He had cataracts, too. I’ve been thinking that it’s a file referring to an attempt at or existence of White Vision.


Solid one. my man!!!




damn the tie Easter egg is a nice addition. Good find


My guess is they were trying to (or built) a Vision clone with no free will.


Or their own version of the Ultrons from the start of Age of Ultron. Remote controlled peace keepers. Only the SWORD version would have guns.


You could call them....Sentinels.


Tony actually does call them sentinels in the movie.


White Vision?


Could also be a way to get Vision back. Have Wanda transfer his consciousness to the new body.


So what you’re saying is...this mother fucker is Mephisto?


Letterkenny style: *hard* no.




naahhh i don't think Mephisto will have an appearance, maybe Nightmare?? i have no idea really i saw some theories saying hayward might be a skrull but we gotta wait for episode 7


Cataract is probably just the "sentient weapon" part of SWORD. As in, they were dissecting and using Vision's body over the last 5 years to try to build weapons. It's why Hayward was tracking Vision: he cares more about getting Vision back for their project, and as far as he cares Wanda and everyone in Westview can all die.


Exactly but the question is, since he was tracking Vision down why didn't they do anything when Vision was trying to escape the hex they were just standing there (Hayward and his agents/soldiers) even tho darcy was like begging them to help him, if they need Vision so bad why didn't they do anything to get him back?


2 ideas: 1: Hayward isn't bothered about Vision being in one piece, he's happy to go in after everyone is dead & gather up his trinkets. 2: He's still shitting himself after upsetting Wanda last time & doesn't want to give her reason to step outside again.


Third idea, and this one is so massive I've had mark as a spoiler: >!He is simply just a dick!<


It's nothing special - they just didn't know what to do since he was being sucked back in and disintegrating. They might have been hoping that he would drop dead and they could just drag him away.


See, I don’t think they had Vision for 5 years. Vision’s body was with the team after the Wakanda battle. I think SWORD waited until after Tony died and acquired Vision in that chaos. My theory is they’ve had Vision for 3 weeks max. They want him back so bad b/c they haven’t had a chance to really experiment with him.


Could be. But whether it was 5 weeks or 5 years, I think the point remains - SWORD wants his body for weapons development.


Who do you think had his body for 5 years? It most definitely was not sitting in Wakanda all that time. It feels like they’ve made it almost a guarantee that they’ve had Vision for all 5 years.


My headcannon is that after everyone got snapped, the team in Wakanda brought Vision back to NY. When Tony got back from space he put Vision somewhere safe per Vision’s instructions. When Toney died, SWORD swooped in. Wanda goes to Visions grave and he’s not there and she flips out. Also, not that you asked, I also think Wanda was pregnant pre-snap, got blipped away (pregnancy and all), got unblipped (pregnancy and all), fought 2014 Thanos, found out a couple weeks later she’s pregnant, goes to visit Vision’s grave, finds out he’s been taken...mental break leading to the events of WandaVision. I don’t know the mechanics of mutant/synthezoid reproduction but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Interesting theory. I like the idea that she was already pregnant that will explain a lot.


I like this 👍🏾


Okay so two issues. One Vision cannot actually impregnate Wanda. Never has been able to. Even in the comics they aren’t actually his kids. He can change his appearance, but he is still a robot, with no reproductive organs. Lastly Tony went into seclusion and had a family, he was not getting back from space after almost dying then flying to Wakanda then storing his body somewhere for 5 years. Headcannons are cool for sure and help with certain things, but they just don’t add up. Let alone that they have heavily heavily implied SWORD has been using Visions body to make weapons for years now. As well as the fact that stealing Visions body and then conducting massive experiments on him is a lot to happen in 3 weeks post half the entire world returning. There’s a lot of other stuff that would prevent that operation from happening in the three weeks. I don’t mean to come off like a dick so I hope you don’t take it that way. It’s just not something that can be headcannoned really.


I think if they brought Vision's body from Walanda it was most likely kept in New York, at the Avengers headquarters, they still use the place, and Natasha seems to live there.


They all but directly say SWORD has had it for 5 years. Maybe they brought it to HQ and then SWORD took it from them as an agreement, but theyve most definitely had Vision more than 3 weeks.


Oh, I didn't know they said it was there for so long. Then maybe they took care of it since Fury banished aswell. And he most likely would have coordinated what to do with his body.


I think he wants to specifically kill Wanda because he knows he will never get Vision as long as she is alive.


The dude seems like he hates people with powers. I think he's trying to use Vision to create sentinels. They'll just have a wider scope than just mutants in the MCU


I do think he is the precursor of "hating superpowered individuals" talk so once Mutants are introduced/discovered he might be one of the first ones to go after them. I mean he might have to respect superheroes but random mutant child in the street without training or protocols probably okay.


He definitely doesn't like super-powered folks (and the reasoning is great, after the failure in Infinity War). I think he will specifically hate the mutants above all, however, because they will be ushered in by the Scarlet Witch and mark a significant failure of his own.


I think they are maybe building him up to be a voice of the hating mutants for when they are formally introduced


Or he's just an unlikable dick who wants to do things he doesn't know how to.


Who also is jealous of people with powers because he’s a normie


He's basically a Muggle in the MCU.


This. This made me pog


Everything else is a hexagon, but Hayward is associated with diamonds. Follow the white rabbit, people.


:O good catch


Good eye, your vision is impeccable.


Cataract is also the name of one of the stages of Capcom vs. Marvel.


Dude was trying to bring back everyone who got snapped and started experimenting with some nefarious ways (manipulating Visions corpse hence the name cataract) and alternative dimensions to do it and then wanda showed up.


All the credits zoom in through Vision’s eyeball right?? Right?


a theory i just found regarding the cataracts : If S.W.O.R.D.'s "Cataract" weapon is responsible for Vision and Pietro's appearance, it's probably also the thing bringing them back to life. And if that's the case, then the person behind everything in Westview might not be Wanda at all, it might be Hayward.


I like this theory....so you think wanda set this up to protect vision?


Can you elaborate please? This sounds interesting




Maybe this is the clone version as he didn't know about the avengers.




Yoooooooo. You might actually have it here


This is giga brain


He doesn’t remember anything because Thanos ripped out the mind stone and a huge chunk of his head.


Wanda in Avengers 8: "Hail Cataract"


You literally just reposted the image I made from my own Reddit post just to try to get some of that sweet sweet karma for yourself? Nice try, Mephisto.


I feel your pain. I [posted](https://www.reddit.com/r/WANDAVISION/comments/li8ohi/hidden_reveal_noone_is_talking_about/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) this exact theory the night the episode aired and only got 100 upvotes , no front page :/ And unlike this post I actually kept spoilers out of the title -_-


I feel you. They reposted my entire theory!


i got the image from twitter that's one thing and i checked half reddit to see if someone mentioned the tie and nobody did so i had to share it chill who cares and upvotes and karma and shit all we care about is finding hayward's true intentions


Surgery to remove cataracts is to remove the lens and replace it with an artifical one. What or who is the cataract causing a "blurred" or otherwise impaired vision? Is an armed drone really the best way to remove a "cataract?"


yes makes sense since they were experimenting Vision's body before Wanda took him, + tracking Vision in episode 6 but what i don't understand yet is when Vision was trying to escape the hex why didn't Hayward or his agents/soldiers help Vision out if they needed him so bad


I find it odd that no one else is concerned that Hayward knew what CRBM radiation was without Darcy or anyone else explaining to him. Like he already knew that.... and it's also concerning that he had an accurate display of residents in Westview and said nothing about it. He also says he just got permission to "share" the video of Wanda taking Vision's corpse, but he's literally the director of the SWORD agency--why didn't he just give himself permission? He's hiding more than just "I want Vision back and Wanda to disappear." I think he knows something that even Wanda doesn't know/remember and has a clear agenda, but ultimately underestimated Wanda's powers.


CMBR is very commonly known. Like in real life it’s not some Marvel invention. It would bizarre for the man directing an agency with a space component not to know what it is.


Is this the stuff that turns the fantastic four and captain marvel....into themselves lol? Just curious if he maybe has more heroes in "stock" and knows what makes them. Honestly this show has a turn on every line of dialogue.


Nice catch!


I’ve seen a theory that in the comics Ultron was able to disguise himself as human. If you want to be funny cataract could be the code name he gave his disguise because of the blindness or covering over the eye like wearing a human suit to invade sword and kill Wanda and Vision for killing him.


I like the idea of Ultron coming back, but I don't think he'd be driven by revenge against Wanda. In Age of Ultron he seems to genuinely care about her - even after his plan falls apart and almost all of his bodies have been destroyed, he shows concern for her safety. "Wanda, if you stay here you'll die".


True! Maybe he’s like “making her” reach her potential by driving her crazy?


I think if Ultron is involved, then he's actually trying to help Wanda. But, much like his attempt at peace in our time, he's just getting it a little bit wrong...


I'm pretty sure Vision's love for Wanda came from Ultron's crush on her.


Spoiler tag?


I [posted this](https://www.reddit.com/r/WANDAVISION/comments/liig0d/theory_about_the_computer_files_ep6_spoilers/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) same theory two days ago 🙃


Isn't that the same shape on Visions tie in Ep 1?


[close, but not exactly the same ](https://images.app.goo.gl/jmGs1Q4erxQ56Ad37)


Thanks! Obviously I’ve put waaaaaay too much thought into this.


Just have to wait for Woo to check his email. I hate waiting.


Cataract just blurs your vision, or obscures it. It's likely just an Easter egg saying "this is where Vision is being hidden".


Yes. The translation of cataract is 'waterfall'. It's like a waterfall behind your eye making everything hazy.


Ultron confirmed


that or a hawkeye reference. he isnt hawkeye anymore he's ronin, so cataract: an eye problem