The origins of Lofi?

I listen to lofi quite a bit at my office job, and it seems like a vast majority of creators (and most listeners) are from our age range. Is lofi mostly unique to us?


Check out Nujabes. He was a Japanese artist frequently acredited with being one of the forefathers of LoFi, who unfortunately passed away on 2010. His soundtrack for the anime Samurai Champloo is my favorite.


This is fire. Anyone else you recommend?


If you want an American counterpart, J Dilla.


Nujabes is dope! Thanks for sharing his amazing music


LoFi is sort of the Zillennial/Gen Z rebranding of chillhop, downtempo, and trip hop music: Smooth, chill downtempo electronic music heavily influenced hip hop, jazz, soul, and occasionally dub. Nujabes, Fat Jon, and J Dilla are extremely influential, as well as producers from the alternative hip hop scene of the 90s and 2000s


I heard lofi for the first time around of the mid of 2010s the song from flamingosis - football head. That was base of the hey arnold theme song. Edit: i think the origin of lofi comes from nujabes an japanese dj who makes the soundtrack of the anime “samurai champloo” from the late 2000s. But in 2010 he passed away. Around of the mid 2010s i found a youtube channel call trianglemusic. That was full of lofi music from all indie artist from soundcloud that upload their song. The most fun about their video music was that most where classic animes from the 80s and 90s and some 90s cartoon shows that they use for the background of their music video. Probably most know artist of the channel were flamingosis, jinsang, and saib. But in the late of 2010s the genre start to be recognize that later some youtube channels they use some song for pomodoro videos (studying videos).


loveee lofi. everyone check out joey pecoraro. he’s my favorite


Lofi is a pretty ambiguous term that changed quite a lot over time. What you’re referring to are probably lofi hip hop beats as a part of electronic music, that became popular in the mid-2010s. Historically lofi meant music that was created with a minimal bedroom/garage setup, and the term wasn’t exclusively applied to electronic music, as certain types of indie (such as garage rock and some variations of punk rock) or pop (bedroom pop is a pretty recent example) fell into that category as well. As you’ve asked if lofi is unique to us? Certainly not, as musical genres aren’t unique to a generation, even though it sure is popular in our age group and a lot creators of lofi beats are zillennials. I feel like what MySpace was for elder Millennials, SoundCloud and Tumblr was for us, so a lot microgenres originated from there having in mind that those websites has a pretty zillennial user base. Also the vibe and aesthetics seem pretty appealing to the pop cultural canon of our generation, so there’s that.