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Also this makes more sense that it’s Agnes keeping Vision from going home instead of Wanda


This. Was wondering why wouldn't Wanda want vision home.


Wanda admitted early in The episode she isn't controlling him


Not him that I’m referring to. The people, the red light, all of the things trying to slow him down from getting home. Because Agatha doesn’t want him interfering.


Right, what I said adds onto what you're saying. What do you think those words mean? Lol


Omg if this was referring to Agnes the entire time that would be amazing!


we all thought he meant Wanda but after episode 7 it was all Agnes


Wait but didnt Monica say she heard Wanda's voice when entering the hex?


Wanda is definitely controlling a majority of the people in the Hex, and she also is in control of the Hex itself. Agatha has just been screwing with her and Vision to mess things up and make it go off the rails. She might have even started the Hex but Wanda took over.


It really was her all along.


But I thought it was already established in Avengers AoU that scarlet Witches brain control hurts like hell.


And are we sure Agatha's (so satisfactory to call her by name) mind control is not of the same kind? I mean, that would imply that both hurt like hell.


It definitely was, there’s no reason he would’ve said “her” if the writers intended it to mean “Wanda”.


All the westview residents are getting tired of watching agathas theme song over and over again




I think Agnes may be controlled...


So Agatha is controlling everyone, telling them to go to the doctor, go to work, pay their bills? Is she that powerful? We all said Wanda couldn’t do it alone, can Agatha? Also, I rewatched episode 2 and the amount of times they said It’s for the Children, then Vision saying in episode 4 why are their no children, the missing child on the milk carton. It makes me think that children are being kidnapped or used for something.


It's not her. Norm was already being controlled when Agatha showed up. It's still Wanda.