Christian sharia

Christian sharia




I have this picture in my head of Thanos from the end of Age of Ultron grabbing a coat hanger and saying "Fine, I'll do it myself."


yeah thats pretty much what id look like


"I'm sorry, little one."


abortion is a poor person's issue. a rich person can get on a plane and go to where it's legal and get one at any time. this is why rich people love single issue platform, their wealth makes it so that supporting them costs them nothing. this is how the wealthy minority seize control of a democracy in every country. they cater to single issue platforms that attracts the ethnic majority. it's a game theory ploy where they ensure they get just enough votes from the ethnic majority to maintain control and pin these people against all other ethnic groups in the country. they do this to ensure that all ethnic groups are always under fire and there is no peace. the lack of peace leads to the lack of babies being born in working class communities which leads to a labor shortage. the wealthy then import union busting immigrant laborers to fill these labor shortages. the wealthy are a multi-ethnic multi-national union of inheritors with multi-generational wealth. they've illiterately thought of everything. this happens in india, italy, germany, england, us, brazil, panama, japan, south africa, nigeria, etc. EDIT: basically the question that this multi-national group of wealthy inheritors are answering is. how do you prevent the working class of the world from uniting and forming one big workers' union in their country? if such a union formed for their country the next logical step would be for these unions to unify globally to form one big global workers' union. this is what they are trying to stop at all costs.


Can someone explain to me why the “Banning guns will never work, people will always find a way to get them!” crowd thinks abortions will vanish when banned


Do they? Or is it mostly about punishing women who have sex?


Exactly. They’re fine with the high mortality rates of back alley abortions; they think those women deserve it.


They don't give a shit about that. Here are the *desired* outcomes: 1. Teenage girl gets pregnant, keeps baby, her life becomes a nightmare as she takes on a responsibility she can't handle, is abandoned by the father, who will not suffer a single consequence for his part in all this, and she is shunned and ostracized by the community because she's a terrible person. 2. Teenage girl gets pregnant, performs own/gets illegal abortion, dies, which is fine because she's a terrible person. 3. Is scenario 1., except she loses her baby to the state, which is also fine, because she's a terrible person. Bonus double-shun for being both a slut and a failure of a mother. 4. Terrified by 1-3, teenage girl is too terrified to have premarital sex, waits until marriage, and has lots of babies, preferably without actually enjoying the sex, but they'll let that one slide as long as she keeps quiet about it. She's a good girl. 5. Oh I almost forgot! Woman of any age gets pregnant, dies due to complications which could have been avoided by aborting the non-viable fetus, but it's ok because God's plan 🤷🏻‍♂️.


Pregnancy and birth-related injuries are the **number one leading cause of death** in girls aged 15-19 globally. The human female body is not optimised for birth <21 years old at least, and even then, mortality is still very much a real risk to all expecting women. It’s just especially egregious to punish teenage girls for having sex by essentially giving them either: a life sentence, or a death sentence…


Well said


That's why I call them Talibangelicals - they want to force the US to live by their conservative religious laws, despite personal beliefs and the First Amendment.


actually. call them "Baptists".


This is atrocious. The number of women that will die self performing abortions and the number of unwanted children that will be born to horrible lives. The only thing I can think of is that the DeVos clan, or someone of that ilk, has plans to build privately run for profit orphanages and creating indentured servants. In the name of God of course. These motherfuckers....


It already exists it’s called the prison industrial complex


Exactly, why would the fascist scum provide orphanages, when those unplanned kids will most likely end up in the prisons anyway and get them the same result? “How DARE the sla — err, I mean, ‘Orphans’ — get to have *any* kind of dignity AFTER they’re born, since we only fight tooth and nail for fetuses, and fuck everyone else!”


Why are you acting like the lunacitcs care that someone would die trying an abortion? They cheer that


They don’t care. They don’t care about these unwanted children. To them, anyone that doesn’t share their “family values” is a lesser human. That’s why I led by saying this is atrocious. This new direction where state governments run by these assholes have declared war on democracy and decency has to end or we will end up living in Margaret Atwood’s world.


In my strongly catholic country, "Catholibans" (katolibanec) is a fairly common word used to describe fanatical catholics.


Banning abortion won’t stop abortions— it’s going to make them unsafe. People aren’t going to stop taking charge of their own bodies, but they’ll do it in secret and their safety is compromised. I don’t understand why people can’t see this.


The War on Drugs has entered the chat


Yeah, but that we can use to lock up the minorities./s


I mean, this is the same group of people that insist that welfare makes you lazy, birth control makes you promiscuous, and human rights negatively impacts the majority. They don't exactly have a good track record with putting cause and effect together.


Under his eye.


Blessed be the fruit.


May the Lord open


Blessed are the cheesemakers.


For they will see curds.


Imagine the Religious people if they watch this show, they are probably rooting for the authority.


I’m still mind blown from finding out the main actress is a Scientologist.


Wow. Now my mind is blown.


I know right. I only recently found out about it and I was like...wait WHAT???? She was raised in it by her parents, which makes me feel a little bad for her bc that happened to me (raised Nazarene Christian) and it was really tough losing that mindset and becoming more open to new ideologies etc for a while.


I've heard that she only still considers herself a scientologist and doesn't speak on it so she can stay in contact with her family. She seems like a forward-thinking person but if she were to outright condemn scientology she would be forced out and estranged from her family. This is all just assumption by fans since, again, she never really openly says anything much scientology, but I have a feeling her beliefs are a lot more complicated than just "she's a scientologist"


I guarantee you the contradiction goes right over their heads. These people are the definition of the term cognitively dissonant. I mean, they have to be in order to enjoy any form of modern entertainment.


This is absolutely disgusting. Laws should never be based on religion.


It isn't even stated in the bible that abortion is illegal a bunch of random people just made some random shit up and decided it'd be law


There’s rules in the bible on how to get an abortion. It’s called the Ordeal of Bitter Water, (Numbers 11) a priest or elder makes a concoction to kill a fetus.




Wait... so .. a priest administers a drug, and if it causes the woman to abort, then that means ... she was unfaithful ? Does it go on to explain how if she weighs the same as a duck, she's a witch ?


who are you, who is so wise in the ways of science?


I'm not the king of the Britons, I'm just a very naughty boy.


King of the what? Well, I didn't vote for him


Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government


I mean, if I went around saying I was an emperor just because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they'd put me away!


After half a century of seeing what western “democracy” brings, I’m intrigued by these Strange Women in Ponds. Where do we find them? Or can we hire one?


He’s not the king, he’s the Messiah.


Yes. Yes, you must give us all a good spanking. And after the spanking, the oral sex.


Or the real life version of that where if the woman who is thrown into a lake - with her arms and legs bound - and she floats, then she's a witch. If she drowns, then not a witch. It's a great test you see, because she dies either way, that way her adulterous husband can marry whoever it is he was being unfaithful with.


Now, if it was the man who was being unfaithful, of course, you would have to throw *both* of the women into the lake to see which was the witch. And only *if* both women survive, then you know the man was the witch all along.


Well the text, if memory serves is about if a woman get pregnant while the man is away or certain of the impossibility of having made her that way, still bad but just antiquity bad.


If you actually read the Bible, it's obsessed with circumsion (for and against at different times in the Bible, and I mean just New Testament!) and full of idiotic things in general.


If she was unfaithful and gave birth then it was virgin birth.


Who would've thunk that there's bullshit in the bible.


numbers 5: 11-31


Sorry, you’re right.


Bro it's even worse. A priest makes a concoction to abort a fetus if the woman happens to be pregnant and the child is of another man. The husband has to drag the women there if he's jealous or suspicious of cheating. If the woman has an abortion then it was because she was cheating, if not, because she isn't pregnant, thus, it didn't cheat on the husband. So it's not even an abortion method. It's a fidelity trial (of course the woman has no say in this). Religion it's fucking disgusting.


It’s beyond fucked up. I was walking when I wrote it so I only did the quick paragraph but it’s a fucking terrible situation and endemic of the way women were treated as subhuman in that period of human history. It’s horrifying, and here we are with people in power still trying to remove women’s bodily rights and commodify them.


And utters specific words. It's basically a ritual to kill an illegitimate fetus, so still not a case where the woman had control of her own body, which is the real issue.


A lot of rules and their explanations for Catholics actually come from what's called the "Catechism", but I'm afraid this is mentioned a lot less often in the media than the Bible. (Note: Catholicism is the main and oldest "branch" of Christianity, but there are other branches which have slightly different followings) In the Catechism: 2270: Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person - among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life. 2271: Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable. Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed either as an end or a means, is gravely contrary to the moral law. The whole passage about it is 2270-2275. Note that the first century is the time which includes the birth, passion, death, and resurrection of Christ, so the church has upheld this belief since nearly the beginning of Christianity. The Catechism (an upload of part 3, there are different parts): http://www.scborromeo.org/ccc/p3s2c2a5.htm


This is what I was just about to write. If someone doesn't want to have an abortion because they're religious, that's fine. But I'm not religious, so why should I abide by the rules that are based in religions I don't believe in? What's next? Making pre-marital sex illegal?


Sharia law / Islam does allow abortion up until the 5th month and nobody has a say but the pregnant person as far as I know. Also, in Biblical times, the birth was the start of live, MAYBE the “quickening” (first moves to be felt) which happen - clutch your pearls - around month 5! American Christians are just random. Edit: It's not 5 months but 120 days. Thanks for clearing that up!




Yeah, as someone who grew up Catholic in Europe, I really can't see much common ground there. They're total lunatics.


Are European Catholics ok with abortion?


Yes and no. It depends very much on the country. Ireland is very Catholic, yet they abolished their pretty restrictive abortion law recently. Poland on the other hand is a different can of worms and their government gets more and more extreme (but it's in combination with nationalism and chauvinism). In Germany, most Catholics are like: I don't like or support it but in the end, it's not my business.


in the end, religion is often means to an end, far right groups love weaponizing religion and even in Germany... once you get to the right wing of the CSU or the afd in general, you will find the same arguments there


Religion is usually used for populist reasons, not cause the leaders care about it. Abortion stances are the most random thing which are usually not related to religion but are just shoved into the package.




Even American Catholics can vary wildly. I'm atheist, but married a Catholic and both they and their family are completely fine with abortion being safely available for those that want it, they just wouldn't do it to themselves. One of the family members is openly gay, another is bi curious but in a hetero relationship currently, and were completely accepting of one of their relatives coming out as trans. I've also met American Catholics that are the exact opposite of all of this, and hate anyone that isn't ~~white~~ secular.


>secular Non-secular surely?




And the Bible has enough f’ed up ideas you don’t need to add any.


To clarify, this is what much of the non bible reading Christians think. It’s very frustrating to see these actions and then say to myself that isn’t in the bible. The “Christians” that act this way aren’t really Christians and it gives the rest of us a bad rap.


Also if the mother's life is at risk to just give birth they will allow it.


The quickening? Like in highlander when they behead their enemies and gain their power?


Exactly like that, not one iota different.


You ever wonder why there are not more twins? There can be only one!!!! Edit - sometimes my brain moves faster than my thumbs, getting old sucks


in case you're actually asking, it refers to when you can start to feel fetal movements.


Just looked it up. It’s the 4th month 120 days.


With most MA being safe up to 10-12 weeks. 70- 84 days. See how insane the already restrictive bills are? There is zero- read again ZERO viability up until at least 25 weeks and those babies (better now Thanks to advances in preemie medicine) usually have high mortality and other disabling factor. First trimester AB shouldn't be regulated for anyone. I can see late term AB not settling w the pearl clutchers- but "heartbeat bills" are utter horseshit


So stupid. Know what else has a heartbeat? Worms. Doesn't stop anyone using them as live bait- ...oh. Oh my. I just made a very uncomfortable connection.


Oh thanks I made the same connection and I hate it too


The heartbeat they are talking about isn't even a heartbeat. It a fetal pole detected by ultrasound as early as 5 weeks gestation is and literally Just the initial blood supply and future heart Being formed by the mother's uterus developing a placenta and embryonic circulatory system development. There is no chambered heart even! And it's smaller than the size of a pea approx. my point was more than it being about a "heartbeat" and more about the absurdity of the term. The American public needs fetal development in HS as well as Uni A&P. There are farrrr too many incorrect assumptions that guide the way people understand the issue at hand- even the Bible beaters


Thank you.




Y'all Qaeda


Vanilla ISIS


Christian Yee-Hawdists


Or ji-howdy terrorists


Most are from Talibama


I'm creased lmaoooo


Vanilla Isis, Gravy SEALS, there's a few others but can't remember them right now.


Meal Team Six.


Not even remotely similar man. Islamic a use Nissan and Toyota pickups. Christians drive American Ford, and chevys made in Mexico. /s


My Chevies were always Canadian made and my dodge is Mexico. I love that Toyotas are made in America, always tickles my funny bone!


My grandma told me she prefers American reliability, so I showed her examples of American made cars. She wasn't happy to see my Acura.


You take care of that thing it’ll drive a million miles.


Apparently the engine blew its head gasket 3 years ago. My dad has been leading me on for 3 years giving me phantom problems to chase as I knew something was wrong but didn't have the time to research what. Cost me hundreds, probably thousands depending on how it goes once I get it to a different shop and find out the full details. Still runs. Why did he do that? Not a Ford diesel truck, so he wanted me to learn myself that it isn't worth owning. Jokes on him, worrying about my baby helped contribute to the stress that snowballed into my suicidal years and I nearly killed myself in that car because it's the only place in the world I felt like I was allowed to exist :D




Y'all Queda


So... gun toting extremist, riding around in trucks, suppressing women and minorities.... using religion as a reason for the oppression..... justifying it as 'saving them' ... ...i see your point.


Its just the right wing in general, they are exactly the same in every country, and the primary way they get power is by blaming the left wing for what right wingers of other countries do.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYV7KWQ-fY4 Relevant youtube video. Saw this when it first came out and it's been floating around in my head. A pretty hilarious take on the issue.


Y’All Qaeda is no joke. A group of heavily armed veterans who are increasingly orthodox in their religious views who hate educational institutions and bemoan modern culture, changes in family and societal power structures with a hatred of the government. In the next few years there will be serious terrorist groups all over America.


They used to believe it was a woman's choice like rational non dogshit people do, [but Republicans needed a wedge issue that had better optics than their goal of preserving segregation](https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/05/religious-right-real-origins-107133) so they made it into an evangelical cause. Women's right to their own body was a small price to pay in the face of allowing black people into white schools.


Wedge issue Look up Wedge Project, you'll get an idea of how far religion will go to be dominant.


Yup, evangelicals didn’t even care at all about abortion until Republican fixers made it an issue in the late 70s and early 80s by colluding with some evangelical bigwigs, thereby ensuring a Catholic + Evangelical voter base for years to come.


>by colluding with some evangelical bigwigs We're looking at ***YOU*** Jerry Falwell Sr., you epic piece of shit. If I could kick a dead body, it would be his. Falwell's alignment with the GOP is largely why we're in this mess.


Yep. The GOP doesn’t actually want abortion to be illegal. Then what would they run on??




Most of them aren’t even Christians.


Ironically they think the same thing of anyone who isn’t them.


It's not America exclusive. Look at Poland


There we go. Nothing random about it. Anything to control women and poor people, go ahead. Also, it doesn’t matter what happens to the baby once it’s out of the womb.




You know what the fucked up thing was? The Boston Tea party wasn’t even about independence. It was a bunch of tea bootleggers mad at England for dropping the tariffs on tea so much it became unprofitable to keep bootlegging.


The entire USA was founded on a bunch of colonial capitalists who wanted to be the kings of their own little kingdom. It was never about freedom. They never believed the common folk were worth a damn. All of the enlightenment posturing and faux Roman pretensions were at best happy accidents. It was all about money from the jump.


Y’all Queda and Talibama


omg 😂😂


Such a great show


Iirc Taliban were "educated", so you can't even call those morons Taliban


Actually I can, because they're sponsored Taliban education with tax payers money, over 40 billion dollars of tax payers money transfered to Afghanistan terrorists by CIA under operation Cyclone, and Saudi Arabia matched every dollar.


Love that show


Until every single pedophile is expunged from all religious institutions, religious people have no right telling ANYONE they care about children. They practically force kids to attend rape factories.


In Christianity, their own book states life is given a soul at the first breath. It also has instructions to perform an abortion. They don't care about "family values". It's about that sweet sweet dystopian army they have to keep breeding.


They just like to punish "bad" women.


Women with their own minds and opinions. Yup.


The Bible has abortion instructions?


It’s more of a magic spell (Numbers 5:11-31). It’s also instructive that Catholicism didn’t care about abortion until the late 1500s (because they were losing members to the Protestant Reformation and needed to boost their numbers) and Protestants didn’t care until 1978 when they lost a court battle to keep segregation at religious schools and needed a new issue to keep their base angry. It’s always been about politics.


Can I just point out there are many, many Protestant churches in the world - and they all hold different beliefs on these issues




>Yeah, please don't follow them though. That'd be pretty hard to do, seeing how the Tabernacle no longer exists, and you need dust off its floor for the potion. I've seen Christians argue that of course the potion worked, and nobody can demonstrate that it doesn't because there is no way to replicate it without having Tabernacle dust.


I imagine this is how gilead started.


If I remember the book correctly, a militant religious group stormed the Capitol and enacted a coup. Sadly reality of proving fiction truth.


"Let's kill someone to prove that we're pro-life"


The problem was never theocracy, it was that it wasn't *their* theocracy.


Exactly. American “Christians” will fearmonger and rant all day about a minority trying to impose their beliefs on everyone else, ultimately enshrining it in laws that the rest are forced to follow, with exactly *zero* self-awareness that they describing themselves, and projecting on whatever other group is their current bogeyman.


Exactly so annoying and oppressive. Then they want us to celebrate our “freedom”


Islam (at least the sunni sect) allows abortions up to 4 months pregnant and has special cases in cases of rape and such, so this is beyond sharia law


*and they, themselves aren’t actually expected to follow the law. It’s for all the heathens out there.


Yep and next they’ll put people in jail for having sex before marriage . They actually love sharia law . As long as they call it Christian


Judaism allows abortion. Islam allows abortion. That’s it. That’s the whole comment.


I'm a christian, and I find this appalling. We will now see an increase in illegal abortions, child abuse, child abandonment and orphanages, just like in Romania under Ceaucescu.


If I’m going to jail for my abortion I might as well murder my rapist.


That's the lesson I'm learning from this. Might as well make it fucking count and save the next woman because you can guarantee the rapist will be out of jail long before his prior victim.


Child support starts at heartbeat and is actually enforced right? My special needs childs father has not paid well over half the time she has been alive. He is about 15 grand behind at this point. And the courts could care less.


Here’s what you need to do you wait, don’t wait be aggressive sue him that’s the only way they’ll listen is when they gain something


I don’t know specifically about sharia law but before the islamaphobes come out with their pitchforks I’d like to state Islam is pro choice


Yes you're allowed to have an abortion in the first 4 months (to be exact 120 days)* of pregnancy and in case of rape there are exceptions.


Also anytime it's a health risk to continue with the pregnancy


first 4 months without kaffara I think, after 4 you have to give kaffara, basically a repenting action where you feed the poor, and you are poor, you fast.


not all madhabs (schools of thought) or streams follow the exact same 4 months etc. but these are minor differences. in general Islam is pro choice and there are provisions for abortion in the sharia law.


That's gonna be my new line: "Oh you mean like in Islam? So you're close to their beliefs, that's cool." to trigger the shit out of them. People with principles are really poisonous to humanity.


Whatever happened to the Christian value of free will(to "sin") and let those without sin cast the first stone ( to "kill")? I just think christians should allow people to freely "sin" and be judged by their god, not them.


What people won't realize is that if you ban something, people will just do it unsafely. (y'know.. the coat hanger..) Same thing with sex work and drugs. Ban them and people will find their way around that. Except that now, it won't and can't be regulated. And people will be more likely to get hurt.


Republican Christians also endorsed pedophile roy moore, rapist trump and gaetz the pedo recently as well They are a dominionist morally bankrupt cult


Trump is also a pedo


Well he is accused of rape by a minor and women say he would walk into dressing room in teen miss America...


He bragged about the teen dressings room himself.


On multiple occasions


Sorry, but I guess it’s not simply a Christians problem, but American’s indeed. In Italy we are not “only” Christians, we are Catholic and we have the Vatican State too. But if a woman wants to abort, she can; and it’s not considered such an incredible thing that need to be moral disapproved. Moreover, lots of people would really get angry if someone tries to transform such a personal decision into a problem that must be stopped. It’s 2021 guys, not middle age. I’m catholic, I’m practicing and I can’t bear civil rights restrictions. Probably the problem it’s not only “Christian”, but in all that contradictions which characterize America and that is full of.


sharia law has no issue with abortion or fetal tissue experimentation, that's just a Christian thing.


It’s all about controlling women. If they control women, the men will follow.


I’m really tired of my body needing legal rights. Pregnancy will kill me but all these politicians and pro lifers are perfectly fine with that. They don’t care that either way baby is going to die, as long as they can make sure I die along with it.


I WANT SMALLER GOVERNMENT!!!!! Also, can the government please tell my wife what to do with her body?


In Texas I call it the Texas Taliban.


Yeehawdists Ya'll-qaida Vanilla Isis Those are a few names I have for em... And those work no matter what state these fuckwads live in.


Religious law should be banned.


I agree. Not everyone believes in the same religion and forcing laws upon an entire nation because the majority believes in, let's say Christianity, is dumb.


A bunch of old white men deciding what women should and shouldn’t do. Seems fair.


Life begins at first breath, and as a Christian I see nothing wrong with abortion


And its funny how these ethno white nationalists are always like " izlam bad, against our JudEo ChrIStiAn vAlUes".


Conservatives are all about the right to life, not the right to live.


So much for being "pro-life"


Well its the american definition of law. Around here in europe I‘ve never heard of any instance in which it was illegal to gez an abortion. It may be socially frowned upon but thats about it


Islam allows abortion in the following conditions : Before four months of gestation, Threat to the mother's life (body can't support pregnancy and can causes certain death), Rape, Fetal deformity.


Not even. Islam doesn't intervene in medical care. It's between the woman and the doctor. Even in Pakistan, abortion is allowed for any reason, up to 20 weeks. And no one's ever been arrested over aborting. The world over, the main population wanting abortions is usually already married, with multiple children. Somehow these Christians think they're stopping horny teenagers, lmao.


It really isn’t even a religious issue - it’s a wedge issue. It is an issue designed to keep your base from voting for the other side. None of the politicians who push these laws give two shits about children, born or unborn, but it gives them a wedge against their opponents. Ever wonder why abortion hasn’t been outright banned when all three branches of government have been controlled by the conservatives? It’s because then abortion would no longer be an issue for political campaigns. By teasing your base with half-baked measures that pander to their issues, you keep them hooked to voting for you. It’s classic political manipulation.


What the hell? Are there any exceptions? Like the fetus could literally kill the mum? The fetus is profoundly disabled? Her body her choice


They've tried passing laws where, if there are significant complications and it's obvious that both mom and fetus won't survive, the doctor is required to prioritize the fetus over the mother. No doctor in their right minds would do this, which some have argued is the point- to remove medicine from childbirth and hand it over to the church.


That doesn't sound real!


There is no bottom with these people. It’ll just get worse and worse.


One of the states required by law that doctors re-implant an ectopic pregnancy to the woman's uterus. This isn't even theoretically possible.


Nope. Not even rape/incest/pedophilia. No exceptions.


Wow... That's just????? Wow


I remember talking to someone who claimed you shouldn't have an abortion even if it cost the mother her life. They claimed it wasn't morally right and that "nobody should be able to choose who lives and dies" basically they are saying 2 people should die when 1 is preventable and claiming it's moral. The stupidity of some people astounds me


Welcome to Conservative America.


Did you read about the 13 year old who was raped by her grandpa and wanted an abortion? Guess where she’s from…


Y'all Queda


Why are people shocked that Y'all Qaeda are behaving like any other religious exrremists?


Honestly speaking abortions should be legal and accessible and like not like its very difficult to you need only two drugs mifepristone and misoprostol and boom ya ain't pregnant no more.


And this is what will happen. Internet-savvy women will order pills online: some of them will get placebos, some of them will get poison, and some of them will get the real thing. Texas abortion laws were already restrictive enough to make women resort to this. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2015/11/texas-self-abort/416229/


These laws are there to ensure children are born in order to feed the human trafficking network.


Obama had great family values and they weren’t too keen on him... huh?


It’s expensive to live in Massachusetts, but at least we don’t have to deal with BS like this.


I feel like they protect pedophiles more than women


*American Christians. Although in my book anyone who follows any religion by the letter is a nutcase.


American “Christianity” is just infallible pick and choose one rule for one, another for others, pseudo religious backwater drinking convoluted nonsense. Death penalty? For abortion? Why don’t we just pull out the stocks and throw rotten fruit at them? Or maybe the iron maiden maybe? American Christians are the type of people to condemn a murderer on the way to their public execution and see no irony in their actions. Based entirely on the loose application and subsequent justification that presents itself with the word “God”.


Ironically enough, abortions in the Bible are totally fine. This is about religious pieces of shit wanting to control women.