Saitama learns martial arts[Onepunch Man]

Saitama learns martial arts[Onepunch Man]

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Talk about a killer ass


one twerk man


Serious Series. Serious move. If you know what I mean :)


:) i do my man


we get it he doesn't skip twerk day


oh this got me weaker than it should lmao


It is a good ass


double cheeked up man


indeed indeed


Hips don't lie




why his chin shaped like a dorito


Season 2 is the perfect example of why it’s so difficult to get simple characters just right. With highly detailed characters, you can get close enough and most people won’t notice the difference, but draw Kirby or simple Saitama and you have to get it exactly right, otherwise it looks completely off.


I didnt even notice tbh since his face changes a lot. From super detailed to simple af.


It’s really noticeable in S2. His simple face is sharper on the chin and longer, IIRC.


The only thing that bugs me is that genos is made of aluminum in s2


Yeah same


but s2 messed up with detailed faces too like for bang vs garou there are moments that during movements his face was weird but right at the last frame they gave a clear detailed face this problem was fixed in the bluray version tho


It's also a great example of how shitty the action animation is compared to season 1


character design ≠ animation


But the point still holds true


Or it's just a low budget production ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


Well yeah, that too, but it still stands that Saitama’s face is a hard one to get right regardless.


Welcome to season 2 where we can have 10 seconds of good animation followed by this.


I liked season 1 but heard season 2 was a big drop off in quality. Should I just read the manga?


I mean you should still watch Season 2, but if you are interested you should also check out the manga as well. The manga imo is pretty high quality, which is why they put so much effort into animate it well in season 1, and when the 2nd season is not as good there are more complaints than you see in other anime. The pacing is kind of slow in S2 beacuse the arc was going on for a long time even in manga, so you can always just watch S2 then continue on in manga if you like OPM.


No just watch season 2. Its fine. Its just s1 had god tier animation so when s2 changed studios they had a lot to live up to. The animation is good. Not great but not bad


There is some downright terrible scenes though. When Blizzard and her goons visit Saitama's apartment they specifically cut to the character that *is not currently talking* as to skip over the effort of animating their faces for the entirety of the conversation. It still bugs me.


yeah i feel you. there are definitely outliars


Honestly the animation in S2 is mediocre at best. There are so many scenes with just 1 frame spinning around (like 0:30-0:31 of this clip). Repeating animations like lips movement, facial reactions or dialogues are usually composed of 2 or 3 different frames at best. Backgrounds are drawn fast without attention to detail. Many scenes lack perspective and movement feels like it has little to no momentum in some episodes (the one in the clip is actually one of the best of S2). If you removed all screen shake from S1 and S2, S2 would be just awful, losing most of it's "action". They try to overcompensate lack of animation with tricks like that. I loved S1 and was overhyped for S2. S1 is one of my favorite anime of all time, while S2 is just somewhere in the middle. If it was not OPM but just some not-that-known crap, almost nobody would watch it. So is it worth to even watch it instead of reading manga? I'd say no. Is it worth to watch it at all, like after reading manga? Yes. However you should not expect anything even close to S1 in terms of either video or sound quality.


Let alone the sound direction. Every hit has a subwoofer breaking level of volume.


> If it was not OPM but just some not-that-known crap, almost nobody would watch it I think this is the key reason why many people diss S2. It's not that it's "the worst anime ever made" or anything like that. It's just so mid that if it wasn't OPM, no one would care for it.


honestly idk why but i didn't enjoyed s2 anime much but i did enjoyed s2 manga i don't if its the animation but it happened with me


Just watch it. Redditors overblow shit. It's fine


To throw another opinion into the hat, it really is just okay. It's still fun and funny, but sometimes just kinda felt like it dragged on. There's not really a ton of Saitama fighting at all, either. A lot of the focus is on other characters.


I don't mind Saitama not being the focus, but the animation was so good in S1 I don't think I will bother with S2


I'd say watch it. Comedy is still there. Just don't in with S1 expectations


If someone says that animation was one of the key aspects they liked S1 so much, then S2 is a terrible recommendation.


I'd check out season 2, but the manga is vastly superior after season 1.


Yes. Read the manga and then read One's webcomic version when you run out of manga. Season 2 was a half-assed attempt to cash in a bit more off of the popularity of Season 1, because they didn't want to work to get the original staff back on board.


They downvote you but you speak the truth


Nah wrong


If you can live with the kind of animation you saw here, with off model weirdness and hardly any frames (except for a few really neat shots). Sure go ahead. Its still fun, its just mired in a cheap production and a bloated story that spends a lot of time on side characters. But thats how one punch man is going from here on out. The creators keep expanding stories for the other heroes. But it still has moments of brilliance that are worth the admission price in the story.


Second season just looks like the manga slightly more animated.


Bruh shut up lol. The animation is fine. Its not gox tier like season 1 but comparing the 2 obviously will make s2 look bad,even tho its not. Its just okay


The TV edition's animation/frames are far lower quality than the blu-rays. If anyone hasn't watched s2 yet, but wants to, make sure you watch the Blu-ray version of S2.


Keep in mind the blue rays cleaned up some off model material and the god awful bloom but it didnt add much in terms of frames of animation. Some fights look far better purely because we can see the animation now in the blueray.


Because S2 sucks


People say this was shitty artwork, but it looks like they were trying to copy Fist of the North Star style chins. I guess the joke went over most people.


Saitama watched keijo I see


Saitama is a man of culture


As a a martial artist I am very offended..... ^please ^teach ^me


How do you feel about bananas?




Blasphemy !!!


bananas best base for mma brother, you know this.


If Saitama was an mma fighter he'd be Francis Ngannou I guess...


Those little hops get me every time.


Since nothing can hurt Saitama, couldn't he have just superglued the wig to his head? He can easily rip it off with no ill effect later.


Probably, but it wouldnt have been as funny.


Would the glue even stick? Look at that shine.


What kind of person would super glue something onto themselves? Are you a child? Only children do that. (the gag always is that Saitama behaves like a completely normal person despite his... well his everything.)


it wouldn't necessarily come off cleanly


s2 sound effects are so bad(


Ngl. It was surreal hearing the CSGO M4A4 firing sometimes. You could hear it when Bang kicks at around [2:22](https://youtu.be/TomvxRpLJi8?t=140) and also at [3:16](https://youtu.be/TomvxRpLJi8?t=194). [How the M4A4 sounds.](https://youtu.be/fCL9vPG0RAg) EDIT: Added video links.


Hol up is that real


Yeah lol I added some links.


Oh my god


> How the M4A4 sounds. for some reason this made me laugh so hard xD man, I miss the memories I've had with this game.


I watched the whole thing and I’m just like, what is actually wrong here? The sounds didn’t really feel out of place, the animation was pretty good… I play csgo too but I’m not actively listening to an M4 when I’m in the middle of watching a cool fighting sequence. It just sounds like “shot sound effect”, which when it landed in the anime just sounded like a very guttural, body breaking punch.


as someone who played a lot of CSGO, I immediately recognized the sound and it took me out of the scene. Terrible decision by the sound designers in my opinion.






I remember this lol


Ye it's called stock sound effects


That's what struck with me the most. How could they think having the sound clip be a good idea. Sounded like garbage.


Funny enough, OPM S2 has the same sound designer as JoJo anime which is praised for its fantastic and memorable sound design.


I feel like it actually fit Jojos tho since the over the top sound effects fit well with the over the top story and stylization. Wasn't horrible to listen to in OPM S2 but it sounded abit odd when I paid attention to it.


even jc staff would be known for a good anime and then there's opm s2


>s2 ~~sound effects are~~ so bad FTFY


It wasn't all bad, but the comparison to S1 did it no favors. And then you bring in the animation angle (which again wasn't *all* bad, but as a follow up to fucking OPM S1? sheesh).


Dud when you compare it to all anime airing the same time it was bad, forget about s1.


Eh it was like below average, but mostly not particularly bad. I really think a lot of the reaction is compared to how fucking insane everything about season one is. Not saying season 2 has good animation or sound quality, it's just not all that bad in the grand scheme of things. Like people seem to like Black Clover, and that has some of the worst animation I've ever seen anywhere. But I don't think really anybody talks about it so much, because they don't expect nearly as much from it.


> below average Being a below-average anime is no compliment, and in most people's book it falls squarely in "bad" territory. Someone else mentioned, but if OPM S2 hadn't been a big name at the time, it would have been one of those anime whose discussion threads pull at most 200 votes for the finale.


> and in most people's book it falls squarely in "bad" territory. Who is "most people"? because it has a 7.43 rating on MAL


MAL only counts those who watched more than 3 episodes, so it's naturally skewed as those who dropped the anime don't get counted. Edit: Hell, I just checked and I don't even have it on my list, that's how little impact it made for me.


In other words you dont have any evidence to back up your claim, got it. If someone dropped it before watching 4 eps they dont really have a right to say if the whole season is bad or not.


You also don't get to say that someone's opinion of something is not valid just because they could not be bothered wasting their time with a sub-par show.


How many high speed action anime do you typically watch


too many


> It wasn't all bad Good joke. S2 was completely disgusting. Shit animation(aside from Aoki cuts), terrible sound effects, horrible colors(just look at Genos's metal arms), characters being off-model all the time.


why do people keep saying this when the sound director is the same as the one from jojo and fire force and those shows get so much praise for the sfx?


Maybe because it doesn't matter who did it, if it's bad it's bad.


so explain to me why people are whining about punches and sound effects sounding like the m4 from csgo when its literally the same thing in jojo and that gets praised?


saitama => poker face


The team that did season 2 failed so hard compared to the quality, sounds and animation of season 1.


Yes, but the caveat to this is season 1 is literally one of the best anime productions of all time. Would I have preferred season 1 quality again? Definitely. Did I still think season 2 was an enjoyable show with some sick action scenes in its own right. Absolutely.


It was the perfect storm of everybody treating it like a passion project. They really loved OPM, and put extra effort into it. They also had basically the best team possible for it.


Season 1 is one of the best animated seasons of any show ever. Season 2 is okay, but people overreact to it not matching what the first season did.


I always see this take but honestly I enjoyed it a lot. Enough to not notice the drop people complain about


It's far more noticeable in other scenes, like with Genos and the monsters. Otherwise, I find colours look very off and the terrain doesn't fit the animation. I'd still consider the animation bad, even if disregarding the first season. Not awful, just below average. But when considering the first season, I found it hard not to watch it and be disappointed.


i enjoyed it a lot too, Garou is a great character


Dude same. I honestly hoped he wouldn't turn to a monster and just continue proving himself lol he was badass


I kinda agree but there is defiantly a loss of quality in season 2 compared to season 1 still it ain't horrendous as so many people make it


If season 1 had the quality of season 2 people would have been perfectly satisfied. What we got was a miracle and people really need to stop expecting that for every show in perpetuity.


If season 1 had the same quality as season 2 it wouldn‘t be as popular as it is now.


Very doubt considering it carried a lot hype before S1 premier


Yeah but OPM got the attention of a lot of non-anime watchers as well and became more mainstream because of the quality.


What makes it unwatchable to me is the fact that it completely fails to communicate the beauty of the illustration in the manga. Yusuke murata puts a lot of thought in how to communicate strength visibly and he's a phenomenal illustrator. Some of the best fights in the manga happen in season 2 and they're so completely butchered. I can't get past the fight between Garou and Metal Bat because that fight is handled so poorly (and don't get me started on how the anime handles garous design, he's supposed to be muscular but lean and fast, he's supposed to be built smaller like an underdog, and in the anime they're just like "we guess he's built like a sayan or something idk" and it kills his whole vibe).


Yeah honestly the manga communicates everything visually in such a beautiful way, I'd never seen still images 'move' that well before. I feel like Season 2 would've been totally fine for me if I didn't have Murata's art to compare it to, but as it stands, it just made me kinda sad (great excuse to reread the manga tho)


Technically *all* animation is just still images.   I'm sorry. That actually felt awful to type.


Really? Compare this to a comedic scene in S1 like Saitama vs Sonic and the difference is astounding.


They're both funny in their own way. I enjoyed s1 more only for 1 reason (it had more saitama) but outside of that. It was a fun ride


Oh sure, S2 is still funny. This scene is funny. But it's still leagues worse than S1. And don't get me wrong, people can still enjoy it. But someone saying that they can see a drop in quality is very surprising.


>someone saying that they can see a drop in quality is very surprising. You should see my surprise when I started lurking here and finding out people dislike the show over quality lol


Yeah, unfortunately a lot of people expected the same level of quality and not getting that ruined the experience for them altogether. And I get that to some degree, when you have those expectations it's really hard to set them aside. It's not like this was a new show where you can really view it on its own, it's impossible not to compare S1 and S2, they are directly related. So yeah, it's unfortunate that those people can't view the season on its own and enjoy it. It's not a bad season, but it is a distinct drop in overall quality.


I too wish I was blind sometimes


Might I ask if you watched S2 as it was airing, or more recently? As far as I know, they digitally retouched some things in season 2. I just remember watching it as it was airing and it looked atrocious *to me*


>as it was airing ^ >I just remember watching it as it was airing and it looked atrocious I don't think I've ever really complained or cared about the animation of a show tbh. I guess growing up with 90s and 80s anime helps in that regard lol


> I guess growing up with 90s and 80s anime helps in that regard lol I mean, so did I, but when judging animation you always judge it against its peers or at least against its expectations. So an 80s show was judged against the expectations of an 80s show, and so on. One Punch Man S2 was judged against the expectations of One Punch Man season 1. Which is a very tough nut to crack. From one of the best looking shows in recent times to something very much average > I don't think I've ever really complained or cared about the animation of a show tbh. I guess it just means you're a different kind of viewer. Different strokes for different folks and all that. To me, bad animation can be either a big thorn if a show is otherwise great, or a dealbreaker entirely if the animation is one of the main things I'm looking forward to, and it's unbearable (like Nanatsu no Taizai S3). One Punch Man was somewhere inbetween, but I already knew the events that would happen from the manga, so the main thing to look forward to, was the animation, so even if it's not downright atrocious by modern industry standards, it was disappointing enough to have spoiled it back then


>when judging animation you always judge it against its peers or at least against its expectations. So an 80s show was judged against the expectations of an 80s show, and so on. If your main objective is watching for the animation. Then I'd agree But for me personally. Growing up with shows that would be considered bad animation wise today and enjoying them at the same time watching modern shows with better animation and enjoying them too (I watched those 90s and 80s shows around 2010 when I started getting to anime) Its hard for me to care I guess. Like I'd watch let's say. S1 of opm. Them watch evergreen then go and watch virtua fighter the anime or cyborg kurochan or thunder jets afterwards and just vibe >I guess it just means you're a different kind of viewer. Different strokes for different folks and all that That I agree with. There isn't really a wrong. It's just I'd follow the story than the animation. The most visually appealing show would bore me if the story is bad


They tried so hard but they ended up tracing alot of the scenes off season 1


I still haven't watched s2 for this reason. Is it worth jumping in for the story, or is the manga sufficient for that purpose?


The story of S2 is pretty lacking as well. It introduces an army of secondary characters and Saitama is heavily side-lined for the vast majority of the season.


that's only because the directing was awful so the story/worldbuilding took a hit. ,in addition to the animation.


Sick to the manga


I do agree, but I still enjoyed season 2


probably tighter budget, and also a different team. i think the first season was way too god for its own right, with a lot of great animation from studio madhouse.


I actually stopped watching after this episode because of it. Charanko was the only redeeming part of season 2 imo.


S1 is a hard act to follow so it is not fair to compare the two, that being said I still think the S2 team did a bad job.


The animation is fine. It's the color pallete of the characters and background (Saitama skin looks pale for some reason, and shading on metal like Genos body looks off), and maybe the sound design. But seriously, the animation is actually good, idk if people are exaggerating or what when they complain about the animation. S1 animation is like 11/10,over the top quality. S2 would be around solid 7 to 8/10 imo.


When will season 3 gonna release


i'd say 4-5 years




it could take even more cause the mangaka is making some redraws so i don't know when s3 material will finally be completed after it will be completed they will take some time before announcing s3 so that manga gets more chapters then if they are serious about opm then it may get 2 years for animation and then finally release




Saitama is literally me trying to dance


It's as the man of culture said. Yes his name is one butt man.


waiting for next season


haven’t even watched season 2, but seeing that this clip didn’t follow the manga by cracking an extra 51% of the arena (everything behind Saitama), i don’t even wanna watch it really…i’ll just continue to patiently wait for new chapters


man this fake season has such shitty animation


season 1 is diamond and season 2 is silver. Just because diamond is the best doesn't mean that silver is bad. People like you ruin the web community seriously. And just because you got diamond once doesn't mean you'll get it again. Consider yourself lucky that you at least got to see season 1 for free.


This is honestly the way I see it. The only thing that I think is genuinely terrible is the way metal is drawn. There’s just something… off about it. Like they tried to draw it shiny and matte at the same time. Otherwise though, it’s okay quality. It could do better and I think OPM deserves better, but I’ve seen much, *much* worse.


> season 1 is diamond and season 2 is silver season 2's animation quality is below average across the board. Comparable to a low budget SoL anime, really.


Silver lol


Nope. Completely wrong approach. They just cashed in on a popular IP with that second season and people like you defending that is what's wrong with the community.


They followed up one of the best animated shows (for its time) with a completely average second season. I know it bothers people like you that S2 was still popular, but you're going to have to get over it sooner or later. People defend it because they enjoyed watching it. Frankly, I doubt most people thought it would ever even get a second season.


Worse than average cmon man.


If you think OPM S2 was below average then you can't have watched more than a few animated shows in your life.


I've seen like at least a hundred anime at this point. It's decidedly below average, especially when it comes to sound design.


The sound design is bad, but sound design isn't animation. The animation quality is average.


It only sounds worse than average if you compare it to S1 But the animation is pretty average for a show overall. For One Punch Man, of course, average is a lot worse than what you want, for other kinds of shows, average is fine, which is why it hurt more with OPM.


Maybe I just watch only good shows, I do only watch like 1-2 shows every other season.


>your opinion is wrong sincerely, u/Verethragna97


Seriously there are so few modern anime with worse presentation that aren't just total bottom-of-the-barrel garbage. What the fuck are you people watching for your standards to get that low. I don't even want to think about it😰😰😰


The issue is that season 2 is just *bad* I don't really care about the animation drop-off as much as I care about the story and writing... Season 2 compared to 1 was just... Not fun


Bro just because season one animation is way better than season twos doesnt mean that season twos animation is bad


The fake season's animation is bad regardless of the 1st.


Oh ny God. My first time seeing 40 downvotes .But who cares about downvotes anyway


This reminds me of someone on the internet that seriously thought that Goketsu could beat Saitama


I mean he isn't wrong thou lol.


As a martial artist I find this hilarious 😂


Trynna perform a martial arts move but the clap of my asscheeks keep splitting the world


lol killer hips


Martial arts aren't very useful when you can punch meteorites to pieces without sweating


Oh yeah baby tweerk it oh hell yeah


Did season 3 come out ?


For real though, everyone just forgets about him yeeting Suiryu and Charanko didnt even have to come up with some excuse as to why Suiryu was weakened down or anything lol


i cant wait for season 3


Lol I love one punch man. It has a special place in my heart as I binged it when my dog died. For how depressed I was it got me cracking up.


When are we going to get another season




Mehn no one does sarcasm, indifference and bad a** like Saitama! Love him! ❤️❤️❤️




This scene and when he runs away with his pants down is the only time in an animal that I laughed my ass off. So funny


I hope i can be this badass irl one day


What is S2 on


This hurts my eyes


*But can he beat goku tho?*


The quality of animation offends me.


God s2 animation is si bad, and the characters are changing proportions all the time oddly


How do people find someone’s pants falling down funny


Usually its the hearts under wear that does it for me but idk its an old gag, going back to being pantsed, in school, i guess.


I mean I'd definitely laugh at you if your pants fell down


What is this thing burning my eyes. When is Boros gonna fight again?


That basically didn’t happen in this anime and no one asked why saitama received basically no damage from his attacks.


He's bald, that's why


ive still never seen season 2 lmaoo


that other dude reminded me of Narumi (karakuri circus)


You guys should post s1 you'd get more karma