Congratulations! And welcome to the second worse elo to be in lol (IMO D1 is the the worst, and absolute most toxic shithole with inters, trollers, and very toxic 3k games 50% wr gatekeepers)


Did you meet P1? Right below D4. Where you play with them anyways? And you prefer to have a P2 than a D4 player on your team 😂😂


Congratulations man. This is awesome. Happy For You. Monkies are meant for top branch


Region? I'm plat one/two Eune and its hell.


NA, I had more of a struggle in p4 than the rest of plat; just couldn’t play weak side with most of my junglers


Is MAW really a better item than Steraks even vs morde?


I think so because they also had a very fed taliyah, and I needed the MR because taliyah had Void staff


maw is a shit item don't build it. Legit just build steraks it gives a bigger shield that works for both damage types.


I genuinely like the item. The shield isn’t as big but the 50 MR is great when playing into an AP topside. Plus the ability haste was crucial to winning a couple team fights this game.


try building sterax for survivability and wit's end for dmg, its insane, trinity, sterax->wits / wits-sterax, won 15 out of last 20 games with the build, the games you lose its because you fuck up, it has the best carry potential