy and listening to music.


Virtual reality, litnovels, fantasy.


Currently my main special interest is my job itself and most things related to it… what a life hack it is. What i learned the last couple of weeks is impressive.


Video games in general


elsa, fortnite, and flipping trainer/knife


recreational drugs and cooking/food science


and pre-columbian mesoamerican history


Mine are history, with an ever growing interest starting in the 17th and 18th century and peaking in the 20th century. The wars in this time deserve an extra subcategory, so thinks like the 30 years war, 7 years war, siege of Vienna, Napoleonic wars, WWI and WWII, cold war and it‘s proxy wars etc. With all that being said I think it‘s obvious that I love Paradox games, especially EU4 and HoI4 Geography so countries, regions, weird borders, disputed territories, flags, and the politics that come with all this. And my newest special interest in which I‘m still pretty bad is linguistics. It‘s just verry interesting and fascinating to me how languages spread and developed.


computer programming and computer hardware, especially video game controllers! :D


Railways and technology mostly


Technology in general or specifically railway technology?


Technology in general


Fly fishing, mycology, Linux, and playing finger style guitar ( ragtime/ country blues).


Animation/The mechanics of animation and technology (modern day and vintage)


Software engineering and game development, languages in general (including constructed languages), occultism (alchemy, kabbalah, magick, etc) and on an off music theory


It’s very much The Sims 4 at the moment, also uk tv technical fault videos on YouTube


Superheroes(marvel,dc),superpowers in general , fantasy and spy books, historical fighting styles , video games(assassins creed and Hogwarts legacy are high on my list), tactics and weapons, pokemon, harry potter.


I have many interests, but I would say my “special interest” is drawing, specifically human anatomy, composition and color theory. And also, psychology and neurobiology.


Learning new things. Playing the sims, 7 days 2 die or any of the borderlands games. Star trek, the 100, any of the walking dead franchise.


Getting high. Volvos. 5 and 6 cylinders. Starting companies. Movies. In that order.


Ecosystems and biology.


jojo's bizarre adventure (specifically part 5) and figure collecting 😊😊


Olympic and Historical Fencing, been doing Olympic Fencing for 7 years and historical fencing for 2-3




Warhammer 40k mainly


I think special interests are cool and make us interesting. How many NTs do you meet who know stuff in depth?


Atm probably piano, 70s/80s electronic dance-y disco music, tattoos (getting my first soon), crochet, the Big Bang theory and my boyfriend.. haha


Bass guitar. I've been playing 25 years now but I'm just starting to dip my toes into making modifications to my own instruments. I've got some new pickups, output jack, potentiometers, and a switch so I can go between series and parallel wiring. All of these are set to go in a bass I have that I love the feel of but doesn't sound good to me.


Political science, geopolitics, history and philosophy


genshin impact and yokai


Music, pro wrestling, history, analytics, local food spots, & running.


World of Warcraft, SCP (especially kaktusverse), Madness Combat, cartoons (i.e. Jackie Chan Adventures), and Mjolnir.


Reading/writing, music, history


History, icehockey and gaming


Right now, One Piece and the history of animation, specially on the 1920's (I love Fleischer studios) I asked my brother to count how many times I talked or referenced One Piece in any way and he counted 50 average, I'm so happy he and my family stand me and my obsessions lmao


Dragons, Omori, Psychology, and Philosophy !!!!!!


Movies, soundtracks, video games, mushrooms, penguins... I'm a chaotic person.


In general, I have a couple of special interests: railway stations, villages, rivers and also forums for parents where adults sometimes write such a bullshit.. Upd: Oh, and teenage serial killers and suicidal children. I've been interested in this for several years now.


Electric skateboards, 3d printing, technology, and my new one is artitifical intelligence


Music, psychology/mental health, movies. I'd say music is my biggest one. It's the one thing I have that can allow me to express myself (of which I have an extremely hard time doing).


Fall Guys




Sports/exercise, animals (dogs especially), sneakers, and psychology


Probably the main one would be transportation. Not so much cars, trains, or bicycles themselves, but the physical infrastructure for them, as well as all the taxes, tolls, fees, tickets, timetables, traffic levels, statistics, government policies, & cultural trends around them. Other than that, I love to study history, theology, philosophy, law, linguistics & politics. When or if I get married, I like to think that making my wife cum would be one of my special interests 🥺 👉👈


disney, themeparks, animatronics, mascots, puppetry, children's tv (like producing children's tv and acting in it), electronic toys like Furbys


YouTube videos of arcane stuff. Starts innocently with looking up something mundane and three hours later I am listening to the tale of Gilgamesh in ancient Sumerian. https://youtu.be/QUcTsFe1PVs


People, mostly hinging in philosophy and psychology


Quantum physics - my favourite part is trying to crowbar it into casual conversation


Right now it’s drones (commercial and military), but I have always had a love affair with F1 and military history.


Languages and linguistics :)


Aye same. Was looking for this. My favorite.


Movies, tv shows, video games and history & true crime


Dinosaurs, videogames, Tokusatsu (specially Power Rangers since i have only started watching Super Sentai and Kamen Rider) and Music


History (US and Europe), Minecraft, DDLC, Computers, gardening, and bookbinding, just for a few… but I also have ADHD, so others pop in and out from time to time.


The Eurovision Song Contest. Also a bit of marble runs.


Main interests - Music from the 60s-80s, documentaries, white collar crime and war/military/government history. Smaller topics that come in waves, usually lasting a few weeks or months - history in general but not as extensively as my main topics mentioned above. The topics range from how a country became a country, cults, the evolution of a specific language or culture, manufacturing history, kingdoms and monarchies, religious history, wild west, how people lived/society. I also enjoy researching modern topics like automation, engineering and manufacturing.


In order: NHL/Hockey, Pokemon, Smash Bros Ultimate, Geography Former: Weight lifting, Soccer, Overwatch, Halo 3, MW2, BO3, Minecraft, Rocket League.


Producing music, playing my keyboard, and I really love speakers and headphones and high quality audio equipment. OH! And cassette tapes! I love recording on cassette tapes. I have boxes full of cassette tapes I’ve recorded over the course of my life and I treasure them. 📼


Obscure books and movies, graphic novels, purple


Harry Potter, psychology and cats


*like history. That's it. Nothing other fancy enough to talk about.*


Human psychology and sociology why we do what we do, and ethics, what we consider good and bad. Also human transformation and history and culture aka all human stuff!


My twin passions are for the study of fungi, or mycology, and lead poisoning. While these interests may seem unrelated, the latter actually complicates the former due to the vast amounts of lead-contaminated soil that exist today. One crucial piece of advice for any mushroom forager is to steer clear of areas near historic roadways. The reason for this lies in the history of gasoline. It was only in 1975 that the phasing out of leaded gasoline began, and another 21 years passed before it was completely banned for road vehicles. This harmful component, Tetraethyllead, didn't simply vanish into thin air once emitted from exhaust pipes. Instead, it settled onto the surrounding soil, contaminating it with lead that persists even today. Leaded gas was first introduced in 1921, which means oil and transportation companies had a good 75 years to layer lead into the Earth's top soil. Any foraging conducted near old, busy roads poses a significant risk of lead exposure, and should be strictly avoided. The detrimental effects of this contamination have been well-documented, especially in the case of children growing up near highways. These children typically have higher levels of lead in their blood compared to their peers from less traffic-dense areas. This proves the seriousness of lead-contaminated soil and underlines the importance of avoiding such areas, whether you're a mushroom forager or not.




Biology psychology finance business socioeconomic matters


Games (computer and mobile games), Twitter, Youtube, and Reddit? But also comic books or comic universes such as the DC universe and Hellboy universe. I'm currently stuck in the "Lord Of the Rings" universe, re-reading them. Oh, and I love Sir Terry Pratchett, his books, and the world he made.


Don't really have one at present as put off having one via life experience (my father/abuser is completely obsessed by trains.) and an abusive spouse in the last instance... Saying that, did score full marks on someone's Mastermind specialist questions in the past on the subject of aircraft of ww2.. 🙄


I would say my big one is music. Both listening to music and producing music. But I have other interests such as, religion (specificaly paganism), weed strains, youtube, and formerly politics.


Birds Animation process Old music Plushies


* Programming * Dungeons and Dragons * Fallout * Classics (Greco-Roman History, Greek, Latin, Philosophy, etc.) * Christian theology


Zelda and stocks


I don’t really have a special interest. I used to be in nutrition and I remember I shared a video on sugar on one of these subreddits awhile ago.


My special interests are gemstones and stone carving. I'm looking to turn that into a business soon. Currently working on jade rings for my friends.


Gaming and music, mostly metal and drum n bass, fish and fishing, and oddly enough people


Sharks are awesome. Fantasy elves are also pretty cool (LOTR, etc).




Makeup, hair dye and hair cuts. Crime mysteries can suck me in as well.




Classical music, Harry Potter, anime/manga.


Art, cats, music, video games(The big one I love most is The legend of Zelda series), anime (mostly One piece and Sailor moon right now), and reading romance/drama manga with some comedy. 😺


Houseplants!!! Addicted!


Machine intelligence, ancient and art history, philosophy, ethnography. All my special interests are academic. I am a nerd lol, but it does feel good winning almost every argument, but all my confidence and ability leaves outside the academic setting and I have no real friends.




Gaming but I can't afford to do any any more




All things involving space, cosmology and the nature of reality.


Doctor who, particularly classic right now, building a collection of classic dvds. As well as Mass Effect, give the trilogy at least one play through a year, watch lots of lore videos on both. Those are the two that never really die, most others come on phases once a year or so like a lot of sci fi things


Music/musicians, mindfulness + presence as a lifestyle, and mental health topics


Kingdom hearts and music has always been my main go to.


programming/computers doctor who hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy