Anyone know what this buildup in this tub is? How can it be cleaned? 🤢

Anyone know what this buildup in this tub is? How can it be cleaned? 🤢


Looks like dirt stuck to soap residue. Have you tried using cleanser like Soft Scrub or Ajax? Also, it looks like the drain runs slow (causing the back up of dirt and soap residue) so you'll need a drain cleaner to dissolve the buildup up. Could be a hair clog.


Does it wipe off? It honestly looks like dead skin to me. Like when you exfoliate in the bath after not exfoliating for a long time.


i'm not saying that there's nothing there that can't be washed away. but some of that might not be something extra but something missing. it's not so uncommon for layers of the tub to erode away after awhile and if people think it's something that they can scrub away, well they end up further deteriorating those layers by furiously scrubbing with caustic cleaners.


That's exactly what I was thinking. Is it a 'buildup' or erosion?


Not sure what it is. It might be calcium deposits. Put some vinaeger on it. If it fizzes, then it's calcium carbonate and can be removed with any acidic cleaning agent. Otherwise your best bet is alkali drain cleaner.


Pick up some CLR (calcium, lime and rust) remover from a hardware or home store and give that a try. That stuff comes in a spray bottle and works wonders if you have hard water. Good luck!


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Plug the drain and dissolve with limeaway


Looks like just scale. Scale being deposited in a porous fashion it tends to turn dark as dirt gets trapped in it. Anything acidic will get rid of it. Run enough water to cover it all and drop some machine descaler in it. Leave it a while, the longer the better.


Try sprinkling a good amount of Oxiclean, spray with a small amount of water to make a paste and let it sit for about 20 minutes, then use a scrubbing brush and let yourself go! Should do the trick


Bleach cleans my tub right up. Just be careful with it.


I don't think ordinary people can be careful enough to safely use chlorine bleach for this job.


Someone cleaned some car parts in that tub. Comet and degreaser.