If they divorced would Ethan get alimony because he’s unemployed? I feel bad for Olivia having to put up with this stale ham sandwich of a man 🫤


Lolll stale ham sandwich. Deaddddd


I think that’s because he’s done. People often check out long before they leave. He even referred to this in his convo with his mom - that she taught them they had to marry the first person and not get divorced and now she’s saying there’s another way. Like he’s mad he did that an trapped himself instead of just dating. And another time he even says “maybe oliva and I will be divorced in the future/several years from now.” That’s not a good sign.


You're right. Seems like it


Olivia needs a divorce


If Olivia divorces and doesn't sign for her own show with TLC, leading to a large social media following, she will not have people paying to fly her around the world to shoot their weddings.


He’s sooo cold to Olivia. Like whether you agree with her decisions or not… it’s his wife and he just treats her like sh*t…


Yes absolutely


He’s so passive of her feelings it’s gross. When they all had that sit down conversation in their living room and he said something to the tune of “I’m sick of it, I’m tired”….boy would that have been in the nail in the coffin for me.


The way he said he was sick and tired of the drama and he wouldn’t take it anymore, he said Olivia specifically first. Then included Kim into it, almost like an afterthought. That would’ve been my breaking point. I took that to mean if Olivia makes drama, he’s done.


Same here. He just threw her to the wolves


I think they all blame Olivia for the divorce. Her feud with Kim was the catalyst for all their problems in their minds. I blame 100% of this on Kim but Kim and family can’t put this on her because that’s their wife and mother, so they are using Olivia as the scapegoat