She sounded annoyed when they mentioned Captain marvels name


Yeah there must have been some Sort of falling out there


I don’t think it’s a falling out I think it’s more of a sense of bitterness and betrayal as Carol didn’t come see her or her mother or even come back to comfort her when she was dying and she resents her for it


We don't know what happened in the intervening 25 years between Monica "Lieutenant Trouble" and Carol. Hopefully it will be addressed in detail in the sequel movie.


Part of me wonders if we will find out that Carol did reconnect with Maria when she heeded fury's page. That she was there when Maria was dying and Monica was blipped, but Monica doesn't know. So she has all that bitterness and resentment. But this might just be my drama brain working overtime.


And I wonder if Carols new haircut in Endgame may have been a nod to that she shaved her hair in solidarity with Maria during her treatment?


Oh I would love that 💔


That would be amazing. God I hope they do that.


Ooooohhhhh! I would love that to be a flashback scene for the new movie. I was thinking the same thing, that Carol has probably been back to Earth a few times the past 25 years, and especially to be with Maria after Monica was snapped.


Could it be being close with Danvers gave her mother cancer?


Yeah it reminded her of her mom


Is it possible that Carol's powers were the source of Maria's cancer?




Then why didn't Fury get cancer? Or Monica?


Maria has been active setting up S.W.O.R.D since the mid 90's. It is possible she has been visited space since then possibly in contact with Carol over the years.


Sure. I just think the theory is silly and part of the weird hate boner Reddit has for Captain Marvel. Humans get cancer all the time without needing to visit a space superhero to get it.


I doubt it. they weren't around each other for very long. A lot of other people would be popping up with cancer and Marvel would know that she was causing people cancer but was just going around not caring.


Proof she’s not a skrull I guess... #OR IS IT?!?!?


I think she is angry because she didn't come to even visit her mother the whole time she had cancer or on the day of her recovery, which is still fresh for her because she got dusted right on the day of recovery and then came back to find out her mom died years ago.


I had this question though.. how did word of what happened spread so fast? How did people know exactly the events of the battle right down to Wanda v thanos?


There could be an MCU counterpart to TMZ who were covering the final battle of endgame, **from a safe distance** OR it was a pretty big deal, so there could've been many reports by the government, Wikipedia articles, documentaries about the battle. Are we sure each Avenger doesn't have their own Wikipedia page?




Shit, he probably streamed it and got a shit-ton of subs


Lol I’m just picturing Peter thanking gifted subs and donos while carrying the infinity gauntlet


Knowing Ruffalo is prone to this kind of thing, Hulk probably did too


From Titan? 😉


Yeah I’m sure it’s one of these. I actually texted a buddy after episode 4 that I want more “blip” wake up stories. Like imagine someone fading back in to a TV displaying the battle in NY. Fantastic.


But canonically that happened only about 10 days ago


It was 3 weeks. It was 10 days since Wanda took back visions body.


Still very little time for everyone to know all the fine details


I imagine every intelligence agency and every human being on Earth was looking to figure out the details. Given the hundreds/thousands of people involved in that final battle, I’m sure at least a few were debriefed.


People keep saying this but I specifically remember when Monica met Hayward for the first time at SWORD headquarters he said "It's been 3 weeks since the blip and you're the first one to report back". Given the time between then and Episode 5 it's probably been closer to a month. So I'm assuming that everyone involved in the battle was debriefed afterwards by government officials and an after action report was compiled, which Monica and Woo would have had access to in the interim. Tagging /u/MSUFRANKLY since they were the ones asking for an in-universe explanation.


like the reporter and camera man from dbz that document the entire cell games


You mean Wanda v Thanos? I had this same question. Somebody had it on IG Live 😄


... She was considered to be the next person to helm SWORD and only wasn’t due to being, well, dead at the time. You can bet she was given all of the Intel after she was cleared.


I mean the avengers work with sword and shield so they probably just told them exactly what happened.


*When Wanda engages Thanos in battle* Both sides: "Are you seeing this shit?"


And I don’t mean this in a “oH cOnTiNuItY eRrOr” way. I’m not that type of person. But id imagine there is an in-universe explanation.


I would have to assume that someone loyal to SWORD gave them a complete debrief on the entire situation, and would have mentioned who the big players are after that. There were plenty of folks who could have seen her do that.


Why give a debrief when you can just send them footage of it from your suit? Like, all the armors made by Tony had cameras. Pretty sure the Ant-Man and Wasp armors have them. Probably Black panther too. Captain Marvel almost definitely has a few. Basically, you could probably make a complete 3D reconstruction of the fight with the amount of angles there is footage from edit: gonna put some more of the suits wit cameras here: Falcon (and his drone) Hawkeye might have one, but this one is kinda unlikely Starlord Probably all the ships flying over the battle


Well, there were like 10 different suits with cameras in them that could record the entire battle from multiple angles. I'm guessing S.H.I.E.L.D. basically has a live feed from all of these and sent it to S.W.O.R.D. so they could both be better prepared for other attacks like that


They are in a universe with technologically powerful surveillance organizations, aliens, and stark tech. They probably had crystal clear satellite footage released after the fight. It could have only been shown to government officials or released to the public.


Portals to a thousand different places and satellite imagery would be my guess. Thanos and Dr Strange weren't exactly doing this one quiet.


It’s true. Wanda > Capt Marvel


I'm Carol Corps til the end, but yes. Wanda would absolutely wipe the floor with her (and 99% of the rest of the marvel universe). Scarlet Witch is no joke


Anybody else feel that Monica has developed a sort of obsession with Wanda after being in Westview? Like it could still be remnants of Wandas mind control but she was really aggressively protective of Wanda


I think Monica makes good points. Wanda is definitely not a murderous threat to people inside the Hex. She also doesn't seem to have a master plan of sorts. Perhaps Monica believes there's others behind the scenes and a "shoot first" mentality is not the best strategy against someone with powers.


Honestly why in the world would you try that without knowing what's going on? They asked Monica like 5 questions and they think that's the full picture but Monica isn't even clear on what actually happened to her inside the anomaly.


"This woman is literally warping reality and almost took down a Universe scale threat in single combat, can we try talking to her first?" "Nah shoot her and see what happens" Lol.


You called it the hex ....it's catching on Dr. Lewis


Woo also disagreed w the Director guy sending in another agent (beekeeper) and was just disregarded. Darcy, Woo and Monica all expressing distaste for him... the cut to him saying Terrorist...Maybe Wanda turning all the agents against him was foreshadowing...


Well she was in the right in that sense but when they brought up Thanks she took offense it seems when they mentioned Cap Marvel could have also beat up Thanos.


I took it as Monica being compassionate and logical. Hayward was trying to paint Wanda as an evil terrorist but that’s not true. As Monica said, Wanda has no political motivation behind what she’s doing and she has yet to physically harm anyone


Well she was in the right in that sense but when they brought up Thanks she took offense it seems when they mentioned Cap Marvel could have also beat up Thanos.


Based on endgame, if Wanda straight went after thanos during infinity war vision might not even have to die


Not exactly, IW thanos had an almost complete gauntlet. His lack of magical powers in EG put him at a disadvantage against Wands.


Oh yeah good point. I totes forgot about the stones that he had already have at that point


With no Infinity Stones, sure. He had five Infinity Stones at that point.


What does “initiating a blitz” mean?


When Wanda had Thanos at her mercy and started stripping off his armor, he called for his ships to rain fire on the entire battlefield to get her off him. Even sacrificing his own troops in the process.


When Thanos rained fire.


But sire, our troops!?


Just do it!


Comes from the [blitzkrieg](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Blitz)


Thanos was about to die so he basically sent everything at the Avengers to save himself.


That’s for asking this, was confused myself too.


How did these people know what went down?


An event of that magnitude, everyone involved (including an army of witnesses) would have debriefed the authorities afterwards, done press conferences, every news agency and talk show would have dug up everything they could then done 24 newsloops on it for weeks.


at the very least the sword people would know because they are the people to know that stuff. Some people who are part of sword was probably even there.


Wanda vs Captain Marvel. GO!


It would be an incredible fight, but ultimately I think Wanda would win. She's one of the most powerful beings in the comics, and Carol tends to be very impulsive and goes straight for the beat-em-up (she gets compared to Captain America a lot because they share a rank but really her fighting style is closer to Thor). She likes to push herself until she's literally falling apart, which wins her a lot of fights but doesn't leave much room for strategizing. In the MCU it's hard to say who's more *powerful* because we're only starting to get a real taste of what Maximoff can do and Danvers only just learned how to use her powers by the end of her movie (she was very powerful in Endgame but we still haven't seen her go Binary). They're both powered by infinity stones so it might be an even match, in which case Maximoff's cold, calculating way of taking down her enemies is going to be what wins the day. I'd watch the hell out of it


My wife and her flying saucers.


How does Monica know that? Wasn’t she blipped?


Do you suppose Wanda could have used the Infinity Gauntlet without wearing it? And just made Thanos vanish because she wanted to?


By Blitz did she mean a snap?


When Wanda was really close to killing thanos, he rained down a bunch of fire to distract her


Oh okay I just misunderstood thank you




Well i think its a lingering effect wanda has on her i mean saying that she would have defeated thanos alone is very optimistic and she said if they werent in disarray back then to me that sounds like something wanda would tell herserlf because you know she was so angry and sad and didnt know how to vent all of that she probably was also pretty scared of thanos seeing how you know he killed the guy she loved so im calling it shes still under wandas influence and that scene just forshadowed it.


But Wanda literally did almost kill Thanos. He obliterated his own forces to save himself from her.


Yeah i totally agree but I thought that in the show they rather meant thabos with the infinity gauntlet because she would have had to defeat him with the stones to sace vision and i think thats what she is talking about


Without the infinity gauntlet who’s go say thanos is a powerhouse but I’d bet Wanda or doctor strange would have a good chance of going head to head