a theory i found on twitter

a theory i found on twitter


What if the twins brought him? I mean they have powers and she mentioned she was missing her brother.


If they have the power to consciously bring things back from the dead I think they would have brought back the dog, not Pietro. Even if it was unconscious I still think they would have brought back the dog.


They don’t know Pietro is dead. Just that he was far away. That’s why they didn’t bring back the dead MCU one. They brought back the far away Fox one.


But they did know the dog was dead, and being children, they are quite self centered. Thus they would bring back the dog before even attempting to bring any version of quicksilver.


Only if they posses the ability to bring something back to life.


Still think they would have tried to summon an AU dog before any kind of AU pietro.


That’s a fair point.


They mightve wanted to do that instead of aging up when wanda stopped them


like i know Wanda didn't have a hand this (bringing him back) and you can easily tell from her face expressions she was shocked, she was confused as if she didn’t know Pietro. So what do y’all think? Did Mephisto do this? Or like Dracy said, did she recast him? I don’t think so because if she just did that, that would be LAZY writing, and marvel doesn’t do that


I 100% agree. This is either Mephisto basically snatching up the X-Men Quicksilver and putting him inside Wanda’s pocket reality, or (what is more interesting and better plot wise in my opinion), actually Mephisto taking the form


Why are you guys so sure Mephisto is involved? I haven’t read any scarlet witch comics, but I assume he’s a big player in house of M or something similar. However that doesn’t mean that he’ll be in the show. They could easily not be directly adapting him. And a third antagonist in a 10 episode show might be a lot.


I highly doubt Wanda would recast her brother. If she wanted to do that, why not do it sooner? After this episode, my working theory is that Wanda wasnt even the one who initially revived Vision. Sword experimented with his body, and gave him some form of consciousness back. She clearly cant, or is unwilling to bring back the dead. Except if Vision had some form of consciousness, she wouldnt be strong enough to kill him a second time, so to hide from Sword she made a deal with someone like Mephisto or more probably Agnes(Agatha) in an effort to protect Vision until hes been fully healed. Agnes is using Wandas grief and taking her reality powers to manipulate the whole town while working towards a larger goal and Wanda would rather stay in ignorance so long as her family is safe.


The thing about vision: they brought up his living will. To not be used as a weapon. I think they weren’t just storing his body, but trying to manipulate it to become a weapon for SWORD. One reason why Wanda yoinks him from their base and could possibly explain how he has consciousness without the mind stone. It also explains how she knows the director and why she doesn’t trust him. Especially with turning the guns on him, if she didn’t know him beforehand, why would she do that.


“You can’t bring back the dead”, no you can’t, and whoever is controlling or influencing Wanda can’t either. SO, they took her brother from a different universe!!


Someone might be able to, judging from visions whole ‘not dead’ status. I say might because visions being alive is kinda up in the air.


Was he really ever alive though? Seems like he may have just needed a new CPU and his hard drive replaced.


Why everyone is 100% sure the mephisto will even be in this show?????


because of Agnes's words she keeps saying the devil in the details thats why everybody was like he is definitely in here but i don't know anymore


I feel like it's gonna be really hard to introduce a completely new villain with only 3 episodes left. It would make more sense to just use Agnes since she's been there the whole time right?


4 episodes, and we have over 3 hours left of content. That's more than enough to introduce a new villain.


Is it a 9 episode series? I was under the impression it was 8. And I'm not saying its impossible to introduce a new villain but it has to be soon because a last minute introduction would be kinda weird. I dont doubt that whatever it ends in it will probably be pieced together very well.


It is not actually weird tbh. I don't think Mephisto will be in this series like a fully fleshed villain with a devilish form of some sort. That might be for DS2. But if I think of a possibility of Mephisto pulling strings here, the more likely is Mephisto sent Agnes, and Agnes is doing the work, that's it. Like pushing Wanda to subconsciously create the twins, by throwing hints here and there (seduction techniques, the time when she teased Wanda's tummy, "for the children"). If they will introduce Mephisto, he will probably be like the post credit scene in ep 9 like Thanos in The Avengers.


Ok then I completely agree. A "pulling the strings" role seems completely likely which is something I am excited for.


Oh, if it is Mephisto, he's being introduced at the absolute end, probably as an end-credit scene after the "resolution". As in: Wanda breaks down Hexworld, all the people go back to normal, hurray. End credits on whatever show within a show series was used for the final episode. Fade to black. Interior: Victim who had been Agnes walks into her house, and then twitches and looks to her husband, who had been referred to as Ralph. He's in a big luxurious chair. She asks, in a totally different accent/voice than she used all series, "Was that enough?" "Yes," he says, "Now we know the limits of her power" or whatever his secret plot was for all of this. There's a flash of the eyes, or a slow morph from Ralph into Mephisto. Cut to credits.


Only 3 episodes left?????😢😢😢😢😢😢


I’m willing to put money on Agnes being Agatha Harkness (who may or may not be working with Mephisto or Baron Mordo or any other Villian associated with Wanda (maybe even Necrodamus but no one would ever think that)) Edit: I fucking knew it!!!


This episode has me thinking that Wanda is only partially doing all of this, which I hate. People keep saying "she's in my head," but not specifying who they're talking about. We assume it's Wanda, but I'm starting to think it's some combination of Agatha and Wanda--and Wanda doesn't know that Agatha is doing anything.


i read a theory saying we won't even see mephisto or he isn't even a part of this at all Agnes wanted to bring her son back from the dead something like that and is using Wanda to help but wanda fucked it up and that's how we got the multiverse


Because I didn’t see her on the cork board and she is played by an actress probably known more for playing a vengeance demon, I am going for Dottie being more involved. And yes, it is like looking at a line up on SVU and going “is that...Dean Cain?”


I would be a rich man if anyone had taken me up on that bet.


I love being right.


She knows whoever he is he’s meant to be Pietro but isn’t quite exactly the Pietro she grew up with. This isn’t like a Don Cheadle becomes Rhodes type situation or else Darcy wouldn’t have made that comment about recasting him. I think he’s definitely an imposter orchestrated by whatever higher power is in Westview and kinda explains why in that leaked video from next weeks episode Wanda is kinda hostile towards him. Working theory tho obviously


Now imagine if they brought back the actor that originally played Rhodey and said he was from a different universe.


If you notice when Agnes is taking care of the babies and is spraying them she mentions how Ralph sprays her to calm her down but “there’s no taming this tiger”. You later see a toy tiger on the kitchen table. She’s watching them or Mephisto is. Wanda probably made a “deal with the devil” to create her own reality


Sure, I can help you, but we might have to metaphorically make a deal with the devil, and by "devil", I mean ~~Robot Devil~~ Mephisto, and by "metaphorically", I mean get your coat - ~~Bender to Fry~~ Agnes to Wanda ​ I'll also note that in Futurama Robot Hell is also in New Jersey. Coincidence? Or a build up to for MCU introduce the New Justice Team?


Godzilla had a fucking stroke trying to read this


Nice theory


Great theory enjoy your award