Factslayer #15

Factslayer #15


It's more like a gun-shaped slingshot that shoots rubber bullets.


Very gangsta


Is that actually true? Is the Code of Brawl event I recall that Exusiai was complaining about not being able to use real bullets because they were in some special sector of lungmen (or maybe it was because they were in lungmen at all). Either way, his gun isn't always filled with rubber bullets, but rather he only used those when he has to inside lungmen.


tbh I would 100% believe that Emperor only keeps it loaded with rubber bullets in general. He really does not seem like the kind of guy who feels a need to carry actually lethal hardware, and the sort of enemy that could threaten him isn't going to be thwarted by a sidearm anyway.


Since he's a rapper, I'm guessing he just brings it out for some rap music video


"What are you gonna do do, shoot me?" rapper penguin with a big mouth who can just get back up after getting shot


To be fair he did wreck a car with said rubber bullet didnt he


This was my interpretation as well. Wei wouldn't tolerate actual gang wars in Lungmen, and putting bystanders in serious danger is a big no-no.


Dual purpose *RUBBER* Bullets. Emperor has everyone's safety covered.


Worth noting in the Arknights lore, "gunpowder" is actually ignited with originium skill, so people without the skill actually cannot fire a weapon. Design of this "originium powder" is restricted to mostly Laterano, i.e. Angels.


Then there's Jessica


Her "Originium Adaptability" is normal, so she is fine\~


Then there’s Sesa who made weapons that anyone can use regardless of their Originium adaptability


sesa is just superior smh


Blacksteel seems to have secured a channel for firearms, but even then it's only sidearms so far afaik. Long guns like assault rifles and sniper rifles appear to be strictly Laterano-only.


That was until r6 came along and they started using originium dust for the propellant in the r6 team's guns not as strong as regular originium rounds but still enough to put a hole in someone


Wait i thought it was the opposite. R6's bullets were pretty strong while originium rounds weren't.


Correct me if I'm wrong but I remember that the originium dust isn't as strong as the r6's modern smokeless gunpowder Edit: yeah apparently the originium shells used in terra aren't as strong which is why the r6 modern cartridges are more potent or lethal Edit 2: they tried to recreate the ammo tachanka uses through reverse engineering but it lost lethality at 10 meters but according to tachanka his weapon can land hits at 600-700 meters and they also don't know what nitrocellulose is. After a few weeks closure mixed ground originium powder with raw industrial ketones which yielded ammo that can reach up to 200 meters so they modified his dp-27's bore and reciever so that it can use the new rounds.


Honestly when I read through code of brawl I thought they meant they were rubber band guns, like a super over-engineered version of the things middle schoolers bully their teachers with. I feel stupid now


You're not wrong. https://i.redd.it/13hzvad19wo71.png


Empower is a true gangster


Cause capping fools in one shot isn't fun with skillz like his.


I wonder if he has “little friend” too


It's his personal M16 he keeps under his bed.


Not sure about little, but I heard emperor has Ak-12


He has the greatest gun of all time? Instant pull, emperor banner when?? lol


I love how he has tupac tshirt


Homie here really brandishing Desert Eagle like a true gangster he is.


Why kill by normal way when you can kill with concussion


It's "Lil' homie" for a reason. "Big homie" is... A cannon.


Andreana also uses a heavily modified crossbow that she modified to look like a gun. She's actually been picked up several times by the Iberian's for possessing an illegal firearm.


Lil' can't afford bullet


considering misfiring a originium based ammo can literally get you infected from the fumes, I'm not risking it myself even if it's meant to be just flexing my bank acc tbh


So that why there are a lot of operator use a crossbow as their weapon right?


Aside from the costs, it's also because of the practicality. A gun is just another specialized wand in the AK universe. You need super special training in order to use one, and at that point why go all through that if you can just use a crossbow.


Kinda, the main point why they prefer to use crossbows are not only because of costs and the fear of getting infected, Unless you are casters who are trained with firearms or having already high arts affinity, you can't even "command" the gun to fire. atleast if I remember correctly, might be wrong but that's the best I can remember


Guns are also tightly politically controlled. Adnachiel mentions in his recruitment he doesn't have his permit yet from the Laterno government, and anything bigger than a handgun is basically limited to Sankta use only. (Exu, Ambriel and W are the only ones i can think of, R6S not withstanding for obvious reasons.)


Difference is W stole most of her guns from Laterians, while Exu and Ambriel are both Sankta and have permits Then again I don’t remember anything being said about W having/obtaining a permit


Hearing that guns are specialized wands in terra, it gets me wondering, if the guns have triggers, what are they for? Then also, how many operating systems are there, the same here on earth or less?