I swear I've had the most existential dread since turning 25. Its so weird cuz I feel like it was a couple years ago I was turning 18.


Same. 2014 feels so much more recent than it actually is now. It's easy to look at it with nostalgia goggles, but high school was *rough*, at least for me. The summer that year was pretty cool though.


the funny thing is I've feel like the last decade has gone by slow;


I’m 24 right now, gonna be 25 in a couple months. I fucking SWEAR that I just turned 21 last year. Covid has completely warped my perception of time.


I turned 28 this year (not even sure if I’m a zillenial tbh) and it’s been a LOT. All that runs through my mind is 28 is almost 30 which is almost 50 which is almost 80 which is almost dead. There’s still so much I want to do. I feel so behind


Gotta start yolo'ing then


This is just how it felt to turn 25 this year lol


Turning 25 has been really great for me so far. I feel like I take less crap these days and know how to set better boundaries/ have better self esteem and confidence than I did in my early 20’s…


I like that Perspective. I'm going to be 24 very soon and I feel that starting to sink in. Its nice to not be under pressure to be accepted by others when being yourself is so much more liberating.


I felt the same way. 25 felt like kind of a milestone.


Your prefrontal cortex finishes developing at approximately 25 and you also begin to die (your cells stop regenerating as fast as they die) so in my opinion it is a milestone


Why does this sound depressing yet hopeful at the same time….


Yeah I like being 25


I’ll be 27 in a month lol


Same. The dirty thirties sure is coming fast...


I’m excited for the dirty thirties, man. I bet it will be better than my 20’s lol


I just started my thirties. Used to be afraid of them, but actually they've been better than my twenties which were just kind of a blur of self-doubt.


Self doubt is exactly what I’ve been feeling during my 20’s. I’m glad to know you’re feeling positive in your 30’s


I've come to believe that probably every birthday ending in 0-2 are good times.


that probably could be true but I honestly don’t remember ages 20-22 being that special though lol


Ah, I loved that time. I got really into music, found true friends outside of by core high school clique, had my first apartment, met my now wife... (list in no particular order lol)


Turning 27 was harder than 25 or 26 because I can no longer claim to be in my mid twenties


Right!? Turning 27 in July. 75% of my mid-20s was spent locked in and doing remote studies and work. It’s unbelievable that we’ve now entered the late 20s zone.


Sad 1995 squad joining


Our mid 20’s were dedicated to being locked down during a pandemic. This is one hell of a way to spend your quarter life crisis


Hell yes.


I’ll be 27 this October. Shoutouts to the 1995 babies, we made it this far in this wild world lmao


Yeah , we’ve been alive in 2 different millenniums, 2 centuries and 4 decades 🤩


Suddenly on surveys you’re in a new age group 25-34. Feels weird man, like they’re taking your youth away from you


No fr.. 34 is still young, but I imagine my life being completely different when I’m that age compared to now at age 26, so why group us together? Then again, when I think about it, maybe they put 25-34 ages together because at 34 you can still feel, think, and be the same person you were when you were 25. 25-34 is like that, “I‘m officially an ADULT, no longer considered a young adult, but it’s only my 3rd day out here idk. Take it easy on me” age I guess.


I am 33 and just happened to read this for some reason. I have a hard time distinguishing who I am now from who I was 7 years ago. That said, I’ve been in medical training for the last 7 years and have been doing the same thing for what feels like a long time, so I’ve been living a very similar lifestyle for that period of time. I’ve bought a house (thanks physician mortgage loans) and I have a long-term partner, but I still feel like I’m living similarly to how I did at 25. Y’know, on some reflection, the only difference is that I now feel like I’m a degree of separation from the newest in pop culture, memes, etc. Part of that is the time commitment that med school and residency have created, but I think once it becomes weird to be friends with 18-22 year-olds, you really lose touch with the college scene and all that comes with it. The other day I asked a 21-year-old about Dr. Dre and he was only sort of familiar and that def struck me.


Wow just seeing this— I’m glad you responded! First off, I’m proud of you! I feel the same @ the pop culture thing even now at age 26. Going on TikTok some days and seeing the humor on there that’s trending im like HOW is this even supposed to be funny… Or my 19 year old sister will ask me where I’ve been when I hear a popular music artist for the first time. Anyways, your comment definitely gave me some insight on life in your 30s and it shows me not to take ageism comments about “getting old” seriously. No matter what age you are, SOMEONE is going to think you’re old lol. So enjoy life while you still have it no matter the age!!


Amen homie


Having turned 25, it feels about the same as 24 which felt a lot better than 23 when I realised I had done exactly fuckall in my youth


Turning 25 is no big deal. There is so much life to live and you will still be young. I just turned 26, I feel more excited and give less f*cks than ever




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Guys I’m turning 28 this fall, I’ll be 30 in 2 years! 😅


Lmao same. Im just like “25?! I wish!”


Haha right? I was like just you wait 🥹


And someone else wishes they were our age. I turn 27 in one month. This time last year I was just 25. Life.


I was 25 when covid started 😭 they have so much to look forward to


Embrace it now


Turning 25 made me realize how fast time goes by. Now I’ll be 26 next month and I feel like I just turned 25.


I'll be 27 in a month, and I feel like I just turned 25. lol




Same 26 in a month. I remember when it felt like I had all the time in the world, that there was no rush to do anything. With any long term decision I made, I never felt a need to factor in my age. Started a degree at 20, never once though “oh wow I’ll be at least 24 by the time I finish!” Now all of a sudden I’m thinking “Holy crap I’ll be 28 by the time I finish my MA.” And the realization I won’t get a PhD until after I’m 30 is such a mindfuck.


1999 babies 👀


We're just living innit?


Enjoy it broski




I’m basically a December baby so Lemme know when ya are getting scared to turn 25 and I’ll meet ya panic room


yall got it easy, last "90s kids" who aren't hitting 30 until much later


I told my husband that this is my last birthday until I retire. There will be nothing between 25 and 65.


I'm already forgetting my birthdays. 21 was the last one for me that was a big deal, then I remembered 22 and 23, but I completely forgot my 24th birthday this year (somehow remembered it was my twin's birthday, though). I don't think I'll remember my next birthday until I hit 30.


Turning 25 wasn’t horrible, it’s all the ones after that suck 😭


Why u gotta remind me now 😭


i’m turning 25 in about 2 weeks and this is exactly what it feels like 😭


Stoppp, don’t remind me 💀


I turned 25 this past December. And idk if it's because COVID took years away, but I still feel 22-23ish. Not fresh arrogant 18-20, but not how I expected to feel in my mid-20s.


I'm still 23 👀


Sameeeee, the late birthday I was so mad about as a kid is turning into a really nice blessing.


I like being in my mid-20s because I get a lot more respect from older adults now. It was a bit strange working in an office as a 19 year old when everybody else was 26+, now I have multiple older friends who are coming to me for mortgage advice and I give my parents tax advice lol. There is a certainly a huge difference in my social life now days.


I feel old




hang out with people who are older than you, then you'll be able to feel young again


Just turned 24 but I feel like I was literally 22 a minute ago. The pandemic sped up time so much :’)


I'll turn 25 in 2 and a half years, it still feels like a long way off, although when I realize that the pandemic started about the same amount of time ago and it feels like yesterday, it gets scarier


Damn dude I'm so jealous of your birthday. I suck at doing the math required to figure out my age. Wish I was born on Jan 1 2000


Haha yeah, my age corresponds to the current year every day of my life, and I always know without counting how old I was in 2007 or how old I’ll be in 2048


Lol same in a way just take away 1 year for me our birthdays are so awkward lol.


You’re not turning 2025 till 2025 so you got time. Enjoy it.


That’s only like 2 1/2 years away. We all growing up bayybyyy


2 1/2 years is a while…a lot can happen in 2 1/2 years. But yes, it’s crazy, I remember when my little brother, who was also born in 2000, was still in diapers. Now he’s an chaotic frat boy lol.


I still have 3 years 3 months until turning 25.




I turned 25 last year, 26 last month. 25 was a weird transitional birthday. I suddenly realized I wasn’t a teenager anymore even though I still kinda felt like one. Also I’m not thrilled to officially be in my “late 20s”.


funny how this meme keeps changing over the year


I’m turning 25 on June 5 and I still feel like I’m 18 or 19.


I'm still thinking that 25 is far away from me but I just realized I'm closer to 25 than 22 in 2.5 months, how time flies......


It’s not 25 for me it’s turning 26 in a week that puts me in the late 20s category and idk how to accept that. I honestly still feel young it’s so weird😂


You’re in your mid-twenties. 26 is the transition not the destination. For me, the sunset of my 20s begins the moment I turn 27 and that is this July. Honestly, at this point I give less f-cks due to the sheer misery of my 20s. Lol.


Lol patrick is me a few weeks ago . It really snuck up on me.


Seems like it was just yesterday we were 7 year olds watching the Fairly Oddparents


Half way through my 20s, only one year left until I enter my late 20s and stare *30* in the face. Youth is a precious and ever fleeting thing, one must make the most of it.


I was Patrick 7 days ago. So far I feel the same but I do feel like I have to watch my level of maturity and remind myself I'm closer to 30 than 20. I look like a teenager and pretty innocent and quiet so I find myself relating to younger people and younger people gravitate towards me thinking I'm there age. I have to kick myself out of it and remind myself they're younger than me and not of the same age.


I haven’t changed since I was like 6


Crying at 26


Lol. Also, this meme represents me turning 22 this year.




Lmao you young as shit boy


Thanks, ~~old person~~. The fact I'm 21 y/o dude, I still have a feeling that my 18th birthday was 3 months ago.


yeah you're still closer to 18 than 30!


You’re forgetting about 1999…so 2 years away.


Some of us not even 2 years a year and a half for me.


Don't remind me, my gen Z friends keep making fun of me for being old 😭 Like fuck off, I may be old but most of you just voted for the first time, leave me be with my wisdom that only age can bring


I'm ready. My mid 20's were way better than my early 20's. I'm almost figuring my life out. I hope late 20's- 30 is even better.


This may sound corny but I'm glad with each year I gain in numerical age. My youthful looks become more of a flex with each passing year (as I honestly just hit 19 and just....stopped. the only differences has been weight gain and now loss. And i do have this frown line now. But as for everything else i just look the same) and I'm taken more seriously professionally. That said.... admittedly I seem to have it in my head that I'm 23, but I'm 24.


For me 25 has been a weirdly calming turning point for the way I live my life. I've always been a pretty easy going guy but there's just something that has changed. Maybe it's just that I've been an adult long enough now that I've gained full confidence in my ability to make it and be okay. Or maybe I've just learned through experience that failure isn't the end and how to cope with it better. Either way I hope you guys find something similar.


Whenever someone asks me how I feel to turn a certain age I never know what to say because I don't feel any different that day in comparison to the day before lol. I've started to respond like, "I feel one step closer to death," or "my ass is a little sweaty but I can't complain." and their reactions kill me lol


October this year will be my 25th. I’m high key excited tbh Aging shouldn’t be dreadful. Means you haven’t died yet and still got stuff to do 😎


Time really sped up after college graduation in 2020. COVID May have had something to do with that. 9 more months!


Shut up about the passage of time. I just turned 24 two months ago.


Honestly this time last year I was 25. Now, 27 is a few months away. This time last year I would have gripped the hell out of my youth that seems to have slipped away. Now, I can sincerely say the experience I had in my 20s (misery and all) have taught me lessons that I appreciate. Sounds cheesy, but I’m ready to be wrapping this decade up. Being young is both the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me. Because of the ignorance, experience and time passing has been a solution to both.


I HATE IT HERE I got the crisis before the quarter-life


Guys, it’s when your birth year passed the annual SpongeBob meme that you actually start feeling old.


Gen Z has considered us Ancient relics now with that meme lol. They would call you a boomer for bringing up memes in 2019 or 2020 when I've been out of the loop since 2016-2017 lol