I relate to both to some extent, but I’d say the first pic is more about my earlier childhood (before the age of 6/7) and the second pic is more about my later childhood and tweens (7-12), so overall I spent more time with the stuff from the second pic and relate more to it


Makes sense. Thanks for responding. I relate to a lot of the stuff from the first slide in my early childhood and through reruns but the second slide is the perfect depiction of my childhood to a T.


Nailed it on the head for me


The first pic just looks like my regular childhood. I relate to all the first pic. Second picture is middle school for me.


Same, I kind of relate to both a little but neither entirely.


Definitely the millennial wave 2 starter pack




In terms of childhood, the first pic. I can relate to both but the second pic was more so middle school/high school.


Makes sense.


Both. But mostly image 1. But i did watch some shows from the second image as well.


The first one, but only by a very small margin.


The first one. My favorite cartoon of all-time (Homestar Runner) would easily fit into it.


dot com, its doooot net.


For sure to 80% the Millennial wave 2 and the other 20% are the blendover.


Image 1: early childhood-elementary school years Image 2: Middle school


Both? The first one is just pay channel stuff, which I didn't have access to, and the second is more diverse stuff that I actually remember. A wierd as comparison if you ask me.


Honestly, the second one!


Definitely first


Millennial/Zoomer era, obviously




50/50 between the two (2nd half of pic 1 between 03-05 and 1st half of pic 2 between 06-09) with the addition of more adult content and motocross focused media (I spent almost every weekend at a track growing up including at the national level).


Both, but I relate to the first one more, but the second pic, I was in grades 6-8.


Yeah, I don't agree with the "main birth years" on the 2nd pic. A lot of those shows/movies were popular during early-mid Zillennials' childhoods.


the first one


The first one.


First one is my childhood, second is my coming of age, preteen -teen years for sure


The first part was more of my childhood years, and the second part is more of my teen years


It's mostly the second one, but I wasn't in North America until early 2005. My preference leans much more towards the first one (mainly because of 5th and 6th gen consoles and the cartoons of that time). First one should have included the PlayStation alongside the N64 since that was an even bigger deal than N64, and they released the PSone in 2000, after the release of the PS2 in the same year. And perhaps the second slide should have also included PS2 since it was still very much relevant up until the late 2000s. I think the DS and the PSP was a big deal back in 2004-2005, and the original DS was already replaced by DS Lite in 2006. Maybe should've also included GBC and GBA in the first slide. GBC mostly 1998-2003 (GBA SP put the nail on the coffin) and GBA 2001-2006 (DS Lite put the nail on the coffin, and Game Boy Micro was mostly irrelevant). I'd say I felt like my childhood was starting to phase out some time in 2007, and the final hurrah was probably around 2009-2010. Sry for nerding out but it's one of the few topics I cared about culturally as a kid.


Both, but the thing with the second one is that by then, there were so many changes around me and even looking at the different things on that starter, makes me feel weird and lost… I guess that’s how memories work though.


First picture is more like my preschool years whereas the second one is more like my "core childhood"


I resonate with 2/2 for YouTube, ICarly, Avatar, Suite Life(late childhood), but overall Millennial Wave 2.


Honestly both, but I feel like I recognise more from the second pic than the first. Idk if maybe that’s just because I was old enough to remember them by that point t


I am curious, why is YouTube in the 2001-2003 bracket? It was popular among my peers in 2007 and we were 9-10, it just had different content than modern YouTube


I considered the time period as the true "bracket" and largely ignored the birth years. Youtube was a thing since 2005-2006. I've known of it since 2006 and used it in elementary school. Made my first account in 2007. The only truth is that older zillennials (born before '97) spent most of their childhood without Youtube while the younger ones are probably closer to 50/50.


That’s fair, out of the most common Zillennial classification I hear (1993-1998), 1996-1998 are the only ones who could potentially say it was part of their childhood.


how was 1997 Borns grouped with 05 and not 95-96 lol


That’s literally the widest span of the relation to the 06-11 slide. Look at the 99-05 childhood slide and 97ers are firmly within the relation to that stuff.


nah tht span is too long. you're born 2002, do you relate to stuff 2010 Borns grow up with?


🤦🏿‍♂️ You obviously don’t get it with a response like that. I’m just saying that a 1997 born could relate to the stuff on that list just as much as a 2005 born, but in different ways. The former might relate to the items such as Dubya, Avatar, and Soulja Boy while the latter might relate to stuff like Obama, BTR, and JB.