4 and a half ish. I was at my grandparents (mom would drop me off to go to work) and my granfather was working while my grandmother didn't work and stayed at home. She was on the phone with him and I do remember the 2nd plane hitting the tower and my grandmother started screaming that another plane hit it.


I was 4, about to turn 5 and I remember it vaguely. My mom either picked me up early from preschool or let me skip the day entirely. I remember her watching tv all morning in the kitchen at the table which she rarely did. My sister was in second grade I believe and she remembers it vividly


I had a pretty similar experience, but I do remember that the picture on the TV was a building on fire. I remember my mom being really quiet. It didn’t phase me until years later I connected the dots and realized that’s what I had watched.


I was also 4, and I don’t remember it much at all. I know that my daycare didn’t tell any of the kids about it and tried to hide it as best they could.


I had just turned 5. I remember the whole school having to meet up outside to wait for our parents to pick us up. Mom was crying. I think they told me "some people made a building fall down" and seeing the building on fire on TV and I just thought "who cares. Free day off school though". Ah, simpler times.


3, I remember being pulled out of preschool early.


I was 6 and in first grade at a private catholic school. I remember it very clearly. All morning (after the planes hit) kids were being called to the office for early dismissal and I remember all of us being like “aw man I wanna go home!” That continued until there were like 5 of us left. My teach sat us all around in a circle to read a book which was weird because the calendar/curriculum for the day did not include this. I remember my teacher really trying her best not to cry while reading a story to a bunch of 6 year olds. I was one of the last 4 before getting called for early dismissal and I remember her just putting the book down and BAWLING. I think she knew someone close to her in the first tower. When I got to the office nobody was talking and my mom looked angry and worried but I was just so excited I got to leave early, completely oblivious. When I got home I remember everyone was on the couch watching tv which was odd because it was about 9:45 am. I walked into the living room to see what they were watching and I’ll never forget seeing the videos of the towers falling. That was short lived though as my mom made me go outside to play with the neighbor kids. When I got outside I was riding my bike with my two neighbors and one of the older kids on the block stopped us and told us we should go inside because a plane was going to crash into us. We lived 30 minutes from DC, Andrew’s AFB, and near PAX River Naval Base so Fighter Jets were all over the place. That’s about all I remember from that day. I’ll never forget how weird and eerie that whole day was though.


I was about to turn 7 in a month. I was in first grade. It was actually a girl in my class’s birthday and she was talking about how her mom was bringing in a cake later. I remember our teachers leaving the room and not coming back for a bit which was fun because we all got to socialize longer. When they did, they told us school was canceled for the day. They told us something bad happened in New York (we were in the Midwest) and our parents would be coming to get us (middle to upper middle class private, Christian school—most people had the privilege of having at least one parent who could come get you in the middle of the day, a nanny/babysitter, or someone to carpool with). Birthday girl started crying because her uncle was in New York. I don’t really remember anything else about that day. I think maybe my grandma came to pick me up as both of my parents worked full time and both worked downtown, couldn’t get back to me/home for a couple hours.


I was in grade two I think. I live in the west coast of Canada so it happened very early in the morning in our time zone. The only memory I have of that day is coming down the stairs in the morning to eat breakfast. Normally my mom would be in the kitchen making lunches, but that morning I found her weeping and watching the news. I don’t remember anything else.


It tends to be a shocker at that age when see your parent weeping.


I was 5 and it was my second day of Kindergarten. I remember it vividly, and also for some reason one of my neighbors that we were not close with had a fight on their front steps. The cops came (which was weird - arrested them).


I was 5 years old, on vacation in Norway with my parents at the time. We didn't know about it until the next day when we visited the airport. I recall all newspapers showed the exact same photo on the frontpage, the explosion the moment the 2nd plane struck. I pointed at one of them and said "*Look dad, Thunderbirds!*". Thunderbirds was an old show from the 60s that made a comeback in the late 90s, usually filled with explosions and pyrotechnics. Of course, the newspapers were all in Norwegian, so we didn't quite understand what this was all about. My parents initially assumed it was from an upcoming movie. However, my dad bought one of the newspapers and tried reading it later that evening with a Dutch-Norwegian dictionary. Only then did they realize what had happened.


I was 5. But 50% i remember vividly


I was 5, couple of months before my 6th birthday. I have some memories but I'm also in the UK and it got a bit warped when I confused it with the lord of the rings two towers when that came out the following year.


3 and a half and I don't remember any of it. First learned about 9/11 on the 3 year anniversary in 2004.


I was 2 but I have vague memories of a dour mood while my parents were watching the news on tv that morning (I was playing with my toys on the living room floor). I looked up and saw two burning buildings on the screen but I couldn’t comprehend what happened (this is where my memory of the day itself ends). My understanding of what happened only grew with time as I got older.


I was 3 and I remember a tv show called Proud Family on Disney Channel that came out around 9/11 but I don't actually remember the event of 9/11, just Proud Family


1 year old


6 and not at all


I was 3 so I don't remember a thing


yes. I was 6 years old. I remember I was watching a show called M*A*S*H on tv before school that day. news interrupted it when the second plane hit and I didn't understand what I was seeing really Class didn't happen and I didn't get why. later that week was explained about the "bad people who did this" and why I should be fearful.


Kindergarten I think. All I remember was the day of or the day after everyone was crying at school and the teacher's made us do a moment of silence and then blow bubbles. I remember awkwardly grinning the entire time because I was so confused about why everyone was sad and teary eyed. I don't think it was ever explained to me.


6 years old and hardly remember it at all.


I was 7 and hardly remember it at all. All I remember is my dad talking to the neighbour in the backyard about how air travel would never be the same. In my childhood for some reason I never really understood that it was possible for things to change permanently, so I was very confused.


I was 6, and the biggest memory I have of it is seeing a closeup of a bald black man on tv with blood covering his face as if he was rolling is chunky spaghetti sauce. I could paint that scene with remarkable accuracy. I remember the smell of the room, the angle and volume of the tv, where I was standing, and how my mom ushered me out rather quickly. I don't remember much of leaving school though, even though I did. I see some video clips of it now and remember seeing them in real time. It was a hard thing for a 6-yo to process, and I think that my one mind photo is my own way of preserving childhood for a little bit longer by reducing the day to one still-frame. It both compartmentalizes the trauma and preserves it in a manageable chunk of memory.


I wasn’t born yet lol


I was 4 years old and I would say I vaguely remember it. The only thing I clearly remember is washing my hands, in the kitchen, in the evening time that day. And then right afterwards, walking past the living room TV and seeing a news broadcast show a replay of the second plane crashing into the WTC. I remember thinking to myself how crazy it is to see planes crash into buildings. But that's about it. Everything else just felt like a normal school day to me.


I was 7 at the time. The only thing I can actually remember about that day is being home after school and seeing news coverage on the TV, but I didn't understand the gravity of the situation. But I do remember that from that moment on, we started doing a moment of silence after the Pledge of Allegiance at school.


i had just had my third birthday the day before. i only remember my morning tv being interrupted and running to get my mom. my birthday party that weekend had a low turnout


I was five. I didn't really understand it at the time. I remember that my parents were glued to the TV. It weirded me out. They always had the news on. They never seemed to care about the news that much before. That's about what I remember about it.


It happened right before I turned 4 and I don’t remember it even though I have many memories from before 9/11.


I was 10 months old


I was 4 years, 10 months old, I normally would've been in kindergarten, but due to my autism, my parents waited another year, so I was in pre K at the time. As a result, I don't remember anything about it, and my mom says I never seemed interested. Though I think if I was in kindergarten, or lived in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, I'd remember it more.


I was 5 on that day. I do remember it, but vaguely just like others.


It was vague and I was at my grandma's house in the morning or afternoon when the news was showing and it wasn't in real time since I'm from Asia so everyone was chill (probably). My most vivid memory relating to the event comes from playing Red Alert 2 because my dad since then referred to the game as "destroy the world trade game". (you can also destroy the Pentagon in the game)


I was born the year after always wondered why we had to pay our respects every September growing up until I was able to look up a vid of it on YouTube


I was 5, had my 5th birthday a couple weeks before. I remember coming into kindergarten and maybe 15-20 minutes later, the principal made an announcement saying all students had to be sent home immediately. I actually remember wondering why we were all being sent home after just coming in. My grandmother picked me up. Walking out of the school, there were parents everywhere and that’s when I was able to sense there was something really bad going on. In my room back home, I remember watching the news on my TV. One of the towers must have fallen or the 2nd plane hit cause I remember my mom changing the channel and saying something along the lines of “you can’t watch anymore of that”


\-2.3 years old.


i was -7